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School Year Opening


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School Year Opening

  1. 1. The New SchoolYear Began! Hurray! Nikola Vaptsarov SchoolOpening of the School YearThe long days of summer ter, ” Harry Potter was a Volume 1, Issue 1are now behind and an- strange boy, he loved 15 September 2011other School Year begins school.” What doesand with it all the poten- school mean to you?tial and promise that Maybe you’re like Harryawaits each person who Potter and love it. For September Events at school :is awake. Optimism is some it is about having  15 September 2011, Open-the key to unlocking the the ‘craic’ with friends. ing of the New Schoolgreat gifts that will pre- For others it is a huge Year.sent themselves each academic challenge.  24 September 2011, Sportand every day this year. What is it for you? Tournament.Are you ready? Is your Students! Ask yourselves  26 September 2011, Cele- bration of the Europeanheart open to being sur- what you would like to Day of Languages.prised? Seize the day! achieve this school year,  26-30 September 2011,The gates of Nikola what projects you would Week of the LanguagesVaptsarov School have like to implement, what  1-2 October 2011, Natureopened on this 15th day events to celebrate. It’s Days.of September to welcome up to you as everything  Quotes on educationits students and teachers is in your hands. Usefor the new school year. your gifts and makeJ.K.Rowling once said wonders!  “The whole object of edu- cation develop theabout her book charac- mind. The mind should be a thing that works. “ Sherwood Anderson (1876–The Stone Soup Folktale 1941)Not so long ago, during neighbors and friends. went and again were told  “You cannot teach a manthe American Revolution- The soldiers were hungry there was no food in the anything; you can onlyary War, three patriot and stopped at the first whole village. help him find it withinsoldiers were walking to house in the village to ask "It is time for us to make himself. “return to their home and for some food to eat. some stone soup!" shoutedcame to a small village.Because food was "I have no food for you, and there is little in the one of the soldiers to the ( Galileo Galilei 1564-1642) other two. They readilyscarce, the people hid whole village," said the agreed and marched to thewhat food they had, in- woman of the house. So on center of the village.cluding from their to the next houses they announcing to all along
  2. 2. Page 2 The New School Year Began! Hurray! The Stone Soup Folktalethe way that they would make some with a couple of small heads of cabbage have a great feast.stone soup. and quickly tossed them into the kettleSoon everyone came to the village green of stone soup. "Marvelous!" cried theto see the soldiers make stone soup, soldier.which they had never heard of before. Sipping the broth again he said, "WhyThe soldier asked that a big kettle be this soup would be fit for a general if itfilled with fresh spring water and a fire had . . .carrots." Soon some carrots ap-built under it to heat the water. peared ... and on it went, with potatoes,Then, with great ceremony, he pulled a corn, mushrooms, onions, and greenssmall velvet bag from inside his coat being brought by the villagers to add toand took out three round stones and the stone soup.dropped them into the kettle of boiling "Ahhh," said the soldier as he tasted thewater. soup again. "If it just had a little chunkThe villagers watched with amazement of smoked beef, why it would be stoneand anticipation as the soldier took a sip soup fit for General George Washingtonof the broth. "Mmmm, it is very tasty himself!" Quickly the village butcherstone soup," said the soldier. "Of course, managed to find a chunk of beef to addit would taste so much better if it had a to the stone soup. By now the villagers,little cabbage." from young to old, could smell the soupAn old woman left and soon returned and brought tables ,chairs and bowls to The Stone Soup FolktaleEveryone in the village had plenty to eat History of the Folktaleand they thanked the soldiers for The folktale dates from the 1600’s.making stone soup. The soldier reached Stone Soup – Friends of All The Stone Soup folktale was popularizeddown into the now empty kettle and took Abilities brings together by a version written in 1947 by Marciaout the three round stones, put them “friends of all abilities” to build Brown (b. 1918), a pastor’s daughter, forback into the velvet bag and then into which she won a Caldecott Medal for and transform a communityhis great coat. The soldiers thanked the children’s literature. The story is a popu-villagers and marched happily toward and everyone benefits. lar children’s play in schools today.home, leaving the people wiser and mak-ing plans for their own stone soup. Class DismissedWe have broken all the black- front door. There wont be school no more.boards There wont be school no the teachers cannot write.We have painted all the toilets Glory, glory hallelujah!black School is closed now, whats it toand all the lockers white. ya? There wont be no more home-We have torn up all the math workbooks and there wont be no moreand weve locked the schools tests.
