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Make Mobile Video Work: How to Keep 4G subscribers Happy

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  • We want to introduce a concept to you: The Opera Cloud for Mobility. What is it?
  • At least 5x less hardware needed in next-gen model, assuming 20% of data to congested towers
    Also simpler redundancy and failover
  • [Mobile Future] Jeffrey S. Glueck | Skyfire

    1. 1. Revitalizing a Scandinavian Internet Icon
    2. 2. 260+ million active monthly mobile users Strong growth last 12 months
    3. 3. More than 75 milllion active monthly Android users Strong growth last 12 months
    4. 4. Coast by Opera: The Browser iPad Should Have Shipped
    5. 5. No. 1 from Coast to Coast Top Lifestyle App in U.S., Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Russia, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden
    6. 6. Opera’s MediaWorks
    7. 7. An overview of our strong core metrics 14K+ 400M+ 60B+ $600M+ Mobile Sites & Apps Monthly Unique Consumers Ad Impressions/Month Expected Ad Revenue Enabled in 2013
    8. 8. We benefit from attractive underlying growth rates in the mobile advertising space USD Billions Global Mobile Ad Spend Source: eMarketer, December, 2012
    9. 9. Opera and Skyfire Taking our operator offering to new heights +
    10. 10. The Opera Cloud for Mobility
    11. 11. Mobile video to grow at 75% CAGR Consumes 67% of global bandwidth by 2017 Where today Source: Cisco VNI 12
    12. 12. There is a strong need for video optimization New video services such as Vine and Instagram completely changing the video landscape Growing demand confirmed by increased amount of trial requests and RFx processes
    13. 13. Many Users in Developing Countries like Brazil with Strained Mobile Networks 14 41% of connections on 3G in Brasil ran under 300 Kbps in Sept 2013
    14. 14. Countries Vary on Bandwidth Variability, but All Countries Have Times of Poor QoE on Cellular Networks • Source: Ookla speed test data • For an HQ video of 1 Mbps or more, networks often fall short • Sessions distribution definition: • “Significant Stalling” connections < 1 Mbps • “Limited Stalling” 1-2 Mbps • “No Stalling” connections > 2Mbps
    15. 15. CloudBurst: Scalable, Flexible Capacity Management Public Cloud • Deploy Carrier Cloud base capacity • Utilize external compute power ondemand during peaks • Example: Olympics, World Cup, etc • Leverage publics clouds option Load Balancer Skyfire Optimizer + Cache Opera Cloud Load Balancer Skyfire Optimizer + Cache Carrier Cloud Load Balancer ... Skyfire Optimizer + Cache
    16. 16. Hosting is global Iceland Amsterdam* Seattle Beijing Ashburn • • • • 10,000 servers world wide and growing 5B+ page views per day and growing ZERO downtime to date 10% monthly growth rate Opera Mini Other Services or Customer Specific
    17. 17. 4G LTE Still A Fraction of Global Cell Connections through 2017 Source: GSMA
    18. 18. Web Pass
    19. 19. We’ve partnered with Facebook and others to connect the next 5 billion online Internet.org is a global partnership between technology leaders to bring the internet to the rest of the world’s population. Partners to explore solutions in three opportunity areas: •Affordability •Efficiency •Business models
    20. 20. Web Pass Humanizing Data Purchase ● Cloud data services provisioning ● App for easy data purchases ● Content and Time-based rather than MB ● Cloud compression built-in ● Enables Ad-supported data packages, toll free, etc. ● Segmented offers by customer ● Big Data analytics offers mgt.
    21. 21. Our operator offering has evolved massively over the last 12 months and is getting strong traction in the market Opera Web Pass Opera Mini co-brand Horizon Browser Extension Platform Rocket Optimizer
    22. 22. © 2013 Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved.