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March 2009 Issue


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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March 2009 Issue

  1. 1. Eagle X-Press PRESBYTERIAN PAN AMERICAN SCHOOL PAGE 6 PAGE 7 TRACK INTERNATIONAL BANQUET MARCH 15, 2009 • VOLUME 6 • ISSUE 2 • KINGSVILLE, TX 78363 SPEECH CONTEST HEALTHY ACCEPTED MOVIE REVIEW Junior wins scholarship Senior discusses how to be healthy Several seniors have been accepted Confessions of a Shopaholic to Universities – page 2 – page 4 – page 7 – page 8 Ukraine students attend Pan Am for one month something new,” Belyy said. by Kate Thompson lived on campus in the dorms. This trip came across these Zinchenko had a roommate and Editor-in-Chief students by their chaperon the four males lived in a suite Five teenage students from Gulko. Gulko’s daughter lives together. Kiev, Ukraine joined PPAS’ in Corpus Christi and found “My roommate was so funny, student body on February 9, out about PPAS through one of she taught me a little bit of 2009 for one month. Kseniya her professors at Texas A&M Spanish and I tried to teach Zinchenko, 14; Rodion University-Kingsville. Her her a little bit of Ukrainian,” Voshchanov, 15; Zhenya Popov, professor told her that PPAS Zinchenko said. 17; Borys Belyy, 15; and Mykyta would be an excellent place for For the most part, the students Bondarenko, 16; all participated an exchange program. Gulko stayed on the PPAS campus, but in 11th grade level classes and later visited the campus in august some weekends they left with followed normal days at PPAS. and brought the news about their Ukrainian chaperone Zoya They interacted with class PPAS to the Ukraine. Gulko or with local families meetings, chapel services and A registration list was made living in Kingsville. The students photo by Kate Thompson social activities. for interested students. The FROM LEFT, ZHENYA POPOV, MYKYTA BONDARENKO AND BORYS BELYY visited downtown Kingsville, “Pan American has very students had to know the English (FRONT ROW); RODION VOSHCHANOV AND KSENIYA ZINCHENKO. San Antonio and Corpus Christi interesting people and classes, language well, have interest in different reasons. Gulko is a debate teacher in while they were here. I enjoyed learning about their the American culture, and pay “The students came here to Ukraine and some students took “The American culture is very routines and cultures,” Popov for their own trip. Originally the learn about American culture, to her class from this exchange different from our own, so it said. group to come to America was gain knowledge of other cultures group. The students either found is always great to learn about The Ukraine students also larger, but some dropped out for and countries,” Gulko said. JUMP, PAGE 2 Junior places second in essay contest essay placed second out of Rodriguez was honored at by Kate Thompson contest to students because it is seventy essays in Kleberg and the 10th Annual Conservation Editor-in-Chief important to keep them aware Kenedy County. Her essay will Awards Banquet at Dick Kleberg of soil and water conservation. Tania Rodriguez, 17-year- go on to compete at Regionals. Park on February 26. Her mother Rodriguez is not only a writer old junior, placed second in Rodriguez’s essay contained and other faculty members of environmental conservation, the Senior Essay contest for environmental issues, of PPAS accompanied her to but she also lives it. Rodriguez Kleberg-Kenedy Soil and information about water the banquet. Rodriguez was said that she does not buy Water Conservation District. conservation, and how the soil awarded a plaque along with the bottled water, but instead buys “I feel honored to have won is polluted. She also wrote other five placed participants. it by the gallons and refills her this award. I really didn’t about how important it is for “I will definitely write another water bottles. She brushes her think I was going to even people to know about conserving essay for next year, this was a great teeth with one cup of water only, place,” Rodriguez said. water, because there is only opportunity,” Rodriguez said. encourages people to not waste The essay contest was about so much left, Rodriguez said. Edgar Ortega, PPAS teacher, water, and is an active recycler. FROM LEFT, JESSICA BENAVIDES OF soil and water conservation. The “There is a solution for our was the one who informed THE KLEBERG-KENEDY SOIL & WATER “It is so important to recycle topic was to write what water CONSERVATION DISTRICT IN KINGSVILLE, water and soil problems and Rodriguez and numerous students and to save our limited and soil conservation means to TANIA RODRIGUEZ, EDGAR ORTEGA it starts with us making a at PPAS about the contest. resources; we need to protect our AND BARBARA STOTTLEMYER, DEAN OF the writer. The minimum for this difference,” Rodriguez said. Ortega said he presented the environment.” essay was a page. Rodriguez’s STUDENTS.
