Next generation workforce summit: new ways of learning


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The learning solutions in the cloud are based on new ways of working, collaborating, learning, technology (mobile working, use of apps), culture change. Manage or facilitate learning? Manage learning outcome, align with organisational objectives, facilitate reflection. Talent management and Saba. EU project MIRROR reflective learning apps (examples used in call centre and hospital, care). 70-20-10 model.

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Next generation workforce summit: new ways of learning

  1. 1. Integrating cloud based learning solutions BT Learning Solutions
  2. 2. Next generation workforce •Flexible •“Social” •Visual •Shallow •Connected but not by email or telephone
  3. 3. we live in Interesting times • New ways • of Working • of Networking • of Collaborating • of Learning • of using Technology • of Managing Exponential 14 % of FORTUNE 500 companies from 1959 still existed in 2011
  4. 4. What happens in practice • We are facing costs cut • Staff needs to be empowered • And, its going to happen anyway But… Technology led approach Paying lip service to culture change Failure to get beyond pilot(s) and gain scale Failure to maintain momentum Failure to capitalise on the gains …mean that very few organisations make the most of the opportunity.
  5. 5. Learning evolved from a formal, classroom-based to an informal, collaborative model Source: Adapted from original model defined by Jane Hart and later extended by Jay Cross Stage 1 Classroom learning Stage 2 e-Learning Stage 3 Blended learning Stage 4 Social learning Stage 5 Collaborative learning Trainers in a classroom using presentation and printed content Online courses to support independent anytime, anywhere learning Combination of classroom and online courses User-generated content and other social media Learn from colleagues and subject matter experts Top-down, traditional or formal learning “Pushed” by the organisation Bottom-up, informal learning On-demand, just-in-time learning “pulled” by learner • Role of Learning & Development organisations is evolving from top-down control to facilitation of collaborative learning. • BT Learning Solutions can support organisations in this journey through both technology and change management.
  6. 6. L&D challenge Do you manage or facilitate?
  7. 7. New ways of learning • Focus on outcome • Align organisational objectives • Moment of need – Performance support • 10-20-70 • Reflection • How do you generate content?
  8. 8. Output based learning • Rapid change • Not important how they learn • Point in the right direction (pre-test) • and measure (test)
  9. 9. The interesting stuff happens if we align learning with performance and talent – underpinned by social collaboration capabilities • A unified people profile connects learning with other people processes such as Performance and Talent Management. • Informal learning and social collaboration capabilities through communities and tools such as wikis that support discussions and networking. Saba enterprise
  10. 10. One view
  11. 11. Goals are connected
  12. 12. Performance support Learning is a continuous process that always occurs best in context
  13. 13. How do we learn • Education • Exposure • Experience • 90% need reflection
  14. 14. MIRROR, reflective learning @ work • © MIRROR Project - Co-Funded by EU IST FP7 Individual Team Organisation
  15. 15. Interactive model
  16. 16. Some examples of reflective learning • Integrated app approach • Call centre – Coaching – Continuous improvement • Hospital – Challenging conversations
  17. 17. L&D challenge You need to manage AND facilitate?
  18. 18. It is still about people and your business Start with a business rational Define the transformation Define and manage the benefits Cloud Integration with other systems Security & privacy Update strategy Integrating cloud based learning solutions
  19. 19. Security Bringing out the best in people BT Learning Solutions