Strategic Plan Summary - Community Records


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Final result of a community inclusive strategic planning process.

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Strategic Plan Summary - Community Records

  1. 1. Gear Up students recording “I Passed The Test” Community Records Foundation STRATEGIC PLAN 2009-2012 SUMMARY Strategic Planning: A strong foundation for our organization. OUR MISSION: Community Records Foundation is a Michigan non-profit that builds local community, inspiring and creating relationships by bringing together diverse populations through collaborative participation in music & music education. The strategic planning process was an inclusive of all members of the Community Records Foundation (CRF) community, engaging teachers, clients, residents, and friends . It was led by the Strategic Planning Committee. We defined the CRF community as anyone who was in regular contact with the organization. The process included the following stages: 1. One-on-one interviews of all interested members of the CRF community. 2. Mission statement development with the Board. 3. Interviews with the Board committees and review of existing organizational documents. 4. SWOT analysis, evaluation of mission execution, and identification of assets, changes, and dreams was completed. This process was open to all in the CRF community. 5. Community Orientation to educate and create action steps as a community. Since CRF is young and small, the focus was on strategic direction not tactical steps. We at CRF recognize the quickly changing pace of the action that is required to execute the plan. The Board and the Executive Director are constantly reviewing these items. Contents: Our Words SWOT Analysis Goals Evaluation and Execution Community Records Foundation serves Ypsilanti, Michigan and its surrounding communities through a reciprocal partnership with local organizations and citizens. We are a broad-based, local arts organization that offers classes, group activities, record production, education and presentation opportunities for children, teens, adults and seniors. • All of our programs empower participants to connect with their own inner-voice and to establish important and lasting connections to others in the community. • All of our programs enable participants to benefit, learn about, and engage with local charities and nonprofit organizations. Our Vision:
  2. 2. GOALS Our Words EDUCATION BUILD COMMUNITY LOCAL DIVERSE ARTS RELATIONSHIPS UNITY PASSION COLLABORATIVE SWOT Analysis - As identified by CRF community CRF’s greatest strengths are the core competencies upon which it should build its activities and programming... 1. Strategic planning process 2. Relationships with clients, customers, volunteers, staff, teachers and community 3. Organizational culture and values 4. Commitment to individuals as artists and to the community 5. Community research and understanding 6. Utilizing the community 7. Access to quality people 8. Wealth of diverse ideas ...while addressing its weaknesses. 1. Access to equipment and other capital 2. No dedicated location 3. Currently operating at capacity 4. Money and asset management 5. Variety of services and programming 6. Number of staff and volunteers 7. Limited funding and financial capital 8. Communication of goals and objectives to the entire CRF community 9. Lack of brand and name recognition CRF’s strategy will be to pursue its best opportunities... 1. Unique products and services 2. Access to new venues, locations, and markets for our products and services 3. Local music scene 4. Diversity of local community 5. Local music gatherings and events 6. Dwindling afterschool experiences 7. Local youth 8. Ability to expand 9. Connections with local community assets 10. Collaboration with other nonprofits ...while minimizing its greatest threats. 1. Changes in economic conditions 2. Similar services in the community 3. Community not knowing who we are or what we do 4. Organization is in need of more people and for them to be representative of the community. 5. Spreading too thin, too quickly Evaluation and Execution A high-level evaluation is being completed on every action item in the strategic plan on their ability to reach our strategic goals at both the beginning, end, and cyclicly within projects. Evaluation specific to each action item will also be created to inform both internal and external audiences about individual activities. Each of these will result in meeting or dialogue to best determine how to prove and improve our programs against our evolving strategic objectives. Community Records Foundation... Is a leader in developing and building the Ypsilanti community in a way that is inclusive and reflects its diversity. Is actively engaging in fundraising activities and planning that supports this strategic plan. Is a local specialist in providing creative opportunities for selfexpression, entertainment, social activities, and music events. Develops internal controls and management strategies that promote growth, sustainability, accountability, and transparency of the organization. Has an established location that allows for recording and group activities. Is recognized for its innovative art and music curricula and values which position it as a asset to the community.