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Issue 3 November 2010
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Issue 3 November 2010


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  • 1. theECHOESECHOES Scottsbluff High School | November 2010 | Volume 94 | Issue 3 the boys’ one sen ior runner, With only bbed a t ry team na| . 20 cross coun ry pg Girls’ golf team w ins another state surprise state victo tends winning st title reak to three ye | , ex- ars pg. 19With two team state championships and two individual titles,UN-forgettable this sports season has certainly been an FALL FALL [ ] Senior Aubree Worden wins third consecutive all-class individual state title | pg. 20
  • 2. Half a world away, Vice Principal Huck gives new meaning to being ‘absent’story by end, and then, we find out we are to explain that this is not ‘Standard to 11:30 A.M. then 2:30 to 4:20 P.M.RYAN MEISTER | news writer required to attend school on Sunday American English,’ but because the “Heidi and Nyah spend almost the 19. Yes, your “Attendance Ad- text book values it, so do the Chinese. two hours of their day walking the The date was Sunday, Sept. 5. The ministrator” had to find a translator Huck’s children’s school is ex- boys to and from school. Also, liketime: 5 A.M. to excuse himself and his kids from tremely different compared to the many Latin American countries, they Assistant Principal Matt Huck sat school on Sunday,” Huck wrote. America’s educational system. tend to eat lunch and then then takestaring at his computer, navigating Huck’s family (wife Heidi, sons “Schools in China are set up a bit naps and relax, even the adults,”through a sea of blocked Internet Jacob and Kade, and daughter Nyah), differently than ours. Kindergarten Huck said.sites. Finally, he reached his destina- with their Western features, tend to is a school with a completely separate Huck has been able to escape thetion: his blog. stand apart from the rest of the crowd, facility because it is the foundation of city at times and become a tourist for It was the first contact he had with which results in some special atten- their entire educational process--it is a day or two.the Western world since arriving in tion given to Huck and his family. a very competitive environment for “We were able to get away fromcommunist China. “The boys are constantly petted parents. Also, there are no janitors the smog of the city to the Qinling Huck is participating in an ex- and touched, and Nyah, is quite often in the Kindergarten through Middle Mountains and a nature reserve. Wechange program in China for the first picked up and even kissed. Also, we Schools because, as Jake and Kade are also were able to eat a traditionalsemester of this school year. are often viewed as a photo oppor- learning, the students must take turns Chinese meal that comes from the “We’ve made it and are doing well tunity. At the Wild Goose Pagoda, cleaning their facilities,” Huck wrote. Sichuan Province called ‘Hot Pot.’ Wewe have all had a hard time with it took five minutes to take a picture The curriculum is much more dif- liken it to Fondue, but much healthierthe grueling 14 hour time change, because people kept cutting Heidi off ficult than in the states. A level 3 stu- in that a broth of various spices cooksalthough our the children seem to be to take a picture of our family,” Huck dent is already expected to do square the vegetables, legumes and meat,”doing much better at adjusting,” Matt wrote. roots and 2-3 digit multiplication and Huck wrote.Huck wrote. During his second week in China, division (mentally). Huck is pleased with his decision On top of the time change, Huck both he and his children started However, the overall subjects are to go to China with the program.has had to deal with a serious lan- school Working at Xi’an Jiaotong similar to the ones in America. Chi- “This will open doors for someguage barrier. University’s (XJTU) Affiliated Middle nese, math, computer, essay writing, great opportunities for SHS students “We are surrounded by Chinese, School, which is equivalent to an moral ed/health ed, P.E., art, music, as it is promoting future exchangesof course, but also Zambians, Indi- American high school, which has a and english. for Nebraska students and teachersans, Pakistanis, and Nepalese, just 2,000 student enrollment. The school hours, on the other here in Xi’an, China. I have workedto name a few. It is so good to see I teach conversational English to hand, couldn’t be more different. for this program to develop since thethe world from the many different the Level 3 students (advanced) and Huck’s kid’s attend school from 7:50 fall of 2008,” Huck wrote.cultural perspectives, but it can be an American Culture class,” Huckoverwhelming at times. Our English- wrote. The city ofChinese Picture Dictionary has Huck happened upon more thanbecome ‘sacred’,” Huck said. a language barrier while teaching his Xi’An (shee-ahn), China Even with the English-Chinese classes.Picture Dictionary, miscommunica- “My biggest challenge, besides the •Population:tions do occur. mere language barrier, is the fact that 14 million “China celebrates their Autumn their English text books are written by •Xi’an is one of the old-Moon Festival, which is the 15 day/ some Texas company who wants to est provinces in Chinanight of the 8 Lunar Moon. This lands pose ‘American Southern Slang’ as an •Xi’an, along with Ath-on Sept. 23 and 24. However, because official dialect,” Huck lands in the middle of the week, all There are conversational pieces ens, Cairo, and Rome,businesses and schools go to work/ that use things like ‘y’all,’ ‘Big Billy was a super power inschool on the prior Sunday to make Bob,’ ‘shoulda,’ and even ‘nuff.’ I ancient timesup lost time. We had already sched- tried to explain that this is a varia- •Xi’an was the starting uled an out-of-town tion likened to ‘How are you?’ to point to the Silk Road2 | NEWS tour this past week- ‘What’s up?’ and to ‘Sup.’ I also tried
  • 3. POSSIBILITIES What is a & CONTROVERSIES stem cell? A stem cell is a cell in the body whose job is not yet determined. Stem cells receive a signal surrounding stem cell research that makes them start to differentiate, or gradu- ally change into the cellstory bySCOUT WILSON | news editor drocytes, and many regained the abil- This is Phase 1 of the trial, the they’re destined to be. ity to support their own weight, hold purpose of which is to determine Imagine a world where a person up their tails, and urinate. the safety of the stem cell therapy.paralyzed from the waist down could Geron then had to go to the Food The next phase will be to determine Early Embryonicstand, could leave the wheelchair and Drug Administration (FDA) to whether the stem cells do what they Stem Cellsbehind and re-learn how to walk. get approval for a human trial. Ap- are designed to do and if they areImagine a world where someone suf- proval came in January 2009 but was efficient. A newly fertilized egg,fering from cancer or another terminal halted when injected rats developed The success of the trial would be a or a zygote, divides, pro-illness can leave his/her hospital bed small cysts. The final approval was step forward in science and medicine, ducing a group of stem“ ”and live a normal life. in July 2010, which allowed Geron to allowing the further exploration of cells called an embryo. Now stop imagining, because that start searching for patients. stem cell therapies. To qualify for this study, patients Science teacher Jim Bogus is These early stem cells are had to have suffered a excited about the trial but surprised called totipotent, mean- If we get to the point where we ‘complete thoracic spinal to see how far the research has come, ing they can become ANYcan fix anything, I think people cord injury,’ which since human testing is usually the last kind of cell. results in all areas from step in scientific studieswon’t care for their bodies as much the chest down being “This is a very big step forward forand take more risks. paralyzed, within seven science and therapies,” Bogus said. Blastocyst Embryonic -Science teacher Jim Bogus to fourteen days of However, Bogus also sees potential Stem Cells receiving the injury. negatives if the stem cells are able toworld could soon become a reality. A total of ten eligible patients will repair injury and cure disease. Seven days after fertil- After years of studying stem cells eventually be studied. The first, an “If we get to the point where we ization, the embryo forms- cells taken from human embryos anonymous person at the Shepherd can fix anything, I think people won’t a hollow ball-like struc-that have the potential to turn into Center, a spinal cord and brain injury care for their bodies as much and takeany type of cell - on animals, the rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, more risks. Also, because of how ex- ture called a blastocyst.Geron Corporation, a biopharmaceu- Georgia, was injected with Geron’s pensive technology can be, only those Embryonic stem cells intical company based in Menlo Park, and Keirstead’s newly-developed who could afford it would receive it, the blastocyst are pluri-California, and Hans S. Keirstead, a cells, called GRNOPC1. These were limiting the people the new technol- potent, meaning that theyUniversity of California at Irvine re- left over embryonic cells donated ogy could help,” Mr. Bogus said. have the ability to becomesearcher have done the first injection from in-vitro fertilization clinics, and Like other new technologies, thisof stem cells into a human. they were turned into oligodendro- is a slow process. It will be a while ALMOST any kind of cell According to Gabriel I. Nistor, a cytes (cells that make myelin, a pro- before the results of these studies in the body.postdoctoral researcher who worked tective sheath around the spinal cord). become available to the public, so, forwith Keirstead, trials on rats and mice The hope is that the injected cells now, all that we can do is be patient Adult Stem Cellshave already been successful. Rats will help repair the myelin, which will and hope that one day in the futureand mice with spinal cord injuries help the injured spinal cord nerves the worries of disease and aliments “Adult” stem cells havewere injected with human oligoden- live. will bother us no longer. a misleading name, be- cause infants and children also have them. These stem cells reside in al- ready-developed tissues, The SCIENCE of stem directing their growth cell research at work and maintenance. These stem cells are multipotent, Researchers must extract meaning they can differ- the stem cells from the entiate into only a limited fertilized embryos in order range of cell types. to be able to use them for Adult stem cells in- futher development of stem clude: blood cells, nerve cell thearpies. cells, muscle cells, skin cells, bone cells, as well as umbilical cord stem cells. Photo from NEWS | 3
  • 4. Cat CalendarNovember25th: Thanksgiving BreakDecember2nd: BBB/GBB- Western Conference BBB/GBB 9th @ Douglas4th: WR JV & VAR @ Torrington Inv.- 8:30am BBB/GBB 9th @ Douglas Speech- WNCC Inv.- TBA District One Act Plays- TBA6th: BBB/GBB 10th @ Torrington- 5/6:30pm7th: BBB/GBB JV @ Alliance- 5/6:30pm 11th: WR JV & VAR @ Cheyenne East Inv 9:30 WR JV & VAR @ Gering - 6/7pm BBB 9th vs. Sterling- 10/11:30 SHS Band Holiday Concert @ Auditorium- 7:30 GBB 9th JV & VAR @ Gillette- TBA Pearl Harbor Remeberence Day BBB JV & VAR @ Gillette- TBA9th: BBB/GBB vs. Alliance- Home- 5:30/ 7pm Speech Meet Morrill Inv.- TBA WR JV & VAR @ Alliance- 6/7pm 13th- GSW vs. Sterling- 5pm BBB JV & VAR @ Gillette- TBA 14th- WR JV @ Lingle Ft. Laramie- 6pm State One Act Plays 16th- GBB/BB 9th vs. Mitchell- 6/7:30pm10th: GSW/BSW @ McCook-3pm SHS Vocal Concert- Auditorium-7pm GBB JV & VAR A Wheatland- 5:30/ 7pm 17th- GSW/BSW @ North Platte- 4pm BBB JB & VAR @ Gillette- TBA BBB 10th JV & VAR vs. Sterling- 4-7pmThe CAT CALENDAR is brought to you by theSCOTTSBLUFF BOOSTER CLUB Picture Yourself at WNCC Senior Day Wednesday, December 1 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Get a snapshot of WNCC by visiting our main campus in Scottsbluff on Wednesday, December 1 during “Senior Day.” Visit and register by Monday, November 29. 800.348.4435
