Issue 7 March 2011


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Issue 7 March 2011

  1. 1. Scottsbluff High School | Mar. 3, 2011 | Volume 94 | Issue 7golden A end to the BEARCAT winter sports Senior Taylor Counter displays Bearcat wrestling team boasts three individual her gold medal. Counter Class B state champions | pg. 14 swam her way to a first-place finish at the 2011 All-Class state swimming meet in theSenior Taylor Counter becomes first female Seacat 100 breaststroke. swimmer to win All-Class gold medal | pg. 15 photo by Karin Shedd Senior Willie Schwartzkopf holds his oppo- Junior Tyler Nation wrestles his opponent Freshman Colton Adams moves closer to a nent in a headlock at the Scottsbluff Invite. to the floor at the Scottsbluff Invite. Nation pin his opponent at the Mitchell Invitational. Schwartzkopf, a transfer student from Mitch- successfully defended his state title from Adams ended an undefeated season by ell, wrestled his way to the 2011 Class B state 2010 at the 2011 Class B state championship claiming the 2011 Class B state championship in the 171 weight class. in the 135 weight class. championship in the 112 weight class. photo by Mark Rein photo by Mark Rein photo by Ken Kurtz, Spectrum Photographics
  2. 2. The UPrising in EgyPT leads to reconnection with a long, lost friend Photo from often, but there were more times of all the police forces withdrew asstory bySCOUT WILSON | news editor concern when then-Egyptian leader 90% of police stations were burnt After the anti-government uprising Hosni Mubarak’s administration blocked and censored such social down by the angry protestors. With police forces gone, prisons The Youth Populationin Tunisia in early 2011 successfully media sites, resulting in many losses were attacked and 25,000 prison-overthrew long-time president Zine of communication with the people ers fled, causing many residents of Egypt’s population isEl Abidine Ben Ali, many countries in outside of Egypt. Cairo to panic for their safety. 80 million, with two-the Arab world - including Bahrain,Libya, Yemen, and Egypt - have fol-lowed their example and undertakenthe hefty task of toppling the decades-long dictatorial regimes running theirrespective countries. Along with this political restless- ” Ghada is the Assistant Resident Representative of the United Na- tions Development Program, and the UN Cairo office. Her work focuses on “We were very scared, so my sons, my husband, and neighbors barricaded the street where we live Poverty Reduction Team Leader in the with rumors of attacks all over the city. Men spent all night protecting capacity development for government homes and properties, community entities, and designing and imple- forces organized to manage security thirds of the population under the age of 25. Photo from fi.eduness is the concern of other countries menting and traffic for thefor the safety of the people in those support The protestors grew in num- following two Mubarak’s son, who was gettingcountries. programs ready to rule the country, also left. Some have gone so far as to travel bers and police became more and weeks,” Ghada Key Ministers were arrested and for the said. more aggressive as they began ”to those countries to make sure family small and Ghada saw are in jail with corruption charges,members or friends are all right; oth- micro to shoot tear gas, water guns and poverty and cor- and both houses of Parliament wereers have used the internet to commu- entrepre- ruption but didn’t revoked.nicate, athough some countries have rubber bullets. “The army is managing things, a neurs. imagine thathad restrictions on internet access. Living -Ghada Waly, Assistant Rep. of the students and youth new interim government is in place This was the case of WNCC so close to United Nations would get orga- and we hope to have elections in sixFrench/Spanish/Yoga/Belly Dancing the main nized and mobilize to twelve months. A very respectableprofessor Stacy Wilson. square, millions to be on team is reviewing the constitution,” As Egypt began to break out in Ghada was able to experience first- the streets. Ghada said.protest, a friend from the past was hand what was happening. “The protests were organized Security is still shaky as only halfon Wilson’s mind. While getting her “The protests in Tahrir Square by youth university students and the prisoners who fled were arrested,Master’s in French at Colorado State lasted seventeen days with a huge young professionals through Face- police are not back on the streets, andUniversity (CSU) in the late 80’s, demonstration starting on Jan. 25. For book, but were joined by hundreds some parts of Cairo suffer from drugWilson befriended Ghada Waly, an the next two days, the 26 and 27, the of thousands of supporters from all dealers and thugs.Egyptian woman studying at CSU for protestors grew in numbers and po- walks of