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  • 1. A presentation by
  • 2. contents I.  what is ComponentArt? II.  what does it all mean? III.  what does it look like? IV.  who uses it? V.  want to get some? A presentation by
  • 3. what is ComponentArt? runs on ASP.NET 1.0, 2.0, 3.5, and ASP.NET AJAX Web UI Suite is client side rendering built on top of ComponentArt’s Web UI Technology controls generate JavaScript storage arrays containing the minimum data and style info required to display an element JavaScript logic is then used to generate all required HTML and/or DOM elements on the client A presentation by
  • 4. what is ComponentArt? advantages of Web. UI Suite’s technique generates the smallest page footprint in the industry. – Server side applications can output hundreds of kilobytes. Web.UI is 10x lighter than competing products. better client side performance by generating DOM elements on the client as needed and then destroying when not needed- produces snappy user experience and ability to handle large number of elements on page A presentation by
  • 5. what is ComponentArt? advantages of Web. UI Suite’s technique (continued) client side rendering technology allows for many rich u.s. features that would be impossible or extremely hard to implement with standard server based rendering (Grid Client Running Mode, AJAX With Client-side Caching and Client-side Binding With Web Services. ) search engine friendly and any site using ComponentArt nav controls is properly indexed by all supported search engines A presentation by
  • 6. what is ComponentArt? Charting for .NET Unmatched 3D rendering Industry leading AJAX features zooming, scrolling, drill down, toolbar interactivity implemented through Web Charts client side API Flexible Chart Modeling Tree Like series structure is combined with the API for fine tuning axes, planes, labels and data points. State of the art Wizard can build many complex charts in Wizard without a single line of code A presentation by
  • 7. what is ComponentArt? Charting for .NET (continued) Extensive collection of styles including: Bar, Line, Pie, Area, Financial, Radar, and Marker All predefined styles are fully customizable High Quality and High Speed 3-D rendering (rendering engines selectable on per-chart basis) Client Side API – Allows end user to customize many look related chart properties; Includes a zooming and scrolling widget Chart Visual Features – Palettes, Data Point Label Styles, 3D line styles, 2D line styles, Marker Styles, Gradient Styles, Tick Mark Styles, Label Styles, Text Styles A presentation by
  • 8. what does it all mean? advanced UI Control Suite: includes 22 Premium User Interface controls for development of sophisticated web applications 
Calendar- http://www.componentart.com/webui/calendar.aspx Callback- http://www.componentart.com/webui/callback.aspx Color Picker- http://www.componentart.com/webui/colorpicker.aspx Combo Box- http://www.componentart.com/webui/combobox.aspx Dialog- http://www.componentart.com/webui/dialog.aspx Editor- http://www.componentart.com/webui/editor.aspx Grid- http://www.componentart.com/webui/grid.aspx Input- http://www.componentart.com/webui/input.aspx Menu- http://www.componentart.com/webui/menu.aspx Multipage- http://www.componentart.com/webui/multipage.aspx Nava- http://www.componentart.com/webui/navbar.aspx A presentation by
  • 9. what does it all mean? advanced UI Control Suite:(continued) includes 22 Premium User Interface controls for development of sophisticated web applications 
Rotator- http://www.componentart.com/webui/rotator.aspx Sitemap- http://www.componentart.com/webui/sitemap.aspx Slider- http://www.componentart.com/webui/slider.aspx Snap- http://www.componentart.com/webui/snap.aspx Spell-check- http://www.componentart.com/webui/spellcheck.aspx Splitter- http://www.componentart.com/webui/splitter.aspx Tab Strip- http://www.componentart.com/webui/tabstrip.aspx Toolbar- http://www.componentart.com/webui/toolbar.aspx Tree View- http://www.componentart.com/webui/treeview.aspx Upload- http://www.componentart.com/webui/upload.aspx WebChart - http://www.componentart.com/webui/webchartlite.aspx A presentation by
  • 10. what does it all mean? features of Web.UI: Calendar- http://www.componentart.com/webui/demos/demos_control-specific/ calendar/features/core_features/WebForm1.aspx Color Picker- http://www.componentart.com/webui/demos/demos_control- specific/colorpicker/features/core_features/default.aspx Tree View- http://www.componentart.com/webui/demos/demos_control-specific/ treeview/features/core_features/webform1.aspx NavBar- http://www.componentart.com/webui/demos/demos_control-specific/ navbar/design/blackice/default.aspx Editor http://www.componentart.com/webui/demos/demos_integration/editor/ default.aspx A presentation by
  • 11. what does it all mean? features of Charting: Client Side API Toolbar- http://www.componentart.com/ charting/gallery/samples/ajax/toolbar/ Zooming and Scrolling- http://www.componentart.com/ charting/gallery/samples/ajax/zooming/ Drill Down Techniques- http://www.componentart.com/ charting/gallery/samples/ajax/drilldown/ A presentation by
  • 12. what does it look like? A presentation by
  • 13. who uses ComponentArt? Microsoft Panasonic Shell Siemens Charles Schwab Cisco Wells Fargo A presentation by
  • 14. want to get some? hello@momentumdesignlab.com




 A presentation by