  • 5. TEXTING SCAM BRIEFLY s pe akin gstory byRYAN MEISTER | news writer A massive texting scam hits the Panhandle National FFA •Five people placed at While riding back in a silver which could have led to more serious be used for. Read the information the national FFA competi-Mercedes Benz with her friends after consequences: such as identity theft, completely and understand whata day of shopping for homecoming unknown money withdrawals from could possibly happen before taking tion this year: Sara Aschen-dresses in Colorado, senior Maragret bank accounts, and the possibility action. brenner, Brayden Auer,Baker felt the buzz of her cell phone. of being open to Keelyn Hubbard, Isabel WolfShe pulled it out of her pocket and lose other personal and Jessica Wolf. With Hub-pressed open. information. “Platte Valley Alert: Your CARD Phishing scams bard placing three times instarting with 4794* has been DEACTI- like this one can be the sheep and goat event.VATED. Please contact us at 877-342- easily identified.7856” First, the vast ma- Baker carefully dialed the number jority of businesses, From: unknown Papa John’s in thein order to reactivate her card. especially banks, GIVE US UR Seconds later, one of Bakers will not contact cafeteriafriends in the car received an identical their clients by •Papa John’s Pizza is now being sold in the cafeteria MONEYmessage. e-mail or text mes- “After I saw Gabrielle’s message, sage. Next scams on Monday and ThursdayI hung up as fast as I could, but I did will always request every week. The cost is $1.50give them the 16 digit pin and my personal informa-expiration date.” Baker said. tion in urgent tones per slice with a choice of Baker is not alone. Many other in order to secure cheese, sausage, and pep-students and adults all over the nation quick responses. peroni.received the same message and have Lastly, phishingsuffered from this incident. scams that men- After receiving this text, people are tion websites will Homecomingencouraged not to respond, then de- often have fakelete and report it as soon as possible. links and/or gram- Royalty “After I called the number I felt matical errors in the •This year’s homecom-like a complete idiot, I tried to call the URL. ing royalty included Nickbank and report it but it wouldn’t go To prevent being Roussel and Maria Torresthrough,” Baker said. scammed do not Baker had luck on her side that give out personal as king and queen; Russellday, as she did not give out as much information, even Morgan and Marcie Sindt,information as she could have if she a phone number, first attendants; Kirby Thorn-hadn’t been around her friends. She unless you know ton and Carli Rose, secondcould have given her social security where it will endnumber and more bank information, up and what it will attendants.The DO’s and DON’Ts of SHS Speech & Debate Recognition tanez, says the video will include all •The speech and debatestory by senior officers and some underclass- program has earned mem-SCOuT WILSON | news editor men officers as well. bership into the National “One clip will be about safe driv- ing in the parking lot, how to be a Forensic League (NFL) pres- Entering high school is tough forany freshmen, especially trying to get courteous driver and waiting your tigious 100 Club. They haveinto the swing of things that make turn while letting others go ahead,” achieved 100 degrees orhigh school such a big step from Montanez said. more last year and placed inmiddle school. Other subjects in the video include: the top 10% of NFL chapters Wouldn’t it have been nice to have raising your hand in class instead of blurting out an answer, proper aside in the hallways and be courte- nationwide.some sort of guide for conductingyourself in high school, something apparel for the dress code, public ous to others by creating pathways forto look at and model your behavior displays of affection and appropriate people to move through and not haveafter? cheering at school activities. the hall backed up so nobody can get Cornhusker Award This is the plan Principal Rick Porter believes it is a perfect op- through,” Porter said. •The 2009-2010 editionsPorter is challenging Student Senate portunity for the senior officers to Montanez also said Mr. Porter of the school yearbook andto come up with. demonstrate that they are good stu- wants to send the video to other newspaper won the pres- “I would like Student Senate to dents and to show their school pride schools to encourage them to do the by making the school a better func- same thing for their freshmen. tigious Cornhusker Awardmake a video that demonstrates andshows what students should expect in tioning facility when they are gone. One of the goals Porter has set is for Class 2A at the Nebraskarespect to their behavior at school and “We are setting a bar at a level we for the Senate to get the video done High School Press Associa-in the classroom,” Porter said. expect the students to perform at be- before first semester is over. tion’s Fall Convention. Porter said the reason behind mak- cause we want them to be successful This would allow him to show the in school,” Porter said. video during one of the recognition Scottsbluff was the onlying the video is to give the freshmentransitioning from middle school to What Porter is hoping comes from assemblies and get student reaction. Class A2 school to win ahigh school a visual reference they can the video is some solutions to prob- This feedback would be important Cornhusker for both its year-look at to see examples of how seniors lems that arise each school year. in giving the Senate an opportunity book and newspaper .conduct themselves and provide role An example is the alleviation of for improving the video and puttingmodels for freshmen. hallway congestion. in student ideas on what they would Senior class officer, Avery Mon- “We want to teach students to step like to see additionally. NEWS | 5
  • 6. n : io dangerous Teenage drivers are more u t Ca than they appear Many young drivers have multiple accidents on their records SHS, this was not Law’s first car acci- She cruised through the out- and her father was going to kill her. story by dent. He has been in two car-totaling skirts oftown, enjoying the summer “My parents were very, very angry ASHLEIGH SMITH | feature writer accidents before, both within his first evening sky and street lights passing after total shock wore off and after It’s sunny with a high of 75°. couple years of driving, leaving him by her. A dirt road stretched infinitely they realized I was okay,” she said. A crisp breeze flows through the with no means of transportation. out before her and her right foot Menghini was grounded for morecracked window into junior Tom Law claims his parents weren’t stretched for the gas pedal, craving than seven months, lost all trust sheLaw’s 2000 red Dodge Durango as he overly upset about the accidents – he more speed. had with her parents, and even devel-cruises down 5th Avenue. wasn’t grounded from driving, just The world was passing by as oped a fear of driving. ‘‘ He is lost in the moment as the left without a car. He says the time for Menghini kept pushing forward – un- “I had to get rides from my friendswind rustles his shaggy blonde hair him to get a car and be back on the til the Maxima headlights unveiled an or my parents anywhere I went, if Iand Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take road is coming unexpected was even allowed to go anywhere.” soon, though. sharp curve Menghini said. “The funny thing is, Ithe Wheel” resonates through his car “They I’ve been pulled over a lot for in the rocky didn’t mind that very much because I ”speakers and pounds his eardrums. On his right, there is Scottsbluff weren’t very speeding, going past a stop sign, dirt road. was really nervous, and sort of scared, to drive again.”High School, slowly leaving his rear- mad since willful, reckless driving, things like Menghi- Almost a year later, after work- it obviously ni was leftview mirror with accelerating speed. wasn’t my that. with two ing hard for both trust and money,Law has almost reached his destina-tion – until a bee the size of New Jer- fault,” Law -Kolby Aulick, 11 options, Menghini earned a new car alongsey rushes through the window and explained. and zero with her driving privileges.attacks Law’s face, kamikaze-style. “I’m glad I get to start driving again, time to think either of them over: “It took a while to earn their He loses sight of the silver mini- though. It’s been hard these past either haul on forward and dive bum- trust back, almost seven months,”van in front of him as his right foot couple months to get around without per first into the ditch bank, or strike Menghini said. “I also had to work atsearches for the brake, but it’s too late. a car.” the brakes, yank the steering wheel the flower shop on Broadway to paySilver and red paint fuse before him For other students, the privilege left and hope for the best. insurance for my wrecked car andas he crushes the minivan like a pop of driving was granted much later She chose her second option, and earn money towards a new one.”can. after demolishing their spankin’ new immediately realized as her car was Now that she has the car, the trust, Law’s skull head butts the explod- vehicles. sliding sideways off of the road, that and the courage to drive, Menghini ised airbags before him with the force Junior Kelcie Menghini’s parents her speed, angle of the turn, and fine back on the road safely – so far.of an asteroid hammering the earth. wished her a happy birthday with a grains of dirt layering the road didn’t Both Law’s and Menghini’s auto- Nestled face down in the pillows shiny Nissan Maxima, exactly the car exactly mesh well together. mobile mishaps reduced their vehiclesof safety, Tom thought to himself, she had wanted for her sweet 16, and The car’s wheels were on the to rubble; they were devastating, and“Not again.” she couldn’t wait to get behind the ground for about five seconds before left both individuals with nothing. Like many other students at wheel. cycling into the ditch bank, sending However, sometimes you have to A week later, Menghini hopped Menghini into a merry-go-round of focus on quantity, not quality. into her drivers’ seat after meeting automobile terror. While Junior Colby Aulick has with friends on Applebees’ wing The sunroof shattered against the only totaled one vehicle, his number night and went for a drive before earth, which was now above her head. of fender-benders and traffic warn- returning home. Solid ground was pounding against ings tally much higher, totaling to six . every side of her car as it turned, and “The first time I was going around turned, booming with each spin. a corner and rolled my Four Runner The car came to a stop, into a corn field, second I was drifting wedged upside- around the corner and ran into the down into the ditch. fence at the Splash by the school, and Menghini hov- the third was just a little bumper to ered in the air, her bumper accident,” Aulick explained. seatbelt holding her Aulick admits that he has been against car seat and pulled over often, but he has never her hair swaying received an actual ticket – just warn- straight out below ings. her. Her back ached “I’ve been pulled over a lot for and her head was speeding, going past a stop sign, will- spinning, unable to ful reckless driving, things like that,” make sense of her Aulick said. thoughts. So whether you’re totaling a week- She knew one old car or going through your seventh8 | FEATURE thing for sure- her one, you’re still a part of the stereo- car was done for, type: teenage drivers are dangerous.