  2. 2. academics 2 March 15, 2009 Eagle X-Press DEAN'S Junior wins Rotary Club scholarship JUMP, UKRAINE DESK out about this trip by her or by friends and family. “Since these students are studying ~Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer by Zian Rivera in America, they are excused from it the truth? Is it fair to too,” Melendez said. school,” Gulko said, “Although when Staff Writer all concerned? Will it be In her speech Melendez they return to Ukraine they will have beneficial to all concerned? Junior Ana Paola spoke of diversity of people quite a bit of work to make up.” Will it build goodwill Melendez, 17-year-old, of and why is it important for Voshchanov and Belyy attend the and better friendships? same school in the Ukraine and know Presbyterian Pan American all of us and why we need each other well. Popov and Zinchenko The students were asked School (PPAS) won the each other. used to attend the same school, but no to prepare a speech not less speech contest on March “The space to write the longer do. than five minutes and not 3 at Sirloin Stockade, speech was really short and The sport of rowing is a good Voshchanov and Popov have example of what teamwork looks like. more than seven minutes. sponsored by the Rotary I tried to make it different experienced exchange trips before. Cooperation, timing, and sensitivity The students of PPAS Club of Kingsville. and it worked,” she said. Together they both went to Delaware to the teammates are all essential for smooth navigation and maximum and Colorado. were judged on the basis Melendez along with Now Melendez is working efficiency in meeting the team’s goals. “It is always easier to go on these trips of content, organization four students, juniors on her speech in order to The same is true for an organization. with someone you know, that is why I This past week, our school had and delivery. The prize Tania Rodriguez, Jimena make it better for the next a Quality Assurance Review by a was glad I had Zhenya and Boris with team from the Southern Association was a scholarship given Hernandez, Saddam Bello level, she said. She is excited me,” Voshchanov said. of Colleges and Schools Council by the Rotary Club and an and Senior Jea Lee were about the next competition on Accreditation and School The five students and their Improvement (SACS CASI). SACS opportunity to represent selected by the speech and because she thinks she chaperone left the U.S. on March 6. CASI has teamed with the North the club at the area contest debate teacher at PPAS, has a good chance to win. This was Zinchenko's first trip to the Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement U.S. and will not forget the people she at Texas A&M University- Paloma Gonzalez for their “I hope to win this (NCA CASI) and National Study met, she said. Kingsville on March 25. good development in class. of School Evaluation (NSSE) to level and to advance to “I met a lot of great people and had form AdvancED, the world’s largest Melendez started working “I chose these students the next one,” she said. education community representing new experiences and I am really glad schools in thirty states and sixty-five on her speech as soon as she because they are very fluent At the next competition, I got to go on this trip to represent countries and serving nearly fifteen found out about the event, when they talk,” Gonzalez Melendez’s participation my country,” Zinchenko said. million students. Schools continue to earn the SACS CASI or NCA CASI she said. She spoke with her I hope they will keep in touch with us, said. will be about the same, with accreditation seals based on the region I really enjoyed having them here, said father and he encouraged The participants had the same speech, but with in which they reside. The unified Soo Won Yoo, 18-year-old junior. standards and process of AdvancED her to do her best. to write an essay on the improvements, she said. enhance the value, consistency, and Rikki Sanchez also is grateful for meaning of the respective seals. “I felt really surprised topic of “The 4 Way Test.” their presence at PPAS. To earn accreditation, schools and because I knew other The 4 Way Test means “I enjoyed learning about their districts meet AdvancED quality standards, engage in continuous participants had that the speech had to culture, and learning a little bit of their improvement, and demonstrate language,” said Sanchez, 16-year-old really good speeches answer the questions: Is quality assurance through internal and external review. The accreditation junior. system is based on a five-year term. The QAR team