life, unemployed, poor and “The mood after the fall of Muba-the same purpose. lice became more and more aggressive rich, who all asked for freedom, free rak was that of celebration by millions With the recent riots in Cairo, as they began to shoot tear gas, water elections, and change of the corrupt all night in the streets, followed byEgypt’s capital, Wilson worried for guns and rubber bullets,” Ghada said. regime,” Ghada said. high hopes and concerns for thethe safety and well-being of her Ghada had several family mem- Ghada believes the protests in future as one million tourists left thefriend. Wilson quickly began search- bers participate in the protests; one Tunisia had an effect on the Egyp- country,” Ghada the web for Ghada and was of her sons went down to the square tian revolt. Fear of military dictatorship fromeventually able to contact her via for one day, but Ghada had a 16-year “The quick removal of the Tuni- the army which has ruled since theFacebook. old cousin who caught a rubber bul- sian dictator made people feel that 1952 revolution is not very high as the Wilson became reconnected with let in the eye and another needed 15 these strong regimes are not that military announced they will managea long lost friend and came to learn stitches on the head. strong after all,” Ghada said. a peaceful transfer of power to civilthat Ghada lives in Cairo very close to The protestors, upset with the On Feb. 11, Mubarak officially authorities.the Tahrir Square where most of the police, filled the streets of all thirty stepped down from office, retreating “Demonstrators still hold weeklyprotesting has been taking place. provinces; police forces collapsed and to a Red Sea resort of Sharm el- demonstrations to insist on a big list2 | NEWS The two kept in touch started to fire live bullets. That night Sheikh where he has a residence. of suggested reforms,” Ghada said.
  3. 3. A year of change Introduces students to run as smoothly as everyone had BRIEFLYg s pe akin to online registration hoped. “This year I feel that it took more NSAA time because of the frustration and challenge of changing all the pass- Believer and Achiever words. I also believe that this new The Nebraska School Activi- process has brought students to real- ties Association (NSAA) is giving ize the importance of using their log recognition to 48 seniors in their ins and passwords more regularly,” Believers and Achievers program. Cantril said. The top eight of those 48 final- Online registration will be more ists will receive a $500 scholarship efficient than the old handwritten sys- from the U.S. Bank to the college or tem, as students become accustomed university of their choice. to the new system. Scottsbluff’s own Sam Harvey “Almost everyone, I’d say around made it into the elite ranks of the Photo from 95% of students or more, got regis- top 48. tered with the 2 or 3 make up days we This is not an easy accom- ing with kids who didn’t know their had,” Cantril said. “I think that online plishment, as each student that isstory byRYAN MEISTER | news writer passwords so we had to reset them registration will be a better way once selected has to be nominated by and then some kids still had difficulty we work all the bugs out and it will their school. This year has been a year of getting through the log-in process,” help prepare kids for the way that Then, to make things harder, hechanges: a change in administration, Cantril said. most colleges register.” had to compete with 632 studentschanges in school policy, and now a It is not generally known that pass- The overall process hasn’t changed from across the state.change in class registration. words and log-ins for Infinite Campus much, though. All students selected have to This year students were introduced accounts are not reset in the counsel- “Students will still come into the have an accumulated grade pointto online registration for the classes of ing office but through the central counseling office to do credit and average of 3.75 or higher on annext year. administration building. requirement checks so that we can unweighted 4.0 grading scale and This is the first time that students However, with difficulties aside, refine the classes being taken. For be involved in an NSAA sponsoredregistered using their infinite campus it looks as though online registration example, a freshman coming in might activity.accounts. will be used in the upcoming years. not have all the prerequisites for a cer- After being nominated, the “The information we got from kids “I haven’t talked to administration tain class so we would need to change students were judged on scholas-that had their log-ins and passwords yet, but I think that’s what we will be that,” Cantril said. tic achievement, NSAA activity[to their infinite campus accounts] doing in the years to come. Most col- With change comes progress, and participation, school