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Mind power

  1. 1. Mind Power Do you know what your mind is? Do you know where your mind is?Do you know how your mind works? Most people do not know the answersto these questions. The human mind is probably the greatest mystery in thehistory of mankind. (It is in its own right a Pandora’s box) For years, or eversince the dawn of time, people have been trying to come up with a definitesolution or answer to how the mind works, largely to no avail—all due to thesimple fact that the human mind holds no boundaries. Explanation of the “Mind” made easyWe are an extraordinary creation, aren’t we? We are all endowed with aremarkable, top quality mind, absolutely free of cost! The “mind” denotesgenerally the capacities for thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, andimagination. No scientifically designed drug or medication works aseffectively as mind power. Every man creates a world of heaven or hell outof his mind. His mind determines his life script, expectations, and most ofhis reality. We can neither give a cold shoulder to nor argue with the mind.We can only obey its orders like an unquestionable, powerless servant. In away, our minds hold us captive. The power of the mind is like the power of water, which whenuncontrolled can wipe out cities. The same power of water, when controlledby a man-made dam, can make land productive, besides producingelectricity. The “mind” is also referred to as – (1 ) Intellect (2 ) Psyche (3 ) Gray matter (4 ) Think box Following are some of the most extraordinary minds the world hasever witnessed. These geniuses need no introduction:
  2. 2. (1 ) Marie Curie (2 ) Galileo Galilei (3 ) Johannes Kepler (4 ) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (5 ) Alexander Graham Bell (6 ) Charles Darwin (7 ) Leonardo Da Vinci (8 ) Nikola Tesla (9 ) Wernher Von Braun Are you utilizing your mind power sufficiently? A computer is a remarkable invention and can perform numerous tasks,provided you know how to use it. It’s pretty useless otherwise. You don’tneed to know how it works, only how to use it. Your mind is a lot like this.Neuroscientists since time immemorial have proclaimed that we only use10% of our mind power. That’s a slight utilization of mind power. Theremaining 90% can be compared to an unused muscle—atrophied. Thisinformation can be a real eye opener for many people. Our mind has huge potential, but unfortunately, we are not extractingmaximum benefit from it. Throughout life, we have been taught how to doeverything, but no one has ever taught us how to use our minds. Note:people who learn how to unleash the power of their mind and use it to its fullcapacity are the ones who prosper beyond their wildest expectations. It’s notnecessary to know how the invisible forces of your mind work. It’s just amatter of simply understanding that what you habitually think about createsyour environment and all of your experiences. Wandering mind Consider this example: Your body is sitting in a meeting, but your mindis planning what you’ll cook for dinner. Usually, the mind goes on spinningabundant thoughts, and the mind goes on moving all over the world—in thepast and the future. The wandering mind wanders with thoughts. Whenthoughts arise, they take the mind away. The mind follows its thoughts like aweak man who is easily influenced and follows anyone haphazardly. Blameit on the inner commotion that goes on continuously. A sense of well-being
  3. 3. and the ability to think clearly are destroyed whenever thoughts or feelingsare turbulent. A sign of things to come! Ordinarily, the mind tends to wander when you are jetlagged(medically referred to as “desynchronosis,” it is a physiological conditionthat is a consequence of alterations to the circadian rhythms. Jet lag resultsfrom rapid long-distance transmeridian travel as on a jet plane), stressed, andin the midst of boring or unpleasant activities. Your mind will wander lesswhen you are in a happy mood, enjoying an activity, or concentrating on thetask at hand to the best of your ability. Scrutinize the thoughts that enter your mind. Make them act accordingto the directions you give and not the other way around. This is aninterminable process. Stick with it all the time. Mental discipline of thehighest order can prevent the mind from wandering. When the mind is undercontrol, life becomes a joy ride. Happy “mind controlling” exercise! Mind and brain are different Many people walk away with the idea that the brain and the mind areone and the same; they use the words interchangeably. However, this is farfrom the truth. Cognitive psychologists assert that you use your brain forfunctions such as to decide what to do when you make a mistake or formathematical solutions. But you don’t use your mind to do all of that. Themind is like a little-used passageway between the heart and the brain. Usingyour mind involves connecting the heart (your loves, interests, passions, andbeliefs) with the brain (logical thinking and assessment of actions anddecisions). It has been said that the human brain processes 100 teraflops;however, the older one gets, the more that appears to be a grossexaggeration! The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes andphotographed or operated on in surgery. The mind is not a physical object. Itcannot be seen with the eyes, nor can it be photographed or repaired bysurgery. Let us compare our body to a guest house, and our mind to a guestdwelling within it. When we die, our mind leaves our body and goes to thenext life, just like a guest leaves a guest house and goes somewhere else.
