America's highest earning sports stars


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America's highest earning sports stars

  1. 1. Americas Highest Earning Sports StarsAn especially gifted athlete can do more than just thrill the crowd. Todays topAmerican athletes also have extremely high earning potentials. Sports teams willhappily shell out millions of dollars to score the talents of todays top athletes;major brands and companies vie for the endorsements of them too. When all is saidand done, the highest paid sports stars in America really rake it in. Learn moreabout their exorbitant salaries and out-of-this-world endorsement deals below.Jim Furyk: Golfer Rakes in More than $25 MillionHe may not be Tiger Woods, but pro golfer Jim Furyk wont be heading to thepoorhouse any time soon. The popular golfer earns a salary of $16,334,622 peryear. It clearly pays to be the 2010 PGA Tour Player of the Year and the 2010FedEx Cup champion. Endorsement deals with names like Johnnie Walker andTaylorMade earn Furyk an additional $9 million, which is not a bad payday.Darelle Revis: Cornerback Enjoys $25 Million-Plus EarningsAs the cornerback for the New York Jets, Darelle Revis has catapulted to fame andfortune. The team pays Revis a salary of $25 million. He supplements that incomewith endorsement deals with companies like Google, Nike and Range Rover.Those deals help him bring home an additional $750,000, which is sure to come inhandy.Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: NASCAR Driver Brings Home the BaconCompared with his counterparts in the NBA and NFL, Earnhardts yearlyNASCAR salary of $4,572,930 seems decidedly tame. Dont worry about him,though - endorsements with Sony, Adidas and many other popular brands andcompanies plump up his bank account to the tune of $22 million per year. In total,the driver of numbers 88, 5 and 7 earns $26,572,930 per year.Sam Bradford: Quarterback Pays Bills with $27 Million in EarningsBradford has earned many accolades as the quarterback for the St. Louis Rams.While his career is only in its infancy, he has already scored an amazing salary of$26.8 million per year. In addition to that, endorsements with hot brands like AXEnet him another $450,000 per year. Its safe to say that he wont be going hungryany time soon.
  2. 2. Dwyane Wade: Heat Star Earns More than $28 Million per YearThroughout his storied career, Dwyane Wade has accomplished many amazingfeats. The Miami Heat star was the 2006 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year;his jersey was the top-selling jersey for a long time running. In return, he earns asalary of $14.2 million. He doubles that income with endorsement deals withcompanies like Staples, T-Mobile and Gatorade.Dwight Howard: NBA Player Nets Magical EarningsBeing a three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year opens doors. Howard, whois the center and power forward of the Orlando Magic, pulls in a $16,647,180salary. He earns an additional $12 million through endorsements with T-Mobile,DC Comics and appearances for the "Got Milk" campaign.Tom Brady: Living Large on $30 Million per YearFew names in football are as recognizable as Bradys. The New England Patriotsquarterback has played in four Super Bowls; he has won three of them. He is also atwo-time Super Bowl MVP. On top of all of that, Brady is extremely easy on theeyes. Its little wonder that he earns a salary of $20,007,280 per year, which isbolstered by an additional $10 million in endorsements with names like Nike,UGG and Under Armour.Matt Ryan: A Quarterback who is Very Well CompensatedAs the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Ryans $32,250,000 salary is absolutelyout of this world. The young player has already earned accolades such as ACCPlayer of the Year and NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. Although hisendorsement career hasnt gotten up to speed with his athletic career quite yet,deals with brands like AirTran allow him to make an additional $450,000 forannual earnings of $32.7 million.Kevin Garnett: Boston Celtics Power Forward has Powerful SalaryGarnett is a high earner on and off the basketball court. For his athletic prowess asthe power forward for the Boston Celtics, Garnett makes $18,832,044 per year. Forhis side job as a product endorser, the player rakes in an extra $14 million. All told,Garnett is compensated to the tune of $32,832,044 per year.
  3. 3. Kobe Bryant: Shooting Guard with Superior EarningsAs one of the best-known names in professional sports, Bryant has gone above andbeyond his duties for the Los Angeles Lakers. The shooting guard earns a salary of$24,806,250 for his work with the team. Endorsement deals with premiercompanies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Upper Deck and Adidas net him anadditional $10 million. Between his sports career and his endorsement deals, hemakes $34,806,250.Alex RodriguezA-Rod is one of the shining stars of baseball. Compared with NBA players andNFL players, baseball players salaries dont tend to be as exorbitant. Rodriguez isan exception, though, with an annual salary of $32 million. The famous thirdbaseman for the New York Yankees isnt big on endorsements. Despite that, hemakes an extra $4 million for brands like Vita Coco.Peyton Manning: Most Valuable Player and EarnerWith annual earnings that exceed $38 million, Manning is a force to be reckonedwith. He makes $32 million of that as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts;after earning the most NFL MVPs ever, that salary is easy to understand. Hescoops up an extra $15 million per year doing endorsement deals for Sprint,MasterCard and other prominent names.LeBron James: King James Makes Awe-Inspiring EarningsWhen stacked up against the salaries of other NBA players, James $14.5 millionearnings dont seem all that substantial. That is only the tip of the earnings icebergfor the wildly popular Miami Heat player. Endorsement deals with Sprite, Glaceau,McDonalds, Nike and other huge names earn James an additional $30 million peryear. Without a doubt, this player knows how to make the most of his endorsementdeals.Phil Mickelson: Lefty Pulls in the Big BucksAlthough he is right-handed at everything else, Mickelson is a left-handed golfer.Thats how he earned the nickname "Lefty," and its just one of the endearingthings about the beloved professional golfer. Through the years, Mickelson hasracked up four major golf tournament winnings and has also won a whopping 39
  4. 4. PGA tour events. He has been ranked as the second-best golfer several times inrecent years. His salary as a golfer is a modest $4,185,933 per year. That total isdramatically enhanced by endorsements with ExxonMobil, Rolex and Barclays,which net the golf pro an extra $57 million. In total, he rakes in $61,185,933,which is nothing short of impressive.Tiger Woods: Still the Top Earner in Professional SportsWoods isnt just the top-earning American sports star; he is the highest paidprofessional athlete in the entire world. In total, Woods makes a reported$62,294,116 per year. His salary as a pro golfer only accounts for $2,294,116 ofthat total. The other $60 million in earnings come from lucrative endorsementdeals. Woods hit a bump in the road with a series of scandals a few years back, buthe is back in the saddle again. Through his career, he has endorsed products bycompanies like GM, American Express and Nike. In the latter case, he scored thelargest endorsement deal in history. As his reputation improves again, you canexpect to see even more impressive numbers from one of the most popular figuresin sports.