provided an exit report THEA Test Dates (Texas A&M Kingsville) COUNSELOR'S at the end of their visit and informed Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Emergency Registration us that we can celebrate because there (additional fee applies) (additional fee applies) were several commendations that April 25, 2009 March 27, 2009 April 15, 2009 April 22, 2009 they had noted. They stated that for June 27, 2009 May 29, 2009 June 17, 2009 June 24, 2009 the first time ever, they were making July 25, 2009 June 26, 2009 July 15, 2009 July 22, 2009 a commendation on a school’s vision and mission. Our school’s mission is “to develop students for lives ACT Test Dates of Christian leadership through: Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required ELLIE PEREZ preparing them for admission to the June 13, 2009 May 8, 2009 May 9-22, 2009 college or university of their choice; developing young people who can Scholarship Requirements-Department of Biological and Health Sciences, Texas A&M University-Kingsville relate to and function successfully in Biology Departmental Scholarship (incoming freshmen). To be eligible to receive this scholarship a student must: an increasingly complex, multicultural 1. Submit an official high school transcript including class rank. society; teaching students the value 2. Submit a list of extracurricular activities and community service. and dignity of work; and training and 3. Submit a list of any special honors or awards. encouraging them for church and/or 4. Be enrolled as a Biology major in the subsequent Fall and Spring semesters for at least 15 hours. secular service as Christian leaders 5. Forward two letters of recommendation. (one from a science teacher) for the Americas and beyond. As a 6. Completed scholarship application. Application deadline is April 10, 2009—All materials must be received to be considered. Return application materials to: team, we know our mission and we are working together towards this goal. Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Department of Biological and Health Sciences, Room 108 CORNER I will share more on the SACS 920 University Blvd. MSC 158, Kingsville, Texas 78363 accreditation visit next month. 361-593-3803 phone 361-593-3800 fax. For more information, please contact Mrs. Ellie Perez.
  3. 3. features 3 March 15, 2009 Eagle X-Press Bible instructor named teacher of the month Q+A WITH SENIOR by Sheree Flores ALEX AMARO Staff Writer Maria de los Angeles Reyes, from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, was awarded Teacher of the Month for February at Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS). Interview with 2008-2009 “I feel great about receiving this. It is such an honor,” Reyes said. Reyes attended Mary Hardin Baylor University, Ibero American University, University of Madrid and Senior Class Vice President Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has received a Bachelors degree in Bible and Spanish and a Master’s degree in Spanish and Religious Education. by Ismael Sandoval Before Reyes started teaching at PPAS, she taught Spanish and Bible at Staff Writer Valley Baptist Academy in Harlingen, Texas for thirty-two years. Eventually she became an International Development Coordinator. Q: How does it feel to be Senior Class Vice Reyes is currently a teacher and Dorm Director for PPAS and has been for President? three years. A: It’s a good experience and For Reyes, she simply likes the students at PPAS. “I prayed to the Lord to come to a wonderful place like this [PPAS],” Reyes a great responsibility. It feels said. great. She enjoys working at PPAS because the school is a unique place full of photo by Sheree Flores unique students and staff, Reyes said. BIBLE INSTRUCTOR MARY REYES Reading religious and fiction books, traveling, researching history on other Q: What do you do as Vice countries, writing poetry and writing a memoir about her experiences at Valley Baptist Academy are what Reyes president? enjoys if she has free time, she said. Ever since she was a student, she has traveled to Europe. A: I help the president in “I fell in love with traveling,” Reyes said. every need and step up when Every summer for twenty-eight years, Reyes has taken students to Israel and Europe. This year her some PPAS the president is not available. Alex Amaro students will go to England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Greek Islands, and Turkey for 20 days. “I will go to great lengths to further my students’ understanding of the teachings of the Bible,” she said. Reyes describes herself as content, happy, inspirational, spiritual, busy