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10 medical issues not covered by traditional medicare


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This slide-show shares 10 common medical expenses that Medicare for which traditional Medicare will not pay.

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10 medical issues not covered by traditional medicare

  1. 1. 10 Medical Issues Not Covered By Traditional Medicare 10 MEDICAL BILLS MEDICARE WILL NOT PAY
  2. 2. HospitalDeductiblesYou may be used toannual deductibles.That is not the case withMedicare. Unless youare readmitted to thehospital within 60 daysof being discharged forthe same medicalreason, you have to paythe Medicare hospitaldeductible* each timeyou are admitted.* Medigap insurancewill pay this deductiblefor you.
  3. 3. Doctor BillsIf you are enrolled in partB of Medicare, it will paya portion of your doctorbills. You will still beliable for your Medicare Bdeductible, 20% of theMedicare B approved feesyour doctor charges and100% of your doctor’s feein excess of whatMedicare approves. *Not all, but someMedigap plans, will paythese medical bills foryou.
  4. 4. DrugsNeither part A ofMedicare nor part Bwill cover prescriptionmedications. If youwant insurancecoverage for yourprescription drugs, youwill need to enroll in aMedicare D planthrough anapproved, privateprovider. *Most plans will beoffered by approvedinsurance companies orpharmacies.
  5. 5. Long TermCareMedicare only pays for“medically necessary”care. Medicare doesnot pay for “custodialcare.” *Medicaid is thegovernment programthat covers Long TermCare if you qualify forit. If you do not qualifyin your state, you mustspend your own assetsor use a variation ofLong Term Careinsurance.
  6. 6. RoutineDentistryMedicare B may coveryour dentist’s bill ifthere is a disease thataffects your mouth. Itwill not cover routinedental check-ups. ** A separate Dentalinsurance policy wouldbe required if you wantdental insuranceduring retirement.
  7. 7. DenturesNot only will Medicarenot pay for routinedentistry, Medicare willnot pay for yourdentures.
  8. 8. Hearing AidsNo part of Medicare willpay for hearing aids orappointments for fittingthem.Critical Illness andIndemnity type Long TermCare insurance will bothpay a cash benefit that canbe used for hearing aidsunder specific conditions.If your hearing loss is anormal part of the agingprocess and is not causedby a covered Critical Illnessor Activity of Daily Living,you will have to pay foryour hearing aid yourself.
  9. 9. Cosmetic/Elective SurgeryIf the reason for yourhospitalization is purelycosmetic andelective, neitherMedicare nor Medicaidwill pay your hospitalbills.Medicare may pay forplastic surgery after atrauma or diseaserequires it. It will neverpay for plastic surgerymerely to change yourappearance.
  10. 10. AcupunctureMedicare will only payfor medical treatmentthat is accepted bywestern-trainedmedical professionals.Although acupuncturehas been used forcenturies in the far east,it is not a recognizedtreatment by allwestern-trainedmedical professionals.
  11. 11. ChiropracticMedicare will pay forchiropractic servicesonly to treat a“subluxation” (one ormore of the bones of thespine have moved outof position.)Medicare will not payfor x-rays, massagetherapy or any otherservices that areprovided by aChiropractor.