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Founder mates new

  1. 1. Nidhi Kapoor Raunak Guha Co-founders
  2. 2. "the number one piece of advice I would share is to recruit a mentor. Find someone you admire who is at least one generation older, and has no direct authority over you. Lack of context and perspective can cost you months and years--with a bad career choice, an unwise relocation, short-term negotiating posture, and, generally speaking, sophomoric thinking". - Bing Gordon, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
  3. 3. “Back in the late 1990s when I was a 19-year-old engineer at Netzee--much like other bright, young, ‘hot-shot’ engineers today--I had this sense that I knew everything, and I didn’t realize the importance of really listening to those who were more experienced. What I have realized since then, is that one of the most important things you can do is to surround yourself with great people, and to listen to them.” - Bill Ready, CEO, Braintree
  4. 4. Startup Ecosystem Report 2012 Silicon Valley Tel Aviv Chile (Santiago) Mentoring is the key aspect of Silicon Valley. Tel Aviv although close second will never be able to overtake SV because of lack of mentoring culture
  5. 5. “Failure to select and use appropriate outside professional advisors” - Blue Rock Capital “it can be even more damaging to neglect to take the advice of those who have come before you” - Illya Pozin interview, Forbes “Entrepreneurs contact advisors only under distress situations looking for a quick-fix” - Advisor on FounderMates
  6. 6. Accessing Mentors/Advisors?
  7. 7. Social Media/Forums Networking Events Personal Connections TiE/Chambers of Commerce/NEN/Angel Groups Cold Calling
  8. 8. • Inefficient traditional channels • Time and Effort • No way to get expert help as and when required Pain
  9. 9. What is FounderMates? Seek Advice from mentors and experts to develop and grow your business, minimize mistakes and cut-short your learning curve FounderMates Entrepreneurs Advisors
  10. 10. How it Works? • Entrepreneurs and advisors screened • Entrepreneurs search advisors based on different criteria • Entrepreneurs “Request Advice” • Advisors respond to the question • Advisors are reviewed by entrepreneurs
  11. 11. Target Market • Entrepreneurs – Idea Stage to Growth Stage – Need help in various aspects
  12. 12. Entrepreneur Cases “I need advice on the following areas: Use of Growth Accelerators; Management team and pitching to investors; fundraising, company valuation” - Pre Revenue “Customer Acquisition by non-traditional means. Handling of labour man power effectively. Recruitment and retention of good labour and employees” - Revenue “We're looking for advisors to support us in the following areas: a) logistics - mentor us in building a reverse logistics network across Indian metros b) online marketing - mentor us in driving traffic and conversations c) technology - mentor us in building both front and back end technology from both a strong UI perspective and integration with logistics” - Growth
  13. 13. Target Market (contd.) • Advisors
  14. 14. Target Market (contd.) • Advisors – Give back to the community – Want to become more visible to the entrepreneurs – Looking to identify entrepreneurs to work with long term
  15. 15. Why FounderMates?  Bridging the demand supply gap  Accelerators and incubators are difficult to get through  Seed Capital/Angel investment not easy to raise  Capability to be a global platform yet with strong local connections
  16. 16. Vision  Become the “business card” for advisors globally  Reduce the startup failure rate (Currently 50% of funded startups fail & 95% fail by year 10)  Create 20,000 jobs by year 4
  17. 17. Product Roadmap –Facilitating local connections –Enhanced interaction –Ancillary services
  18. 18. Testimonials “I was in touch with Rahul Arora for just couple of days. After that i got it touch with Srikanth Vasuraj who has helped me immensely just over a single meeting. He has provided very valuable feedback and advise. I am currently making changes to our strategy as advised by Srikanth. Foundermates has come as a wonderful platform and has given me the right help i needed. Thank you very much for creating such a platform. It is a must for every startup to have an advisor/mentor.” - Rodney Lewis Founder
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. DEMO
  22. 22. Accelerate your Startup Workshop
  23. 23. “the primary speaker was great too – very relevant content. I do like that you guys are doing more focused stuff (as opposed to the general gyaan at most mentor events)” - Anand Vemuri ( partner, 91Springboard)
  24. 24. QUESTIONS/FEEDBACK? FounderMates @foundermates Website: Nidhi Kapoor Raunak Guha @kapoor_nidhi @raunakguha Email: Email:
  25. 25. Short Survey Virtual Mentoring – Four 1-hour bi-weekly sessions Progress measured after each session Mentor rates you. Best Rated entrepreneurs get to feature their startup on our Platform