12th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants


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12th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants

  1. 1. Booking Info:Faraz Tafti | T: 416 304 7990E: FarazT@marcusevansto.comAugust 6-8, 2013The Westin Dallas Park Central | Dallas, TXSilver Sponsors:Mastering an Outage Readiness Program by UtilizingComprehensive Planning and Scheduling Tools and ProcessesOutage Management for Power Plants12th AnnualMedia Partners:Association Partner:Cocktail Sponsor:Exhibitors: BusinessDevelopment Partner:More Registration Details, Click Here!“”MonitorMaintenance &Reliability Metricsand performance indicatorsto surpass outage goals.Overcoming scope growthand limited budgetconstraints through enhancedwork management methods.Attending this Premier marcus evansConference will enable you to:• Utilize in-depth planning and scheduling tools fromXcel Energy and Dynegy to outline the fullproject scope• Deliver adequate resources through GainesvilleRegional Utilities enhanced supply chainand work processes• Achieve outage success while overcoming the constantchallenges of scope creep and minimal budgetavailability from Duke Energy• Expand contractor support efforts through BlackHills Corporations strategies during the outageto minimize setbacksWho Should Attend:marcus evans invites electric fossil generationprofessionals with responsibilities in:• Plant Management• Outage Management / Coordination / Support / Supervision• Overhauls• Maintenance• Planning / Scheduling• Reliability• Production Support• OperationsConference Chairperson:Roger SchaverManager, Resource Management Power GenerationWe Energies Tad RoseManager, Periodic OutageStrategic PlanningDTE Energy- Fossil GenerationTracy CallanMaintenance ManagerDuke Energy, Miami FortGenerating StationDerek SilbaughSenior Manager, Engineering& Plant ServicesBlack Hills CorporationNeil Simpson Power PlantBrian BarkerVice President and Program DirectorGUBMK ContractorsNathan HoffmanOutage ManagerConsumers EnergyJH CampbellGenerating FacilityJon LahtiOverhaul SuperintendentXcel EnergyJon S. CavotePresidentUnited Dynamics CorporationDon HaagVP North American OperationsReliable Turbine ServicesDavid JacksonOutage Coordinator, Eastern RegionNRG EnergyRoger SchaverManager, Resource ManagementPower GenerationWe EnergiesAlbert VaughtMaintenance ManagerCalpine CorporationDeer Park PlantMark PaynePlanning & Scheduling CoordinatorAlcoa Inc., Warrick Power PlantTony RussawMaintenance & Planning ManagerKansas City Power & LightHawthorn Generating StationPete RogersOverhaul ManagerXcel EnergyTracy GlatzmaierMaintenance Shift SupervisorDynegy, Moss LandingPower PlantGeorge DemopoulosMajor Maintenance LeaderEnergy Supply DepartmentGainesville Regional UtilitiesDick BrandtRegional Outage Manager –Outage Project & ControlsAEPJustin MoserEngineering ManagerBlack Hills CorporationNeil Simpson Power PlantKatrina KrullaTechnical Project ManagerDOE National EnergyTechnology LaboratoryOffice of Coal & PowerJerry PaytonSenior Program Manager,Industrial RelationsTVAChuck KharrlDirector Workforce ManagementArizona Public ServicePalo Verde NuclearGenerating StationRepresentativeHarsco InfrastructureMerrill JonesSenior Directorof Business DevelopmentIntegrated Plant SolutionsFeaturing Case Studies from Leading Outage Management Experts:
  2. 2. Day One | Tuesday, August 6, 2013Day Two | Wednesday, August 7, 20138:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:45 Chairmans Opening AddressRoger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management Power Generation, We Energies9:00 Case StudyAttacking Pre-Outage Preparations in Advance to Lessen the Element of Surprise• Identifying the various usable planning tools that are available in the market• Performing more in-depth scheduling for the upcoming outage• Collaborating with maintenance during the planning portion and interfacing withthe other craft departments about specific needs during the outage• Prioritizing the work that needs to be done within outages and assigning the budgetfor that workMark Payne, Planning & Scheduling Coordinator, Alcoa Inc., Warrick Power Plant9:45 Case StudyOptimizing Strategic Planning to Maximize Efficiency• Assessing the STG major repair contingency planning strategy• Identifying and discussing the STG post outage reporting and future outage strategy• Utilizing the major outage repair contingency planning strategyDon Haag, VP North American Operations, Reliable Turbine Services10:30 Networking Break11:00 Joint Case StudyConducting More Meticulous and Detailed Planning to Ensure TimelyOutage Completion• Assessing what it takes to get more detailed in the 18 month period leading up to an outage• Having better preparations in place so there are less unknowns at the actual timeof the outage• Balancing schedule detail with project manager autonomy• Ensuring more cross-functional team meetings to review the schedule, budget,and man-hoursPete Rogers, Overhaul Manager, Xcel EnergyJon Lahti, Overhaul Superintendent, Xcel Energy11:45 Case StudyMoving "Forward" with the Outage Process: Learning from the Past andFormalizing Sustainability for the Future• Looking at the outage process from the outside-in• Reviewing one outage, two views (project tools)• Learning in real time• Embracing the feedback• Laying foundations for the future• Identifying the next stepsTony Russaw, Maintenance & Planning ManagerKansas City Power & Light, Hawthorn Generating Station12:30 Luncheon1:30 Case StudyImplementing an Outage Readiness Program to Adequately Prepare for the Outage• Evaluating the estimated costs and man hours for each PWO (plant work order)• Implementing daily changes to the schedule to capitalize on the resources for better planning• Reviewing options for schedule tracking and reporting• Scheduling procurement parts and parts tied to work orders• Coordinating the contractors and including them within the maintenance schedule• Auditing the outage readiness process post-outage for continuous performance improvementTracy Glatzmaier, Maintenance Shift Supervisor, Dynegy, Moss Landing Power Plant2:15 Case StudyAdvancement of Boiler Inspection Technology, Condition Assessment, andSafe/Efficient Evaluation Techniques• Determining that with an aging fleet, unit reliability and condition assessment havebeen a vital piece of the availability puzzle• Understanding the importance of a thorough and detailed visual inspection of equipment• Pinpointing the benefits to performing a condition assessment, when and why• Assessing the advancement of "Phased Array" technology in the industry,and how it benefits youJon S. Cavote, President, United Dynamics Corporation3:00 Networking Break3:30 Case StudyDelivering a Holistic View of the Outage Scope to Minimize the Possibilityof Foundwork• Forecasting the addition of future work to the scope and planning accordingly• Utilizing an outage development team to identify the scope of work and minimizepossible future scope growth• Working with the plant manager to approve added scope to the schedule• Assigning work based on systems within the plants that need maintenance rather thanorganizing by contractorsDavid Jackson, Outage Coordinator, Eastern Region, NRG EnergyACCOMPLISHING SUFFICIENT OUTAGEPREPARATION AND PLANNING4:15 Case StudyExceeding Outage Goals by Allocating Ample Resources for Scheduled Work• Collaborating with various departments during the planning portion to ensure properresource loading during the time of the outage• Including leadership in the outage planning and scheduling process to keep theminformed of progress• Communicating with supply chain to ensure adequate resources for the outage• Working closely with accounts payable to establish and monitor the outagebudget efficientlyGeorge Demopoulos, Major Maintenance Leader, Energy Supply DepartmentGainesville Regional Utilities5:00 Closing Remarks of the Chair and Cocktail Reception Hosted By:8:15 Registration and Morning Coffee8:45 Chairmans Opening AddressRoger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management Power Generation, We Energies9:00 Joint Case StudyOutage Planning and Innovative Ways to Provide Required Labor Resources• Reviewing outage optimization processes and forecasting manpower and laborresources for upcoming outages• Meeting with all contractors and integrating the needed manpower for those projectsinto the outage resource utilization process• Acquiring critical resources to execute an outage on schedule and on budget withouta labor shortage• Conducting effective outage planning to maximize efficient use of labor resourcesBrian Barker, Vice President and Program DirectorGUBMK ContractorsJerry Payton, Senior Program Manager, Industrial Relations, TVA9:45 Case StudySupreme Engineered Scaffolding Design for Equipment Removal & Replacement• Reviewing the access for removal and replacement of the steel