and friendly. Q: Is it hard to be the Vice “Maybe someday I will visit my family in Mexico and go to Switzerland. I have done everything that I’ve ever President? wanted to do because of the Lord.” Future artist chosen as student of the month A: No, not at all. It takes great responsibility and time but it’s worth it. and sad because I’m realizing by Jimena Hernandez how fast I’m growing up and Staff Writer Q: Why do you think you got elected? it’s going to be very different,” Griselda Duran, 17 year- A: I think that I did a good job in my previous Duran said. old Senior, was selected as photo by Jimena Hernandez position. “Pan Am helped me to be student of the month for more independent and interact February, at Presbyterian Pan Q: What else are you involved in? with different people but also, American School (PPAS). I grew as a person and my way A: Well, I was the goalie for the soccer team, but “It feels really good and makes of thinking also changed. Now right now I’m only the vice president. me proud of myself being student I know how to value things in of the month,” Duran said. quot;I GRISELDA DURAN life,” Duran said. have been working hard in my Q: Do you like being the Vice president of your to give the best of her and never She describes herself as a classes. I pay more attention class? give up. persistent, friendly and creative to this semester because it’s A: Yes, it is a great experience. It’s a good She also enjoys drawing, person. Her favorite subject is the last one.” Duran said. opportunity to help and contribute to the class. painting, and hand-crafting. In art. Duran is very good at giving Duran is from Matamoros, her free time, she likes to read, advice, teaching and being Tamaulipas, and the most Q: Does it take a lot of your free time? hang out with friends or paint. patient, she said. Duran sees important things in life for her A: Not at all. I don’t have much to do after school so “What I like the most about herself in a few years working are family and friends. She it fits perfectly in my schedule. being here at Pan Am is that I as an artist in a company or by loves dreaming. Duran dreams learn something new everyday. herself. of studying Art at Texas A&M I’m only a few days away from University of Kingsville. One graduation and I feel anxious of her goals for college will be
  4. 4. opinions 4 March 15, 2009 Eagle X-Press HOW DO YOU STAY HEALTHY? Eagle X-Press Staff quot;I think positively and quot;I work out, sleep well and quot;I eat a lot of vegetables drink a lot of water.quot; eat well.quot;-Javier Villegas, and sleep a lot.quot;-Hector Kyoung Jea Lee, Senior Junior. Villegas, Sophomore. Being healthy is mental, physical and emotional Exercise, sleep and eat right for healthy living by Paola Hernandez Staff Writer Being healthy for me means to be good in your classes and that will help to yourself in different ways. It means be- and lead you to getting better grades. ing good to yourself mentally, physically Since breakfast is essential, the most and emotionally. important meal of the day to be exact Kate Thompson, Editor-in-Chief “Being It doesn't mean that we always have and the battery for the day, doctors Sara Gonzalez, Managing Editor healthy for to be dieting or things like that but we reccomend to not skip it. Paola Hernandez, Staff Writer me means should try to live healthy lives. We need Another recomendation that I Sheree Flores, Staff Writer to be good to do our best to be good to ourselves can include is to try not to eat food Olivia Pun, Staff Writer to yourself because we only have one life and it is portions that are larger than your fist. Zian Rivera, Staff Writer in different too short to waste. If you start doing this, your stomach Hugo Aguilar, Staff Writer ways. We So, I am going to give you some size will increase and everytime you eat, Ismael Sandoval, Staff Writer need to do advice that can be easy to follow and at you will want more and more food. Kenia Mascorro, Staff Writer our best to the same time, you can feel better with Another important tip is to try not Tania Rodrigez, Staff Writer be good to Ilse Ibarra, Staff Writer yourself. to go to the grocery store on an empty ourselves Samuel Lopez, Staff Writer According to, you stomach because you will want and buy because we Jimena Hernandez, Staff Writer should exercise at least three times per more food than you actually need. only have one life and week, a half hour per day and drink In my opinion, being healthy is like Dr. James Matthews, President it is too short two liters of water per day. By doing a cycle. If you drink enough water, you Dr. Bobbi Stottlemyer, Dean to waste.” this, you will have better circulation. will have a better digestion, if you sleep Desiree Gutierrez, Adviser Try to eat fruits and vegetables to have the eight hours that are recomended by -Paola a better digestion and since they are rich the doctors, your grades will increase Hernandez in vitamins, you will have more powerful and your state of emotion will be good Senior P.O. Box 1578 defenses and less probabilities of and you will have a healthy life. Kingsville, Texas 78363 getting sick with colds and the flue, etc. 361-592-4307 Your best bet is to sleep eight hours 361-592-6126 (fax) per day, so you can be 100 % energized
