7.26.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript


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Transcript for #CHSOCM (Church Social Media) Tweetchat held on 7/26/11.

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7.26.11 CHSOCM Tweetchat Transcript

  1. 1. Tuesday, July 26, 2011Note Data and transcript from HashTracking.com. #CHSOCM HashTracking.com Report345 tweets generated 381,956 impressions, reaching an audience of 42,687 followerswithin the past 24 hours. Calculated from up to about 1000 tweets | Generated Wed Jul 272011 00:50:21 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)Top 10 by number of impressions Top 10 by number of tweets  iamepiscopalian: 122,429  chsocm: 43  meredithgould: 116,928  meredithgould: 32  denise205: 25,622  rev_david: 25  rampracer: 21,540  fsantoni: 24  mwecker: 17,056  iamepiscopalian: 23  rev_david: 15,500  denise205: 23  catholicmeme: 8,450  trinitylimerock: 22  chsocm: 6,364  revweb: 17  expatminister: 6,186  theologybird: 14  danielswall: 4,136  mwecker: 13 1
  2. 2. Transcript Transcript has been edited by chat moderator, Meredith Gould (@meredithgould).chsocm Good evening & welcome to (church & social media). Everyone ready for this weeks fun? As always, we begin with prayer & then some quick housekeeping. First, let us praycatholicsme @chsocm yes, i wont be able to stay too long but definitely happy to be here ) - Hughchsocm Almighty & everlasting God, we ask that our time together as people of faith be holy, creative & guided by your Holy Spirit. AmenRevWeb Amenedrescherphd Just stopping by briefly, then back to work on @Click2SaveBook. What Qs/issues should @prkanderson & I be addressing?Denise205 Amen.chsocm Join when you can and depart when you need to! Remember, youll be able to review the live stream & a transcript will be available We also start with brief self-introductions. <--moderating this chat. Sociologist, author, keen on using social media to build faith and community.Denise205 Work with web content for a Catholic publisherand glad to be back for another chatiamepiscopalian <-- the Episcopal Churchcatholicsme im with vmr communications and the association of catholics exploring social mediarev_david David Hansen, Lutheran pastor in rural Texas. Juggling a toddler once again this evening.sinden Im the director of music @stpaulsrva (Richmond, Va.)CharlotteElia <---- Candidate for ministry, student in liturgical studies 2
  3. 3. chsocm Great to see folks returning & some new people joining us.rev_david @MeredithGould Wait ... You think its just a metaphor? )chsocm If youre new to tweetchatting on Twitter, you might want to use TweetChat, the platform, which adds the hashtag automagicallyclaytonfaulkner director of worship/technology@ elca Lutheran church in Houston.catholicsme @fsantoni curious to know more about @techreligiousDenise205 @BarbaraKB Twitter is better for conversation. Im over in one on right now, in fact!chsocm T1 Thinking about using social media at the local church/parish level, what needs to be in place for it to work well?theologybird rector of cluster of small parishes in MTfsantoni @catholicsme I call it a "chronicle of faith and social media" I track news & interesting uses of SM for religious endsmegbeugg Catholic St. Louisan inspired by social media in ministryrev_david T1 - Must have a clear sense of who your audience is, and what is the goal of your SM usefsantoni T1 - Understanding of the two way nature of social media + good content + staffingRevWeb T1 A good team of social media minister. Training people to use SM. Getting into users networks.iamepiscopalian T1 Innovation should usually carry the stamp of approval of senior leaders for starters.rev_david T1 - sounds like a no-brainer, but it is not in all rural locations Must be willing to spend $$ on a decent internet connectiontheologybird @rev_david And if youre mobile, know how to pick the right gearfsantoni @rev_david agree too that goals is key. What do you hope to accomplish?mwecker joining incatholicsme T1 - Understanding the enormous power of listening when it comes to the social web. growing bigger ears as @chrisbrogan saysohxjulie Anyone have tips on following a twitter conversation? One aspect of social media I havent delved into yet... 3
  4. 4. RevWeb @ohxjulie Folo on tweetchat.com. Much easier.mwecker @ohxjulie use Hootsuite and create a column for it!theologybird T1-yes, good articulation of both what you are saying and on whose behalf you are saying it. We lose so much comm w/only wordsrev_david @fsantoni @rev_david E.g., I have no members on Twitter. If I am using it to spread newsletter-style info, Im doing it wrong.mwecker totally agree w @catholicsmes point on about "enormous power of listening when it comes to the social web."MeredithGould Remember that Twitter, FB, blogs are only tools & must be used strategically w/other tools (e.g. print newsletters)catholicsme T1 letting go of control of the message. and focusing on the messages of others before sending msg. "seek first to understand"ecwiscott digital and social media is a must. replaces newspaper and phonebook ads.RevWeb We use SM to advise attendees of