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Over optimisation and SEO

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Over optimisation

  1. 1. Disadvantages of Over Optimization In SEO Google possesses a good deal of market share. That is definitely among the good reasons why SEO and site owners give 1st personal preference to Google. Without a doubt, they also like or have likings to Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Current research explains that Google occupies 66% search market. You just can’t disregard the 34% search market rest of the search engines are occupying. Optimizing websites for Google is good. But don’t forget Bing and Yahoo as well. These popular search engines comprises 98% of the search market (together with AOL). So you can actually think that I need to optimize to these four search engines only as you may be losing only 2% of the remaining search market.
  2. 2. Disadvantages of Over Optimization In SEO Lately Google said that over-optimisation isnt going to be accepted as SEO experts are trying to be smart and game search engine. If you don’t take care of the over search engine marketing then you might soon be penalized. All sorts of web-sites shouldnt over optimize their site. It will harm their search engine ranking. Search engine optimization is learned from trial and error method. You don’t know just what are you doing. You simply test what you probably did is appropriate or completely wrong. You must not get satisfied by having an SEO being employed by you. Be sure that your SEO is a good man and performs only white hat procedures.
  3. 3. Disadvantages of Over Optimization In SEO One thing which can be deemed as over optimisation is to spam the internet for links. Links building is excellent and healthy for Search engine marketing but it doesn’t mean that you start having inbound links from junk and irrelevant websites that doesn’t participate in offering anything helpful stuff to the world. Usage of unrelated words for the sake of ranking high in the search engine may possibly work shortly but it’s not a long-term organizing and is viewed as over search engine optimization since these words arent relevant to your website and they are purely to fool the site visitors.
  4. 4. Disadvantages of Over Optimization In SEO There is a practice that allows you to show unlike results to search engine crawlers and visitors. This should be avoided. Few SEO experts think that by rising keyword density i.e. adding keyword phrases that are unseen to readers but obvious to search engine can assist them enhance their search engine ranking while retaining the user experience. This is very clever step but unfortunately Google is more smarter than SEO professionals. Those are the few factors that we think that might be considered in over optimization. First and foremost you must manage all the above outlined practices. Once sorted out see if you had the ability to take out the penalty or not i.e you start ranking high or not. If not then you need to analyze your content for other SEO parameters. We at Local web Marketer who has been doing SEO Consultant job for years know the Optimisations level very well. We do all SEO work according to Google Panda/Penguine rule.