involvement,was very successful,” counselor Rick leges use online registration for their online registration is a change that community involvement and aCantril said. students to register,” Cantril said. will help the administration run the citizenship essay. “The frustrating thing was deal- Yet the new program didn’t seem school to a brighter future. Winter Royalty The Academy Movie Awards Spanish/German Language, best Line, best Setting, best Music, best Change of command Costuming and a few others. Some of the key awards handed This years’ Winter Royalty saw out were the best Use of Culture, many changes to the normal way which went to the German movie things were often run. The most Deutch Klub T-shirt Commercial, and prominent change was the change the Spanish movie 300. Also was in command, from S-Club to Stu- the best Use of Spanish/German dent Senate. language, which went to the Span- The changes didn’t stop there as ish movie Monty Python and the Holy the traditionally formal dance took Grail, and the German movie Ferris on the appearance of a student run Bueller’s Day Off. dance party. Individual awards were also given However, some traditional to best Supporting Actress; Spanish: aspects were kept as royalty was Victoria Bravo of Sleepover, German: still named along with the first and Taylor Counter of Zombieland. Best second attendants. Sophomore Chad Nagasawa shows off his award for Supporting Actor; Spanish: Layton Taking the position of second best supporting actor. -Photo by Anna Teghtmeyer Croft of Twilight, German: Chad Na- attendant were Jarod Kerr and gasawa of Toy Story. Victoria Bravo, the first attendants ed, with many taking their seats while In addition were the awards for were Sam Harvey and Taylorstory by best Villian; Spanish: Sheila Cloud ofSCOUT WILSON | news editor eating a cookie. Counter, and the two crowned king Soon the masters of ceremony Homecoming, German: Riley of Frankie and queen of the dance were Avery The Academy Movie Awards took to the front and began by thank- and Riley. Best Hero, Spanish: Nick Montanez and Hattie Guzman.Night for German and Spanish Clubs ing all those who had participated in Roussel of Twilight, German: Ben Fulk The popular topic of debate wasfelt more like the Oscars this year, the videos. of Bourne Etwas (Something). what the dance’s theme would many entered had their picture Then the moment all had been Best Actor, Spanish: Nick Roussel It was rumored that there wouldtaken in front of the Academy Awards waiting for finally arrived, as the first of Twilight, German: Keegan Schlager be black lights and strobe lightsposter, and proceeded down the red awards of the night were announced. of Zombieland. Best Actress, Spanish: that would light up the dance floor.carpet. No single video dominated the Sara Frederick of Sleepover, German: However, this was not to be the Attendants of the event wore some awards as many different people took Jessica Schluter. case, and although students mayof their best attire to set the stage for home their golden popcorn award. The night was filled with cries of have been initially disappointed,the announcing of awards. The categories for the awards joy and exuberance, as well as those many more still had a good time. The atmosphere was that of excite- were best Use of Culture Awards, best of disappointment and defeat, but allment as people began to fill up the Villain, best Hero, best Actor/Actress, was not lost as this year was a year ofboard room, all anticipating who best Drama, best Action, best Com- creative and enjoyable movies. 3would claim each award. edy, best Commercial, Most Creative Cookies and drinks were provid- Movie or Commercial, best Use of NEWS |
  4. 4. Senior Frank Sanchez dances She dances almost every single day. buSt under the spot light at the winter “When I dance, I feel like all the A royalty coronation Wednesday problems are gone,” she said. Feb. 9. Sanchez was the winner of MovE the dance-off. Photo by Terry Pitkin Ortiz really enjoyed watching the other dancers at the pep rally. Beat” came on and he started dancing Although she was very anxious when Pop and getting into the music. her turn came. Once the crowd began cheering “I was really nervous, but the Badillo felt the push to do better. crowd started screaming so I felt my lock& “The crowd cheering brought a adrenaline rushing so the nervousness smile to my face, and I felt accom- went away,” she said. plished,” he said. Senior Frank Sanchez also started Badillo learned how to do backflips dancing at a young age. He has been with his brother Anthony Solorzano. dancing pretty much his whole life. His brother also helped him come up “Dancing is something my whole with some moves for the pep rally. family does. We’re all dancers,” San- Badillo said he pretty much puts to- chez said. gether the dance right at the moment. Recently Sanchez started doing “It’s kind of like just thinking be- the popping style of dancing. “The fore the next thing,” he said. Everyone popping kind of just came out of drop6t dances for different reasons, but Ba- nowhere and I liked it so I stuck with dillo said he dances because it makes it,” Sanchez said. him feel more open. Music inspires Sanchez most to “Dancing is like expressing your- dance, along with dancing with his self. Through your dancing you can sisters and friends. show who you are, and how you feel, The Winter Royalty pep rally was ”Badillo said. the first time Sanchez ever danced in A dance-off at the Winter Royalty Senior Erin Wang, a foreign front of a lot of people. coronation brought unknown talent exchange student from Taiwan, also enjoyed dancing at the pep rally. Sanchez likes dancing because it can put him into different moods. into the spotlight Dancing allows her to express herself without words. Wang started dancing “If I’m ever feeling down I can just go put on some music and dance and three years ago, and her teacher Ash, it makes me feel better,” Sanchez said. Served’ all that dancing just seemed inspired her most to dance. At the pep rally, Sanchez freestory by “He not only just tells me how to styled to the song “Jam On It,” byRACHEL CLEMENS | feature writer really cool to me. It interested me be- dance; he also teaches me the history Newcleus. A lot of kids at school cause I like music and dancing a lot,” Badillo said. about dance and a lot of things in didn’t know he could dance so he Freshman Petie Badillo is, by his The late Michael Jackson is Ba- life,” Wang said. got a lot of comments the next day.own description, a pretty laid back dillo’s dance role model and idol, but The night of the pep rally, Wang Sanchez won the dance-off at the pepguy. overall Badillo believes just learn- said she was nervous because she is rally. Badillo’s cool exterior, however, ing new dance moves to put into his a shy person and doesn’t have much “It felt pretty good when I won, Iwas put to the test on Wednesday, “Feb. 9, when he walked in the gym forthe Winter Royalty pep rally wherehe was scheduled to participate in thedance off. “When I got there I saw all the peo-ple and I was like, ’Oh my goodness,’ dance collection have been the force Dancing is like expressing yourself. Through your dancing “ experience dancing in front of people. She just found the music, thought of what kind of style she wanted to do, didn’t expect it at all,” Sanchez said. CONTESTANTS: 1. Erin WangI didn’t think there would be that you can show who you and free styled it. are, and how you feel. 2. When themany people there,” Badillo said. “I crowd started Frank Sanchezwas scared. I usually don’t have stage -Petie Badillo, 9 cheering, she (winner)fright because I have done concerts that drives him to keep dancing. said she felt re-before.” 3. Petie Badillo “Frank and Alec came over to my ally happy. “When I went up to the DJ with house a month ago and we were all “It was so awesome! I felt so muchthe other dancers and saw all the dancing. Frank was doing that robot love from my friends, and it made me (with beat boxing)people in front of me I thought, ‘I stuff. I was like, ‘dang he’s good.’ So, feel like people really love my danc- 4.have to go get a drink.’ I was scared,”Badillo said. I was most intimidated by them at the ing,” she said. Sylvia Castro & pep rally,” Badillo confessed. Wang dances because it makes The night’s entertainment alsoconsisted of senior freestyle dancers Yet, dancing with close friends is her feel extremely happy. She feels Anessa Ortiz what Badillo prefers. dancing is the only way she can makeFrank Sanchez, Erin Wang, Alec Rojas, “I’m more open with them so I herself feel freedom in her soul. Tyler Webber & 5.Tyler Webber and Kirby Thornton, can do more stupid and fun stuff,” he Freshman Anessa Ortiz startedfreshman Anessa Ortiz, junior SilviaCastro, and sophomore Spencer Lake. said. dancing when she was 8 years old. Kirby Thornton Dancing in a circle is Badillo’s She lived in Denver, and a lot of (with Sam Harvey & Badillo started dancing in third girls would always dance around her,grade; where he got up and started favorite because people cheer him on and eventually she started dancing Emmanuel Gurrola) 6.dancing during an assembly and and he feels more confident. Badillo with them.ended up getting the Best DancerAward. practiced for hours leading up to the dance off at the pep rally. “My favorite place to dance is Alec Rojas After taking a drink and shaking at the mall, because crowds come The award and the movie “You 7. off his nerves, Badillo started beat around and watch me dance, “OrtizGot Served” encouraged Badillo the boxing in front of the crowd. The song said. Spencer Lake4| most to start dancing. FEATURE “In ‘You Got he picked called “Find the Perfect Ortiz spends a lot of time dancing.