shell assembly on twinexterior exhaust stacks• Identifying the access for removal and replacement of the upper nose arch tubeassembly inside a boiler• Assessing the access for removal and replacement of the superheat pendants inside a boiler• Evaluating the access for removal and replacement of the lower slopes inside a boilerRepresentativeHarsco Infrastructure10:30 Networking Break11:00 Case StudyOptimizing the Outage Schedule and Tools to Execute Efficient Outagesin a Timely Manner• Discovering the best ways to manage and optimize the schedule• Putting together weekly updates regarding schedule completion and project milestones• Understanding where the project is at for budget and when the outage teamanticipates to finish• Minimizing the duration of outages, even when they are longer due to capital upgradesTad Rose, Manager, Periodic Outage Strategic Planning, DTE Energy – Fossil Generation11:45 Case StudyCompleting Outage Work Despite Limited Budgets and Time Constraints• Developing methods for accurate outage budgeting and forecasting• Identifying tools and systems to track costs, whether it be daily, weekly, or in real-timepart of outage readiness program• Getting the daily operations and maintenance work completed within the budget limit• Putting pressure on internal departments and contractors to pay and receive invoicesin a timely fashionTracy Callan, Maintenance ManagerDuke Energy, Miami Fort Generating StationOVERCOMING IMPACTS ON SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE WORK
  3. 3. Day Two | Continued Day Three | Thursday, August 8, 201312:30 Luncheon1:30 Interactive Roundtable DiscussionDeveloping Contractor Support Strategies to Utilize Their Skillsand Maintain a Positive Working Relationship• Reviewing the availability of contractors during certain times of the yearand based on need• Identifying the appropriate mix of quantity and quality of vendorcompanies to utilize during the outage• Aligning the contractors with the maintenance crew to buildout the work crew size needed for the outage• Assessing work histories and creating contractor folders• Ensuring accuracy of QA/QC checklist and test point data providedfrom contractors• Finding ways to enhance the relationships with quality contractorsFacilitators:Derek Silbaugh, Senior Manager, Engineering & Plant ServicesBlack Hills Corporation, Neil Simpson Power PlantJustin Moser, Engineering ManagerBlack Hills Corporation, Neil Simpson Power Plant2:15 Case StudyStrategizing How to Make Your Engineering Contractor and ConstructionContractor Work Together• Discussing several case studies in which an overall project cost (total cost of ownership)can be optimized• Doing this while also optimizing safety, schedule and quality• Verifying reasons why power plant owners should want their engineeringand construction contractors communicating with each otherMerrill Jones, Senior Director of Business DevelopmentIntegrated Plant Solutions3:00 Networking Break3:30 Case StudyAnalyzing Various Metric Tools and Performance Indicators to ImproveMaintenance Planning Effectiveness• Applying metrics for determining overall maintenance management effectiveness• Using the metrics for more effective outage planning decisions• Communicating the value of metrics• Correlating Outage Readiness Index with post-outage measuresRoger Schaver, Manager Resource Management, Power Generation, We Energies4:15 Case StudyUsing Work Management Processes and Tools to Conclude a Productive andLucrative Outage• Determining the key principles for work identification and planning• Assigning workers to various tasks and track the work completion daily and weekly• Utilizing various technologies that monitor the work being completed on various piecesof equipment• Integrating these work management and outage practices with corporate activity(supply chain, accounts payable, etc.)Dick Brandt, Regional Outage Manager- Outage Project & Controls, AEP5:00 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of Day TwoINTEGRATING STRATEGIC PROCESSESTO IMPROVE OUTAGE EFFICIENCYWHY YOU MUST ATTEND:PDH ACCREDITATION:marcus evans will provide PDH certificates to all attendees post event as well as a copyof the agenda. All attendees are asked to check with their particular state licensing boardsto ensure that PDH will be recognized by that state. It will be the responsibilityof each attendee to confirm their credit hours based on the sessions attendedon the provided