  • 7. HoMEno way The story of one senior’s life without a place to call home story by grandparents decided they didn’t the two months she was homeless. with utilities and gas which adds up RACHEL CLEMENS | feature writer really want to throw her out so they She finally found a place to call to a total of about $500 a month. called the police and reported her as home when she moved in with her Phelps has had to sacrifice a lot We’ve all seen them. a runaway, which didn’t change until boyfriend and his parents. Then she since she started living on her own. Sitting on the side of the road, her eighteenth birthday. and her boyfriend moved into an “I haven’t been able to buy or do holding a sign or a tin can. “When I turned eighteen, my apartment together. anything for just me because I have “Will work for food.” grandparents said they didn’t want It is a small apartment with a to take care of getting groceries and “Anything helps.” me and I didn’t want to be there, so bedroom, kitchen, living room, and make sure everything gets done. It has Homelessness affects over 643,000 they decided to drop the runaway bathroom. put a lot of stress on me,” she said. people in America today. charges,” Phelps said. It became difficult for Phelps to That is a huge change from when Senior Alyssa Phelps knows what Phelps and her grandmother’s find a job because her license expired you are living with someone who it is like to be a part of that number. relationship has always been rocky. when she turned eighteen. In order takes care of you and everything else. She was hopping houses every two When she was living with her pastor, to get a license, a person must prove “I had to sacrifice a lot of going to three days for about a month and they would have regular meetings his/her address in two ways. out with friends. I can’t afford to go a half starting October of 2009. Some with her grandparents. But for at least two months, she see a movie or go out to dinner with days she didn’t know if she would Sitting around the table at one didn’t even have an address. them. I don’t have any extra spending have somewhere to stay at night. meeting was the pastor and her She had a case worker for a while, money,” Phelps said. Phelps’ journey toward being husband, Phelps’ sister, her grandpar- but eventually stopped going because It can be really hard for Phelps to homeless began in her childhood. ents, case worker, counselor, and her Health and Human Services’ main focus on school when she has so much Her mother died in a car accident sister’s counselor. goal is to reunite families, which was on her mind. Sometimes she zones when she was five years old, and her “Okay, everyone has to go around not going to happen in Phelps’ situa- out in class thinking about what she abusive father had a harrowing drug the table and say one good thing tion. will have to eat for dinner that night, problem. about Alyssa,” said the case worker. Out of all the people in Phelps’ life, which a lot of the time ends up being Phelps’ grandparents gained It came time for Phelps’ grand- her boyfriend helped her the most. ramen noodles. custody of she and her sister when mothers turn. Everyone had their If it weren’t for him she said she Someday Phelps would like to go Phelps was seven years old. eyes on her. No sound came out of her wouldn’t have had a place to live. to college, but she doesn’t know how “When I was little, I got along with mouth. “A couple of my close friends she would pay for it. my grandparents really well. I call “It’s your turn,” said the case helped me, but I kind of stayed dis- She would love to become fi- them mom and dad,” Phelps said. worker. tant from them. The whole thing was nancially stable in the future and Her life took a turn for the worse Her grandmother stood up. “No,” really hard to deal with, and I didn’t eventually get a job in social services. in October of 2009. she said. want to put them in a situation that Because of everything she has been “My grandma decided that I was She walked out of the room. they didn’t know how to handle,” she through, she knows she would be crazy and called the cops and told This meeting is an example of the said. good at it. them to put me on the fifth floor of the kind of relationship Phelps’ had with Phelps missed the last three weeks “It is better to talk to someone who hospital. The cops told my grandma her grandmother. of school at Mitchell and didn’t have actually knows what you are going that I wasn’t crazy, I just needed out The night Phelps left her house for enough credits to finish school there, through and can relate to your situa- of the situation,” Phelps said. good; she had to jump from house to so she transferred to Scottsbluff to get tion,” Phelps said. The policeman took her to the house and stay with people she knew. her credits to graduate. And Phelps’ situation is com- youth shelter where she lived for a “I was in some pretty bad situa- Right now, Phelps receives social pletely independent from her parents month. She was then placed with tions; some of the places I stayed the security checks which means she can – no communication, no financial the pastor of the Methodist church people were really into drugs. So if I focus on school more without having assistance. in Mitchell where she lived for six did have somewhere to stay, I didn’t to balance a part-time job and school- “If your parent’s are there sup- months. stay for more than two or three days,” work. porting you, don’t take it for granted. In April 2010, the pastor was trans- Phelps said. Also, her boyfriend has a job on You might not realize it, but your ferred to a church in a different town, This went on for a month and a the farm that earns enough for them parents pay for so much. When you so Phelps went back to her grandpar- half. to survive on their own. have to start paying for that stuff, you ents. The stay only lasted five days “My friends would introduce me But, Phelps is quick to point out have to be aware of what you spend before another fight broke out. to people and tell them I needed a that living on one’s own isn’t all it is your money on,” Phelps said. “My grandma didn’t like the fact place to stay. Then they would ask cracked up to be. Although Phelps doesn’t regret that I had gotten a cell phone that them if I could stay with them for a “I spent more than $200 on grocer- moving out, she is appreciative of the I had been using and she wanted little bit, and then I would find an- ies. I never realized how expensive new perspective on life this situation to take it from me. I told her that I other place a few days later,” she said. food is. When you always have some- has given her. had been paying for it with my own All she had was the clothes she one buying it for you, you don’t really “I realize now that material things money and she couldn’t have it,” was wearing when she left her grand- have to think about it,” Phelps said. don’t matter, and I have to live to Phelps said. parent’s house in October. She and her boyfriend just applied make myself happy because if you are This fight ended with her grand- Her friends would give her clothes, for food stamps which will help them living to make other people happy, mother throwing a vase at her and but all she had for a while was one with all the other expenses they have you will never be happy,” Phelps said. telling her to get out. pair of jeans, sweatpants, pajama to pay for. 7 Phelps walked out the door and pants, a few shirts, and a sweater. Phelps and her boyfriend have to hasn’t been back. The next day her She lived with just those items for pay $320 per month for rent, along FEATURE |
  • 8. How to become Natural self- sufficient living 1. Plant your own garden ( ) two students grow up in a lifestyle This will require work, time, and a space for devoted to self-sufficiency your fruits and veg- etables to grow, but now you don’t have to take the dreaded tripstory by vegan. calves and dramatic increases in to Wal-MartMEGHAN PRITCHARD | feature editor One part of Cloud’s diet, however, mastitis, a painful bacterial infection is non-negotiable: eating organically. of the udder which causes inflam- Self-sufficient: adj. needing no In fact, Cloud’s family grows much of mation, swelling, and pus and blood 2. Use an organicoutside help in satisfying one’s basic their own food. secretions into milk. energy source ( )needs. “We have a garden with vegetables Milk from rBGS-treated cows con- Imagine getting up every morning that we can eat when they’re ready,” tains higher levels of IGF-1 (Insulinbefore school to milk the cow, gather Cloud said. “We also have chickens, Growth Factor-1). Humans natu-the chicken eggs, pick vegetables from but just for their eggs because we rally have IGF-1, and rBGS-treated This will cost lessthe garden, and wash your clothes by rarely ever butcher them.” cows raise that level in humans. The money than payinghand. Wilson has also invested a lot into increased levels in IGF-1 have been a power company For Laura Ingalls on Little House the food area. linked to colon and breast cancer, and will be quiteon the Prairie this may have worked, “I have my own greenhouse where which have risen in the past couplebut in today’s culture is it really pos- I grow a lot of peppers and tomatoes,” decades. “environmentallysible to grow all one’s own foods, get Wilson said. These growth hormones also af- friendly”off the grid on power, and just live a Wilson’s brother and dad help with fect the beef in cows that we eat. Thesimpler life? the greenhouse and also sell them growth enhanced animals can disrupt For Senior Scout Wilson, this is when he has time. human hormone balance causing de- 3. Get cows,definitely a goal. But Cloud and Wilson don’t just velopment problems interfering with Wilson’s family once planned on grow their food for sport; it’s for the reproductive system, and also chickens, & otherinstalling wind generators and solar health. leading to the development of breast, delicious animals topower to be able to run their whole “I stay away from GMO’s (ge- prostate or colon cancer. butcher ( )house on those energy sources. netically modified organisms) in food The most susceptible to these “We want to become more self- because I don’t know what affect it’ll negative health effects are children,sufficient so that we can eventually have on my body,” Cloud said. pregnant women, and the unborn.almost completely get off the grid,” Today’s technology is convenient Hormone residues in beef have beenWilson said. “My dad has many cre- and much easier than the prairie days, connected to the early onset of pu- Yes, more work,ative ideas for future energy.” but some things don’t progress with berty in girls, which is also a greater space, and time, but But this lifestyle is more than just industrialization. risk of developing breast and other think how fun it’ll bebeing green – it also means having a The United States currently allows forms of cancer. to clean it uphealthy diet that they can provide for dairy cows to be injected with recom- “I want to get away from industri-themselves. binant bovine somatotropin (rBGS). alized culture and society that finds Senior Sheila Cloud takes this to Somatotropin is a naturally-occurring their way into the food chain system,”the extreme. Cloud is a vegetarian. That’s right. protein hormone produced in the pituitary gland of animals. Bovine Wilson said. “I want to cut that out so that I can eat all natural.” 