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Poker Terms and Glossary

  1. 1. 3967 players are online now! POKER CASINO GAMES EnglishHow To Play Promotions Tournaments VIP Program Site Info Player Zone Blog Support Poker Terms and Glossary Learn the meaning of poker terms in our poker dictionary. Poker Heaven Action: The placing of money into the pot. If there are lot of bets and raises, there is said to be a lot of action. Download & Open An Advertise: Showing down a weak hand in order to give the false impression that you are a loose and/or poor player. Account Aggressive: A player that bets and raises often, trying to buy pots and intimidate players. Free Poker Tutorial Video All-in: This is when a player decides to bet all his available chips on the current hand, whether he/she actually has a high How to play at Poker Heaven hand or else in the hope of bluffing and putting other players in an awkward situation. It is also the case that a player New Features goes “all-in” when he/she has insufficient chips to call a bet, hence betting all available chips to cover the current pot. Any subsequent bets go into a side pot in which the player will not be involved. If the hand is the highest the player will win the Poker Rules main pot, but not the side pot. A player can never receive winnings of more than what all the other players have bet for, so if an all-in exceeds other player’s bets, the extra chips are returned to the player going “all in”. Poker Hand Rankings Ante: A small, forced bet which everyone in the hand is required to put in the pot before any cards are dealt. Poker Terms Back door: A hand which is made using the last two cards. Making a back door hand is often unintentional. Deposit/Withdrawal Options Bad beat: This is a common term used for when a player has a really good hand and is still beaten by a better hand. Blackjack Rules Bankroll: An amount of money a poker player has which is kept separate from day to day spending and other costs, and is used solely for funding poker. Bet: To bet is to be the first to put any chips into the pot in each betting round. This person “opens the betting”. Blank: A card which appears to have no effect on a hand. For example; with a flop of KhQh9d, the 3c would be considered a blank. Also known as a brick. Blind: A compulsory bet made by a designated player or players before the initial deal. A blind becomes part of that player’s bet if they come into the pot. In Texas Hold’em there is the small blind equal to half the small bet and the big blind equal to the small bet. Bluff: To bet a weak hand in hopes of causing your opponents to fold. Board: The five community cards in Texas Hold’em or the player’s four exposed cards in Seven Card Stud. Boat: A full house. Broadway: An ace to ten straight. Bust: To run out of money or chips, often used in tournament play. Button: A disc that indicates who the nominated dealer is for each hand. The button moves clockwise, one step for each hand played. . Call: This is a bet that evenly matches a previous bet made by another player. Calling station: A player who calls far too many hands is known as a calling station. These players rarely bet, raise or fold. Bluffing against these players is not advisable. Capped: When a betting round has a maximum number of bets/raises. This is used mainly in fixed limit structures, and the cap is usually 1 bet and 3 raises. Case: The fourth and final card of a particular rank. Check: This refers to a no-bet / pass act, provided that no other bets have been made before, hence waiting to see if anyone else will bet. If all players check, then play moves to the next round. Check-raise: To check initially and then raise an opponent who has bet behind you. Chips: Chips are round discs typically made of plastic or clay which are used in place of money in most poker games. converted by
  2. 2. Cold call: Calling more than one bet at once.Connectors: Cards sequenced in rank, such as a nine and an eight or a queen and a jack.Community cards: The cards that are dealt face up on the table and which any player may use.Dealer: This player is nominated to be the dealer for the current round. In online poker the player will not actually dealany cards since this is done automatically by the software. Nevertheless, the player will be the last one to bet, which canbe advantageous as one will get to see what all other players bet before having to decide on a course of action.Dealer’s choice: A format where the dealer selects which particular poker game will be played each hand.Double gutshot: A hand in which a player has two inside straight draws.Drawing dead: When there is no possible card which can make your hand a winner, you are drawing dead.Expected value: Is the average amount one “expects” as the outcome of the random trial when identical odds arerepeated many times.Family pot: When all players at the table play a hand, it is said to be a family pot.Fill up: To draw to, and make, a full house from either two pair or three of a kind.Fish: This is the weakest player at the table, meaning he will call everything and go after every draw.Flop: The first three cards community cards in Texas Hold’em or Omaha.Fold: To throw your cards in, meaning you decide your hand is not worth playing anymore. Once a hand has been foldedthe player can take no further action in the current hand.Free card: When a player sees the next card without paying a bet to do so.Gutshot straight draw: When a player needs an exact card in order to make a straight. Also known as an insidestraight draw.Heads-up: Playing one-on-one.Hi/Lo: In Hi/Lo games, the pot is split with half going to the best high hand, and half to the best low hand. Many hi/logames have a qualifier for low which means hands must be at least 8-low to be in contention for the low half of the pot.Hole cards: The first two cards dealt face down to each player, also known as “pocket cards” in Hold’em.Initial deal: The first set of cards dealt to players before they have to make a decision.Inside straight draw: When a player needs an exact card in order to make a straight. Also known as a gutshot straightdraw.Joker: These are sometimes used as wild cards, particularly in home games.Kicker: A high card that accompanies a pair, two pairs, three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind. If two or more players have thesame combination of cards, this card is used to determine the winner.Lock: In hi/lo games, you have a lock if you are guaranteed to win at least part of the pot. Similar