agenda.8:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:20 Chairmans Opening AddressRoger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management Power Generation, We Energies8:30 Case StudyReviewing the Potential Impact of Advanced Sensors and Controls on PowerPlant Forced Outages• Overview of NETLs advanced sensors and controls R&D program and applicationsin existing plants• Analysis of past sensor and control refurbishment projects• Analysis of NERC GADS fleet wide unplanned forced outage data for coaland NGCC units• Economic opportunity for advanced sensors and controls to reduce unplanned forcedoutages in the existing generating fleetKatrina Krulla, Technical Project ManagerDOE, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Office of Coal & Power9:15 Case StudyAssessing and Mitigating Possible Risks for Outage Projects• Being able to assess the risks that are involved within each project• Understanding what affect they will have on the overall outcome of the project• Identifying those risks and determining what methods are needed to mitigate them• Monitoring these risks post-outage to eliminate the possibility of breakdownsChuck Kharrl, Director Workforce ManagementArizona Public Service, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station10:00 Networking Break10:30 Interactive Panel DiscussionBoosting Human Performance Improvement Efforts to Eliminate Outage Setbacks• Implementing human performance tools into outage reviews• Minimizing the number of errors that are being made and number of events that occur• Adapting to human measures to mitigate the chance of future mistakesNathan Hoffman, Outage Manager, Consumers Energy,JH Campbell Generating Facility11:15 Case StudyApplying Component-Based Maintenance Tactics To the Overall Outage Process toEnhance Plant Operations• Reviewing the intervals that component-based maintenance should be performed at• Taking a look at the business structure and how the components should be broken up• Determining whether to use system-based maintenance vs. component-basedmaintenance strategiesAlbert Vaught, Maintenance Manager, Calpine Corporation, Deer Park Plant12:00 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of ConferenceOutages are huge, multi-million dollar projects that are crucial to the upkeep and maintenance ofpower plant assets. Due to the downturn of the economy, companies are cutting backon maintenance budgets. Outage and maintenance managers need to determine the beststrategies to execute their outages the quickest and most cost efficient ways possible.The preparation before an outage must ensure that adequate parts, labor and resourcesare available to complete the work needed in the time allocated.The marcus evans 12th Annual Outage Management for Power PlantsConference will take many of the usual outage challenges and topics to the next level. This eventwill deliver solutions for more detailed and meticulous planning strategies, reliable scheduling tools,contractor support techniques, resource and work management, and human performanceimprovements to guarantee outage success in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner.DISCLAIMER:This agenda may be subject to change for reasons outside of our control. Marcus Evans, Inc.reserves the right to replace, substitute, or remove any speaker in the event of an emergencyor any unforeseen situation in which a confirmed speaker is unable to attend the event.Marcus Evans, Inc. will make every effort possible to substitute a speaker in thiscircumstance with an equally qualified professional for the confirmed presentation.However, Marcus Evans, Inc. does not guarantee the possibility of replacement.SPONSORSHIP INFODoes your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates wouldbenefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networkingand branding opportunities available by contacting: Garret Neader at 312-540-3000Ext. 6800 or garretn@marcusevansch.com.TESTIMONIALS:"Value is such that I look forward to the next conference with anticipation."AEP"Great insight on how other companies execute and plan outages."Arizona Public Service"Well organized, good speakers, well thought out."Lansing Board of Power & LightPRODUCER INFO:I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organizationof the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment.Samantha Rice , SamanthaR@marcusevansch.com.
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