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Winner! Agency of the Year Category III: The Navicor Group

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Navicor - An Oncology Focused Advertsing Agency - MedAd News profile

  1. 1. THE MAGAZINE OF PHARMACEUTICAL BUSINESS AND MARKETING • MEDADNEWS.COM • ELECTRONICALLY REPRINTED FROM APRIL 2013 • VOLUME 32 NUMBER 4AGENCY OF THE YEAR CATEGORY IIITHE NAVICOR GROUPNavicor marked the end of 2012 with high double-digit growth, therealization of some significant short-term objectives, and its greatestsuccess to date. In all, the agency experienced 39 percent overall growthin 2012, jumping from 48 employees to 73 by year-end.
  2. 2. CATEGORY III—AGENCIES WITH INCOME OF LESS THAN $25 MILLIONPosted with permission from MED AD NEWS, April 2013. Copyright 2013 by Canon Communications LLC. All rights reserved.For more information on the use of this content, contact Wright’s Media at 877-652-5295.100569nership with Affymax andTakeda, the brand isthe first erythropoietin-stimulating agent to beintroduced in more than 20 years. As part ofthe “Bringing Response to Life” campaign forSeattle Genetics and its brand ADCETRIS,the agency built a towering traffic builder ofan antibody-drug conjugate from more than6,000 cans of food at the annual American So-ciety of Hematology meeting. The idea was ini-tially developed by Navicor, and the materialswere then donated to nonprofits at the conclu-sion of the show. “It was an incredible win-winwhile underscoring our benevolent nature as anagency,” Querry says. “Our focus stayed true tothe message, not the medium. And with mostof our business going high-tech, it was fantasticto draw so much attention for our client at amajor convention.”Technology continued to play a ma-jor role in Navicor’s growth in 2012.“We’re ahead of the curve, as more thantwo-thirds of our business is now digital– with two of our three largest accountsbeing digital,” says Marvin Bowe, execu-tive creative director. “We realize thateven referring to projects as ‘digital’ willsoon fade, as that will be a core expecta-tion by every client. We’re already seeingthis at almost every juncture. For exam-ple, Navicor produced 17 sales aids foriPads in just the past year alone. That’sincredible.”STRUCTURE AND SERVICESFor the ninth straight year, Navicor con-tinued to add to staff. Recent hires in-clude Phil Storer, the agency’s new VP/digital strategist from sister agency GSWWorldwide. Greg Niemczyk, senior VP/director of client services from Chicago’sAbelsonTaylor, co-leads the Affymaxand Takeda brand Omontys along withPaul Weiss, new VP/creative director,from Corbett Accel Healthcare Group.Susan Yug, senior VP/account services, joinedfrom Euro RSCG and co-leads Millennium’sVELCADE account along with Doug Bierland Wolf Gallwitz, Ph.D., who are both VP/account directors who had held lead oncologyaccount positions at GSW Worldwide. Leadingthe creative team on Millennium’s VELCADEaccount is Donna Baker, who was recently pro-moted from associate creative director to VP/creative director.FUTURE PLANSExecutivessayasNavicorbuildsonthemomen-tum of consecutive successful years, the agencynever loses sight of its original commitment tooncology. While its list of core clients expands,significant new objectives have been developedfor the coming year and beyond. Most notable,as a part of inVentiv Health Communications,Navicor will soon be integrating the newly cre-ated inVentiv Digital+Innovation group, as wellas partnering with Kazaam, inVentiv’s recentlyacquired digital agency. “Through our ‘Done asOne’ model, Navicor will be able to offer ourclients a substantially larger ‘virtual’ communityof digital talent and expertise,” Bowe says. “Likenever before, we will be competing as a formi-dable and global digital expert.”PHILANTHROPY/CITIZENSHIPNavicor considers active participation in phil-anthropic efforts around oncology a major pri-ority. The agency has had a nearly decade-longrelationship with The Leukemia & LymphomaSociety. From chili cook-offs to annual MardiGras events to “Navi-Q” barbecue events, it hasraised more than $54,000 to date for the cause.“We eat well at our fund-raisers,” Querry says.“But I’ve never been associated with a more giv-ing, caring, and amazing group of individuals inmy entire career.” 