  5. 5. Getting horrible, so they had no time to do fore, but it should get better,” Schaub anything other than surgery,” Schaub explains. said. Schaub also dealt with emotional Surgery is only performed in pain subsequent to surgery, but hadBACK on top very severe cases of scoliosis, which his family and even special guests Schaub had. visit in attempt to brighten his spirits. “My severity was just about as bad “I was really depressed after my as it can get. It’s a really rare type. It’s surgery. It was pretty bad, but we had different because usually guys don’t the Colorado rapids soccer team come get it,” Schaub said. “My back had visit me, so that was cool,” Schaub A two-year diagnosis of Scoliosis five curves, and usually there’s only one. They were also very large.” said. Schaub hoped he would never turned into reality when freshman Surgery for scoliosis is called spi- have to go through another surgery nal fusion, which consists of connect- again - scoliosis operations rarely Daniel Schaub received spinal surgery ing two or more of the bones in your have to be repeated. However, this spine together with new bone using may not be the case for Schaub.story by however, claims his only indicator metal rods, hooks, screws or wires; “They will probably have to doASHLEIGH SMITH| feature writer was the back pain. It’s similar to what occurs when a something later in my life, because it’s As for the causes of scoliosis, not broken bone heals. still not quite straight. I’m guessing It’s a beautiful day outside. The much is known except that hereditary Schaub underwent the four hour they will have to do another surgery,”sun is shining, birds are chirping, and factors are involved. Daniel’s dad surgery on Dec. 10, 2010, and left the Schaub said.the wind is at a still. The only thing happens to have scoliosis as well. hospital five days later. Even considering the pain andon twelve-year-old Daniel Schaub’s “It’s all my dad’s fault,” Schaub “mind is hitting the pool and swim-ming some laps. But there is one thingstopping him: an excruciating pain inhis back. What started out as a simplepain in then seventh grader Daniel jokes. It was the most pain- ful thing I have ever done in my entire life. “ “It went pretty well,” Schaub said. “I prepared for the surgery by trying to swim as emotional repercussions, Schaub is most concerned about his inability to participate on the swim team this season. “The worst part about it was be- cause I couldn’t swim,” Schaub said. “I was truly looking forward to it.Schaub’s back has since turned into an -Daniel Schaub, 9ordeal that has changed the course of much as This was my first year of high schoolhis athletic career. I could to and I really wanted to swim, but I Instead of stirring up a splash in get in the should be able to next year.”the pool that day, Schaub took a trip best shape possible. I was kinda ner- Schaub currently walks the halls of After discovering the scoliosis, the vous going into it, but I think exercis- SHS with his head held high and histo the doctor’s office, where they dis- Schaubs set up regular appointments ing helped.” back as straight as can be - with helpcovered the culprit of his aching back. with a chiropractor, on top of the doc- Although operating went smoothly from a brace that wraps around hisAfter taking and examining a few x- tor visits required every six months. and preparations were made, that torso and some Tylenol for the pain.rays, which showed several curves in Years passed, and things seemed didn’t help much with the aftermath “It’s kind of hard to move aroundSchaub’s back, the doctors diagnosed to be going smoothly – until a certain and pain. now, but eventually I will get a com-Schaub with scoliosis. visit to the doctor. Something wasn’t “It was the most painful thing I plete recovery,” Schaub said. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature quite right, and it was confirmed that have ever done in my entire life. I While the road to recovery mayof the spine that, like in Dan’s case, Schaub’s scoliosis had worsened over actually lost twenty pounds over ten take a while, Schaub is excited for theoccurs most often during the growth the past two years. days from the surgery. To this day, I future that awaits him. Hopefully byspurt just before puberty. “At first it wasn’t that bad; before still haven’t healed. I don’t feel any the next year, Schaub will be rid of Its symptoms are simple: uneven I had to go every six months, but better either since the surgery was so the brace, and be back in the water toshoulders, hips, or waist, and one when I went the next time it got really recent. It actually hurts more than be- fulfill his dreams.prominent shoulder blade. Schaub, The road to recovery • excruciating back pain • diagnosed with Scoliosis • worsened over next two years • prepared for surgery (swam) • underwent surgery • stayed in hostpital for five days • now wears a brace until recovery LooKInG Daniel Schaub’s x-ray shows the multiple curves in his spine. He underwent surgery Dec. 10, 2010. Courtesy of Daniel Schaub dEEp FEATURE | 5
