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WFP - Mobile Cash Prezi MoMoManila Feb.6 2012
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WFP - Mobile Cash Prezi MoMoManila Feb.6 2012


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  • 1. WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME PHILIPPINESFighting Hunger Worldwide Photo by Voltaire Domingo Presentation to Mobile Mondays Meeting 6 February 2012 1
  • 2. Who we are WFPs strategic plan lays out five objectives and all our work is geared 97.1 75 towards achieving Million Countries Beneficiaries them.Fighting Hunger Worldwide Emergency Preparedness Mission Nepal They are: February 2011 1 Save lives and protect livelihoods in emergencies 2 Prepare for emergencies 3 Restore and rebuild lives after emergencies 4 Reduce chronic hunger and undernutrition everywhere 5 Strengthen the capacity of countries to reduce hunger
  • 3. WFP Philippines Current Operations School Feeding Programme Livelihood Support: Food for Assets / Cash for AssetsFighting Hunger Worldwide Supplementary Feeding & Micronutrient Powder Programme Capacity Building Efforts: Disaster Preparedness & Response 3
  • 4. What is Cash for Work (CFW)?Fighting Hunger Worldwide 4
  • 5. CFW Context and Objectives • Implemented during natural disasters, conflict or periods of food price volatility • Provide temporary income/employment • Create/rebuild community assets or skillsFighting Hunger Worldwide • Address Food Security • Improve nutrition levels through access to wider range of food • Support local markets/economy 5
  • 6. Fighting Hunger Worldwide WFP-Globe Partnership6
  • 7. About the Partnership • Location: 2 typhoon affected regions (NCR and Region 4A) • Amount distributed: PhP1.8 million • Globe contributions: SIM cards, communication materials, training, mediaFighting Hunger Worldwide launch • Beneficiaries: 1,790 persons • Entitlements: average of PhP1,200.00/person 7
  • 8. GCASH COVERAGE Municipalities/ Cities Persons Total GCASH Distributed (PhP) 1.Marikina 338 460,863.00 2.Mandaluyong 360 490,860.00 3. Malabon 227 155,495.00 4. Quezon City 171 233,158.50Fighting Hunger Worldwide 5. Jala-jala 418 485,507.00 6. Binangonan 246 59,310.00 7. San Mateo 30 8,580.00 1,790 1,893,773.50
  • 9. CFW Cash Distribution through Mobile Cash Transfer (GCASH) STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Cash-for-Work Sensitization SIM Card Distribution GCASH RegistrationFighting Hunger Worldwide STEP 5 STEP 4 STEP 6 GCASH Confirmation Uploading and Approval Cash-out Through Text Notification
  • 10. CFW DISTRIBUTION MECHANISMS Mobile phone cash transfer (GCASH)Fighting Hunger Worldwide Opportunity: use of technology widely accepted; secure transfer of cash. Challenge: limited network coverage; lack of knowledge on ‘cashing-out’ (respondents regarded the process as long and tedious).
  • 11. OPPORTUNITIES & LESSONS LEARNED • Opportunity to work with the private sector • Greater financial efficiency/transparency • Mobile cash transfer is less risky both for staff and participantsFighting Hunger Worldwide • Increased savings for beneficiaries • Technology can be personalized/developed as mobile vouchers (i.e. Government uses GCASH for 4Ps/CCT programme)
  • 12. OPPORTUNITIES & LESSONS LEARNED • Importance of hands-on training to facilitate easy learning of new technology • Setting up of proper identification system • GCASH may be used to pay loans/bills or sent to other phones instead of purchasingFighting Hunger Worldwide food • Limited/weak signal in some areas (rural)
  • 13. Fighting Hunger Worldwide FUTURE PARTNERSHIPS13
  • 14. SOME CONSIDERATIONS IN USING CASH ASSISTANCE IN MINDANAO (CONFLICT AREAS) • Food availability (market assessment) • Means of transfer/cash infrastructure • Transporting cash (high-risk areas) • Safety and security risk assessment • Low literacy levels require moreFighting Hunger Worldwide focused/hands-on training • Lack of valid identification (no birth certificate, no ID)
  • 15. Fighting Hunger Worldwide Thank you!15