0 MEDADNEWSTHIS ARTICLE CAN BE ACCESSED ONLINE ATThe NavicorGroup LLC480 Olde Worthington Road, Suite 200Westerville, OH 43082Telephone: 614-543-6011Website: navicorgroup.comVery few agencies began the wayThe Navicor Group did. When GarnettDezember’slifewastouchedbycancer,itbecamehis personal commitment to create a positiveand lasting change in the oncology therapeuticmarket. Now, nearly nine years later, this groupof more than 73 skilled and devoted individualshas achieved tremendous success by transform-ing oncology products into major brands. “And,ultimately that helps transform patients into sur-vivors,” says Dezember, Navicor’s founder andpresident. By following this mission, Navicormarked the end of 2012 with high double-digitgrowth, the realization of some significant short-term objectives, and its greatest success to date.THE YEAR’S ACCOMPLISHMENTSAlthough many agencies recognized growth,2012 was truly an exceptional year for Navicor.Dezember says while the agency’s expansion iscarefully planned, “we are definitely makingunprecedented progress in the oncology arena.”In all, the agency experienced 39 percent overallgrowth in 2012, jumping from 48 employees to73 by year-end.“Our new business wins were significant,and many without a pitch,” says Dave Querry,executive/managing director. “This tells us thatthe Navicor name is not only becoming widelyrecognized in oncology, but also that the manyrelationships it has built with key individuals arecircling back in a very positive fashion.”In 2012, Navicor expanded its businesswith client Sigma-Tau to include work onOncaspar and DepoCyt, with OncoGenexfor work on OGX-427, and with Takeda forthe global launch of Omontys. New clientsadded to Navicor’s roster include NanoStringfor work on its global launch of Prosigna andTeva Pharmaceuticals for work on its diseaseeducation platform for Custirsen.Campaign projects played a prominent rolewith many of Navicor’s largest accounts. In Oc-tober, following an expedited approval launch,the agency launched the “Reducing the Bur-den” campaign for Omontys. Produced in part-AGENCY OF THE YEARACCOUNTSAccount wins 6Active business clients 9BRANDS BY 2012 SALESBrand-product accounts held 8$25 million or less 1$25 million - $50 million 1$50 million - $100 million 1$100 million - $500 million 1$500 million to $1 billion 1Digital 60%Advertising 40%Affymax, Inc./TakedaPharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.Millennium: The TakedaOncology CompanyNanoString TechnologiesOncoGenexSeattle Genetics, Inc.Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc.TakedaTeva OncologySERVICES MIXSERVICES MIXSERVICES MIXQUICK FACTSQUICK FACTSQUICK FACTSCLIENT ROSTERCLIENT ROSTERCLIENT ROSTERWINNERWINNERWINNER(left to right) Marvin Bowe, senior VP, executive creative director; LeAnn Duncan-Miller, VP, resourcemanagement; Brent Bernstein, senior VP, account services; Carmella Abraham, M.D., VP, medical director;Dave Querry, executive VP, managing director; Greg Niemczyk, senior VP, director of client services;Rich D’Ginto, senior VP, creative director; Garnett Dezember, president.“Living Proof” takes wonderful moments that make patients laugh, love, and live and conveys them in wordswithin the life lines of a beautiful, aging face.“Bringing Response to Life,” through proper balance of emotion and science, uses this CT scan to show the ADCETRISresponse rate being fully realized.
  3. 3. Urgent need!Subject:Hey Tom,Can you come in and teach us about multiple myeloma?THE ONCOLOGY AGENCYIs this what you expected when you sent the RFP?You can expect more from Navicor. We know oncology. We understandcancer better than any general health care agency. Howdoweknow?Our folks are the ones receiving late-night recruiting calls fromother agencies.At The Navicor Group, we specialize in just one area: oncology.And for years, we’ve been helping to promote, maintain, and globallylaunch some of the most successful brands in oncology. Our teamof oncology experts and medical specialists partner every day withaward-winning creative professionals to produce strategies andtactics that help turn oncology products into important brands—and patients with cancer into survivors.So if you are looking for specialized knowledge and understandingspecific to oncology, you’re looking for The Navicor Group.Contact Dave Querry @ 614.543.6466 | navicorgroup.com7:31 PM Tuesday—Still searching for an oncology “consultant” for the pitch5:47 PM Monday—Agency receives RFP