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Research on Absolut Vodka for TBWA NYC

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Customer Target Market Research

  1. 1. ABSOLUT VODKAThe  University  of  Texas  at  Aus3nDepartment  of  Adver3sing  Graduate  Program
  2. 2. PRIMARY RESEARCH ABSOLUT_RESEARC HInterviews  and  surveys
  3. 3. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ABSOLUT_RESEARC HWe also asked more specific questions about what they do when hanging out at home or going out to bars. And those answers weresomewhat varied as well from playing video games to art galleries to music festivals. Overall everyone emphasized that the pointwas to socialize with their friends, not to meet new people or get wasted. One person gave us an answer that pretty much summedit up: "The most important thing is that you share a quality time with people who mean something to you. It can be doing pretty muchwhatever."
  4. 4. “The  most  important  thing  is  that  you  share  quality  3me  with  people  who  mean   something  to  you.  It  can  be  doing  preCy   much  whatever.” ABSOLUT_RESEARC H
  5. 5. CHANGE IN DRINKING PREFERENCES: HOME VS. OUT ABSOLUT_RESEARC HMost people drink beer and wine at home. Liquor was definitely more prevalent when out. Habits varied as far as how much theydrank when out. Many people said they drank more at home because they didnʼt have to worry about driving home or werenʼt asworried about maintaining composure. Other said they drank more heavily out though because they were usually out with friendsand “celebrating” the end of the work week or a birthday.
  6. 6. “I  preCy  much  always  go  for  the  drink   I’ve  never  tried  before.” ABSOLUT_RESEARC HBrand  preference:  While  many  people  indicated  they  generally  stayed  away  from  certain  types  of  liquors.  No  one  really  had  a  brand  preference  or  indicated  that  they  definitely  would  not  try  something.  Everyone  expressed  an  openness  to  having  new  experiences  and  trying  new  things.  Bartender  sugges3on  and  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  were  the  main  ways  people  found  out  about  new  brands  and  liquors.  When  asked  about  vodka,  overall  the  general  response  was  no  brand  preference,  it’s  all  preCy  much  the  same,  flavorless.  But  when  asked  specifically  about  Absolut  most  people  didn’t  react  nega3vely  (aside  from  remembering  some  under-­‐age  drinking  nights).  They  felt  that  Absolut  is  standard  vodka  with  a  good  flavor  that  isn’t  too  expensive.  One  interviewee,  Mark,  equated  it  as  the  Jack  Daniels  of  vodka.  
  7. 7. INSPIRATION FOR: • Music:  77%  through  friends,  54%  through  social  media • Fashion:  Evenly  split  between  blogs,  magazines  and  friends.   • Film/TV:  Most  people  cited  friend  recommenda3on,  followed   by  professional  websites  or  blogs  and  adver3sing  on  TV.   ABSOLUT_RESEARC HPeople  were  allowed  to  select  mul3ple  choices.  Some  also  wrote-­‐in  or  men3oned  in  our  personal  interviews:  Etsy,  Pinterest,  and  Spo3fy,  Pandora.  
  8. 8. Searchin’ for a heart of gold ABSOLUT_RESEARC HWhile  people’s  role  models  ranged  from  Jesus  to  Mom  to  Audrey  Hepburn,  and  both  Bill  Gates  and  Steve  Jobs.  I  felt  that  a  few  stood  out  as  representa3ve  of  the  overall  sen3ment.  One  of  the  interviewees  response  was  Neil  Young-­‐  ci3ng  that  “he  never  stopped  discovering  himself  and  changing  his  music,  he  maintained  privacy  and  ar3s3c  freedom  despite  success  and  altering  the  landscape  of  music.”  Another  said  "Common people who are able to manage busy careers and family." In other words, the unsung hero. (Searchin for a heart of gold is one of NeilYoung’s more popular songs and i thought the term heart of gold represented what people were looking for in a role-model too)
  9. 9. IDEAL PROFESSION OR NOT? 50/50 ABSOLUT_RESEARC HThoughts about jobs, profession: The  target  has  been  evenly  split  between  being  in  their  ideal  profession  and  not.  The  top  job  aCributes  that  are  important  are  poten3al  for  advancement,  crea3ve  freedom,  and  challenging.  When  asked  to  rate  Friends,  Family,  Work  and  Personal  Hobbies  on  their  importance.  Family  and  friends  came  before  work.  