  5. 5. beyond 5 Eagle X-Press March 15, 2009 Science class visits Baffin Bay for water samples Carranza said. by Olivia Pun Following the protocols of hydrology, Staff Writer This fall, 14 seniors are taking some students of the group made a site map Environmental Science class with Dr. Olga of the hydrology area that they studied at Carranza. Instead of reading the book in Baffin Bay; some students were measuring class everyday, this class is designed to study the water depth while others were doing a in small group discussions, research about water transparency activity. the environment, and conduct a lot of hands- quot;When they [the group measuring the on activities and projects. water depth] were working, they dropped On February 13, under the guidance of three weights into the water and Alex Amaro photo by Olivia Pun Carranza, the class went on a field trip to was trying to get them back but he couldn't,quot; ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE CLASS IS Baffin Bay. According to Carranza, the FILLED WITH HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES said Christa Gomez, 18-year-old senior. class has just finished studying about the WITH DR. OLGA CARRANZA Paola Escamilla, 17-year-old senior, said atmosphere and is now starting on a new said Carranza, Chemistry, Pysics and that she had learned a lot on this trip about topic, hydrology. She decided to take the Environmental Science teacher. water salinity and water pH and how to class to Baffin Bay to get some water The globe protocols are designed by study a hydrology site. samples. scientists at NASA. Students follow them quot;It was a great trip,quot; said Escamilla, quot;We quot;Since our course's goal is to have as as a guideline to conduct experiments and learned a lot while we had fun at Baffin many laboratory activities as possible and activities in their courses. Bay.quot; we want these activities to be real life, quot;These protocols are used by students the course follows the globe protocols,quot; all over the world and are very effective,quot; Economic Crisis is affecting many countries in the world by Tania Rodriguez Research officially declared that U.S economy had Currency Rate entered to a recession. From January 2 to January Staff Writer Mexican Peso-15.95 22, the four largest U.S banks lost half of their value. The global economic crisis is now the top American America started the New Year in the middle of a concern, affecting not only United States, but many Hong-Kong dollar-7.75 crisis greater than any other this country has passed other countries around the world., according to Guatemalan Quetzal-7.89 through. The United States has lost 533,000 jobs in Americans are afraid that this recession could Peruvian Soles-3.24 November 2008, the biggest monthly loss since 1974. linger for years. Many families are worried, watching Euros-0.784313725 Nearly 2 million jobs were lost. America lost more their bills pile up and their savings disappear. Costa Rican Colon-563.46 jobs last year than any other time since World War II. “The economy is cyclical. Ups and downs “I hope this financial crisis will be short lived but occur in this cycle. Unfortunately we are South-Korean Won-1,407.06 with even the best estimates, it would appear we now in a depression,” said Joshua Perkins, will be affected for at least two years,” Perkins said. Economics and Geography teacher. “This The world’s economy has deteriorated significantly Americans and countries around the world are phase of the business cycle is marked by high and the global recession will be deeper than before. anxious and uncertain of what the future will unemployment and decreased consumer spending.” Beginning with failures of large financial hold. Nevertheless experts say that as 2009 will be Some of the countries most affected by the economic institutions in the U.S, it evolved rapidly into the worst year of the crisis, the