How to Use Concrete for Industrial Decor


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Find out how you can use concrete in an industrially decorated space, and which elements can add a more natural vibe to a room.

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How to Use Concrete for Industrial Decor

  1. 1. How to use concrete For industrial decor
  2. 2. Going for the industrial look • It’s all about the materials. • For an industrial look, you need materials that are raw or untreated, along with some materials that are streamlined. • Go for concrete, rough stone, metals, and contrasting wood.
  3. 3. Working with concrete • Concrete is one of the most versatile materials to work with. • You can make your own concrete décor or you can find pieces that will work with your environment.
  4. 4. Concrete lighting fixtures
  5. 5. Concrete lighting fixtures • Hanging concrete lamps are some of the more modern, popular options. • Hanging concrete light sockets can give a more modern, austere look. • Concrete illuminators can blend in with the wall and create gentler lighting.
  6. 6. Concrete flooring
  7. 7. Concrete flooring • You can try different treatments. • Leave it bare and see what happens naturally (it will be rougher on your feet). • Grind it down to remove icky upper layers. • Use imitation flooring that looks like stone or concrete for a more comfortable flooring.
  8. 8. Concrete wall treatments
  9. 9. Concrete wall treatments • It can be as boring or interesting as you want. • You can layer concrete over sheet rock and add in texture. • Choose wall décor with discretion so that you give the wall its own due. • Sometimes you may need to hire concrete cutting services to modify a wall in a living space.
  10. 10. Concrete furniture
  11. 11. Concrete furniture • Concrete floors, walls, and furniture is probably too much. • Concrete furniture can add a masculine or natural statement to a room. • You can use concrete tables as anchors for more flamboyant pieces. • There are plenty options to choose from, with varying degrees of minimalism. • You can also make your own by cutting concrete.
  12. 12. Concrete accessories
  13. 13. Concrete accessories • You can use just about anything concrete as an accessory or added décor element. • Concrete clocks, electronics, and even candleholders are to be found. • They can blend in or become central pieces, depending on how they’re placed. • Don’t overdo it! You need variety even with industrial décor.
  14. 14. Call the Concrete experts • Whether you’re completely remodeling your home or just redecorating, you may need concrete cutting services. • Contact A-Core for more information about our professional concrete cutting services.