4. Avoid purchasing She doesn’t eat red meat. somatotropin triggers nutrients to Wilson doesn’t buy meat from Wal- food products In fact, she never has. increase growth in young cattle and Mart, but receives a whole free-range containg rBGS ( ) “I’ve always just grown up with lactation in dairy cows. cow for food.that mentality,” Cloud said. When injected into cows, rBGS “We allow our neighbor to use The entire family participates in increases milk production 10-15%. land for grazing and in return hethe strict diet. Approximately 17% of all cows in the gives us free organic meat,” Wilson If you MUST go to But if avoiding cow meat in Ne- U.S. are given the artificial growth said. “We try to stay away from com- Wal-Mart, check thebraska seems weird, try avoiding all hormone. mercial meat.” food labels for rBGSanimal products whatsoever - Cloud’s In 1991 reports of serious health As spoiled Americans this mayyounger sister, Sarah, is completely problems occurred with rBGS-injected seem crazy to some, but to Cloud and contaminated cows. These problems were an alarm- Wilson, it’s just the lifestyle they’ve products6| FEATURE ing rise in the number of deformed always known.
  • 9. theIt’s the end of the ECHOES staff editor-in-chief | KARIN SHEDD WORLD! news editor | SCOUT WILSON news writer | RYAN MEISTER feature editor | MEGHAN PRITCHARD feature writer | RACHEL CLEMENS feature writer | ASHLEIGH SMITH ...or is it?Don’t start buying 2012 party-poppers just yet, new research says center section editor | GABRIELLE CARLIN center section writer | ETHAN HUGHES entertainment editor | RUSSELL MORGAN entertainment writer | VICTORIA BRAVO In just a little over two years, Incidentally (or perhaps not), the research by Gerardo Aldana, a profes-millions - if not billions - of people Mayans’ prediction coincides with sor at the University of California sports editor | KELSEY EMPFIELDaround the world will party like it’s... a significant astronomical event: in Santa Barbara, casts doubt on thewell...2012. Dec. 21 is the date of the 2012 winter math behind the conversions from sports writer | MADDIE HOLSCHER sports writer | MICHAEL MILLER Why? Because Dec. 21, 2012, has solstice, and also when the sun will the Mayans’ calendar to the modernlong been the rumored date of the appear to rise in the exact center of Gregorian calendar. In fact, the as-apocalypse, the catastrophic destruc- the Milky Way galaxy and touch a sumed date of the end of this world’stion of all life forms on planet Earth, if part of the galaxy’s equator known as 13th bak’tun is most likely off by 50 to ad manager | CHANDLER BRILLnot the entire universe - in short, the the ‘Dark Rift.’ 100 years.end of the world. All this intricate scientific inter- Now that the apocalypse is once ad manager | CASEY SIGRIST It all started several thousand twining was of great importance again cast into the realm of the un-years ago in the ancient Mayan for the known, we here at The adviser | TERRY PITKINcivilizations of Central America. TheMayans had an excellent grasp on Mayans and their The views expressed Echoes would like to of- fer the following advicemathematics and astronomy, concep- mythology in this editorial were to 2012 doomsday-aficio- The Echoes is a monthly pub-tualizing the number zero and creat-ing remarkably accurate charts of the of spiritual re-birth. supported 13-2 by nados and skeptics alike: don’t worry about it. lication printed by the Business Farmer. The Echoes is a member ofmovements of the moon and planets,and they used these skills to establish What it means for The Echoes staff Whatever happens (or doesn’t happen) to the Nebraska High School Press Association and the Internationaltwo separate ways of keeping time: modern- bring about the end of Order of the Quill and Scroll.Short Count and Long Count. day humans, however, is still being the world, there’s no point in fretting The Echoes encourages readers The Long Count method is the debated. about something over which we have to write letters to the editor in re-source of the end of the world predic- The most zealous of 12/21/2012 no control. sponse to a story, but does reservetion. Put simply, this system is based doomsday-enthusiasts theorize that Don’t let concerns about the future the right to publish said letter.on nested cycles of days multiplied by typical, armageddon-style catastro- distract from living in today, because The Echoes also encouragesthe key Mayan number: 20. The larg- phes like massive tsunamis, cataclys- as we all (don’t) know, the world all readers to submit their ideasest of these levels is the bak’tun, equal mic earthquakes, and the eruption of could end tomorrow. for story coverage, feedback onto 144,000 days. the Yellow Stone National Park super All information for this editorial was stories, and any other input. The Echoes Mayan tradition states that the volcano will beat planet Earth into taken from the following sources: Scottsbluff High Schoolgods made a total of four worlds and desolation at the end of the fourth 1. Major, Jenkins. “The How and Why 313 East 27th St.that man was placed on the fourth. world’s 13th bak’tun. Most scholars, of the Mayan End Date in 2012 A.D.” Scottsbluff, NE 69361According to Long Count, the third however, disagree. Mountain Astrologer. Dec-Jan. 1995: Letters with obscene, slander-world lasted 13 bak’tuns, or ap- ““For the ancient Maya, it was Print. ous, libelous, or false informationproximately 5,125.36 years. The “zero a huge celebration to make it to the 2. MacDonald, G. Jeffrey. “Does Maya will not be fun. The letter must alsodate,” or starting point, for the fourth end of a whole cycle,” Sandra Noble, calendar predict 2012 apocalypse?” USA be signed to be run. Content mayworld was set at a time right after the executive director of the Foundation Today 27 Mar. 2007: n. pag. Web. 24 Oct be edited due to grammatical orend of the third, said to be about Au- for the Advancement of Mesoameri- 2010. < content needs. A signed copy mustgust 11, 3114 B.C. when translated to can Studies in Crystal River, FL, said science/2007-03-27-maya-2012_n.htm> be presented to the Scottsbluffthe modern-day Gregorian calendar. in an interview with the USA Today 3. Khilawala, Rashida. “2012 End of High School journalism depart- The doomsday theory springs website. To proffer Dec. 21, 2012 as a the World: Is the World Going to End ment, room 130. Also, please checkfrom the modern idea that, since the doomsday is, according to Noble, a in 2012?” - Intelligent Life out Echoes groupthird world lasted 13 bak’tuns, so will “complete fabrication.” on the Web. 24 Oct 2012 <http://www. and MySpace page online!the fourth. And the end of the fourth All the discourse surrounding this’s thirteenth bak’tun is just oh-so-special day, however, may very world-is-the-world-going-to-end-in-2012.around the corner - Dec. 21, 2012. well have been for nothing. Recent html> OPINION | 9
  • 10. Every day, the same kids walk down the halls, BUT do you really know them? You would know that I’m a really closed in person and would rather listen If you You would know I’m just as normal as anyone else. No, I don’t chew and I don’t spend my Friday nights going cow tipping! REALLY to people than be the one getting the attention. story by story by GAbRiELLE CARLiN |center section editor GAbRiELLE CARLiN | center section editor Walking down the hall with their Wran- especially when that stereotype has the nega- glers, cowboy boots and plaid shirts…give it tive connotations that the word hick brings When someone says the word clique, what tant thing in the world, it may not be all it’s up for the hicks. along with it. comes to mind? cracked up to be. “I hate being called a hick! If you look up When someone says ‘hick’, words like un- It’s not the nerds, skaters or drama kids. “I feel like people judge me too quickly.The Cheerleader The Cowgirl hick in the dictionary it says an uneducated educated, hillbilly, ignorant or redneck might Here’s a hint: they have perfect hair, smell I’ve been told by people that are now my country person, which I clearly am not,” come to mind. Who would ever want to be knew me... like goddesses, and look like they just stepped good friends that before they knew me they junior Hayley Clark said. associated with those words? out of a Hollister advertisement. thought I was stuck up because I’m quiet Alright, so scratch the “hick” part. “Getting called a hick hasn’t extremely The correct answer around people I don’t Clark is just an ordinary teenage hurt my feelings, it just really annoys me. I is ‘The Popular Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember know. Sometimes I think girl. She enjoys spending time with her guess I don’t like when people look at me and Crew.’ Favorite Musician: I like all music people misinterpret my friends, watching just assume that I “I don’t as- Favorite Food: Kit-Kats shyness as being snotty,” Favorite Movie: Either 8 Seconds or 3:10 movies, reading, chew and talk weird. sociate my- Role Model: My sister Trumbull said. to Yuma and being around People can say some self with Overall, Trumbull Favorite Musician: Shania Twain DON’T JUDGE ME animals, so why really mean things. a ‘clique’. said she feels like she Favorite Food: Mexican food the cowgirl stereo- Just because one per- I have a group of friends that has a pretty good relationship with her class- Role Model: My mom type? son that looks like me I normally hang out with but mates. “I know why may act badly, doesn’t we don’t exclude people. If “I’m not sure how my peers feel about people think of me as being a cowgirl. mean I act the same way,” Clark said. Stereotyping oversimplifies, divides people people don’t know me well they me, but I haven’t had any major conflicts It’s because I dress the way I do; all of my Clark really doesn’t live a strange life most likely associate me with the with anyone. I get along with everyone for groups or activities they see me the most part, and I would never be rude or best friends are cowgirls, and I’m in FFA,” when compared to others, and when it comes personal commentary by GAbRiELLE CARLiN Clark said. down to it, she has the same fears as every in,” senior Aimee Trumbull said. ignore someone because they aren’t in my right away, because I thought it was strange Most people would look at Trum- group of friends,” Trumbull said. Clark doesn’t mind being considered a other high school student. Stereotype [ster•e•o•type] – to reduce that all she wanted to do when we hung out cowgirl. In fact, she somewhat embraces “One of my worst fears is not doing well in bull and say she’s the queen bee of Popularity is a strange concept. What somebody to an oversimplified category: to was drink hot tea, eat Wheat Thins and play the stereotype that goes along with it. school or not getting into college. I’m also not the popular group, but there is more to makes a person popular? Is it money, nice categorize individuals or groups according to Parcheesi. “I’ve never thought of myself as any- too sure how my peers feel about me. I try to Trumbull than meets the eye. clothes or good looks? an oversimplified standardized image or idea. So, I avoided her like the plague until we “I don’t want people to judge me “People might say I’m ‘popular,’ but it all thing but a cowgirl. It’s how my family and hang out with different kinds of people, and I From celebrities to hobos and all walks went to middle school and I started hanging I have been raised. I love agriculture and really hope people like me,” Clark said. without getting to know me first. I feel depends on someone’s definition of the word. of life in-between, people stereotype other out with her and we just clicked. She is one of anything to do with it. I’m not sure what Just take away the cowgirl apparel and ex- like when some people hear the word I don’t see myself as having enemies and I get people. It’s an almost-instant judgment, a the funniest people I know and I love her. else I’d want to be,” Clark said. treme fondness for all things agriculture and popular they think snotty or stuck up, along with most people. It’s not a goal of mine snap thought based on one’s image. Now I look back and think I was such While Clark openly accepts her cowgirl Hayley Clark really isn’t that different from which isn’t me at all,” Trumbull said. to be considered popular. I don’t care that It’s clearly a part of life, but the question an idiot for jumping to the conclusion that I image, it never feels good to be stereotyped, everyone else. While many movies and magazines much about what people think of me,” is…why? didn’t like her before I got to know her. portray popularity as being the most impor- Trumbull said. You would know that I’m a cool person. Some psychologists say that stereotyping I find it completely shallow that we let stems from a person’s childhood. At a young things like a person’s appearance or funny age humans are exposed to a lot of informa- quirks determine what kind of a person we I’m a good friend and I’m easy to get along with. story by You would know I’m a nice guy. tion about people and the world, and stereo- think they are. EThAN hUGhEs | center section writer I can be the one friend that everyone has. typing is used as a generalization technique to I’ve always heard it takes a person any- story by simplify and store all of it. These stereotypes where from a minute to three minutes to form EThAN hUGhEs | center section writer The Shy Kid can be good, bad, hurtful, misconstrued… an opinion of someone based strictly on ap- Proudly strutting through the halls with an model airplanes and, of course, practicingThe Band Geek blah, blah, blah. pearance, so I looked it up. “What was your impression of the book?” I won’t say much, but when I’m with my SHS band shirt on, carrying a tuba, and prob- his tuba. He feels that his peers view him in a It actually takes a person one tenth of a Common words heard in a common Personally, I think people stereotype and friends or in other classes, I’m pretty talk- ably winking at a couple females along the positive light. second to form an impression of a stranger. classroom, and answered in a common way: judge others because humans fear what they ative,” junior Julian Salazar said. way is sophomore Chad Nagasawa. “I think my friends think I’m a great per- That blows my mind! That is insanely fast, twenty plus hands from students shoot up don’t understand. Salazar actually identifies with a Seeing Chad, it’s easy to associate him with son and I’m one of the friends that you must Just think about it: we see someone who and we do it all the time without even think- eagerly, ready to share their input. different group. the band. Which is fine with him-it’s where he have. Everyone also associates me with looks or dresses differently than we do, and ing about it. “Julian, what did you think?” The teacher “I mostly associate myself with feels most comfortable and most like himself. the football guys, so no one messes with While some people argue that stereotyping asks, this time trying to get an answer from we automatically start judging them. We dis- the Mexicans. I think people see me “I associate myself with the band enthusi- me,” Nagasawa said. and judging is a part of human nature, I’d like someone who hasn’t shared sect everything about them, from their hair to hanging out with all asts, and I feel others do as well,” Nagasawa Although your first thought may be yet. “Any thoughts?” their shoes. to think most people are sensible enough to Favorite Movie: Once Upon a my friends and put me said. “Yep, he’s in the band,” you’d be right, get to know a person before they permanently “Not really…” Julian And, really, it doesn’t make sense. Time in Mexico in that group as well,” Chad has had a but that’s not all. says. I’m not saying I don’t ever judge people, judge someone else. Favorite Musician: Lil Wayne Salazar said. passion for band since “If people really This seems like a com- Favorite Movie: Star Wars I’m not Mother Teresa or anything, but I defi- I mean hearing that tenth of a second non- Favorite Food: Tamales Salazar has a lot of elementary school knew me, they would mon occurrence in any Favorite Musician: AC/DC nitely try to control the urge to assume I know sense makes me super insecure. It’s like every Worst Fear: Heights friends, and they see him and doesn’t see his know that I’m usu- given classroom here at the Favorite Food: Sushi everything about a person based on outside time we go out in public, people are judging differently than a classmate passion for it fizzling ally never mean unless school. There always seems Worst Fear: Falling off a really high cliff. appearances, because I know what it feels like us, and it feels like everything is magnified in might. anytime in the near people provoke me. I high school. Ugh, it’s exhausting. to be that student who doesn’t say much in to be misunderstood and wrongly labeled. “Like I said, sometimes if I don’t know future. play football and I play So here it goes, it’s time to get a little class. Also, stereotypes are usually way off the anyone is a certain class, I won’t say much, “I fit the stereotype of a ‘band geek’ be- the tuba,” Nagasawa said. cheesy… Maybe it’s the situation, maybe it’s the mark, and discovering this when it happens but if you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell cause I love band. And it’s not ‘band geek,’ Also beneath the band enthusiast is a side Whether you’re a cheerleader, band geek, teacher. But for whatever reason, some people you I talk a lot,” Salazar said. is… well, a straight up bummer. it’s ‘band enthusiast.’ I don’t want to break of Chad maybe not as apparent to the com- cowgirl or ridiculously shy, don’t be afraid just don’t feel like talking. But, maybe it’s Take this for example: one of my very best So maybe the kids labeled as ‘shy’ aren’t away from that stereotype,” Nagasawa said. mon viewer as the band enthusiast. to step out of your comfort zone and get to us. Oftentimes the ‘shy’ kids are the most talk- quite what they seem. friends I used to not like. She moved to Scotts- Besides band, Chad is on the football team “I’m a ‘playa’. I know almost every girl in know the people around you. It may be the ative in different circumstances. bluff when I was in 4th grade and went to “I’m a cool person. I’m easy to get along and enjoys playing video the school. I hang out with girls a lot... a lot,” best thing you ever do. “I don’t think I fit the stereotype of a shy my elementary school. I basically judged her with and I’m a good friend,” Salazar said.10 | CENTER SECTION games, sleeping, making Nagasawa said. kid. If I don’t really know anyone in a class CENTER SECTION | 11
  • 11. “Photos as unique as the people in them.” Clockwise from the top left: Sam Harvey, Aron Valdez, Maria Torres &Victoria BravoMulligansAt the Monument Shadows Golf Course Great food & atmosphere Open to the public all year round2550 Club House Drive Gering, NE 69341 308-635-6868 All School Year Long Every 10th student gets a free lunch Student Specials Available 2201 Broadway Scottsbluff 632-3644
