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Avp credit risk_job_description

  1. 1. Career OpportunityAssistant Vice President of Credit UAE Based Bank Dubai Based Role
  2. 2. Shane Phillips ConsultantsAssistant Vice President CreditDear Candidate;The most important thing in your life is your family. The second most important thingin your life is your career. That is why it is paramount that your career is managed byqualified professionals. This opportunity is being presented to you by Shane PhillipsConsultants. A family business which has been in Executive Search for two generationsdating back to the 1970s when it was first called “The Phillips Group”. Over time wehave developed a deep understanding of what are the key ingredients of a successfulexecutive search company, one such ingredient is discretion.You have my personal guarantee that your identity and personal details will be kept inconfidence throughout the initial stages of this selection process. Discretion is thecorner stone of our business and your anonymity will be protected as you explore thiscareer opportunity.This assignment is personally being handled by myself, Shane Phillips, and if you do notknow me or have never heard of me please see my personal biography at the end of thisdocument or visit my website at http://www.shanephillips.net This Document Contains the Following; The Opportunity Pg 3 The Role Pg 4 Candidate Qualifications Pg 5 Shane Phillips Consultants Company Summary Pg 6 Shane Phillips Biography Pg 6 Application Instructions Pg 6Thank you for taking the time to review this career prospect. I look forward to theopportunity of making a contribution to your success in the near future. Should youhave any questions please contact me directly at +971 50 940 7537 or email me atshane@shanephillips.net as I will be delighted to take your call.Sincerely,Shane PhillipsManaging Director
  3. 3. Assistant Vice President Credit UAE Based BankThe OpportunityThis large universal bank has competitive offerings in Retail Banking,Corporate Banking, Wholesale Banking, Investment Banking, PrivateBanking, and every imaginable service and product that is offered inthe GCC banking environment. They employ a large sophisticatedteam of professionals which spans over 50 nationalities from all overthe world. While the bank is headquartered in the UAE, they haveoperations on an international level in several countries.The bank has won many accolades in its various areas of expertise. Asthe institution marches forward into the 21st Century it is dedicated todeveloping a best in class Risk Management Function. The bank hasdedicated numerous resources to creating an impactful risk culture inthe organization and currently requires a seasoned and matureAssistant Vice President of Credit Risk (AVPCR) to join their team. TheAVPCR is a critical member of the core team of the overall riskfunction.As a key component of the risk culture in the bank the AVPCR will be asignificant influence towards the values of the risk department.Possessing a depth of understanding of risk, the AVPCR will look ateverything from incentives to controls as it relates to Credit Risk.Seasoned and mature he/she will work towards creating anenvironment which fosters knowledge transfer and will have develop aplatform for mentorship of junior staff. With strong communicationsskills, he/she will be required to liaise with business unit heads oftenneeding to dispense persuasive advise on suitable risk appetite whilebeing able to bring consensus to complicated situations. He/she shouldalso possess the maturity to effectively deal with internal and externalauditors on credit matters relating to the portfolio under his/heroverview.The AVPCR will join the vanguard of the banks risk evolution as theorganization marches forward where growth is clearly on the horizonand a market which requires new techniques for growth temperedwith robust risk management practices to protect it. With newconstraints from Basel III, changing rules regarding sanctions, andincreased anti-money laundering legislation, the bank requires acommitted, innovative and passionate candidate to join the risk teamat this opportune and exciting time for the risk function.