next year will be crisis which are now at risk of economical instability a global credit crisis. On September 2008, the better according to and the faith that most are Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Germany, subprime credit crisis reached a critical stage. The Americans have in President Barrack Obama has France, Russia, Ukraine, India, etc. Twenty-five crisis kept going and continued to change, evolving not been lost. Obama is planning to save or create percent of the world’s countries don’t have enough at the close of October into a currency crisis. On over 2 million jobs. financial means to soften the impact of the crisis. December 1, the National Bureau of Economic
  6. 6. sports 6 March 15, 2009 Eagle X-Press PPAS track places second at first meet of the season by Samuel Lopez “I was very happy be- tian Ortiz, Hugo Aguilar, Staff Writer cause I participated in five Presbyterian Pan American Gustavo Guzman and Erick events and I got good re- School´s (PPAS) boys and Moreno won first place in sults even though this was girls track team placed sec- the 1600-mile relay. Tania my first time,’’ Lopez said. ond at their first track meet Rodriguez placed second in In shot put, Javier Ville- of the season on February 28 the 800-mile run and Jimena gas won second place and at the Asics Javelina Relays Hernandez placed third in the in discus, he placed first. at Texas A&M Univer- same event. Ilse Ibarra placed “I am very proud of my- sity- Kingsville (TAMUK). fourth in the 1600-mile run. self because I have been “The first 200-meter- At this meet, the track team training very hard and did had 25 participants. They - it was easy but the last not expect to place,” said have been training since the 100-meter, it was very Villegas 17-year-old junior. beginning of February. The difficult because I was Coach Reili Cantu is track team members partici- running against the wind,’’ photo by Israel Gomez proud of her players and pated in different events such said Israel Gomez, junior. SENIORS GUSTAVO GUZMAN AND ERICK MORENO COMPETED IN praises them often, she said. as, 200 meter, 800 meter, Melisa Lopez placed third in THE 1600-MILE RELAY AT THE ASICS JAVELINA RELAYS TRACK “I’m always encourag- 1600-meter run, 800 meter, long and high jump, second MEET ON FEB. 28 AT TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-KINGSVILLE ing my athletes to do their 1600-meter relay, 300-me- place in 300-mile hurdles best. It doesn’t matter if ter hurdles, high jump, long and in 800-mile relay. In the to have improved from the improvement,” Cantu said. we lose or win. Only if jump, shot put and discus. 1600-mile relay and 300-me- results from the first meet. March 14 is the next sched- we try our best and know Juan Chavez won first place ter hurdles, she placed third. uled meet at Rivera High there is always room for in the 200-meter run Chris- School and Cantu expects U.S. defeats Mexico, 2-0, in soccer game by Hugo Aguilar Staff Writer On February 11, the United States soccer team defeated the Mexican soccer team with a solid victory of 2-0. The match took place at the wind-whipped Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The U.S. started winning with a left corner kick goal scored by Michael Bradley right before the first half ended. The Mexicans were in disadvantage when their top defender and captain, Rafael Marquez, was taken out of the game with a red card. “The expulsion that brought the Mexicans down wasn’t fair,” said Alex Amaro, 18-year old-senior. The U.S squad took advantage of that. So once again, the midfielder Michael Bradley scored with a powerful 25-yard shot skidding under goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez and into the net for his second goal. Finishing the game with a culminating victory of 2-0 over Mexico at this location for the third time in eight years. “Psychologically, there was a big advantage for the U.S team playing there,” said Javier Aguado, 17-year old-senior. Bradley contributed with more than goals, making a great job as a midfielder that didn´t allow photo provided by Mexico to generate much attack. “Besides the goals, he was great breaking up plays and covering a lot of ground,” said Walter Flores, 18-year old-senior. THE UNITED STATES DEFEATED MEXICO, 2-0, IN A The weather was a big issue, but not in the way everyone expected for a game in this part of the SOCCER GAME ON FEBRUARY 11 AT COLUMBUS CREW country during winter. STADIUM IN COLUMBUS, OHIO. “The weather affects the conditions of the field, they didn’t play as comfortable as they can play in normal weather,” Aguado said.