  3. 3. Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3 European Day of LanguagesThe year 2001 was declared by the Europe. Learning other peoples are never too young nor old to learnCouncil of Europe as the European languages is a way of helping us to a new language.Year of Languages, and was suc- understand each other better andcessful in involving millions of peo- overcome our cultural differences.ple across 45 countries. From thistime, each year 26 September is In addition, globalization and pat-celebrated as the European Day of terns of business ownership meanLanguages. that citizens increasingly need for- eign language skills to work effec-The aim of the European Day of tively within their own countries, asLanguages is to celebrate multilin- well as abroad.gualism in Europe and to promotethe learning of languages. There are Europe is rich in languages – theremany events organized in Europe are over 200 European languages,with the aim of promoting the im- 23 of which are official languages ofportance of language learning and the European Union. Knowing sev-to increase awareness and apprecia- eral languages takes you furthertion of all the languages spoken in and means greater mobility. You 10 Things you Need to Know 5. 2011 is the 10th European Day ofHere are 10 key things you need to Languages.know about the European Day of “Those who know nothing of 6. The first European Day of Lan-Languages! foreign languages know nothing guages was held in the European1. The European Day of Languages Year of Languages in 2001. of their own.”is celebrated annually on 26 Sep- 7. It has a European website -tember. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe It is a Europe-wide celebration of 8. Its a celebration of all languages,language and culture involving 47 not just European ones.countries. 9. Everyone can get involved!3. It is an initiative organised by the 4. It is coordinated in the UK by 10. Its brilliant fun!Council of Europe. CILT, the National Centre for Lan- guages.European Day of Languages in Nikola Vaptsarov SchoolThis 26th Day of September , studentsand teachers from Nikola VaptsarovSchool gathered together to celebratethe European Day of Languages.Students from different classes tookactive part in preparing the event.Brief history presentations about lan-guages have been delivered . A specialquiz about languages took studentsand teachers’ attention challengingthem to rack their brains.The junior classes presented the play“At the Airport” and their outstandingperformance was welcomed in loudcheering by the audience.
  4. 4. Nikola Vaptsarov VocationalSchool Nikola Vaptsarov Vocational School was founded in 1925. We are proud to say that it is the first school to teach electrical engineering in our country. During its long history the school has given profession to more than 7 thousand specialists for home power engineering. The tradition generated and stored over the years and the look to the future are the basis of its activities. 261 highly motivated young people are trained in day-time training and 50 in private form of education. The school has spacious classrooms, updated with new tables, chairs and white boards, three computer labs, 2 gymnasiums and a multi- purpose sports playground, rich school library with over 10 000 vol- umes. There are several clubs in our school: Historian, Theatre Club, Literature and Word and Internet Safety Club. In December 2010 we celebrated 100th anniversary of the patron and 85th anniversary of the foundation of our school. At the celebration, dedicated to 100 anniversary of our patron, the youngest students in our school presented the play Christmas present. You can read more information about our school on the school home- page: Vaptsarov SchoolWelcome speech of the school headmaster.Ceremony of handing the key of knowledgeto the youngest students.Old Bulgarian tradition of welcoming newstudents with bread and salt.Bread and salt are symbols of joy, fertility http://www.tptpgg-and health. We’re on the Web! Editorial Team:  Editors:  Mihaela Betova  Kristina Zhivkova  Radostina Dimitrova  Stela Slavcheva  Press Photographers:  Simona Karadachka  Tsvetelina Fidanova  Computer Design: Georgi Nenkov  Head Consultant: Mariana Kolarska