  6. 6. Cat Calendar March 3rd-GBB State Lincoln- TBA 24th-SP State- TBA 5th-SP Districts Warm-Up-TBA 25th-BGO VAR @ N. Platte Inv.- 9am 8th-SHS end of 3rd Quarter 26th-BTR/GTR JV&VAR Binfield Relays- 10am Anne Talbot, PsyD Mardi Gras 28th-GSO/BSO JV @0Torrington- 3/5pm Mark Hald, PhD 9th-K-12 No School 29th-GTN JV vs Alliance Dual- 4pm 2622 Avenue C. Ash Wednesday 31st-SP National Qualifier Inv.@Cheyenne Alan Smith, PhD Scottsbluff, NE 10th-K-12 No SchoolCharlotte Ingram, LMHP, ATR BBB State @Lincoln-TBA Georgia Nelson, LMHP 308- 632- 8547 11th-K-12 No School BBB State @ Lincoln-TBA 12th-SAT testing SP Districts-TBA 13th-Daylight Saving Time Begins 16th- State DECA conference Lincoln 17th-St. Patricks Day 18th-BSO VAR vs Laramie- 3/5pm 19th-GSO/BSO Kearney Cath. @ N. Platte-11am/12:45 GSO/BSO Holdredge @ N. Platte-2:30/4:15pm GTR/BTR VAR @ Chadron Indoor-TBA 22nd-GTN JV & VAR vs Ogallala-1pm GSO JV & VAR vs Chey. East-3/5pm BSO JV & VAR @ Chey. East-3/5pm The CAT CALENDAR is brought to you by the   SCOTTSBLUFF BOOSTER CLUB Are you in? Mulligans At the Monument Shadows Golf Course Great food & atmosphere Open to the public all year round 2550 Club House Drive Gering, NE 69341 308-635-6868 All School Year Long Every 10th student gets a    free lunch   Student Specials   Available    2201 Broadway     Scottsbluff  632-3644   
  7. 7. With hig ? eting an h schoo l drop o Americ d test scores ut rates sk ans are plumme y-rock- beginni ting, ma ng to w ny onder: Is the AMERICANeducation system T broken he American educational system has received more hits in the last couple of years than a Justin Bieber fan page. If Americans aren’t complainingabout the war in Afghanistan or how high taxes tition with other industrialized nations. Political pundits, name calling, and union busters will probably do little to solve the problem. At some point, meaningful educationare soaring, one can probably find them criti- reform needs to take place.cizing the local high school teachers who they In the next three pages The Echoes ex-perceive as only wanting higher wages and amines some of the issues facing Americanmore time off. education and how this country’s approach Anyone can chime in on the attack on public to education is viewed by in this country. Some people believe achieving educa- The question is, however, who has some real tional reform in this country may never takeanswers. place. How can we fix a system that was once a Maybe instead it’s time we took Justinparagon of how to educate young people, but Bieber’s advice and Never Say Never.has seen a steady decline in scores compared to Reform is on the way as American strivesother industrialized nations. to leave no child behind in our race to the The truth is, there are no easy answers. top. No doubt, educators must do a better job inthe future to keep American students in compe- CENTER SECTION | 7
  8. 8. Fixing an educationalsystem Exchange students love the experience, but don’t find the education challenging story by Gabrielle Carlin | center section editor bit harder though. Back in Taiwan we spend more time studying,” Wang said. Every country has its stereotypes. Castelli believes the American education For Australia it’s that they’re laid back system could learn a thing or two from the Teachers and administrators give their thoughts on the state of modern American education beach bums spending their days surfing and throwing a boomerang. German education system. “I think it would be good for America to For Ireland it’s that they’re all beer guz- focus on separating the students. The studentsstory by beyond its potential usefulness. worked for them must, by default, be what is children responsible for their homework, zling leprechauns. that are capable of learning material fastereTHan HUGHeS | center section writer “One of the greatest problems in educa- best for current students. Just because it was grades, and behavior are the greatest allies America’s stereotype is a little different. should be able to move on to tougher stuff, tion now is the emphasis on testing. While done a certain way in the past does not mean any student or teacher could have. We’re known for being overweight, over- rather than wait for teachers to explain things assessments are necessary to monitor the it was the most effective or efficient way,” Despite the flaws and downfalls of Ameri- confident…and under educated. to students that need more help,” Castelli “30% of Los Angeles students don’t gradu- learning process, I feel we as a society have Aaberg said. ca’s education system, it’s not all bad. While most stereotypes are unfair and said.ate from high school. 100% deserve a boost.” allowed the practice of testing to spiral out of “Many of the problems I see in education “The best thing we do is educate the can’t be backed up by facts, the lack of edu- Oftentimes the relationship between That statement decorates a billboard in Los control,” math instructor Shelby Aaberg said. today stem from society. We are a reflection of masses. We do our best to educate students cation Americans are getting may have a lot student and teacher is what determines theAngeles and is a sad reflection of the state of As a school board member and father of what is sent to us – if kids are ready to learn who speak languages other than English. I more truth to it than we would like to think. success of a class. If a student has a poor rela-America’s education system. four SBPS-educated children, Michael Shedd and have been brought up in an environment think our system really values kids first.” Why is America unable to compete with tionship with a teacher he/she won’t perform America’s education system has been a hot has strong opinions about the state of Ameri- where education and learning are valued, Largo said. foreign countries academically and what are as well as they would if they had a positivetopic in recent news and current events, and can education. they thrive in our school system,” Largo said. “We educate everyone who comes through other countries doing to receive the great relationship.with nearly a third of students in Los Angeles “The only problem with the American Oftentimes, the finger is pointed at the the doors. We do not tell students they can’t results