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Learn about ASP.NET many features: how it can help you, where it comes from, what it looks like and who uses it

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  1. 1. A presentation by
  2. 2. contents I.  what is II.  where did it come from? III.  what does it all mean? IV.  who uses V.  want to get some? A presentation by
  3. 3. what is used to build enterprise-class web applications with a minimum of coding part of .NET framework and allows you access to classes in .NET can code in Visual Basic, C#, Jscript, .NET, and J# code runs on the server dynamically generates web page output to the browser or client device A presentation by
  4. 4. what is components of Web pages divided into 2 pieces: Visual and Logic 

VISUAL- contains static markup such as HTML or ASP.NET server controls or both. the ASP.NET web page works as a container for the static text and controls you want to display LOGIC- code that you create to interact with the page. can reside in a script block in the page or in a separate class (Code Behind File) Code Behind File can be written in Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual J#, or Jscript.NET A presentation by
  5. 5. where did it come from? began with researching possibilities for a new web application model that would solve current complaints about Active Server Pages and being able to write Clean Code. developed prototypes over two months by Mark Anders and Scott Guthrie called XSP to begin because “Everything Cool seemed to start with an X so that’s what we originally named it” 4 years of development until beta releases in 2000, and 2001. 1.0 Released in 2002 A presentation by
  6. 6. what does it all mean? getting started: 2 free downloads needed .net Framework-component of Windows operating system. proves the foundation for next-generation applications A presentation by
  7. 7. what does it all mean? getting started(continued): 2 free downloads needed Visual Web Developer 2008- easy to use and easy to learn program to create web sites A presentation by
  8. 8. what does it all mean? extensions of Microsoft has released extension frameworks that extend functionality AJAX Client side and server side components for writing ASP.NET pages that incorporate AJAX functionality MVC Framework An extension to author ASP.netpages using the MVC architecture A presentation by
  9. 9. who uses A presentation by
  10. 10. want to get some?




 A presentation by