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Health insurance applications


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Simple steps for applying for individual health insurance on line

Simple steps for applying for individual health insurance on line

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  • 1. Health Insurance Applications
    How to prepare an online rate quote and submit an application on line.
  • 2. Step IChoose A Company
    Click on the logo of the company for which you are interested in obtaining a quote and /or applying with.
  • 3. Step IIPrepare A Quote
    Once you have clicked on the company’s logo you will be redirected to that specific companies internet portal.
    Although each company’s software is different, all of them have some things in common.
    The first thing all companies will require is that you prepare a fresh rate quote.
  • 4. Step IIISelect A Plan
    After you have entered in your personal information all of the companies will require you to select which plans you wish to look at more closely.
    If you get confused at this point, call me at (832) 767-8059 from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday. If I am able to help you over the phone I will.
  • 5. Step IVApplication
    Once you have selected the plan you wish, you will only need to click on the button that is provided to allow you to complete your application on line.
  • 6. Step VRegistration
    Once you have clicked on the button to allow you to complete an application your software may require you to register before you are able to complete an application.
    By registering you will be setting up a file for your application to go in to. If the company you elected gives you a new Username and Password, make certain you write those down to enable you to pick up on your application where you left off if for any reason you are interrupted while you are completing the application.
  • 7. Step VRegistration(Continued)
    Registration is often the most confusing part of completing an application on line.
    For people who are not used to doing business on line, it is new and can be a little intimidating.
    If you are confused or scared with this step, call me at (832) 767-8059 and I will attempt to walk you through the process of registration.
  • 8. Step VIApplication
    The online applications are actually easier to use than the older paper technology. They will not allow you to leave a required area unfilled.
    Just be advised that with some company’s software systems, you will not be able to skip ahead in the application until after you have answered all the questions asked previously.
  • 9. Step VIIPayment
    Towards the end of your application you will find a page to allow you to make premium payments on line.
    All insurance companies will allow you to make your initial premium payment with a credit or debit card with your application.
    Most will even allow you to use your checking account for the initial premium.
    Be advised, however, that each company has its own regulations regarding subsequent premium payments.
  • 10. Step VIIIReceipt
    Just like at your ATM, once you have successfully submitted your application and payment you should get a notice of receipt from the insurance company to confirm they have received your information.
    Save that confirmation that you get. You may need it if there are any complications in the future.