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QlikTalk: QlikView in Banking


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Slides from the QlikTalk: QlikView for Banking presentation by Sander Daniels, MD of BI for Banking LTD & FORMER Head of Client Relationship Management (CRM) / Client Strategy at RBS in Customer QlikTalk Track I at the Business Discovery London event on 22nd November 2011

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QlikTalk: QlikView in Banking

  1. 1. Business Intelligence for Banking LTD,QlikTech & Thomson Reuters deliver an onlineSales Opportunity dashboard that uses the financials of 82,000 publicly-quoted clients to spot the products that best fit with the client’s financialprofile & needs Sander Daniels MD of BI for Banking LTD & FORMER Head of Client Relationship Management (CRM) / Client Strategy at RBS Mob: 07909 882643© Business Intelligence for Banking LTD
  2. 2. Business Intelligence for Banking LTD, QlikTech & ThomsonReuters deliver an online Sales Opportunity dashboard that uses the external financials of 82,000 publicly-quoted clients to spot the products that best fit with the client’s financial profile & needs  The BI 4 banking platform has been developed based on specific requests from banks to target cross-sell & RoC in a consistent way across all their clients  The BI 4 banking platform runs hundreds of detailed queries across 40+ global banking products to determine which product solutions best fit a particular client’s needs. The BI4banking platform uses PUBLIC account financials and other reliable external data made available by ThomsonReuters and this online platform is based on proven QlikView technology which most banks use already. The end result is an innovative online Sales Opportunity platform  The BI4banking platform can be used on the Apple Ipad / RIM Playbook / mobile devices without a costly integration with a bank’s internal systems & data. 50% of the top 100 Investment Banks have already announced their plans to replace Blackberry devices and ordinary mobile phones with Smartphones & Tablets  SPOT was invented by Sander Daniels in 2007 using a bank’s internal credit data only. This tool won “Best Client Management Solution in Wholesale and Capital Markets” by FT / The Banker and 3 other awards in 2008. SPOT was rolled-out across 40 countries to assist 1,200 bankers with Account Planning and some 1,000 Product Specialists with product campaigns  Back in 2007 we already discovered the power of QlikView which we used for product campaigns; the QlikView technology allowed us to run hundreds of detailed queries across thousands of clients and identify those say 150 clients that would most likely be interested in certain products Result: an increase of product cross-sell of 7% in the first 6 months and £15mln+ revenues© Business Intelligence for Banking LTD
  3. 3. Example of how the TR data & BI4Banking platform create powerful product alerts Sander Daniels interviewed circa 250 product specialists and 150 bankers to understand in detail how they use company financials to determine which clients would be interested to buy their products. Below an example of a bond issue (1 of 45):  250-2,500 desktop users of BI4Banking: Powered by:  Balance Sheet, P&L, CF statements provides product opportunities across 45 products / 82,000 clients  Share price, CDS & Market Cap compared to peers  Does the client have at least £300mln long term debt or capital leases maturing before the end of the financial year?  Historic ECM, DCM and Syndicated Loan issuance by bank  Does the client have at least another £100mln of LT Debt and leases maturing within the next financial year which could be refinanced?  Detailed debt maturity profile  Does the client have an external S&P or Moodys rating?  Has the companies’ rating remained stable or increased?  Rating data and most recent recommendations  Is the client expected to finance at least £100mln in CAPEX during the next financial year?  Company news tagged to 55 products  Is the client active in an industry/country that is predicted to grow fast according to equity analysts?  25-2,500 I-pad/phone/  Sales by region & country / International footprint Android/BB users:  Has the company recently made significant acquisitions for which it needs financing?  Key competitors & Industry data  Should the client increase its LT/ST debt ratio compared to its peers?  Equity Analyst rating  Has the client issued any news regarding future investments or acquisition strategy which might require financing?  Existing ownership breakdown  Has our bank ever led a DCM issue for this company?  Has the client used Debt Capital Markets within the last financial year?  Earning forecasts  Does recent share price development favour a DCM issue over equity?  250-2,500 Bankers &  Key company directors  The results of the above questionnaire is that exactly 5,415 companies Product Specialists use BI4Banking for Account globally have £500+mln in LT Debt maturing in 2011 and are likely to Planning, review of Sales consider issuance of bonds Opportunities & Product Campaigns. A bank’s  Linkage to FX and IR derivative cross-sell opportunities... strategy team uses the platform for product/ market choices & investments. Credit Committees can challenge bankers on Capital Allocation and Cross-sell:© Business Intelligence for Banking LTD
  4. 4. Powered by:provides product opportunities across 45 products / 82,000 clients The BI 4 Banking© platform generates actionable Sales Opportunities for bankers; products & solutions they can realistically sell to their clients based on an intelligent analysis of the clients financial data and markets conditions. Key benefits for a bank include: a) Increased revenues across chosen clients b) Higher Return on Capital (RoC) c) Closer customer relationships because bankers offer the most relevant solutions at the right time d) New products can be tested before costly development & marketing campaigns can be highly tailored within hours rather than weeks; reducing time-to-market e) More efficient use of both Human & Financial Capital; account planning and pipeline management become more scientific rather than subjective f) Knowledge sharing & retention = More Sales© Business Intelligence for Banking LTD
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