  10. 10. THE QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS ABSOLUT_RESEARC HNot  surprisingly,  at  this  stage  in  their  life.  They’re  working  on  defining  themselves,  not  trying  to  be  like  other  people.  They’re  trying  to  balance  moving  up  in  their  profession  or  work  and  also  maintaining  close  rela3onships  with  friends  and  family.  Several  men3oned  they  were  considering  moving  closer  to  home.  They’re  dealing  with  these  different  direc3ons  their  life  could  be  going  in  and  considering  the  expecta3ons  they  have  for  themselves.  With  all  this  and  the  current  poli3cal  and  economic  climate,  they’re  stressed  and  confused.  Despite  all  the  worries  though,  everyone  expressed  op3mism  about  the  future  and  their  place  in  it.  They  know  it  will  all  be  okay  in  the  end.  I  guess  it’s  no  surprise  that  this  print  has  become  popular  again  in  recent  years.  
  11. 11. SECONDARY RESEARCH• More  educa3on=more  alcohol  consumed – Source:  Gallup   ABSOLUT_RESEARC H
  12. 12. SECONDARY RESEARCH• What  do  they  mainly  drink ABSOLUT_RESEARC H
  13. 13. BRAND RESEARCH ABSOLUT_RESEARC Hwords associated with the Abolut brand - gathered in our survey and interviews
  14. 14. TARGET AUDIENCE • Stage  1:  Discovery – Demographics:  Male  and  female,  ages  21-­‐25,  HHI  $30K – Psychographics:  Desire  to  try  new  things,  flexible,  earning   independence,  instability – VALS:  Emulators – Maslow’s  Hierarchy:  Esteem • Stage  2:  Perseverance – Demographics:  Male  and  female,  ages  26-­‐29,  HHI  $45K – Psychographics:  Beginning/refining  their  path,  striving  for   balance,  maintaining  responsibili3es – VALS:  Emulators ABSOLUT_AUDIENC EDiscovery:  goals  without  a  planPerseverance:  Goals  and  a  plan  of  ac3on
  15. 15. SEGMENTATION • Unreachable  Non-­‐User • Stage  2:  Perseverance   • Drink  at  home:  New  Belgium • Drink  at  bar:  Miller  Lite • Hates  the  taste  of  vodka Mark  |  Age:  29 Occupa3on:  Industrial  Engineer Loca3on:  CharloCe,  NC ABSOLUT_AUDIENC EAc3vi3es  with  friends:  Tailgate,  watch  sports,  travel  Usually  drinks  outRarely  drinks  liquor  when  out  but  when  he  does:  Whiskey:  Jack  Daniels,  Tequila:  Patron  silver  These  people  have  either  had  a  bad  experience  with  vodka  or  just  don’t  like  itThese  people  are  usually  beer  drinkers  and  into  sportsIt’s  valuable  to  know  about  this  audience  but  their  preferences  will  not  likely  by  able  to  be  changed
  16. 16. SEGMENTATION • Reachable  Non-­‐User • Stage  2:  Perseverance   • Beer/whiskey  drinker – Hefeweizens-­‐light,  taste – Bulleit-­‐strong  flavor,  enjoys  the   burn • Desires  more  responsibility  in  his   David  |  Age:  28 career;  wants  to  be  an  expert Occupa3on:  Geographic   Informa3on  Systems  Analyst • No  opinion  of  vodka Loca3on:  Aus3n,  TX ABSOLUT_AUDIENC ERarely  drinks  at  home  but  when  he  does  he  drinks  wine  while  browsing  the  internet  or  watching  NerlixHappy  at  his  job,  likes  that  there’s  room  for  mobility  (a  chance  to  move  up)Enjoys  hiking  and  the  outdoorsThese  individuals  have  no  preference  or  liCle  exposure  to  vodka.  Perhaps  they  are  not  knowledgeable  about  it  or  have  only  tried  cheap  brands.  There  is  a  lot  of  room  to  grow.  And  since  they  tend  to  stays  with  a  habitual  drink,  gesng  them  to  drink  Absolut  would  be  valuable.  
