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Pre columbian mesoamerica   #2 aztec
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Pre columbian mesoamerica #2 aztec


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Major Pre-Columbian Civilizations Aztecs Mayas Incas
  • 3. 1200 CE – 1521 CE
  • 4. Aztecs
  • 5. Where did the Aztecs live?
    • The Aztecs lived in what is known as the Valley of Mexico in central Mexico.
  • 6. Location:
    • Central Valley of Mexico
    • Tenochtitlan was the capital
  • 7. Tenochtitlan
    • Tenochtitlan was the capital city of the Aztec Empire.
  • 8. Legend of Tenochtitlan
    • The gods told the Aztecs to search for an eagle holding a snake in its beak perched atop a cactus. This is where they were to build their capital city. The Aztecs saw this sign on a swampy island in lake Texcoco.
  • 9. Legend of Tenochtitlan
  • 10. How did the Aztecs build a city in the center of a lake?
    • Tenochtitlan was built on an island
    • It was connected to the mainland by causeways leading north, south, and west of the city.
    • The city was interlaced with a series of canals, so that all sections of the city could be visited either on foot or by canoe.
  • 11. Tenochtitlan
    • Today, Tenochtitlan is Mexico City
  • 12. Aztec View of Tenochtitlan
  • 13. Tenochtitlan: The “Venice” of the Americas
  • 14. Government
    • The Aztecs created an empire through conquest
    • Conquered people and local rulers had to pay tribute to the Aztecs
    • The Aztecs had an emperor
    • The Aztec Emperor’s main job was to lead in war
  • 15. Ruins of the City Center, Tenochtitlan
  • 16. Wall of Skulls, Tenochtitlan
  • 17. The Aztecs Were Fierce Warriors
  • 18. Religion:
    • Sun God- most important, needed human blood to help rise everyday, massive number of sacrifices
    • Human sacrifices were offered to give the sun strength to rise each day
    • Used captured warriors and Aztecs for sacrifices
  • 19. Religion & Mythology
    • Polytheistic
    • Huitzilopochtli was
    • the main Aztec god.
    • (weets se lo poch tlee)
    • The Aztecs built massive temples and pyramids dedicated to their gods
  • 20. Religion & Mythology
    • Pyramid of the Sun
    • Pyramid of the Moon
  • 21. Heart Sacrifice on an Aztec Temple Pyramid
  • 22. Human Sacrifice
    • Human sacrifice was a common political & religious practice of the Aztecs.
    • For the re-consecration of Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed 84,400 prisoners over the course of four days.
  • 23. Aztecs Sacrifice Neighboring Tribes to the Sun God
  • 24. Achievements:
    • Astronomy
    • Mathematics-counting system
    • Accurate calendar
    • Floating gardens (chinampas) used to make up for lack of farmland, could harvest 2-3 crops per year
  • 25. Aztec Chinampa or Floating Garden: 15ft. to 30ft. wide
  • 26. Tenochtitlan - Chinampas
  • 27. Aztec Math Aztec Writing
  • 28. Aztec Sun Stone -- Calendar
  • 29. Possible Reasons for decline:
    • Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes mistaken for Aztec god.
    • Spanish take control of Aztecs, their gold, their land
    • Spanish had superior weapons (guns)
  • 30. Aztec Gold
  • 31. What happened to the Aztecs?
    • Spanish conquistadors led by Hernan Cortes conquered Tenochtitlan and defeated the Aztecs in 1521.
  • 32. Aztec Video Clips
    • “ Engineering An Empire”
    • “ What the Ancients Did For Us”