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Weaving Your Marketing Loose Ends into a Tight Plan


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11NTC session with Kivi Leroux Miller, Nancy Schwartz, Tara Collins, and Karen Secular. Also see two other handouts from session.

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Weaving Your Marketing Loose Ends into a Tight Plan

  1. 1. Weaving Your MarketingLoose Ends into a Strong,Tight Powerful Plan11NTCweave
  2. 2. Kivi Leroux MillerNonprofit Marketing - @kivilmNancy SchwartzGetting - @nancyschwartzTara CollinsWatershed Agricultural CouncilKaren SecularThe Arnold P. Gold Foundation@GoldCareInMed
  3. 3. Fill in the blank:Our marketing is abunch of loose endsbecause __________.
  4. 4. Before . . .
  5. 5. After . .
  6. 6. 2 Tools 2 Case StudiesPlenty of Discussion
  7. 7. All Action, No Traction
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Photograph by Emory Kristoff
  10. 10. 5 Reasons Why a Marketing Plan is Essential1. Directs your focus & keeps you on a clearly defined path.2. Forces you to articulate concrete, measurable benchmarks.3. Provides a definitive means of measuring progress vs. benchmarks.4. Doubles as a pithy overview of your work to engage others.5. Makes it easy to draft your day-by-day work plan.
  11. 11. Your Marketing Plan Template1. Goals2. Benchmarks and Measures3. Situation Analysis4. Target Audiences5. Calls to Action6. Framing the Message7. Strategies8. Tactics9. Resources10.Work plan
  12. 12. DIY Communications AuditCompare to “Best Practices”Download This from MyNTC
  13. 13. Do our communicationspresent a unified brandto our supportersacross channels?
  14. 14. Do our communicationspresent consistentmessages and calls toaction to our supportersacross channels?
  15. 15. What needs to change inthe next three monthsand by this time nextyear?
  16. 16. Traditional:Press releasesCalendarsInterviewsPitches Multi-pronged Internal: Email signature PayCheck NewsMedia Approach Public speaking ConferencesNewsBasisFlyers LinkedIn
  17. 17. What Changed?Governance Changing Tweaked Strategic Plan Organization Report Board mission & Staff Buy-in statement Moving marketing from support function to strategic tool
  18. 18. Our Marketing Strategy Dictates How, Why and How Much Supporting Budget Justified Web Document forExecutive Director Designer Council Marketing Negotiations Expense Choices Going Forward Work Plan Guided by aUnfunded Liability: Inevitable Marketing Easement Fundraising & Donor Strategy in Stewardship Relationships Council’s Endowment Fund Best Interest
  19. 19. •Multi-prongedapproach•ManagingThingsDifferently•Website =primarymarketingtool
  20. 20. Cross-platform Branding•Duplicate look &feel of website•eNews sendsreaders back towebsite for moreinformation•Show, Tell, Like,& Share!•Branding in print& online
  21. 21. Be Adventurous, Be Zen• Start small• Measure• Experiment• Think long-term• Be aware of time• Improve your skills & confidence• Don’t freak out
  22. 22. Share the Load•Jill of All Trades•Empower staff•Find support inunlikely places•Ask for a favor•Keep it fun!
  23. 23. 70% email addresses are in Metro NY
  24. 24. Consistent look & feel across channels Emma Email Marketing
  25. 25. Our marketing is abunch of loose endsbecause__________.
  26. 26. What needs to changein the next threemonths?
  27. 27. Session Evaluation Each entry via text or web is a chance to win great NTEN prizes throughout the day! TEXT ONLINE Text 11NTCweave to Use 11NTCweave at 69866. Evaluations Powered By: