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YEO 2012_Regional Association

  1. 1. Benefits ofA RegionalAssociationRtn. DevangMunimNGE ChairmanRI District 3060
  2. 2. Success Story Came to India as an IYE student in 1997 Studied Social Sciences, Philosophy and International Relations in Belgium, South Africa and France Settled in Delhi in 2005 to develop undergraduate student exchange programs for Sciences Po, Paris Got married in 2007 Is pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science on State politics in India and the trajectory of a North Indian political party."The year spent in Gujarat as an IYE student gave me the opportunity to immerse myself into Indian culture and society as no degree in the world could have done. Being hosted and loved as a family member opened my mind in practice to alterity and ultimately made me capable of developing a sense of belonging to places I do not originate from". - Gilles
  3. 3. YouthExchange Program- A Unique ProgramIt’s an RI program but: Totally financed by the clubs and students It spills over more than one Rotary year It’s success is dependent on very few individuals, but demands co-operation from a lot of Rotarians and non Rotarians It’s success highlights an emphasizes the fourth objective of Rotary and creates a wonderful public image of Rotary
  4. 4. Demands of a YEO He has to be sincere, dedicated and hardworking. He is responsible for the physical, social and emotional health of the students. He needs to be having highest standards of moral and ethical value. He needs to be a diplomat, coordinating with two/three consecutive district governors, host families, students, sponsor families, club officers.
  5. 5. Demands of a YEO He has to be an excellent trainer. He has to be knowledgeable about the program, the local regional and country laws and the laws of his own district. He has to be socially active in the district. He has to work as hard as the district governor for three years of his tenure.
  6. 6. Problems faced by YEO Poor communications with his predecessors and with RI at the time of taking over the position. Inadequate training for the position. The sense of insecurity during the transition from one District Governor to another. Constraints of finance. Regional issues in conflict or not in accordance with the RI YEP rules.
  7. 7. Problems faced by YEO Lack of infrastructure for paperwork, communications etc. Lack of knowledge on use of electronic media. Difficulties in setting up desired exchanges because of regional factors, political issues and cultural prejudices. Poor training/support in handling emergency situations.
  8. 8. Why a Regional association? It can offer a required platform for sharing of regional concerns and ideas. It can offer additional training to the incoming youth exchange officers. It can offer materials and equipment for training Rotary Youth volunteers, host families and students. It can provide support for safe exchanges for students.
  9. 9. Why a Regional association? It can be a bridge between districts, the RI youth exchange committee, and the district governors to formulate and enforce policies in an effective manner. It can promote more exchanges within the regional association amongst the member countries. It can create fellowship amongst fellow YEO’s. It can associate with similar regional associations to improve the number of exchanges and the quality of exchanges.
  10. 10. State of YouthExchange in Southand South East AsiaPDG Devang ThakoreDistrict 3060
  11. 11. A Rewarding Experience
  12. 12. A Rewarding Experience
  13. 13. Top 10 Countries
  15. 15. Experience a ‘Special Flavour’ South & South East Asia, in particular, India, offers a very unique cultural experience. The joint family system – a different community life style – a special warmth. Great opportunity to understand the community needs that offers a chance to VOLUNTEER to meaningful SERVICE. A Superb chance for an inbound exchange student to develop a global vision, in the true sense.
  16. 16. RYE in 3060– a Genuine Commitment  A special emphasis is laid on the Training and Orientation programmes  Great stress is put on the orientation of the Host families encouraging them for their role as foster parents.  In-bounds are properly looked after, more so with respect to Abuse & Harassment prevention.  Sufficient opportunities for schooling & extra- curricular activities like dance, music, language skills, festival celebrations etc.  Tours to historical & cultural locations.  Very affectionate, efficient & considerate RYE Team, right from the Committee Chair up to the local club counselor, vastly increases the comfort level of the exchangees.
  17. 17. South and South Asia Regional Association(SSARA)Proposed ConstitutionPP Dr. Mrugank MerchantDistrict Counselor - YEPRI District 3060
  18. 18. Success StoryMelissa BurkeExchange StudentRI District 3060Year : 1989 Melissa Burke Visiting Sardar Dam in 2007 Vice Principal in a High School in LA California
  19. 19. Christmas 2007
  20. 20. How of Constitution Includes mission and objectives Acts as bridge between RI YEP, RI Districts and the YEO’s without creating a parallel organization A legal document reflecting the legal concerns of the member countries Simple and easy to follow without creating ambiguities and wrangling Plan for the proposed finances to run SSARA.
  21. 21. Steps - Formation May 2012:  Preliminary discussion at the Pre-convention Youth Exchange meet at Bangkok Convention  Feedback from proposed member countries/districts, DG’s, YEO’s and the RI youth exchange committee members. September 2012:  Formation of a proposed legal constitution December 2012:  Adoption of the proposed constitution at the first annual meeting of the SSARA at Goa, India January 2013 onwards:  Election of the office bearers and collection of dues
  22. 22. Mission StatementTo promote and strengthen the Youth exchangeprogram in the region and improve the Youthexchange experience for the young people byproviding an annual forum for the Rotarians to sharethe knowledge of, to discuss the issues arising from,and to explore and create new opportunities withinthe Rotary International Youth Exchange Programmeand to provide an effective representation of theregion while at the same time enjoy theInternational fellowship in different SSARA zoneregions and countries each year.
  23. 23. Objectives To help spread the knowledge of the Youth Exchange Program in the member countries of SSARA Zone. To help promote more districts and clubs and students to participate in the Youth exchange Program. To help promote a safe environment for the students who participate in the Youth Exchange program. To help creation of more opportunities for young people to participate in the youth exchange program from and within the SSARA Zone. To provide forums to study and discuss issues affecting the Youth Exchange Program in the region and try to find solutions having negative impact on Youth exchange program. To help provide adequate representation and liaison with rotary districts and the Rotary international Youth Exchange Program. To help promote fellowship amongst YEOs in the zone.
  24. 24. Membership Active Members:  Districts and multi-districts of all countries in the SSARA zone (Rotary International Zones 4-a, 4-b, 5-a, 5-b, 6-a and 6-b) Associate Members:  Districts and individuals outside the SSARA zone
  25. 25. Executive committee The President The Vice President Hon. Treasurer Chairman of the Conference
  26. 26. Role - The President Propose SSARA representative for the Rotary International Youth Exchange Committee Liaison with Evanston and sister organization Give inputs at Youth exchange events viz. YEP Pre-convention, RI Convention, National and Regional Conferences, etc. Disseminate information about Youth Exchange to the member countries and districts /multi-districts of SSARA Create & steer task forces to address specific and general issues concerning Youth Exchange Program Create programs to promote Youth Exchange amongst Districts / Clubs / Students in the SSARA zone Annual conference planning in association with the conference Chairman
  27. 27. Role - The Vice President Assist President Assume President’s role in his absence or as advised by President Be responsible for maintaining the statistical details of the members
  28. 28. Role – Hon. Treasurer Financial management of SSARA Collects membership fees and dues Prepares budgets in the beginning of the year Prepares and presents an audited report to all the members at the annual conference
  29. 29. Role – Conference Chairman Organization of the annual conference in association with the President and the Vice president
  30. 30. Elections - President / Vice-President  The Vice-President to be elected for a two year term by secret ballot at the plenary session of the relevant Conference  Each SSARA country represented at the Conference has one vote  Nominations by a country, a multidistrict or a district must be submitted in writing to the President no later than the first of May in the year of the election  Normally the Vice-President will be elected as President but if the Vice-President does not enjoy the support of the national representatives then the election of President will be conducted in the same manner as the election of the Vice-President.
  31. 31. Conference Host &Organising Committee SSARA Annual Conference in a different SSARA zone country rotating between North and South Decision to select host country to be based on voting - one vote per represented SSARA zone country. After first five years, host country to be decided on show of hands at a Conference. A country could opt for hosting only if the application is supported by the written consent of the District Governor of the District where conference to take place. If the District is part of a Multidistrict then written consent of the President of the Multidistrict must also be presented. Selected country to appoint the Conference Chairman and Organising Committee. Conference Chairman and 2/3 members of the organizing committee to attend a minimum of three SSARA conferences after the country’s nomination
  32. 32. Honorary Membership & Certificate of MeritHonorary membership to the following members who: Are no longer active as YEOs Were active for 5 years or more as YEOs Have attended at least 3 SSARA ConferencesThe same rules are used to grant a certificate of merit to the YEOs of districts outside of the SSARA zone.The names of candidates nominated for honorary membership and for certificate of merit should be given to the President before the last plenary session of the Conference.