  • 12. so that the sugary frosting piled onto remarried and I was 14 years old. it. I stared up at my grandpa in shock. That summer, I went to Oshkosh “Well, what are you waiting for? for a week to help my grandpa on his Eat it!” he said. farm. We worked all day in the July I looked down at my frosting heat. At night, he would take me out covered finger, astonished. My mom to eat or to my uncle’s place to talk had always told me not to touch my with the rest of the townspeople. cake or disfigure the frosting, so I was I learned so much about my confused, but I did what he told me grandpa in that week. I realized that Was this the same man who, merely two years ago, laughed and told me to mutilate my birthday cake? and happily licked the white frosting this person I called ‘grandpa’ was a off my finger. stranger to me. I didn’t know him or Two years later, my Grammy Vera understand him for the first fourteen passed away. years of my life.MISUNDERSTANDING So at six years old, my heart was But that summer I learned that broken. I loved my grandma so much. he is a fun person like I saw at my I was her only grandchild so she fourth birthday party. But he also spoiled me rotten, lavishing all her keeps to himself like what I saw at my Ten years of confusion is what it took for me to fully grandmother-ly love onto me in the grandma’s funeral. understand one of the most important adults in my life form of presents, candy, and toys. At the funeral he was sad although At her funeral, I sat in the front he didn’t cry. He didn’t grieve thepersonal commentary by KELSEY EMPFIELD pew of the Methodist church between way I did. He had to be strong for the When I was a little kid, I was infat- It was vanilla and had green my mom and dad. I looked to my left rest of my family.uated with two things: The Lion King frosting that resembled grass, and a and saw my grandpa through my tear He loved my grandma with all ofand ponies. I had Lion King shoes, river of blue ran through the middle. filled hazel eyes. his heart. After she was gone he waspillows, and toys, and my favorite TV Simba, Nala, and Rafiki figurines He wasn’t crying like I was. lonely and was My Little Ponies. were scattered atop the cake. He wasn’t crying at all. Ever since my fourth birthday the So when I turned four, my birthday It was a four year old’s dream, but When I saw this, I was infuriated. relationship between my grandpa andwas a fairytale. what happened next is my most bril- How can he not be sad? Didn’t he love me has been a roller coaster. Horse driven hay rack rides were liantly vivid memory of the party. her like I did? Now that I’m seventeen I fullygiven to every guest at the party, and My Grandpa Orvin marched up I was puzzled. Was this the same understand my grandpa. I know howmy mom made an indestructible uni- beside me and told me, “Kelsey, this is man who, merely two years ago, he expresses himself.corn pinata. I was surrounded by my your cake. You can do whatever you laughed and told me to mutilate my He comes to my softball gamesfamily and friends, and I was ecstatic want with it.” birthday cake? and supports me. When we part, I- especially about my magnificent Then, he grabbed my tiny finger But seasons come and seasons hug him and say ‘I love you’ becauseLion King cake. and ran it down the side of my cake go, and before long my grandpa had now I know who my grandpa is. HEARD in the hall... A collection of quotes from the students of Scottsbluff High “ “ Let’s face it: I’m cuter than your mother.” - junior boy Her party is in Beard.” “Beard? Where is that?” “It’s that town that’s, like, 15 miles “ past Morrill!” That would be like being forty “ you mean Bayard?” and standing up on a couch and having your legs break.” “Oh, yeah...HA HA HA! I spelled it like - sophomore boy a hairy chin!” - two senior girls OPINION | 13
  • 13. THE END...maybestory by With the release of Deathly Hallows, Part I on Nov. 19, Harry Potter fans are ponderingVICTORIA BRAVO | entertainment writer if this is the final chapter The Followers Sophomore Katy Myers remembers her first The Moviegrade year not because she had an influential teach-er, made her first macaroni necklace, or because she Myers, Wright, Hopp, and Her-took her first field trip. rmann all plan on seeing the upcom- It was when she read her first Harry Potter ing installment in the movies series,novel. which has been split into two parts. She remembers turning the pages eagerly, antici- “My favorite film is the 6th, Thepating what lay in each wall of words, tuning out Half-Blood Prince, but I’m thinkingher surroundings and losing herself entirely in the the 7th one, The Deathly Hallows, isstory. going to beat it,” Myers said. Since that day, she’s been hooked. The idea to split the final movie “I couldn’t stop reading them. I love the way she into two parts came about in the(J. K. Rowling) writes, it makes so much sense, and making of the 4th movie, The Goblethow I can get so into it,” Myers said. of Fire, in 2004. The request was Sophomore Michael Wright had a similar ‘love- turned’ experience with the magical series in In order to end the series in the6th grade. most successful manner, they have “It’s a really great series of books, extremely well changed their ways.written and it’s just really easy to like,” Wright said. The movie script writer, Steve For many students, Harry Potter has proved to Kloves explains the decision in anbe more than just an ordinary teen series. interview for The Baltimore Sun. “They’re so exciting and interesting. They keep ‘It should allow us to stretch a bityou on the edge of your seat,” junior Maggie Hopp with the characters and give themsaid. the proper send-off. I feel we owe it However, there are some Harry Potter fans that to Rowling – in order to preserve theprefer the movies over the books. Junior Cierra Her- integrity of the work – and the fansrmann hasn’t read any of the books, but is a Potter – for their loyalty all these years – tomovie fanatic. give them the best and most com- “I’ve seen all of them at least four or five times, plete experience possible,” Klovesbut the 3rd one, the Prisoner of Azkaban, I’ve said.watched probably seven or eight times,” Herrmann Part one of the Deathly Hallowssaid. will be released in 2D and IMAX Herrmann also has the memorabilia to match the to the next one,” Myers said. formats Nov. 19. The second part willobsession. These fanatics take their passion to the next level. appear in 2D, 3D, and IMAX on July 15, 2011. “I have all the movies, three t-shirts, silly bands, They don’t settle for simply ‘liking’ Harry Potter -a Harry Potter button, a bag, a wand, a poster and they make it into an almost-religious lifestyle. The Futurecalendar,” Herrmann said. “Lately because of the new movie, I spend a When it comes to picking between the movies lot of my time talking, thinking, or reading about Though this is the last chapter of the Harry Pot-and the books, there is no doubt that the books Harry Potter,” Myers said. ter movies, world renowned author J. K. Rowlingcome out on top in most fans’ views. Harry Potter has become as an addiction for had the strength to move on without Harry Potter. “I definitely like the books better. The movies some. In an interview with the Associated Press, Rowl-leave so much out and a book you can put down “I think and talk about Harry Potter probably ing talks about the emotions in writing the series.and walk away and it’ll still be there so you can go more than an average person. Maybe 60% of my “I was very lonely with it. It’s not like being inright back into it,” Myers said. time is dedicated to it,” Herrmann said. a pop group, where at least there are four other Some fans can enjoy both the movies and the Wright’s Harry Potter life is less extreme, but ad- people who know what it’s like to be on the inside.books the same. mits connecting the stories to real life - often times, Only I knew what it was like to be generating this “It just depends what kind of mood I’m in. If I its one of the first thing to pop into his head. world as it became bigger and bigger and morewant the story in its entirety and really get deep “If I am in a situation that I can relate to Harry people were invested in it,” Rowling said.into it, then I will read the books, but if I want a vi- Potter I will but it’s not always on my mind. My Rowling also opens up about how she felt finish-sual I can turn to the movies for that,” Wright said. surroundings play a lot into it,” Wright said. ing the series. Harry Potter has a way of mystifying readers, As if the movies and the books aren’t enough to “The first two days in particular, it was thepulling them at the first paragraph, not letting go. fuel these followers, Myers and a fellow Potter fan bereavement, even though I was pleased with the “It’s really magical, completely different than the have Harry Potter quizzes. book. Finishing is emotional because the booksreal world. The magic just brings you in and you The two create questions that will stump the have been so wrapped up in my life, and it’s almostcan’t get out,” Myers said. other to find who the real ‘wiz’-kid is. impossible to finish and not look back to where I Myers considers herself a hardcore Harry Potter “It’s fun to do trivia and re-live parts of the started,” Rowling, one who knows the books cover to cover. books without reading it again,” Myers said. Rowling plans to continue writing, adding some “I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read The two dedicated opponents don’t let each adult fiction to her collection, but she knows thatthem a long time ago. I just keep reading them; if I other get by with easy questions. They ask each she will never top Harry Potter.start one, I’ll finish it in a couple hours and move on other about certain spells and what seem like in- “Lightening doesn’t strike in the same place significant facts only known to the most passionate twice. I just really want to fall in love with an idea14 | ENTERTAINMENT Harry Potter fans. again and go with that,” Rowling said.
