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  1. 1. Can you think of a business that doesn't wantto innovate and grow? The success and/or failure of an organization depend entirely upon the strategy formulation and the ability to execute that strategy. How do you decide upon a strategy?business strategy
  2. 2. Dr Zunaira Munir (Founder and Managing Director of Strategize Blue) isa business strategist who focuses on innovative business growthstrategies to help companies break out of competition and achieveprofitable growth With a client list that reads like a Who's Who inBusiness, Dr
  3. 3. Munir addresses companies eager to grow and willing to innovate fromorganizations, large and small Recent clients include Hewlett Packard,Coca Cola, T-Mobile, Center for Non-Profit Management, Ohio StateUniversity Medical Center, Technologico de Monterrey, AmericanAdvertising Federation, Banco Colombia, RJ Reynolds and CaliforniaChamber of Commerce to name a few business strategy Dr
  4. 4. Munir's specialized topic is " Blue Ocean Strategy," a systematicapproach to innovate and achieve profitable growth It originates from thebest selling book "Blue Ocean Strategy" (authored by Professors Kim andMauborgne of INSEAD in 2005) that is known to have revolutionizedbusiness strategy worldwide
  5. 5. Blue Ocean Strategy stresses businesses to "make their competitionirrelevant" instead of continuously striving to beat it As a senior memberof the Global Blue Ocean Strategy Network, she works directly with KimChan and Renee Mauborgne
  6. 6. Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that the traditional strategies are notsufficient to achieve or sustain profitable growth in the present daymarkets marked by cut-throat competition Instead of striving to do betterthan the competitors for grabbing a bigger share of the market, it focuseson value innovating for creating uncontested market spaces wherecompetition becomes irrelevant
  7. 7. It is about creating new wealth in the market instead of fighting over anddistributing existing wealth in the market Additionally, whereas all othertraditional approaches consider innovation to be a trial-and-error processthat depends on an entrepreneurs creativity and risk-taking, Blue OceanStrategy comes with a complete set of tools, frameworks andmethodologies that make the innovation process systematic andreplicable that anybody can learn and apply to achieve profitable growth
  8. 8. Challenging the traditional assumption that 'opportunities and risksalways come together,' Dr Munir focuses on 'minimizing riskswhile maximizing opportunities' to achieve business success
  9. 9. The system is quite generalizable and scalable and has been applied forformulating national strategies; for achieving corporate success; forgenerating growth in small businesses as well as for an individuals'success in career With a PhD in Innovation Management from WuhanUniversity of Technology in China and dynamic training and presentingexperience in Asia, Europe, South America, as well as the U
  10. 10. S Dr Munir continue to help companies develop concrete ideas andpractical steps to create new market space
  11. 11. business strategy