QlikView business discovery helps EAT digest data


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After years of analysing business data through downloaded Excel spreadsheets, EAT found its employees would often be trying to analyse data in retrospect, and from different figures. It therefore needed a unified, real-time system that could help it keep up with the constantly changing consumer and retail marketplace.
EAT deployed QlikView across its organisation. The tool is now at the heart of all business decisions.

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QlikView business discovery helps EAT digest data

  1. 1. QlikView | Customer Success Story | EAT.QlikView business discovery Customer Name EAT.helps EAT digest data Sector Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution Industry“QlikView has quite simply transformed the way we digest data. Consumer ProductsThe tool has opened our eyes to what we can achieve with our Function Executive, Finance, Human Resources, IT,information and has proved that seeing really is believing. At Marketing, Store Operations, Research &EAT, everyone lives and breathes the solution, no matter what Development, Sales, Service & Support, Quality Improvement, Supply Chaindepartment. We can’t even fathom how we made decisions Geographybefore it!” London, United Kingdom Rene Batsford, Head of IT, EAT Challenges After years of analysing business data through downloaded Excel spreadsheets, EAT found its employees would often be trying to analyse data in retrospect, and from different figures. It therefore needed a unified,Overview landscape can change quickly, with real-time system that could help it keep upEAT is one of London‟s most successful specific product popularity altering due to with the constantly changing consumer and retail marketplace.high street food retailers. With over 100 anything from competitor deals to thestores, the chain sells a range of food and weather. The company therefore needed a Solutiondrink items and prides itself on making its system that could be used across the EAT deployed QlikView across itsfood fresh in store every day. business to give managers instant access to organisation. The tool is now at the heart of easily digestible information in real-time. all business decisions. Benefits Rene Batsford, Head of IT at EAT • EAT has significantly improved inventory comments, “We wanted a business management intelligence solution that could provide us • Staff labour allocation is now based on real with the data we needed in a meaningful, time store needs EAT can now hone in on rapid way, so that we could take action to individual staff performance to understand any changes not only within the same day, trends and execute improvement tactics but within the hour. This meant finding a • All employees have unified access to system that, rather than being „up-to-date‟, information was able to provide data right up to that very minute. After carrying out a review of • Increased overall efficiency and cost savings across the business the market, we found the QlikView Business Discovery platform perfect for Data Source Systems our needs.” Database: Excel EAT has now undergone a company-wide deployment, with the tool being usedChallenges across all functions of the business – fromPrior to deploying QlikView, EAT relied on HR to IT, finance and sales departments,Excel to carry out any data analysis. Not inventory management, and even in foodonly did this mean trawling through production. Rene continues, “It wasnumerous spreadsheets to locate specific important to us that everyone could use theinformation, but having to download the data tool, so that we could combine informationoff the system to share with teams was both from the different departments within thetime consuming and led to issues when organisation. The deployment took 2different employees ended up working from weeks and has already overhauled the wayvarious versions of the „latest‟ information. we‟re using our information.” This was especially problematic as, in thecompetitive food and drink industry the
  2. 2. QlikView | Customer Success Story | EAT. “Each department now has access to their QlikView has also proven useful for own individual dashboards, so directors are ensuring that all stores are adequately provided with all necessary information, manned. With its ability to show store 2 weeks to develop an whether drilling down into the least performance right up to the minute, regional profitable products or most successful managers are able to see if any are application members of staff. As all data is in real-time, particularly busy, yet short-staffed, and it is consistent across the business so the HR compare with any other outlets in the local department can be analysing the very same area that may be overstaffed, yet selling data as IT or Finance, to harness their own slowly. As Rene explains, “We can take the insights.” information comparing levels of staff with sales for each different store and use it to Benefits reallocate our workers so that each EAT QlikView is already being used to improve store is adequately manned to deal with the the company‟s sales performance through level of custom it is receiving. This means basket analysis. Using QlikView‟s powerful that we can both guarantee good customer in-memory search functionality, EAT is able service and drive maximum efficiency from to manipulate data right down to each our employees at any given time.” individual purchase and, as such, can carry out analysis of items that are frequently QlikView has become so useful to EAT that bought together to make informed decisions the company considers it as providing „the on future product development and sales. big picture‟ for all their data and is planning to equip its field workers with Windows “The ability to drill down through our data Tablets to make sure they can all take and see what each individual is buying in advantage of the tool‟s in-memory data real-time has been a massive help,” storage. This will ensure they have access to continues Rene. “We obviously want to the latest business information no matter maximise our sales as much as possible and where they are, to use data insight to truly doing this gives us intricate knowledge of the make a difference to the business. best product combinations. For example, we could find out that a latte and croissant might be more profitable together than as standalone products and up-sell or position them in store accordingly.” As the majority of the products EAT sells only have a one day shelf life, the tool also helps the company to make important decisions regarding inventory, so they can see immediately where one store might require more of one product, while another rarely sells and would be more viable to be discontinued. “We needed a solution that could cut across all functions of our business and provide all members of staff with unified and relevant data. QlikView has had the full business buy- in. Its ability to provide information in real-time made it the perfect tool for us to make crucial decisions across the business, from HR and staffing right down to the most successful products.” Rene Batsford, Head of IT, EAT © 2011 QlikTech International AB. All rights reserved. QlikTech, QlikView, Qlik, Q, Simplifying Analysis for Everyone, Power of Simplicity, New Rules, The Uncontrollable Smile and other QlikTech products and services as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products and services used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The information published herein is subject to change without notice. This publication is for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and QlikTech shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to this publication. The only warranties for QlikTech products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be www.qlikview.com construed as constituting any additional warranty.