  4. 4. Assistant Vice President Credit UAE Based BankThe RoleThe AVPCR will be responsible for appraisal, assessment & control ofcredit exposures under his/her assigned portfolio. Looking after thecontrol function, he/she will be entrusted to ensure the bank takes onassets which meet its lending standards in terms of risk. He/she will playan important contributory role in the setting up of credit policies.He/she will ensure that processing of credit proposals from CorporateBanking teams is completed within agreed time-frames under pre-agreedSLAs which to ensure acceptable turn-around time. He/she will beresponsible for the ongoing measurement of credit risk and theassessment of provisions.The AVPCR will be responsible for managing the credit portfolio underhis/her assigned business units and teams and will be required toapprove credit applications as well as excesses within delegatedauthority. Credit applications that exceed his/her delegated authoritywill require appraisal and recommendation to be put up forconsideration to the next level of approval authority which may resteither within the department or be presented to the banks CreditCommittee or in the case of even larger proposals to the Board CreditCommittee.The AVPCR will be required to monitor the portfolio of assets andexercise close surveillance to ensure healthy status; they will researchand analyze both micro and macro perspectives to provide anticipatorywarnings of risks, foresee danger signals and advise measures to preventlosses. The AVPCR will identify weak accounts within the allocatedportfolio and recommend for downgrading and necessary provisioning ifso required.Possessing strong communication skills the AVPCR will be able toeffectively interact with business managers up to the level of Heads ofCorporate Banking and Private Banking etc and also withInternal/External Auditors, Central Bank Inspectors, and Consultants onvarious credit and allied issues. The AVPCR will also have the pedigree toprovide advisory support on credit policies, lending structures,documentations and guidance to business heads/units in managingcomplex credit risks.Key areas of the remit include Corporate Loans Portfolio, Credit Policiesand Guidelines, Remedial Management, Rescheduling & Restructuring offacilities as required, Credit Approvals, Internal & External Controls,active participation in Audits both Internal and External, Mentorship andhigh level of engagement in the Emiratization program is required.
  5. 5. Assistant Vice President Credit UAE Based BankCandidate QualificationsKey Strengths and Abilities Candidates for the role of Assistant Vice President of Credit Risk should have;  15+ years working in banking with a minimum of 10 years in corporate credit risk.  Bachelors or Masters degree.  CA/CFA/ CPA not mandatory but valued in this role.  Commanding knowledge of risk best practices with a proven ability to create a risk culture in an organization.  Strong analytical abilities with a history of being able to “see around corners” complimented by strong communication skills and ability to create consensus and mobilize people to follow a new direction.  High energy, ambition and drive are required.  Demonstrated intellectual curiosity regarding human capital and the organization.  Proven leadership capabilities and ability to create consensus with direct reports, managers and senior stakeholders.  Excellent communication skills in English, additional languages are also valued.Experience and Credentials Required The preferred candidate will have more than 15 years of experience in banking with a minimum of 10 years in risk. An attested university degree is mandatory and will be required for this position. Additional qualifications such as, or equivalent will be valued in this position but are not mandatory for the right candidate.Educational and Background Checks will be performed: Please note all candidates will undergo a vigorous background check of vocational and educational credentials. Those candidates with unaccredited degrees need not apply. Reference checks will also be performed. This is the standard policy and procedure of Shane Phillips Consultants.All communication and applicants for this role must be handled byShane Phillips Consultants. Please email your interest directly toShane@shanephillips.net. and/or to ak@shanephillips.net
  6. 6. Assistant Vice President Credit UAE Based BankShane Phillips ConsultantsShane Phillips Consultants is a boutique executive search firmspecializing in placements in the Middle East. The firm planted itsroots in the 1970s in Canada where The Phillips Group was firstfounded. After the retirement of Carl A. Phillips the business was re-opened in Dubai. With two generations of Executive Searchexperience, Shane Phillips Consultants offers high touch bespokeservice for clients looking to hire the best people. Services offeredinclude Executive Search, Executive Assessment, Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing, and Training & Development.Shane Phillips BiographyShane is a leading Executive Search Consultant in the Middle EastRegion and is the Managing Director of Shane Phillips Consultants, alocal boutique search firm. Given his passion for the employmentmarket, Shane has his own show on Dubai Eye 103.8 every Thursdaysat 8pm called “Eye on Careers”. He is the Host of “Top Guns Season II”which is a show on Zee TV. Shane is also a monthly writer for CEOMagazine, Global Citizen Magazine, Accountant Magazine and anexpert in Senior Executive job placement.Shane has an MBA from London Business School, and anundergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of BritishColumbia. He is a Non Executive Board Member of Fortis GroupHoldings and Founder of Big Brothers Big Sisters UAE. He wasformerly a Board Member of the Canadian Business Council, Presidentof the Club for Canadians and a volunteer with Special FamiliesSupport Group.To Apply for this Position;Please send your CV in word format by email to the below address orfeel free to me on my mobile should you have any questions about theposition.I look forward to the opportunity to make a value added contributionto your career.Shane Phillips, Managing DirectorShane Phillips ConsultantsEmail: Shane@shanephillips.netMobile: +971 50 940 7537