  • 14. Literature pe are Hemingway beck Twain AUSTEN akesV Sh tein TOLKIENon Sn Dickens Or Joyce Henry TolstoyegDOSTOEVSKY we Davidut Stephen King Edgar Allen Poe ll Thoreau The knowledge we can’t afford to losestory byRussell Morgan | entertainment editor information contained in the written record. It’s the ing of different parts of the world. best untapped resource students have.” “Students can learn about life outside of their C.S. Lewis once said that “literature not only This resource is one that seems to stay untapped own worlds,” English teacher Kiley Kreutzer said.describes reality, it adds to it.” and neglected as time and technology progress. “By learning about other cultures, religions, values, A myriad of beliefs, ideals, attitudes, thinking The introduction of television and the internet into and beliefs they will learn to have tolerance aboutpatterns, and social issues are covered in the many mainstream culture marks the point where read- others and become more rounded themselves.”styles and genres of literature, as authors have ing began to take a back seat in the lives of mod- As the world faces some of the same problems,always used stories to express themselves and their ern society. Those industries have flourished and, and many new ones in the 21st century, the questionbeliefs about different aspects of society. unfortunately, brought a change in literature. Today, arises: why is there no vital literature written today? Some of these stories have gained the status “the books are centered onessentials” for both understanding and finding an a “Hollywood” atti-identity in society- a necessity that is critical for stu- tude and are primar-dents who will soon enter the workforce and voice ily for entertainmenttheir opinion in society. rather than introspec- These “essentials” pertain to all time periods and tive teaching. Whichstatuses of life, which can give students the founda- makes books of thetion to branch off, stimulate their individual think- past all the more rel-ing, and establish their own beliefs and identities. evant and applicable English teacher Todd Menghini, as well as others today.from the school’s English department, stresses that “Any book thatbeing well rounded in the world of literature is one discussed humanof the most important aspects in today’s society. nature is something “Kids can learn everything from all people can learnliterature,”Menghini said. “Authors love writing from and carry withabout the world. Every issue, belief, and pattern of them throughoutthinking is covered. There is a part of literature that their life,” Englishpromotes thinking, not reaction, and this is the part teacher Katie Malmthat students need to be familiar with.” said. Literature is everywhere; therefore, one student’s Books reach acrosssetting, whether it be in a town of 20 or a city of 2 borders in the sensemillion, does not limit the power that reading gives that not all the “clas-them. sics” are written by “It gives them a chance to go do different places American authors, soand times,” English teacher Peter Johnson said. they discuss concepts found in different cultures. There are authors that cover the issues society is“It lets them get involved in things they might not This benefits readers by giving them an understand- facing today, but there is one factor that all books Teachers’ Top 5otherwise ever do. There is such a broad amount of must attain to deserve literary respect: time. “The book must endure the test of time,” Menghini said. “It must have a purpose and a redeeming value that lasts.” The books that last a lifetime are the ones with a message. They have a lesson to teach and they use Mr. Menghini: Ms. Kreutzer: entertaining stories to get the message across. 1. Huck Finn by Mark Twain 1. Desert Blood by Alicia Gaspe de Alba Today’s literature is so closely paralleled with 2.Walden by Henry David Thoreau 2. The Middle of Everywhere by Mary Pipher movies that the stories are written to entertain, to 3. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee become literary box-office hits. Does one learn more 3. Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult 4. 1984 by George Orwell from a simple happy ending? Or from a book that 4. Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult leaves them thinking? Books that stimulate the 5. I am Third by Gale Sayers 5. Bastard out of Carolina by Dorthy Allison thought process are in dire need, but are gathering dust in the library. The goal of reading should be to learn from ev- erything we read. Whether it’s the “Great American Novel”, an essay, a poem, or even this article- it’s what the reader takes from the reading that is its purpose. There is a cornucopia of information out in the Mr. Johnson: Ms. Malm: world. Fortunately, it’s pretty black and white be- 1. Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 1. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee tween useful and useless information. It is a simple 2. The Road by Cormac McCarthy thought to desire to better one’s understanding of 2. Wicked by Gregory Maguire the world around, that is the goal. 3. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card 3. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown It is essential to delve into the useful informa- 4. Neuromancer by William Gibson 4. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling tion, and take all you can from it. The world is full 5. Do Androids Dream of Electric 5. When You are Engulfed in Flames/Me Talk of questions, and it is full of answers. It’s time to Sleep? by Phillip K. Dick Pretty One Day (Tie) both by David Sedaris open the cover, and | 15 start finding those answers. ENTERTAINMENT
  • 15. Psychological & Neuropsychological Anne Talbot, PsyD Assessments Forensic Psychology Mark Hald, PhD All Age Groups Nicole Vidlak, PhD Individual, Marital, Family 308-632-8547 Newest steakhouse & lounge in the Panhandle Come watch the Big 96er Take out available 308-633-1020Pregnant? Yoga classes Think you might be? Tues./ Thursday 5:45 p.m Birthright can HELP Sat. 8:00 a.m. FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Pregnancy Test of Scottsbluff, Inc. ONLY $5 per class for students An International Pregnancy Service NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Open Monday-Friday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Zumba classes- latin dance- 632-5866 24-Hour Hotline 1-800-550-4900 aerobics! 10 East 17th Street • Scottsbluff, NE Dance Party for one hour!The Sports Racquet Tues./ Thursday 7:00 p.m Bring this ad in and you will Sat. 9:00a.m. get 10% off of men or women At the Warehouse on Beltline regular priced basketball shoes. (next to Humane Society) Expires Nov. 28th - All levels of students 308-635-2334 Call Stacy Wilson @ 631 7373 or email 1018 E. Overland Scottsbluff yogagirlstacy@
  • 16. We are the champions... Againstory by win it,” Marez said.Victoria Bravo | entertainment writer After they, and 20 other schools, performed time for some of us. That’s exactly what we did too, Senior Mickey Marez exhales and steps onto their sets the Choralaires were informed that they we worked to the best of our abilities and had anScottsbluff High School’s stage along with the rest received a gold rating, and won Best in The Fest… incredible time while we did it,” Schluter said.of the Choralaires show choir. The lights are blind- again. They will be missed, but there is no doubt thising him-he can’t make out a face in the crowd, but Despite winning 27 out of 28 Best in the West was a great way to remember their time in Choir-maintains his ear-to-ear smile in order to earn gold competitions, by no means did they think they had laires. it in the bag. “I was really proud of the whole group,” senior Jessica Schluter said. “Especially after our per- formance at the choir concert, which we weren’t exactly thrilled with.” Their win was well deserved after long hours of practicing that led to achieving their goal. “Some people don’t realize that the group has been rehearsing since July and dancing for seven weeks. It’s a lot of out of school time that these kids put in,” choir director Brad Ronne said. Get your The men of the Choralaires(right) along with the ladies(left) Ronne believes the entire group should be proud dance on! sing across the stage to eachother at this years annual Old West Choir Fest. The Choralaires have dominated the Fest: they of this accomplishment and give themselves more have been crowned champs 27 of the past 28 years. Photo by Terrence Lake credit. “One real key that the students had is that theyfor his first and last time as a Choralaire. were driven to fine-tuning details. If they would’ve “I’m really going to miss the seniors, especially As he prepares to belt out the first line of “Life let their guard down, someone else could’ve come Sammy Harvey. We’re dancing buddies,” junioris a Highway”, he takes one last deep breath before in a won it,” Ronne said. Chris Brenning said.completely indulging himself in song and dance. The win was notably special for this year’s Choralaires also won an individual award for “Honestly, on stage, I was going through the seniors. “Best Choreography Overall”, which was given tosteps in my mind over and over. I knew we prac- “Right before we went on, we talked about Tiffany Tabor-Mackrill- the choreographer for theticed really hard and they we could pull together to giving it our all, 110 percent, because it’s the last Choralaires.Popular youth recreation center shuts its doors The Underground was a project that Lawton had rap performer Conrad Bravo A.K.A. Cipher said.story by been trying to construct for several years now. Bravo won’t let this obstacle keep him from pur-Victoria Bravo | entertainment writer “I’ve been organizing and planning for this suing his love for hip-hop. for fifteen years, and now that it’s gone I feel like “I guess our last resort is to try to get spots at dif- Imagine a place to call home, an easy getaway - there is a big hole in my heart where it used to be,” ferent places and just get our music heard,” Bravotaken away in the blink of an eye. Lawton said. said. That’s exactly what happened early August of The Underground is a community organiza- Bravo said it would not only affect the perform-this year when managers of the Underground, Matt tion, not a building, and it is still going to be doing ers but the regular attendees as well. Ourada, whoLawton and Dusty Jones announced that it was things around town. The Underground ‘building’ is attended the Final Chapter Show with her sister,closing. closing, not the organization. had the same sentiments. “After seven years, the Underground will be No plans for a different building or reopening “It’s really sad because that was the one placeclosing its doors, but not without one last show,” are currently in place. where we could go to just chill and listen to liveLawton said describing the final event. “I really hope they just move to a building they music,” Ourada said. Lawton first announced the closing of the Un- can afford because that is the place me and my sis- The Underground