  4. 4. Thinking escalated him to great heights A renowned German philosopher named Immanuel Kant used to wake upin the morning at 5 a.m. and flex his thinking muscles for two uninterruptedhours. He didn’t rely on pen and paper—far from it. He sat and thought.Gosh! What an outright, rational thinker. Thinking is the centerpiece for achieving results efficaciously. Thisseems a bit of an understatement! In fact, thinking is largely helpful fortasting success. So think long and deep. Unlock your genius Mind power has a “mighty” edge over muscle power and moneypower (an eternal verity). Mind power is the clear-cut, solitary winner. Takethe examples of people who achieved greatness due to their mind power:Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa.Mind power was the signature of their personalities. You can reach any of your vaulting ambitions in life even if you arecash-strapped or don’t have a physique like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Simplyeliminate the word “impossible”—it is highly misleading—from yourvocabulary. Prepare your mind for bigger, wonderful things. Don’t set limitson your imagination. Dream big! Gear up for your personal mission. Get towhere you were yearning to go. Don’t stop. Continue the journey. Keepbettering yourself. I challenge you to shoot for the moon and achieve extraordinary results in your life. Say au revoir to opacity—think straight Though we are gifted with a wonderful tool called the mind, we arenevertheless afflicted with complexes, doubts, fears, and anxiety that cast adark shadow on our minds. Certain restraints we impose on ourselves, like “Iam an intellectual pygmy,” “I am bored—my life is at a standstill,” “I cannotovercome personal barriers,” etc. stultify the effective operational capacity
  5. 5. of our minds. We slip into “psychological paralysis..” As a result, ourprogressive journey of life comes to a massive dead stop. Investigate the self-destructive phrases that have a stranglehold on yourmind. Substitute them with positive autosuggestions. In this way, pre-established, wrong ideas will be permanently removed from your mind.Fuzziness paves the way for enlightenment. Life looks more pleasurable andexciting than ever before. Take a bow for the person you have becometoday. Nothing better than this could have ever happened to you. Mental agility When you have mental agility, you shine like a resplendent star. Youachieve success at supersonic speed. Tips for mental agility: (1) Do crossword puzzles and lateral thinking puzzles, and even solve good riddles. (2) Take IQ and emotional intelligence tests. (3) Take catnaps. (4) Get intellectual stimulation by learning new things. (5) Take much-needed vacation(s). (6) Do mental arithmetic. (7) Eat diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. (8) Play Scrabble, hangman, and dominoes. A person’s efficiency increases after a good mental tune-up. Mind over matter
  6. 6. Weston (age 22) was suffering from an acute illness and had one foot inthe grave (according to a doctor’s diagnosis), so the doctor saw no hope forhis survival. However, Weston begged to differ from his doctor’s view. Hewas utterly confident in his mind that he still had a long way to go in life.Mind you, he was not giving himself false consolation, and this was provedwhen he actually made a miraculous recovery from the illness. At age 75,Weston still stands ramrod straight and also has no neurodegenerativediseases of old age. Throughout Pittsburgh (where he lives), he is known by the nicknamethe “Medical Wonder..” Good books are a repository of positive thoughts Education is not only restricted to acquiring diplomas, degrees, andgold medals, but rather it is a lifelong process by which you can perpetuallyimprove every aspect of your life. Books are a powerful means of spreading knowledge. If a person doesnot read good books, he’ll forever remain naïve in life. His physical age maygo up, but his mental age will be that of a 5-year-old child. The cosmicinsight that we gain by reading books is heavenly and incomparable. Bookscontribute tremendously to a person’s worldview. Be an omnivorous reader. Read a wide variety of books. Keep abreastof the new developments in your field. Have a huge appetite for knowledge. Note: I am not a pedant for claiming that learning only from books is aneducation. Improve your powers of imagination Imagination is a powerful mental function that allows us to review thepast, imagine a potential future, and do things that we sometimes can’t do inthe external world. Houses, automobiles, music, books, computers, bridges,cell phones, fast ships, office buildings, etc. are all owed to humanity’simagination. Imagination is very essential in creative works such as painting,sculpture, musical composition, and literature. Every human being has an
