Why Scoring Member Engagement Matters


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Member engagement has always been crucial to the ultimate success of any association. It’s no secret, then, that member engagement is imperative, yet it’s never been quantified in a consistent way.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to quantify member engagement with the Composite Engagement Score (CES), a new, unique, and powerful tool that measures engagement with a single number. With CES, you’ll be able to leverage that knowledge to give your members increased value and make your association stronger.

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Why Scoring Member Engagement Matters

  1. 1. Why Scoring Member Engagement Matters Amith Nagarajan July 31, 2012A Service Of: Sponsored by:
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  4. 4. Today’s Speaker Amith Nagarajan CEO AptifyAssisting with chat questions: Hosting:Jamie Maloney, Nonprofit Webinars Cheri J Weissman, CJW Consulting & Services, Inc.A Service Of: Sponsored by:
  5. 5. Amith NagarajanAp fy, CEO@AmithNagarajan
  6. 6. Engagement is KeyEngaged Member Strong Organiza on Enhanced Experience
  7. 7. But how do youMeasure Engagement? with a Composite Engagement Score
  8. 8. Engagement equals Effectiveness when aligned with strategy
  9. 9. Engagement evolves with your Strategy
  10. 10. Top 5 Strategic goals (or rocks)
  11. 11. A Key PerformanceIndicator must represent each rock A KPI measures a member’s impact on that rock
  12. 12. Example KPIs # speaking engagements # events a ended # of con nuous years as a member # referrals $ from member volunteer hours
  13. 13. CES Measures Engagement on a scale of 0-100
  14. 14. Allocate 100 Points across all KPIs
  15. 15. Determine KPI Importance 35% KPI Weight 50% Committees Revenue Events 15%
  16. 16. Strategy Evolving? Change Rock/KPI Weights
  17. 17. Generate CES for: Individuals Companies Groups Tracking in Real Time Tracking Historical Data
  18. 18. Outside orInside of Your Database?
  19. 19. Data you can use in a Flexible Tool like Excel Analyze by Member Analyze by Segment (region, age, etc.) Create Averages
  20. 20. Using your Database Integrates CES value directly into opera ons Crucial informa on is visible to everyone Increased capabili es
  21. 21. Analyzeresults to Understand what works
  22. 22. Trend Analysis Member Level Segment Level Organiza on-Wide Predic ng Future Engagement Levels
  23. 23. Unconnected Knowledge Centers Introverted folks that are capable and knowledgeable
  24. 24. The Power CES ofBuilt for changes over meLinked to an ac onable strategic planCreates accountability
  25. 25. We are available to assist in designing engagement scoringmodels tailored to your organiza on. Inquire today! Scoring Member Engagement What Engagement Really Means and How to Measure It Download FREE eBook at bit.ly/ap fyscore
  26. 26. Have questions or need help with CES? Amith Nagarajan Ap fy, CEO @AmithNagarajan Email: Amith.Nagarajan@aptify.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/AmithNagarajan
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