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Early humanstools charli
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Early humanstools charli

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  • 1. Tools Picture by quapan
  • 2.
    • When humans first appeared, they
    • were more apelike and much more
    • simpler than what we are now and
    • also used much simpler tools and
    • don’t have entertainment like us.
    • Their tools were so simple nobody
    • even uses them now. They didn’t
    • have planes to take them around
    • the world or computers to
    • communicate with other people in
    • their villages or community. They
    • had stones, spears, harpoons, and
    • things like that. They never used
    • metal which was a lot more
    • powerful.
    Picture by Andy_Carter
  • 3.
    • Australopithecus afarensis were
    • the first hominids and they were
    • a lot smaller than modern
    • humans like us. Their brains
    • were very small so they didn’t
    • know how to make tools but
    • they did know to use stones to
    • open things and sticks to stick
    • into an anthill so when it comes
    • out, there will be ants all over it. They couldn’t
    • handle tools as well as us because their thumbs
    • were formed differently than ours because our
    • thumbs weren’t opposed.
    “ Lucy” taken by Ryan Somma By Evan Ravitz
  • 4.
    • The Homo habilis hominids were
    • slightly smarter than the
    • Australopithecus afarensis so they
    • were able to make tools, but they
    • were very simple like stones that
    • were chipped so they could use
    • them as knives or sharpened sticks
    • to use as spears. They started to
    • hunt but they were very bad at it. They would
    • also use fire if they could find it but they never
    • made it. They would find fire in forest fires,
    • storms (Lightning) and sometimes maybe if their
    • living quarters went on fire.
    Picture by CharlesFred Picture by Travis S.
  • 5.
    • The Homo erectus were the first hominid to
    • ever figure out how to make fire so they are
    • the first people to cook food and once they
    • had fire, they could make things like torches
    • that makes hunting easier and also it would
    • keep them warm because in this time, some
    • Hom0 erectus left Africa and went to explore
    • other parts of the world. The Homo erectus
    • had better and more weapons. They started
    • using axes made of stone. They used traps so
    • they could do something else while the traps
    • trap animals and when the people are done
    • what they did, they would come back and
    • take the prey.
    Picture by Liem Bui Picture by Ian Britton
  • 6.
    • The Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis were
    • extremely good hunters and it was
    • because they were stronger and bigger
    • than the modern human. They used the
    • tools all their ancestors used but they
    • improvised on them to make them better,
    • lighter, and easier to move around. The
    • sapiens Neanderthalensis were the first to
    • bury their dead so in their graves, there
    • would be tools and personal items the
    • person liked. They would put their hammer
    • or spear with them out of respect and care.
    • They were extremely good hunters that
    • used weapons like flaming spears to scare
    • or burn animals so they get kind of
    • panicked or disorientated.
    Picture by Gorekun Spear heads, although they are not from back then, they are almost the same except that they are stone, not metal.
  • 7.
    • Homo sapiens Cro-Magnon were exceptionally good
    • hunters that would hunt in a pack and knew how to co-
    • ordinate each others strength to help catch prey. They
    • made holes in walls and used things like bark to keep
    • food inside so they wouldn’t starve in the winter. Like
    • Homo erectus and Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis,
    • the Homo sapiens Cro-Magnons used traps to catch
    • prey while they were not around, but unlike the earlier
    • hominids, their traps were way more complicated than
    • the ones of the inhabitants before. The Cro-Magnons
    • started fishing and making hooks with things like
    • twigs and animals bones. They also built rafts and
    • canoe like boats to go fishing with in lakes and
    • sometimes in the ocean. The Cro-Magnons created the
    • bow and arrow which was very helpful in hunting. They
    • also made musical instruments that they could play.
    Picture by malaga
  • 8.
    • Homo sapiens sapien came to be when farming was invented. These people
    • are our earliest ancestors who are still nothing like us, they were still less
    • smart and still had simple tools the Cro-Magnon had. But as we fast
    • forward, we will be at the 21 st century and people have all sorts of tools like
    • guns for hunting and kitchens for hunting but some people still hunt
    • traditionally by using knives and bow and arrows.
    Picture by ILMO JOE
  • 9.
    • Hominids have evolved a lot and they still are. Some people believe that we
    • may become cyborgs some day. Who knows? Anything is possible.
  • 10.
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  • 11.
    • Ancient Worlds Textbook
    • Other Places, Other Times Textbook
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