  7. 7. campus life 7 March 15, 2009 Eagle X-Press Seniors accepted to College Calendar Happy Birthday! 3/17-St. Patrick's Day by Sara Gonzalez Staff Writer 3/18-3/19-Terra Nova (morning) Ivonne Mora, 3/17 The school year is almost over and seniors Cesar Gomez, 3/18 3/18-3/19-Eagle Field Day (afternoon) from Presbyterian Pan American School Jose Ibarra, 3/20 (PPAS) have been receiving acceptance 3/27-Career Expo Veronica Vasquez, 3/23 letters from Universities and colleges. 3/30-Last Day for quot;Pennies for Patientsquot; Sergio Barrera, Ruben Garcia and Hong Choi, 3/23 Gabriela Quiroga were accepted to the 4/1-ITP TOEFL Rafael Murguia, 3/25 University of Texas at Brownsville. 4/8-Progress Reports Due Javier Aguado, 3/31 “I’m waiting for the University of Texas-Pan American to accept me, but the University of Texas 4/9-4/13-Spring & Easter Break Saddam Bello, 4/6 at Brownsville is my second option,” Quiroga said. 4/14-Classes Resume Cecilia Ruiz, 4/16 At Texas State Technical College in Waco, Jehu Avila and Erick Moreno have been accepted. 4/18-Prom Walter Flores, Griselda Duran and Elisa Godinez 4/22-Science Fair were accepted to Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Josue Rivera was accepted to the University of Texas at San Antonio, Olivia Pun was Banquet celebrates diversity at PPAS accepted to the University of Texas at Austin and Daniel Villarreal was accepted to Texas A&M University at College Station. by Ilse Ibarra “I got really excited when I found out that I was Staff Writer accepted. I thought that it would be really hard Presbyterian Pan American School (PPAS) held their annual International for me to get in and when I checked my status Banquet on Friday, February 27 at the dinning hall of the campus. on the internet and read I got accepted, I just quot;The banquet celebrated the diversity of students of different countries that are couldn’t believe it, but I’m really proud,” said represented at the school and to promote world peace, now that the world is facing Villarreal,17 who will attend College Station and is planning to major in Construction Science. wars and chaos,quot; said Speech Teacher Paloma Gonzalez, who organized the Han Sol Lee was accepted photo by Ilse Ibarra banquet. FROM LEFT, PAOLA ESCAMILLA, to the University of Houston. The food was prepared by the kitchen staff with help from some students who KARINA BELLO, ANA PAOLA “When I saw that I got accepted, I thought supplied recipes from their home countries. For example, pepian from Guatemala, MELENDEZ AND MELISSA LOPEZ. that finally my hard work and my effort had arepas and empanadas from Venezuela and gallo pinto from Costa Rica were served. brought me the satisfaction that I wanted. I am Students, Juan Manuel Chavez and Omar Rivera participated with a worship song. very proud of myself, and I am really happy,” “I wanted to share something that has become almost all my life, God,” said Chavez. said Han Sol Lee, 19. “ I am waiting for other This year a Fashion Runway Show was arranged by Bible Teacher and Dorm Director Mary Reyes. The girls Universities in Mexico and for UT- Austin, modeled traditional customs from India, China, Mexico, and the United States. then I will decide on which one will I attend.” “Being in the Fashion Show was a good experience because I was able to represent a little bit of my culture by Kyoung Jea Lee who was accepted to both Baylor University and the University of Texas wearing a Mexican dress. I felt satisfied with this event because it was the best International Banquet that I have ever at Austin is still waiting for acceptance letters. seen since my first year,”said Senior Paola Escamilla. “I don’t want to go to Baylor or UT- Austin because Martin Luther King’s quot;I Have a Dreamquot; speech was recited by junior Ana Paola Melendez. “Through his words, I’m waiting on Princeton University or a University he delivers a message of equality disregarding race and it inspired me to pursue his dream and make it a reality,” in Chicago,” said Kyoung Jea Lee. “But I’m proud of Melendez said. myself because I got accepted into good colleges.” As guests of honor, the visiting Ukraine students thanked PPAS for hospitality, friendship and look forward to Ellie Perez, the school’s counselor, is proud of the coming back sometime. students and hopes they take their education seriously. Kseniya Zinchenko sang a song about love in her native language and Dr. Barbara Stottlemyer, Dean of Students, “I’m proud of them because they have been and Counselor Ellie Perez gave gifts to Ukraine students, representing a little bit of Texas with cowboy hats. working extremely hard to get to the colleges they To close the banquet, Gonzalez prayed for peace and love for the nations. want to attend,” Perez said. “I wish they take their education seriously and pursue their choosing After the banquet the sophomore class sponsored a dance that took place in the Student Union Building (SUB). career no matter what obstacles they may first encounter.”
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