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  1. 1. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or virtual web hosting servers are hyped as one of the most popular and emerging hosting service technologies at present. Many webmasters prefer VPS for their onlinebusinesses thanks to the numerous benefits conferred by it. This most advanced step in server virtualization technology is based on the principle of dividing physical servers into several virtual machines. These virtual private servers will be installed on a computer serving multiple websites, but functions like a stand-alone and separate dedicated server for its exclusive users and applications. In other words,multiple virtual servers can be run on one physical, or host server and these servers are dedicated to exclusive purposes.hybrid cloud
  2. 2. All the programmatically divided sections have its own operatingsystem (OS) that runs the hosting software for a particular userSingle computer can have several VPSs and each of them can berebooted individually and can be configured to run server software Who Needs Virtual Private Servers? VPS is an ideal hostingoption for businesses or users who are experiencing fast tradegrowth, profound website traffic, or running complex applications Ifyou are currently on a shared hosting podium and feel that youronline business has outgrown this, it is time for you move on toVirtual Private Servers In a shared hosting platform you might beforced to run your site scantily due to the limitations posed by theshared hosting infrastructure Even though both VPS and sharedhosting permit a single server to provide services for multiple users,the latter may create the problem of another site eating up more thanits fair share of resources  Virtual private servers are the best forthose businesses who feel that they have outgrown shared hostingand are under-using dedicated
  3. 3. VPS comes in between these two platforms and are extremelybeneficial Although your site is hosted on a machine with a cluster ofother sites, VPS provides a flexible solution that is safe, economicaland user-friendly Benefits of Virtual Private Servers Virtualprivate servers are gaining more popularity since they can fit theneeds of nearly any kind of website A VPS falls in between sharedand dedicated hosting platforms and confers many advantages to itsusers 1 Flexibility Virtual private servers are considered asan ideal hosting option to scale up your performance as your websitegrows The flexibility features of VPS is one of the most attractiveaspects since it allows install your own software configurations on itas if you are having your own independent server
  4. 4. Even though a VPS shares the CPU of the host computer, it has itsown RAM and disk space You can also enjoy the power to rebootyour server at any time Other advantages are the flexibility it offersin terms of monitor resource usage and concurrent analysis of trafficstatistics Since different websites hosted on the same machine donot vie against each other for the available resources, you need notsacrifice the performance aspects 2 Economical Havingyour own real server or virtual dedicated server can prove to becostly; whereas a VPS will offer you the benefits of having your ownserver without any allied costs
  5. 5. Touted as the most cost effective hosting solution, VPS allowsshared hosting with other websites along with all the advantages of adedicated server including unlimited bandwidth and disk capacitywithout any additional costs 3 Security Even though you arehosted along with numerous other websites in a single server, yoursecurity features will not be at risk The partitions are functioning in acompletely autonomous fashion and enjoy a totally isolatedexistence from other users of the system It offers the privacy of aseparate physical computer
  6. 6. 4 High Level of Control In contrast to the shared hostingplatform, virtual private servers bestow you with full controlling powerover it Virtual private servers that provide complete separationbetween individual user accounts on the system in a unique way isdefinitely the most economical, flexible and hosting option Areyou looking For VPS Server? Get broad range of and solutions withour own privately owned Data Centre Our hybrid cloud range ofhosted solutions can fulfill any web or application requirement
  7. 7. hybrid cloud