GWT- Google Web Toolkit


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GWT- Google Web Toolkit

  1. 1. Google Web Tool Kit (aka GWT) A presentation by
  2. 2. contents I.  what is GWT? II.  where did it come from? III.  what does it all mean? IV.  who uses GWT? V.  want to get some? A presentation by
  3. 3. what is GWT? GWT is Java Web development GWT allows web developers to create AJAX applications in Java your Java code is compiled into AJAX (HTML and JavaScript) Web applications like Google Maps and Google Mail so, basically you can write your front end code in Java (and HTML) A presentation by
  4. 4. what is GWT? GWT produces code capable of running on all of the major browsers, such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and handles the compatibility issues for you by compiling different outputs for different browsers A presentation by
  5. 5. what is GWT? Components and APIs A presentation by
  6. 6. what is GWT? Components JavaScript Compilers GWT compiler converts Java code into JavaScript code GWT obfuscates the compiled output so that everything is compressed Java codes which are suppose to be compiled in to JavaScript needed to be JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.4 compliant JSNI (JavaScript Native Interface) the JavaScript Native Interface, or JSNI for short, allows us to execute JavaScript from Java, as well as execute Java from JavaScript this is made possible by the GWT compiler that can merge native JavaScript code with the JavaScript code that is generated from Java JRE Emulation Library this library contains the most commonly used parts of the full JRE, which may be used in your projects and can be compiled to JavaScript A presentation by
  7. 7. what does it all mean? Web apps with a Desktop look and feel recent trends shows that with the advance in web 2.0, we are increasingly trying to give Web Applications the “feel” of desktop applications now with GWT we get a pool of widgets and panels using which we can use build web applications like desktop applications A presentation by
  8. 8. what does it all mean? some GWT APIs Widgets and Panels GWT ships with a large set of widgets and panels available for use Instead of layout managers GWT provides a set of panels that display their children in a specific manner Remote Procedure Call GWT includes several wrappers of varying complexity and capability around the JavaScript XML Http Request object Includes set of classes for supporting the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) message format (GWT-Rpc) that allows you to send Java objects between the browser and server without the need to translate them XML parser Because the parsing is done by the browser and not by GWT, you get the performance benefit of native code execution A presentation by
  9. 9. what does it all mean? when to use GWT: good for when you have a Java back end if you like Java new UIs from scratch some other frameworks are good for enhancing existing UIs licensing: open source as of 1.3 (Dec 2006) Apache 2.0 license no restrictions on developed apps A presentation by
  10. 10. who uses GWT? view examples: Showcase.html#CwDecoratorPanel A presentation by
  11. 11. want to get some?




 A presentation by