has been a positive influencederground on Facebook when he started an event ter went to get away from the drama in life,” junior on Ourada as well as a lot of other teens in the area.called “The Final Chapter Show”. Jade Ourada said. “We no longer have a place to go on the week- The Underground, located at 1507 Broadway, Lawton believes that it is time for up and com- end where we won’t be negatively influenced,”was a youth meeting place that opened in February ing managers to start running something like the Ourada said.of 2003 and has been a popular space for teens to Underground. The Underground almost closed its doors threegather together to play music and listen to others’ “I think if the youth still want it around years prior but ended up staying and think it’s a positive place, it’s time for them to “Two or three years ago they didn’t have enough “I always maintained the thought that the Un- step up and start something just like I did,” Lawton funds to continue running, but I don’t know if that’sderground was never really ‘mine’, it has always said. what happened again,” Bravo said.been the teens’,” Lawton said. The Final Chapter Show consisted of several of The show had a $5 admission fee, and sold items The Underground’s mission statement is “to the popular performers that have played in previ- from the Underground so regulars could take aprovide a place of safety and acceptance for youth ous years. piece of the Underground home with them.who are struggling with the complexities of adoles- The roster was no let down. On it were perform- The Final Chapter Show may have been their lastcence,” and its closing is affecting everyone associ- ers such as: Logan Vath, Delusions of Pluto, GNTE show, but their final event was the haunted houseated with the venue. (Get Nothing Take Everything), Cipher, Taylor Gul- held on Halloween and the surrounding nights. “I will definitely have more time on my hands, ley and Joe Salazar. Even though the closing has put so many peoplebut the most negative thing about the Underground For the performers, the closing of the Under- in a drastic predicament, their music will live on inclosing is that I won’t get to hang out with the ground is difficult. the walls of the Underground.youth, get to meet bands, have shows, and I’m not “It’s actually extremely devastating to be hon- “I’ll never forget opening for that final time. I leftproviding anything for the community anymore,” est, because there are no other places around here it all on the stage,” 17Lawton said. where we can perform and get our music out,” local Bravo said. ENTERTAINMENT |
  • 17. Girls that ride expose the obstacles andtriumph found in the world of motocross story by femur and ribs, bruised my kidney, MICHAEL MILLER | sports writer spleen, and liver, and broken two fin- gers,” Miller said of the most severe The roar of the engines deafened injuries she has sustained.those standing on the sidelines, Though she has been abused bywatching the row of helmet-clad the sport, she is inspired to keepracers rev their bikes. Senior Taylor racing by her favorite female athlete:Miller sat on her 2009 KX2PM motor Jessica Patterson. Miller tries to ride atbike, poised in the starting position, least twice a week during the summer.waiting. Like her sister Taylor, Sophomore The timer hit zero, and she was Lauren Miller also finds herselfoff to the races. Dirt flew from the engulfed in the fast-paced world ofback tires of Miller’s bike as she sped motocross. Both Miller girls ride withthrough the pack of motorbikes, all the tri-state dirt-rider circuit, whichjostling to take the lead. includes tracks in Sidney, Alliance, The race had begun. Mitchell, and Cheyenne. Since she started racing motocross However, unlike her sister, Laurenin the 5th grade, Miller knows what it does not have a colossal injury list to Junior Alexa Fulk launches over a jump at the Mitchell RIGHT show off, suffering only minor injuries track during a quad race. Alexa has seen a good amounttakes to finish on top in these situa- ON of success in her two year tenure as a racer. Courtesy since getting involved in racing. TRACKtions. photo “My favorite moment was in Alli- Miller started racing in 6th grade,ance a couple years ago, when I raced with her most significant moment be-against both boys and girls and was ing when she won the most improved don’t understand that,” Miller said on ries is the time she crashed in thethe overall winner,” Miller said. rider award at the annual banquet. the subject of motocross versus other middle of a race. This is just an example of one of Another significant award she has sports. “I was going over a jump beforeher many successes in her motocross received was when she was the only On the same, but slightly differ- the tabletop, and I cased it (landed oncareer – Miller placed 5th overall in girl to win a trophy in a race with ent, lines of motocross is Alexa Fulk, all four wheels) and my helmet cameher first ever race. both sexes involved. who races quads, not bikes. Quads up and over my eyes. I was in 2nd However, if it weren’t for a history Lauren also doesn’t think moto- are four-wheelers built for speed, as place and really wanted to get myof racing in the family, she may have cross, specifically female participants, opposed to motorbikes. points for that race so I kept goingnever discovered her skill in the sport. gets enough national publicity. Unlike the Miller sisters, she has and I was trying to pull my helmetWatching her cousins race from an “Females don’t get enough atten- only been racing two years, but has down but I couldn’t see so I wentearly age convinced her to “hop on” tion. They have guys race on ESPN seen a good amount of success during over the side of a jump and hit a kidthe bandwagon and join in the fun. and have a separate channel for girls that short time period. head-on, and that’s when I wrecked,” Reaching success hasn’t always when the races are at the same time,” She got started along the same Fulk said.been an easy road – Miller has suf- Lauren said of female publicity in lines; however, having watched her Luckily for her, all she sufferedfered several injuries during her sports. brother race his dirt bike and by her from the event was whiplash.motocross years. “Motocross doesn’t get enough at- friend Chrissy’s mom, who is the Tri- Though the road can sometimes be “I’ve had a lot of injuries. I’ve had tention. I think it’s a really cool sport State Dirt Riders (TSDRs) secretary. rough, the Miller sisters and Fulk arequite a few concussions, fractured my and it’s really hard, but a lot of people One of Fulk’s most intense memo- in it to win it. Start Finish 1924- Started in Britain Present - Different types of (known as the scrambles) motocross racing created: freestyle, arenacross, and supercross The history of Motocross Evolved over the 1980 - Mono- years. European riders shock shortened the tracks suspension and and added obstacles/ water-cooled laps bikes invented 1930- team 1950 - Swinging arm competitions became suspension was invented more prominent to compensate for the18 | SPORTS advancement in tracks
  • 18. 2010 + 33 + + team statechampionships = 3 3 top individualfinishers undefeatedseasons Putt Senior Kaylee Koeppen lines up to putt during the Class B State Championship as teammate, senior Sabrina King watches. The twoGirls golf team caps off season with third consecutive state win battled through a one-hole playoff to decide the individual state Putt title. Courtesy Photostory by “It’s hard seeing two teammates she is hopeful for the future. from now on.”MADDIE HOLSCHER | sports writer going against each other like that. I “This was my last year of being “I plan on signing with either Bay- hated it,” head coach Mike Klein said. an underclassman so I’ll probably lor or Hawaii and I’ll probably sign at “They both played great though and put more pressure on myself but I the late signing,” Koeppen said. We tied. I know we had to have tied. I’m so happy for both of them.” plan on working hard throughout the After a memorable year withSenior Kaylee Koeppen thinks to her- This team state title was Klein’s off season. My goal for my next two the top 3 places at state, capping offself as she sees her teammate, senior fifth in the past seven years and the years are to win the individual title at 3 undefeated seasons, winning 32Sabrina King, turn in her score card. third in a row. state,” Krzyzanowski said. tournaments in a row, and 3 team There’s going to be a playoff. “To win three state championships The futures for the two seniors are state championships, it seems that for One hole. One chance. One champion. in a row is something that’s very very different. the lady Bearcat golf team, 3 is a lucky One of us will get first. The other will special to me. Not many people can “I don’t plan on golfing in college,” second. say that. It’s a huge accomplishment,” King said. “I just want to do it for fun Focus. Koeppen said. There are so many people watching. Not only have the Cats had an My last time golfing for high school. impressive showing at the state meet, Here it goes. they’ve also gone undefeated for Par-fect season The championship-determining, the third straight year with a schoolone-hole playoff ended with Koeppen record of 32 consecutive wins.having to chip her ball out of a foot- “This is by far the best team I’veprint in the sand bunker and seeing ever coached,” Klein said. “It’s been a Meet Margin of Victoryher teammate, King, take home the great season and their hard work has Scottsbluff Invite 84 strokesindividual state championship. definitely paid off.” “It’s really exciting to win it two It’s been a year of breaking records Sidney Invite 39 strokesyears in a row,” King said. “I’ve for this Lady Bearcat team. Only one *Western Conference 74 strokesworked really hard to get where I team has come within 20 strokes ofam and having this outcome is very the bearcats at any tournament this Laramie Invite 31 strokesrewarding.” season. They shot a school record of *Gothenburg Invite 33 strokes “I caught some bad breaks here 304 at the GNAC tournament, ex-and there and I didn’t play as well tended their winning streak to 32, and Ogallala Invite 28 strokesas I would’ve liked, but overall I was sophomore Kaitlyn Krzyzanowski Alliance Invite 32 strokespleased with how it turned out,” shot a record low of 67 earlier in theKoeppen said. season. *GNAC 39 strokes This was not the first time these “It’s been a good year,” Krzyz- Districts 19 strokestwo met in a playoff. Last year they anowski said. “I’ve had some ups andcompeted against each other once, downs this season but to end it the State 30 strokesand this year they faced off twice to way we did was exciting.”determine first and second. Krzyzanowski capped off the “It’s hard playing against my sweep at the state tournament with ateammate because I want to win, but third place finish. With both Koeppenit is comforting knowing that our and King being seniors, Krzyzanows- * indicates new school recordteam gets first and second,” Koeppensaid. ki will have some big shoes to fill, but SPORTS | 19