that we fail to produce? “In Taiwan, students are always respect-not graduating high school, it’s easy to see educational system is that it has never been schools for “failing our students” or the gov- come to school.” Menghini said. “School here is definitely easier than in ful to their teachers. We always use politewhy. designed with the needs and interests of the ernment for “refusing to fund our education”, With all the buzz about education, people my home country,” Erin Wang, an exchange language and treat the teacher with respect,” But it’s not just the west coast: there was students first. It has always been a compro- and while the schools should be kept account- are taking sides. Do we need an overhaul student fromTaiwan, said. Nuntika said.outrage in the east and midwest when the mise between educa- able, the bottom line is that of the system? Are only minor adjustments Wang is joined this year at SHS by Nile “I think that students should be more “mayor of Providence, Rhode Island ‘fired’ tional goals and larger necessary? What is the future of the American Nuntika fromThailand abd Miriam Castelli, polite to their teachers. When students aren’t inTernaTiOnal Spanish teacher Pat Sulu (far right) teaches Spanish vocabulary words to foreign exchange students Nile Kom-nearly 2000 Providence teachers. Protesting social goals,” Shedd education system? Germany. polite, the teacher should stop them rather vongsa (left) and Erin Wang (right) during homeroom. Photo by Terry Pitkin learninGwas abundant in Wisconsin when the gover- said. The only problem with the American “The future of the American education “Back home the students can’t choose than overlook the problem,” Wang said.nor proposed to strip most public employees– including teachers - of their collective-bar-gaining rights. The City of Angels may be over 1,000 miles Social studies teacher Gary Largo agrees. “Aside from the ob- vious funding problems, education system is that is has never been designed with the needs and “ system all depends on the political persons making decisions that affect our system. As decisions continue to be made by persons without much experience in education, our what classes they want to take, and the classes we do take are usually much harder,” Nuntika said. Wang agrees with Nuntika wholeheart- “Here it seems like teachers are more like ‘friends.’ In Germany a teacher is there to do their job, it’s not as personal,” Castelli said. While the American education system is science, and English courses, American schools give their students the opportunity to express themselves through art and music While it’s great that American schools offer activities that help students excel socially, the bottom line is that academicsaway, and 2000 teachers may not be ‘mass the real problem I see is interests of the students first. system will continue to suffer.” Aaberg said. edly. far from being perfectthe system isn’t com- and expand their minds and social skills in needs to the number one priority for a that decisions are made “What we need to do is move from the in- “I like that American schools have so pletely broken. speech and psychology classes. school.laid-off’, but Scottsbluff High School still fits -Michael Shedd, school board memberinto the subdivision of “America’s educa- too far from the actual stant gratification ideas of high stakes testing many activities and elective classes to What American schools lack in academ- “In Germany we don’t have clubs and Until American students begin takingtion system” and we have our fair share of delivery of instruction. and get back to the concept that learning is choose from. I think it helps students have ics, they make up for in social and real world schools generally don’t offer sports. I like how their education more seriously, the stereo-problems – just ask Scottsbluff’s own faculty Policy makers at the crucial for life. It is a hard job, but like all hard a more memorable high school experience. preparation. kids here are able to participate in extra activi- type of being “ignorant Americans” maymembers. national and state levels are so far removed each individual is responsible for his or her work, the rewards are immense.” Largo said. I think American schools should be a little Rather than drown our students in math, ties if they want to,” Castelli said. never change. Principal Rick Porter points to the fact that from the process that they have no clue what own learning, or his or her child’s learning. “We educate everyone. We have laws pro-Americans use a different testing and overall the real problems are,” Largo said. “Parents are the most important teachers tecting students. We have human rights for allschool system than most other countries to With films like “Waiting for Superman” in any student’s life whether they wish to be people. Any student can get a good education. We’re waiting, upermanexplain why America has such a bad educa- (see review on page 9) in which America’s edu- or not. If they support the students in their The opportunity is there, is there a desire?tional image. cation system is broken down and analyzed, more awareness is generated and questions educational careers, the sky is the limit. If they are not able to or not interested in provid- Students need to remember, education sets us free from oppression and poverty.” Menghini Can he rescue the American “The biggest problem with our educationsystem in America today is that we are try- like “who is to blame?” and “ from where do ing that support then the student is already said. educational system?ing to compare apples to oranges. We aren’t these problems stem?” are brought