  7. 7. innate imagination ability. In some it may be highly developed, and in othersit may exist in a weaker form. Imagination exists in various degrees indifferent people. One day, a man saw his mother’s teakettle boiling. He observed thatthe lid was rising from the expanding steam. His fine imagination startedfrom this very detail, and he gave to the world—the steam engine. Picture a sea made of smoked salmon, or a village built from cheese,with trees of broccoli—no, this has nothing to do with psychedelia, butrather the fertile imagination of Carl Warner, a British photographer whoseportfolio includes “foodscapes” or whimsical “landscapes” made from food. Let your imagination run wild. Swim in the ocean of imagination.Capture the imagination of the entire world by your outstandingachievements. Become success-mindedDo you know that your mind is so magnetically powerful that you can attractanything you strongly desire to yourself? Yes, by controlling your mentalmagnetism. Come to think of it, great people attract high quality things totheir life. This is not coincidence or luck. It is the result of preparing theirmind to gain abundant personal success. Quite naturally, success comes tothose who are conscious of success. Fortune gravitates to the man whosemind is prepared to attract it, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean. Contemplate on what it is that you want to attract into your life. Is itfinancial abundance? Vigorous health? Traveling the world? Excelling at avocation? Whatever it is that you desire, you can achieve it by using mindpower. Your mind power is the ultimate source of your success. Mind-control specialistThere was a self-anointed mind-control specialist who always used to giveedifying speeches on ways to tackle annoying situations with grace andpoise. Fed up with his speeches, a boy decided to get under the mind-controlspecialist’s skin. The boy challenged his friends, saying that he would make
  8. 8. that person irritated by his antics. According to the plan, one day, the boyinvited this supposedly calm and composed mind-control specialist to hishouse. The boy requested the mind-control specialist to tutor him regarding“mental stability..” Agreeing to do this, the specialist started the lesson, butthe boy, being a prankster, began to nag him by posing nonsensicalquestions. No sooner did the boy start to behave in this manner, than themind-control specialist lost his cool and made threatening remarks. The self-anointed mind-control specialist failed in this litmus test. “You bet!” Healthy mind = Healthy body A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body (i.e., mental and physicalhealth are undoubtedly connected). Though it sounds prosaic, this statementis very much applicable to all of us. If your mind is cheerful, you do yourwork enjoyably and energetically. If the body is fit and fine, the mind alsoremains glowing and enthusiastic. Psychology gives us an insight into howthe body and mind function in a coordinated way. Yoga: It aims at correcting disturbances at the psychological, emotional,and vital energy levels, thus correcting bodily disturbances. Yoga helps usreach a state of total calmness of mind, giving deep relaxation and rest to thebody. Yoga teaches us to have deeper internal awareness. Awareness is halfthe solution to the problem. Self-awareness helps us to change the fixed,abnormal conditioning of the mind. Positive mindset is the prime requirement for success Cameron wanted to become successful with every fiber of his being.Mental strength is by far the best of his qualities. Let us scan the achievements of Cameron: (1) At the age of 12, he met with a near-fatal accident, one month prior to his exams. But he recovered fast (due to the fusion of willpower and divine intervention) and did extraordinarily well on the exams.
