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Achieving goals doesn't have to be about trying to do more - but doing things differently. In the 7 Step program you will find out how to successfully achieve goals you've struggled to find time for. …

Achieving goals doesn't have to be about trying to do more - but doing things differently. In the 7 Step program you will find out how to successfully achieve goals you've struggled to find time for. You will replace old habits with new habits that allow you to control your time and be more productive. Program is content rich, no-fluff over 3 months and costs only $139AUD for the entire program. Spaces are limited so be quick.

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  • 1. Introducing the new 7 Step ProgramWith Valerie McDougall & Jayne Jennings www.pinkshoepower.com
  • 2. Valerie McDougall & Jayne Jennings Pink Shoe Power
  • 3. 7 Step ProgramGet ready to dust off your new year resolutions or other goals you haven’t found time for yet, and make themhappen NOW… not at some fuzzy point in the future We’re going to share with you the missing formula for successful goal achievement
  • 4. 85% of all new years resolutions – and other goals failIf you try to go after your goals unfortunately you are very likely to fail too unless you understand a simple yet powerful concept
  • 5. It’s not about fitting MORE into your day - it is about doing things differently
  • 6. There is little room in your life to do anything more than you’re already doing. If you try toreach any new goal by taking on more things to do your chance of success is 15% or less The reality is your life is already busy and full…
  • 7. Imagine your life as 2 buckets of water. The one on the left is your current life & it is already full. The one on the right is what happens to your goals & resolutions – they spill out of an already full bucket
  • 8. To make room in your bucket you need to replace some of the contents – your old habits, with new actions targeted at reaching your goals
  • 9. We’re going to show you how to choose the right actions to replace some of your oldhabits so you can achieve your goals faster, and with less stress
  • 10. What does it mean for you•Achieve the goals and dreams you’ve struggledto find time for, into reality NOW…•Achieve them faster, and with less stress•Increase your energy•Get back in control of your time•Save an extra 5 hours a day to spend how you choose
  • 11. This is all about doing this differently rather than trying to do more
  • 12. Get immediate access to many years worth of our practical experience, research, courses, seminars, books and programs and working with individuals and businesses in helping them turn their lives around
  • 13. Our story
  • 14. Don’t let your time go to waste. Follow the steps we’ve identified as essential for getting clear about what you want to achieve, replacing some ofthe old habits you may not even be aware of and reaching the goal you’ve struggled to find time for
  • 15. A powerful exercise for you
  • 16. We’ll help you step by step to make changes to where youspend your time so you know you’re moving you towards your goals – not away from them
  • 17. Identified the essential, core elements you need to know if you want to achieve your goals and dreams quickly and easily
  • 18. Designed the program in a way that helps you learn, internalize and start using this information Delivering you the results you need with as little as 15 minutes a day
  • 19. What sets this program apart from others is…• You discover what your personal drivers and habits are around time• We help you work with them, not against them and choose which habits you want to keep and those to replace This knowledge is worth GOLD because it reveals the bestroute for YOU personally to take to reach your goals quickly
  • 20. This is all about doing this differently in the way that is right for you
  • 21. Month 1 - Gain clarity & space in your life• Gain clarity about what you really want to achieve -not what you think you ought to• Understand your drivers and habits around time and simple ways you can make sure you are getting the most out of your time every day• Find out the 3 massive mistakes women make with their time management and how you can avoid them.. and much more
  • 22. Month 2 – Tapping into your strengths• You will be tapping into your strengths and moving towards your goal• You will discover the critical strategies to use each time the challenges of your Time Style try to undermine what you’re wanting to achieve – and undo your efforts and your time• You will find out how to manifest what you want and harness universal energy to help you reach your goals that much faster• You will understand how to ensure your work space is working for you, not against you and much more
  • 23. Month 3 – Living the dream• Your goal is within easy reach and you will be redesigning your week for success in all the important areas of your life• You will learn special techniques to avoid email overwhelm and handle phone calls so you save time• You will discover the best kept secret to filing that guarantees to simplify your life –and save you time• You will also put in place the critical habits to keep you on track from day 101… and much more
  • 24. Other goodies you’ll receive • Access to the Profiler • A 3 page personalised Report about YOUR Time Style • Access to powerful tool for getting control of your time • Resources to help you easily understand the material • Our support at each step of the way
  • 25. If you want your life to be different be guided by our 7 steps.Draw on YOUR strengths and understand how your personality affects how you deal with your timeBy the end of the 100 days you’ll have created habits to sustain you throughout your life.
  • 26. But don’t just take our word for it…“ They gave me encouragement to see that I already hadthe skills and knowledge I needed to regain some control in my life and to focus on the tasks that needed to be done to achieve my ultimate goals.I felt empowered after my session and feel confident that the solutions and encouragement they gave me will see me quickly achieving well in all aspects of life.” Julianne Davies, Business Owner and Mother
  • 27. But don’t just take our word for it… “As a Juggling Julie and Last Minute LucyI loved your wisdom about allowing myself several things on the go at once - that is the first time anyone has understood my need to multi-project. And permission to take a break frequently.” Catherine Palin-Brinkworth, Shift Worker - Professional Speaker and Mentor
  • 28. How can you access the program? Register today We’ll give you a 100% guarantee So you have nothing to lose! Here’s your chance to finally achieve that new year resolution or goal you haven’t found the time for
  • 29. We know we could easily charge $600 a month.But we want to make this a no-brainer for you as a member of our community
  • 30. You can get access to the program for just $139 in total for the 3 months of the program That’s only $1.54/day!!But be quick to secure your place as numbers are restricted
  • 31. Secure your place• Best Value – pay up front $139. Includes FREE Profile report free You SAVE $66.99• Cash Flow option - payment plan. Pay $84 first up, then 2 payments of $47/month You SAVE $27.99 Register now because space is limited
  • 32. Feel free to ask us your questionsRead more about the programwww.pinkshoepower.com/7-step-programSee FAQ at Pink Shoe Powerwww.pinkshoepower.com/faqOr email us directly:contactus@pinkshoepower.com
  • 33. “We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle Excellence may not be what you are after. Substitute the habit you want to achieve. Take up our challenge to help you achieve that habit in the next 100days. www.pinkshoepower.com/7-step-program