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[Mobile Future] Michael Eriksson, Golden Gekko


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Mission Critical Mobile Services: Putting internal processes on the fast track. Michael Eriksson, chief commercial officer, Golden Gekko

Mission Critical Mobile Services: Putting internal processes on the fast track. Michael Eriksson, chief commercial officer, Golden Gekko

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  1. Mission Critical Mobile Solutions
  2. Michael ErikssonChief Commercial OfficerTwitter: @micheeriksson 2
  3. 3
  4. A team of 140+ people that love and breathe mobile.20+ nationalities across 3 continents. 4
  5. More than 150 brands and agencies have put their trust in us. 5
  6. What is ”Mission CriticalMobile Solutions”?What is ”Mission Critical jobs” ? Mission-critical jobs are those jobs that help the organization maintain or develop its distinct competitive advantage. A job’s expected contribution to long-term organizational success The difference in contribution level between having an average performer and a high performer in the job is very high. Source: Wikipedia 6
  7. Mission Critical MobileSolutions can be: The service/product in it self Customer fronted to support the service/product Supporting key functions internally 7
  8. Is this something new? 8
  9. 9
  10. PortfolioMy DogSocial mobile platform for doglovers. 10
  11. PortfolioWataniyaServicing over 40% of mobileusers in Kuwait, in an easy, funway that drives awareness of otherservices. Launch scheduled for February 2013 (English & Arabic) Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry & Symbian Objective is to differentiate from what other operators are offering as well as increase loyalty and customer satisfaction 11
  12. O2 Media Showcase O2 Medias mobile marketing and advertising services Central repository for latest presentations and case studies Eliminate the need for sales team to travel with laptops to meetings 12
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  20. +30 minutes per day in front of clients = 3 more meetings / wk 135 more meetings / yr 13 more deals / yr x 50 sales repsAssumptions: Length of a meeting is 1 hour; 2.5 Meetings per week rounded to 3; Work calendar based on 2045 weeks per year; Conversion rate of 10%; Investment based on Meetr ‘Core’ for 50 users
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  27. So what’s agood service? User InteractivityIt’s about stickiness. ExperienceThe illustration to the right shows theingredients we bake into our apps to Stickinessmake them create associations in ourhead and hearts as strong and positiveas the smell of mom’s newly baked performance Utilitycookies. You know the smell, you knowthe feeling. It sticks. 27
  28. 28
  29. Michael ErikssonCCOemail me@goldengekko.commobile +34 667 519 014