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USA presentation


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Presentation about USA. Used in class for children to learn more about USA

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USA presentation

  1. 1. United State of America
  2. 2. Introduction• USA located in the northern part of America continent• It has 50 states and 1 district: District Columbia, that is shown as stars in their flag• The country bordered with Mexico on the South, and Canada on the north• Capital: Washington• President: Barack Obama• Area: 9,826,675 km2 (3rd largest country in the world after Russia and Canada)• Population: 314,555,000 (3rd most populated country in the world after China and India)• Currency: US Dollar ($1 = Rp. 9500)• Independence Day: 4th July 1776• USA is a free country. Every religion is accepted, and people are freely choose to have religion or not
  3. 3. The people• Citizen of USA is called Americans• USA is a very diverse county. It is home of people with different ethnics and national origins. Many people in the 19th century migrated and settled down in America• There many race found in USA: – White is the majority, of about 70% of the population – Hispanic (Latino) is about 15%. They are originated from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, … – African American is about 12% – Asian is about 3%. They are originated from China, Filipina, India, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, ….• American believes in equality and justice for all. All citizens of America deserve to have the same rights
  4. 4. Americans comes from many nations
  5. 5. Region and State• In USA, there are 6 regions: New England, Mid Atlantic, The South, The Midwest, The Southwest and The West.• In each regions, there are many states. 6 states in New England, 6 states in Mid Atlantic (The city), 12 states in The South, 12 states in The Midwest (farm and agriculture), 4 states in The Southwest (great landscape with prairie and desert), 11 states in The West (home of the cowboy)
  6. 6. The cities• Big city or often called metropolitan, are where most of people in USA live• The most populated state in USA is California, with over 37 million people (12% of total population) followed by Texas, and New York• Many people like to live in the city, because there are many jobs, and places to go like malls, playgrounds, and swimming pools• But the city also can be very crowded and unpleasant to live in
  7. 7. Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, California. One of the most popular icon ofUSA and San Francisco. The length is 2.7km. The bridge is overlooking California city
  8. 8. Big houses in the city. This one is in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California
  9. 9. Times Square, New York City. It is very crowded, and people there are very busy withtheir life. They are always in a hurry.
  10. 10. Most people in the city of USA live in the apartments, because it is cheaper
  11. 11. Washington D.C• The capital of USA• Located in District of Columbia• The name taken from George Washington, the first president, and one of the founding father of USA. He also was the one who chose the site of the capital city• Today, millions come to Washington, D.C. each year to see the Capitol, the White House, the Library of Congress, and the citys many museums and monuments.
  12. 12. Capitol Building. Built in 1793, it is used for Senate and Congress Meeting. Now it is also amuseum of American Art and History.
  13. 13. Built in 1792. It is a house where the government runs their work everyday. It is thepresident and vice president’s office and residence.
  14. 14. The country sides• Some people prefers to live in the country side where life is slower, and easier• People work mostly on the farm, and sell local goods to the shops• The country side are greener, cleaner, and house are far apart. It is not crowded like the city• The countryside is mostly quite, peaceful, and not busy like the city
  15. 15. Farm in countryside, America
  16. 16. Farm in Texas
  17. 17. Cowboys in West America
  18. 18. School life in USA• Almost every kids in the USA go to school. The government school is free for all. Some goes to the private school• Kids go to school every Monday to Friday from 8 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the afternoon• Most kids go to after class activity such as sports, student newspapers, drama clubs, debate teams, choral groups and bands• Kids are actively involved in many social activities, such as taking care of the elderly, the handicapped and hospital patients, and help clean up the environment.• Kids are asked to join Boy Scout to learn about new things that are useful for their life
  19. 19. Boy Scout• Boy Scout also known as ‘Pramuka’ in Indonesia• It is an activity where children are taught to be creative and practice practical things that are useful for life• Boy scout is the largest youth organization in the USA• In America, boy scout are learning essential skill in life: leadership, creativity, confidence, living outdoors, and many other skill
  20. 20. A boy scout member receives badge for helping Japan during disaster
  21. 21. Schools in the USA is the best in the world!• Many of the best universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford are from USA• Most of famous presidents studied in the best schools in the USA. Barack Obama studied in Harvard• Schools in USA are taught using high technology and teaching children the most advance information in real time• Children are also experience what they learn in real life. Such as making solar panel, making houses, connecting electricity, …• Aside from learning, children are also taught to be good in sports and music. Many scholarships are given to children who are good in sport
  22. 22. School students in Hawaii are learning how to make solar panel for car
  23. 23. High School student making experiments of chemical elements
  24. 24. Do you know?• America is very advance in the past hundreds years. It is the world leader in economy, politics, military, and technology• America has the largest coal reserves in the world• Jazz music comes f rom America, but it is influenced strongly by African music• Statue of Liberty is given by France government for USA in 28 October 1886• USA is the leading industrial power in the world, highly diversified and technologically advanced; petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, telecommunications, chemicals, electronics, food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining• The sport Football in USA is actually rugby