  17. 17. SEGMENTATION • User • Stage  1:  Discovery • Diverse  drinker • Drinks  red  wine  at  home • Venues:  relaxed  bars • Social Mimi  |  Age:  25 • Stressed  about  future Occupa3on:  Bartender Loca3on:  Aus3n,  TX • Priori3es:  improving  self  and   rela3onships  with  others ABSOLUT_AUDIENC EAdventurous  drinker-­‐likes  to  try  many  different  things,  discovering  what  she  likesVenues:  relaxed  places  where  she  can  hang  out  with  her  friendsSocial:  she  loves  bartending  because  it  allows  her  to  socialize  and  meet  new  peopleFuture:  which  path  should  she  take?  She  has  goals,  but  doesn’t  yet  have  a  direc3on  to  move  in  order  to  achieve  themNega3ve  view  of  most  alcohol  ad  campaigns “We  want  to  know  more  about  [liquor].  How  does  it  help  us  define  ourselves?  I’m  ooking  for  something  to  make  a  statement  about   myself  rather  to  transform  my  life.”  
  18. 18. SEGMENTATION • User • Stage  2:  Perseverance • Drinks:  Vodka  Tonic,  Moscow   Mule,  or  Beer • Trying  to  find  balance  the   “figuring  it  all  out  phase” Alyssa  |  Age:  25 • LiCle  free  3me Occupa3on:  Interac3ve  Designer Loca3on:  Aus3n,  TX • Ranking  of  quality:  Grey  Goose,   Titos,  Absolut   ABSOLUT_AUDIENC ELikes  vodka,  it’s  easy  to  drinkDrinks  Moscow  Mule-­‐vodka,  ginger,  beer,  and  limeHas  very  liCle  free  3me-­‐  works  9-­‐7  and  works  out  at  the  gym  awerReally  happy  in  her  career  but  trying  to  find  a  balance-­‐  representa3ve  of  people  who  have  worked  so  hard  on  their  career  but  are  beginning  to  think  of  personal  happiness  Key  target:  already  a  vodka  drinker  but  unaware  of  the  differences  or  similari3es  between  brands.  Thinks  Grey  Goose  is  top  -­‐  but  admits  it’s  probably  just  because  of  marke3ng.  
  19. 19. PERSUADABLE TARGETABSOLUT  SHOULD  TARGET: – Reachable  non-­‐user – User  Stage  1  (Discovery) – User  Stage  2  (Perseverance) ABSOLUT_AUDIENC E
  20. 20. POSITIONING STATEMENTAbsolut  is  a  flexible  brand  with  youthful  sophis3ca3on  among  all  vodka  for  alcohol  drinkers  between  the  ages  of  21  and  29  who   are  striving  to  define  their  new  life  stage  because  Absolut  fits  with  the  consumer’s  desire  to   discover  themselves,  as  well  as  the  brand,  when   entertaining  at  home  or  drinking  out. ABSOLUT_POSITION
  21. 21. STRATEGY “Choose  Your  Own  Adventure” TENSION • Life  goals  without  a  plan  of  ac3on ²  But  to  define  goals,  you  must  first  define  yourself ACTIONS  FOR  ABSOLUT  (ways  to  help  define) • Foster  Environments  for  Quality  Socializa3on  with  Peers • Customize  Absolut  to  create  “Your  Drink” ABSOLUT_STRATEG YChoose  your  own  adventureSeCle  in  on  what  you  like  and  what  you  don’t  likeDes3na3ons  without  direc3ons
  22. 22. KEY TAKE-AWAYS Research  Findings Life Trust  in  Friends Liquor Quality  Time  Socializing Flexible:  Open  to  new  Liquor,   Youthful  Independence  vs.  Adult   Drinks  &  Brands Responsibili3es Expensive  Cocktails  at  Bars Any  Day  can  be  a  Holiday ABSOLUT_OPPORTUNIT YSocializing,  price,  knowledge,  brand  truth:  what  if  and  why  not?  Questioning, standing at a crossroads, possibilities,Throw the absolut party
  23. 23. OPPORTUNITIES “THROW  THE  ABSOLUT  PARTY” • Save  money • Learn  to  bartend • Spend  quality  social  3me  with  friends • Be  a  proper  host  and  offer  mul3ple  drink  op3ons  with  Absolut “THE  ABSOLUT  NETWORK” • Break  up  an  otherwise  ordinary  work  week • Connect  with  other  like-­‐minded  peers • Determine  a  career  path • Do  something  new  and  grown-­‐up  (“What  if?  Why  Not?”) ABSOLUT_OPPORTUNIT YSocializing,  price,  knowledge,  brand  truth:  what  if  and  why  not?  Questioning, standing at a crossroads, possibilities,Throw the absolut party