up. handicapped,” Shedd said. The decisions themselves may lie with the While many like to pin the blame on the As Shedd has actively participated in his lawmakers, but perhaps a better source would review by Gabrielle Carlin | center section editorassessing in the same way as other countries, by the lack of education they receive in the also offers solutions to the many problems we the teacher.which gives us the image that we aren’t doing school system, others believe it is a cultural children’s education since day one, he is a be the administrators and teachers who are “drop out factories” they attend. are currently facing. You can’t have a great school without greatas well,” Porter said. problem. firm believer that parents who read to their actually closely working with the people the Although the American education system Hoping to ensure a better education for If there is a criticism of Waiting for Super- teachers, and nothing will change without Math instructor Shelby Aaberg dislikes the “I think the blame is collectively ours students at a young age, who stay involved educational system is supposed to help. has a lot of critics, one of the most recent has their children, the parents of the five children man, it might be that the finger of responsi- them.actual testing process itself, saying it has gone [adults]. Many adults believe that what with their children’s teachers, and hold their come in the form of a documentary by Davis decide to place the future of their children in bility is only being pointed at teachers and Waiting for Superman predicts that by Guggenheim called Waiting for ‘Superman.’ the hands of luck as they enter their children schools. 2020, 123 million American jobs will be high “When I was in the fourth or fifth grade, in a lottery sweepstakes where the lucky As a student it’s easy to sit back and let skill, high pay…but only 50 million Ameri- winners get to attend charter and boarding others take the blame, but it only seems fair cans will be qualified for these jobs. Students respond: growing up in the Bronx, I was an avid comic book reader. I can still remember crying when schools. to give students and parents a piece of the It is time for teachers, students, and par- my mom told me that Superman wasn’t real. It was easy to become overwhelmed by responsibility. ents to ban together and change the education In general, how do you feel about the education you are receiving at Scottsbluff High? I wasn’t crying because it was like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real…I was crying because the vast number of statistics and facts being thrown at me during the movie. If education is a cooperative effort between the school, parents, and teachers then all system. The problem has gone on far too long and “I think it’s “It’s good “It offers a there wasn’t someone with enough power As a senior in an American high school it’s three need to work together to produce better now is the time to ask the tough questions… “I think that embarrassing to think that the education I’ve results, not just a school and its staff. What happens when a school fails a child? pretty good. overall. Some wide variety of to save us,” Geoffrey Canada, education you will get out received over the past thirteen years has not While watching this movie, I couldn’t help Are we doing enough as a country to pro- reformer. of it what you There are some teachers make things to study, prepared me as well as my counterparts in but be a little fearful for the future of America. vide our children with the best education? There was once a time when America was put into it. The areas for im- it really fun, but which I like. a leader in education, now we are sadly fall- Asia, Scandinavia, and parts of Europe. “We cannot sustain an economy based I strongly believe that when we sit down teachers are will- provement, like others sometimes I’ve stayed here ing behind in nearly every aspect of the word. In general I’ve been surprised by how on innovation unless we have citizens well and explore these questions, we’ll begin to working on just sit and don’t for four years Waiting for ‘Superman’ is an enlightening reluctant people in America are to talk about educated in math, science and engineering. If take the education crisis more seriously and ing to help if you the current state of American education. we fail at this we won’t be able to compete in with more urgency. helping students help and expect and I’ve learned documentary that seeks to find the root of the put in the effort. While at times it was hard to watch, Wait- the global economy,” Bill Gates, Chairman of It’s time for America to stop waiting problem behind the failure of the AmericanI’m satisfied with the education I’ve become more you to know a lot, so some- ing for Superman tackles and brings aware- Microsoft. around for a “Superman.” If we expect to see education system.received.” fluent in foreign languages after four what you’re doing.” thing must be right.” The movie follows five children, kinder- ness to the problem, rather than hide behind If it is understood that parents need to step a change, we must create it ourselves. -Sara Frederick, 12 years of the classes.” -Mariza Pacheco, 12 -Josh Colerick, 12 garten through 8th grade, living in inner cities excuses. It was refreshing to watch a movie up and be more involved, and students need -Jon Michael Burmeister, 11 with such honesty. to be more motivated when it comes to their8 9 from Los Angeles to the Bronx…all have high | CENTER SECTION aspirations for their future, but feel suffocated The movie doesn’t just bash the system, it education…the most important factor is still CENTER SECTION |