  9. 9. (2) At the age of 14, he learned programming languages like C, C++, C#, and Java, and hardware subjects like the microprocessor, UNIX, LINUX, signals, and systems. As a result, Microsoft conferred on him the title of “Youngest Engineer in the Country.” (3) At the age of 20, he had a miraculous recovery from brain tuberculosis. (4) At the age of 25, he became the highest paid, first-time fiction writer. (5) At the age of 33, he lost his better half to cancer. He constructed a cancer hospital in her name. (6) At the age of 37, he created a search engine with a simpler way of procuring information from the Internet. (7) At the age of 43, he became the proud owner of a million dollar car manufacturing company. (8) At the age of 44, he climbed Mount Everest with exuberance and vibrancy. (9) At the age of 48, he created an easy and user-friendly operating system. (10) At the age of 53, he became a notable film director by making 3 blockbusters in 2 years. Take the examples of preeminent leaders like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, Clara Barton, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and Martin Luther King, Jr.: 25% of them had serious physical disabilities and an additional 50% were abused as children or were raised in poverty. So what? It wasn’t a big deal for them. Their positive mindset led to their huge success. A person with a positive mindset has enormous strength. He makeslight of life’s problems with a concerted effort. For him, no situation is “toobig..” He refuses to entertain the possibility of defeat in life. So, folks,
  10. 10. develop a positive mindset. It is the biggest favor you can do to yourself.Undoubtedly, a positive mindset is the vehicle for success. A Harvard University study revealed that 90% of everything a personachieved after completing formal education, such as money, power,authority, and fame, was based on a positive mindset, and only 10% wasbased on talent or proficiency. They also found there was no connectionbetween academic results and lifetime earnings. Battles are won and lost in the mind There was a Goliath-sized professional WWE (World WrestlingEntertainment) wrestler of measurable importance living in Alaska. He wasa cult figure. Slobbering over this wrestler, a wiry man went to Alaska (witha purpose, of course). The wiry man explained his pathetic situation and howhis landlord was threatening to throw him out of his rented house by sendinggoons to kill him if he did not vacate it early. The wrestler, even afterhearing this sad story, had no soft spot for the wiry man and did not offer tohelp him. This is when the wiry man thought of a plan: He began praisingthe wrestler as unrivaled, a man of courage and with guts of steel. This kindof magnanimous praise prodded the wrestler into helping the wiry man.From this example, a conclusion can be drawn about two things: (a) The wiry man knew how to make impressive maneuvers. (b) The wrestler was unknowingly outfoxed by the wiry man. Mind programming The human mind is compartmentalized into two parts: the consciousand the subconscious. The conscious mind controls the limbs and organs ofour body like the movement of hands, legs, mouth, etc. The subconsciousmind is a storeroom of all your beliefs and memories (good ones, bad ones,and important or not-so-important ones). What you think with yourconscious mind and what you feel with your body controls the activity ofyour subconscious mind. It is like the software that directs your computer. Example: Let us assume that a farmer has an empty, open field. Hewants to plant something in it. A farmer’s sowing action is like your
  11. 11. conscious mind, and reaping what you have sown is like your subconsciousmind. If the farmer sows grains of rice, he will reap rice in due course. The Conscious Mind The Subconscious Mind Has desires Has no desires Reasons No choice Volitional Habitual Has feelings Has no feelings Thinks Reacts Averages about 40 bits of Averages 4 billion bits ofinformation per second information per second Positive and negative mental states There are two states of mind: a positive and a negative mental state. People who have a positive mental state attract prosperity, abundance,and success. They have an “I can and I will” approach. They are alwaysenthusiastic and expect positive outcomes. On the other hand, people whohave a negative mental state focus on troubles, suffering, defeats, andfailures. Negative factors occupy their minds for long periods of time, andthe same gets mirrored in their actions. More and more people ascribe the bad state of their life to destiny. Theyblame destiny for acting as the wrecker-in-chief of their dreams. But this isnot true. We are the creators of our own fate. We build our destiny with ourthoughts. The quality of our thoughts determines what we are and what weought to be. According to the law of attraction, if you feed positive thoughtsinto your mind, good times will be ahead of you. If you allow negativethoughts to enter your mind, bad times will be on the cards. This is simplelogic understandable to scholar and layman alike! GIGO: GIGO, computer parlance, is often discussed under the rubric of“Mind power.” Spelled out, it goes like this: “Garbage in, Garbage out.”That’s what computer pundits indicate when a computer is programmed withthe wrong information and as a result yields the wrong information. Thecomputer is seen as a fixture of modern society that can only work with theinformation you give it. The concept of GIGO holds good for the human
  12. 12. mind too, with the relationship between the subconscious and consciousfrequently compared to that between a computer and its programmer. To beexact, garbage-thinking patterns in, garbage results out, and good-thinkingpatterns in, good results out. Therefore, the situation demands that we installa “firewall” in our brain similar to the one that we have on our computer tofilter what we let in. That way, when a negative thought tries to reach us, wecan envision that firewall doing its job and filtering out the negativity.