Guide for Stores and Brands to start selling more


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If you are a store owner or brand, then you know how challenging it is to gain a loyal customer base, and users interested in your product. Like all major publications will emphasize, it is always easier when you partner with bigger companies that already have a user base interested in what you have to offer.

In Moodyo, you can sell your products directly from our platform, have access to the performance of every product among our users, and send direct offers to people who are interested.

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Guide for Stores and Brands to start selling more

  1. 1. Guide for Stores and Brands Shop Smarter with the Help of your Friends October, 2013
  2. 2. Guide for Stores and Brands How can MoodyoTM help you? MoodyoTM is made for people with big aspirations who want to go far with their project. People like you. We bring together and encourage interaction among consumers, stores and brands to improve the shopping experience. An account in Moodyo serves as a showroom where other users who follow you can see your activity as far as the products: you want, where to buy them, opinions/reviews... When someone clicks on “I want it” they are expressing the intent to buy it. If some- one were to offer that product in the right conditions, the probabilities of purchase are highly increased. A click on “I have it” makes users more likely to ask you about the product or service. Creating a community in Moodyo will help you get to know your actual and potential clients better, and to be able to reach them in a more direct way.
  3. 3. Guide for Stores and Brands Create your account and start growing Go to and click on “Sign Up”. Register with Facebook to build your commnuity more quickly. Your activity will be automatically updated and you will be able to invite your friends with no effort Upload your most popular products to Moodyo for your followers to see Update your profile at least once a week so that your followers stay informed on all new products or services. Choose a name and a profile picture that is easily recognizable as your store or brand Invite more users to follow your account by clicking on “Friends”. Search for “Invite Friends” in the right-hand column and click on the Facebook or Twitter button.
  4. 4. Guide for Stores and Brands Get a Verified Account Like other social networks, Moodyo is free. Any person can create an account and upload any product they want, and in- vite friends to join. However, there are users who want to have a professional profile. Trendsetters, bloggers, or stores can request the seal of approval (a verified account). Verified accounts in Moodyo are distinguished by a badge (see image above). The badge appears in the profile photo. Since this is a manual process, you cannot access a verified account through an option in the platform itself. Request yours at
  5. 5. Guide for Stores and Brands Sell More with Moodyo Stores like Agudiza El Ingenio (jewelry) successfully develope their social shop- ping strategy in Moodyo and have processed more than 100 orders in Moodyo. If you have an exclusive or original product, Moodyo could be the best tool for you to but put it in the marketplace and test its appeal. General Store Conditions In addition to being able to upload products and utilize your profile to create trends or get to know the general opinion of a product, you can also use Moodyo in store mode. You can choose to sell your products directly from our platform with the Drop- shipping model. When the sale originates and is completed thanks to Moodyo, we earn a commission. If no sale is made, there’s no charge. Simple as that. The general commission is 15% of every sale. We process the orders and transfer payment, the only thing you have to worry about is shipping the item. If you’re interested, create your profile in Moodyo, upload a few products to serve as a reference and send us an email to About Moodyo Moodyo is originally a Spanish company with an international focus. Currently, Moodyo con- sists of users from over 30 different countries and is preparing its expansion to the US. Expert in E-commerce, Juan Macias (CEO of and entrepreneur Enrique Dubois are also a big part of the Moodyo team. Founders Javier Padilla and Alex Guerra have been working as web developers since 1997 and know the online sector very well.