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Monetisation with BlackBerry


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Presentation by Johan D. Kremer, Head of Alliances for Southeast Asia for BlackBerry. Given at MoMo Manila 2011.10.24

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Monetisation with BlackBerry

  1. 1. Monetization with BlackBerryPartnering with BlackBerry Ecosystem Johan D. Kremer Head of Alliances for Southeast Asia BBMe: 25F114B4 1
  2. 2. 70 MillionBlackBerry® Subscribers
  3. 3. 165 MillionBlackBerry Smartphones Sold
  4. 4. 50 Million BBM™ Users
  5. 5. 1 BillionBlackBerry App World Downloads
  6. 6. 1,035,000,0001,030,000,0001,005,000,0001,025,000,0001,020,000,0001,015,000,0001,010,000,000Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  7. 7. BlackBerry Balance Available Now on all BlackBerry 7 Devices and coming soon on BlackBerry PlayBook
  8. 8. 25 Million Downloads
  9. 9. Making Money withBlackBerry App World
  10. 10. Targets a Global Audience• Over a 150 million devices sold• Over 70 million active users• App World available in 130 countries• 26+ currencies supported• Carrier Billing with multiple major carries across 10 countries and expanding rapidly
  11. 11. Users are Hungry for Apps• Over 1 billion apps downloaded• Over 140 million apps downloaded per month• BlackBerry 7 smartphones generate 11x Higher Gross App ARPU than BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry 5 smartphones
  12. 12. Users are Hungry for AppsThe average BlackBerry app generates:• 43% more daily downloads than the average iOS app• 48% more daily downloads than the average Android app
  13. 13. Developers Make MoneyBroad payments Support with:• Credit cards, PayPal and Carrier Billing• In-App payments, subscriptions• In-app Advertising• BBM connected apps drive viral adoption
  14. 14. Where Developers Make Money• “13% of BlackBerry developers make over $100, 000 from the App World apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple developers . . .” • Evans Data Corporation, September 2011 Application Distribution Survey• “Over 10 million users and hundreds of millions of uses of iSpeech apps on BlackBerry with no paid advertising. This has allowed us to grow from ta single app to a major technology platform” • Yaron Oren, COO, iSpeech
  15. 15. Get Discovered!Get Your App Featured in 3 Easy Steps Upload Your Product Feature Image Upload Your Short Description Submit Your App Nomination to: How You Can Amplify Your Nomination • Execute Co-Marketing Activities • Leverage New BlackBerry API’s • Update Device Support to Include the Latest Platforms • Use the “Get it at BlackBerry App World” logo
  16. 16. Registration is now open for BlackBerry DevCon Asia with some great offers:– Free passes worth USD 200 for Alliance Paid Tier Members– Free PlayBook for all registered attendees (incl those with free passes)!– Award recognition of Developer Challenge from Asia
  17. 17. SelamatQ&A 20