to the nuts.Loose: A player who plays too many hands, and isn’t frightened of throwing money away.Lowball: A poker game played for low only.Monster: A very powerful hand, almost guaranteed to win the pot.Mucked cards: This is when a player throws his/her cards in, without showing them to anyone. This is usually donewhen the player have lost, and in some cases when the player has won.No Limit: A betting structure in which the size of a player’s bet is unlimited.Nuts: A “nuts” hand is the best possible hand in any one game. As the hand cannot be beaten, one should betaggressively as victory or a split pot is guaranteed.Off suit: Two cards of different suits, used particularly in reference to Hold’em starting hands.Open-ended straight draw: When a player needs has four cards in a row, and needs to hit a card at either side inorder to make a straight. Also known as an up-and-down straight draw.Open pair: In Seven Card Stud, a pair contained in a player’s upcards.Outdraw: To beat your opponents made hand by drawing cards.Outs: The number of cards you can catch that will make your hand into a winner.Overpair: A pocket pair higher than all the community cards. For example: QQ on a J-7-4 flop.Paint: A picture card (jack, queen or king) converted by
  3. 3. Passive: A player who bets and raises infrequently, preferring to call or fold when faced with a bet.Pay off: Calling a bet when you think you are unlikely to have the best hand, but have a chance to catch a bluff.Pocket cards: The first two cards dealt face down to each player, also known as “hole cards” in Hold’em.Position bet: A bet made on the strength of one’s position, rather than the strength of one’s cards.Pot limit: A betting structure in which the size of a player’s bet is limited only by the current size of the pot.Post: Usually a forced bet, similar to a blind, upon entering a poker game.Pot: The total of all the chips bet by all players in the game, meaning that this is the prize the players remaining in thegame are competing for.Pot odds: The ratio of the size of the pot compared to the size of the bet a player must call to continue in the hand. Forexample, if the pot contains $10 and you must call a $5 bet; this gives you pot odds of 2 to 1.Play the board: In community card games, when a player’s best hand does not use any of his own cards, he is said tobe playing the board.Quads: Four of a kind.Rabbit hunting: When a hand ends with more cards to come, the act of looking to see which cards would have comedown. This is frowned upon, and is prohibited in some card rooms.Raise, re-raise: A bet that will increase the level of the current bet. A “raise” is the first increase during a betting round.Any subsequent increase in bets is called a “re-raise”Rake: This is a fee due to the house for the running of the poker room. The rake is taken out of the pot of any one handplayed in ring/cash games and as a buy-in fee for all tournaments. You can find raked explained in the support section onour website.River: The fifth and final community card. Also used as a verb for being beaten by a hand that an opponent makes on theriver card. For example “I got rivered by the flush!”Rock: A player who plays a very tight and patient game is called a rock.Rolled up: In Seven Card Stud, three of a kind using the first three cards.Scoop: To win the entire pot, used mostly in hi/lo games.Semi-bluff: Bluffing with what is probably the worst hand just now, but with outs which could turn the hand into a winner.Set: When a player has a pair in the hole and a third card of the same rank appears on the board, giving him three of akind, he has a set. If the third card comes on the flop, he is said to have “flopped a set.”Shark: A good, solid player taking a lot of money from poorer players.Showdown: The point in a hand when all the cards are out and all betting is over. The remaining players turn their cardsface up to determine the winning hand or hands.Slow-playing: To play a very strong hand weakly in order to fool your opponents into thinking you have a weak hand.Also known as sandbagging.Small blind: The player to the dealer’s left side posts a “small blind” (a compulsory bet) equal to half the small bet. Thenext player on the left places the “big blind”, equal to the small bet. The small bet will be a stake decided by the housebefore the game has started, and thus any player will be allowed to choose which games they wish to join with regards tothe stake levels.String bet: A player wishing to raise must do so with one continuous motion (live games only). Someone putting in somechips and then going back to his stack for more (unless it was verbally declared) is said to be making a string bet.Suited connectors: Cards of the same suit sequenced in rank, such as a nine and an eight of hearts or a queen and ajack of clubs.Tell: Any behaviour (normally unconscious) which gives away the strength of a player’s hand.Tight: Players who fold most of their hands and wait for premium cards to get involved in a pot, and will fold if the actionindicates they are beaten.Tilt: When a player is not playing his best game because of factors such as desperation to get even, or suffering a badbeat, where the players mind gets in the way of his game.Top pair: When a card in your hand pairs the top card on board.Turn: The fourth community card in flop games.Under the gun: The player to the left of the big blind in a game of Texas Hold’em, this player acts first pre-flop, and issaid to be under the gun. converted by
  4. 4. Wheel: An ace to five straight. Poker Heaven instructionsInTouch Poker Limited (company registration number C44236) and InTouch Casino Limited (company registration number C44237) are two limited liability companies registered in Malta, a member of the EU since May 2004. InTouch Poker Ltd is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming A uthority and operates under license number LGA/CL3/412/2007, issued on 21st January 2010. InTouch Casino Ltd is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority and operates under license number LGA/CL1/617/2009, issued on 21st January and are powered by Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd software (LGA/CL4/206/2005) and Boss Media Malta Casino Ltd software (LGA/CL4/315/2007), also regulated by the said Authority. Our services are not available to residents of the United States, US Virgin Islands, US Minor Outlying Areas or Turkey or any other jurisdiction that legally prohibits its citizens from engaging in online gaming. converted by