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Bridging Science and Business
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Bridging Science and Business


Published on

SRTD Final Conference …

SRTD Final Conference

Session 4: Bridging Science and Business

David Tee – STRD Project

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Session 4:Bridging Science and Business
    David Tee – STRD Project
  • 2. “We are told never to cross a bridge until we come to it, but this world is owned by men who have 'crossed bridges' in their imagination far ahead of the crowd.”
    Unknown author
  • 3. What is a Bridge?
    Wikipedia says: a bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle (such as a body of water, valley, or road) for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle
    The SRTD Bridge overcomes physical and psychological obstacles to enable the passage of ideas between people
  • 4. Building the Bridge
    Link to EU SMEs
    Link to EU Uni.
    Tech Transfer:
    Tech Transfer:
    Focal Points:
    Researchers/ Scientists
    Focal Points: SMEs/ Industry
  • 5. Many Bridges
    Researcher to Researcher
    Researcher to Business
    Researcher to EU
    JIC to EBN
    Institution to Institution
    Science and Business
    Jordan and Europe
  • 6. Researcher to ResearcherResearcher to Business
    5 “Bridging Meetings”
    Focal Point Liaison Officers
    Research centres
    Added Technology Transfer Officers
    Began a process of networking between Jordanians
  • 7. Researcher to EU Programmes
    168 FP7 Jordanian applications
    118 were from SRTD Focal Points
    27 projects are now running or under negotiation
    Value of nearly €2.6m
    New network of Thematic National Contact Points
  • 8. JIC to EBN
    One full EBN member confirmed
    Al Urdonia Lil Ebda
    One full EBN member about to be confirmed
    El Hassan Business Park (iPARK, IPCO, QRCE)
    One associate member representing Jordan
  • 9. Institution to Institution
    Amman Chamber of Industry andHigh Council for Science and Technology
    Industrial Research Fund
    Reviewing proposals
    Assess achievements
    Focusing new research on business needs
    Scientific Research Support Fund
    Ministry of Industry and Trade – Patent Office
  • 10. Science and Business
    Terravertis and NERC
    Joint SME / Research Centre project
    TTO network links to Nuqul and MONOJO
    SRTD Start-up Grant beneficiaries
    8 out of 30 are PhDs taking research ideas into new businesses
    SMEs participating in FP7 projects
  • 11. Jordan and Europe
    6 Internships
    Focal Point Liaison Officers (39 people)
    Start-ups (26 people)
    Technology Transfer Officers (14 people)
    Over 100 participants to conferences, workshops, consortium meetings, training
    Over 40 experts to Jordan from Europe
    Many connections now made for future
  • 12. Much More than a Bridge:A Network of Networks
    Business Org
  • 13. Don’t just take our word for it...
    Personally, after being introduced to SRTD community I went through a complete shift in my perception for Research Collaboration and Partnership, besides, highly shared values to serve the society and the globe. Ms RabbabTayyem - King Hussein Cancer Center
    [SRTD provided] linkage with the research sector, [helped] establishment of services regarding technology transfer, [and] networking between several organizations concerned with applied research and technology transfer. Eng FadelLabadi- Amman Chamber of Industry
  • 14. Don’t just take our word for it...
    We hope that through such initiative that Jordan young population will be able to work with their EU neighbours for the best of the two regions. Dr LoayKhalaf - Research Grant Beneficiary
    Helped us to think globally and act local regarding the important issues that affect Jordan in compliance with EU. Ms Laila Abu-Alhaija- National Information TechnologyCentre
    SRTD has facilitated research with European partners for many Jordanian academics. Dr Ali Maqousi- Petra University
  • 15. Don’t just take our word for it...
    A bridge not only between academia and business, it is a bridge between different institutions of different interests and capabilities. Ms HibaZalloum - University of Jordan
    The way SRTD organized and managed had provide us with continues flow of information and networking activates including academic and research institutions in addition to SMEs. Mr AnasKhasawneh- Jordan Chamber of Industry
    SRTD also gave me an opportunity to improve research connection through the support of my participation in international workshops and conferences. Dr Husam El-Nasser - Al al-Bayt University
  • 16. “Education is all a matter of building bridges”
    Ralph Ellison
  • 17. Thank you