tailgate Eucharist location in Ravens parking lot at Sunday a.m. home games.catholicsme @MeredithGould i agree. print still matters. various media ought to complement each other. some prefer print, some online.iamepiscopalian RT @catholicsme T letting go of control of the message. and focusing on the messages of others before sending msg. // Hmm.mwecker wonder if folks have double challenge. not only balancing messaging w being SEO, but also having messages that cant be compromisedtheologybird Are there messages that cant be compromised? Seems like history, and current news, is full of exceptions.fsantoni Its nice when social media leads us affinity groups like this , but none of us would call this "community" in the faith sensepinkpaddler print a total waste of my pledge dollarsiamepiscopalian @rev_david People used to say, why use the ATM? I can just walk in to the teller and get money. Change comes hard to some.ecwiscott @theologybird previous administration at my church scolded us for using social media in the home.MeredithGould @fsantoni "none of us"? Maybe not a faith community but a community building around communicating faith, I believe 4
  5. 5. TrinityLimeRock @fsantoni Dunno about that. Im not sure why not. Can you explain further?TrinityLimeRock @pinkpaddler thats been my recent experience as wellfsantoni @MeredithGould sure, but not the "Christian community" folks in pastoral roles hope to cultivate...theologybird @mwecker @theologybird Its a good goal, I just also see it as unlikely. fund problem with communication. what I say/you hear stuffMeredithGould @fsantoni And you know that....because? how?pinkpaddler @TrinityLimeRock I now refuse to design print adsrev_david @fsantoni @MeredithGould I have had members & neighbors request pastoral convos over SM - intimate, important conversationsTrinityLimeRock @pinkpaddler YES!!!!RevWeb Defo community. Found that w/emails years ago. Met folks IRL after months online. Like meeting and old friend.fsantoni @TrinityLimeRock at its best SM ought to help express a shared life that exists in community. SM allows for public witness of it.iamepiscopalian @pinkpaddler @TrinityLimeRock Printed materials are a tough call. So many are still doing bulletins for Sundays.fsantoni @rev_david I had those late night convos via Facebook with college students looking for support, encouragement <--- sacred momentschsocm Well, T1 has morphed into a lively discussion! T2 is akin to the question about what needs to be in place.TrinityLimeRock @iamepiscopalian @pinkpaddler Bulletins are once thing. We no longer have inserts. Bulletins help newcomers.pinkpaddler @iamepiscopalian @trinitylimerock I am talking about some still wanting to do newspaper ads or service listingsfsantoni @MeredithGould Ahh, the limits of 140 characters! My intent was not to diminish the "community" formed by affinity groups like ourspinkpaddler I am a former print journalist who never reads the adsMeredithGould @fsantoni ;-) Im a short-copy kind of gal, so I adore the 140 char limit!! 5
  6. 6. ecwiscott @theologybird new administration is 0 degrees different. Trying to blend SM and technology.mwecker T1 as someone always on lookout for good podcasted sermons, itd help if those were prominent & easy to find...adambowersmedia @ T2 when you feel like you need help getting started or just have no interest in doing social media yourselffsantoni @MeredithGould Im long-winded & wordy! I was trying make point abt "content marketing" having value churches...never got thereRevWeb T2 May not be professional consultant. That may be the younger members as example to others on how SM works.TrinityLimeRock @mwecker unfortunately the statistics dont show people read the sermons at our house. Maybe podcasts?iamepiscopalian T2Likely not at all. Just sayin.rev_david T2 That would be the pastor )TrinityLimeRock @theologybird I will suggest that to our Vicar.....thx!!MeredithGould @iamepiscopalian Interesting because...oh, never mind! ;-)adambowersmedia @chsocm T2 even when you dont feel like you have the expertise or interest?iamepiscopalian @MeredithGould What?RevWeb @rev_david TMaybe not pastor. May be SM users become leaders in using this new ministry w/out pastors imprimatur.MeredithGould @iamepiscopalian Dont national churches and dioceses routinely hire consultants? I was hired by a RC diocese years ago.mwecker T2 the folks @marshill (or @pastormark) could confirm this, but I think they get congregants to donate their time as consultantssinden T2 I think many of the "outside consultants" may be youth and young adults in our parishes who understand SM and can teachtheologybird @TrinityLimeRock no problem! the link on my profile goes to the site which hosts my podcasts. 6
  7. 7. MeredithGould @iamepiscopalian But that was for a huge project that they knew they couldnt handle in-house.fsantoni T2 Im banking on it. Hung my shingle months ago!iamepiscopalian @MeredithGould Oh, sure. If there is $$ sure. Were talking local church level and budget.rev_david T- Im doing a series of workshops for other leaders in the synod, teaching other leaders about SMTrinityLimeRock @ecwiscott Yup I am heavy into stats and have a pretty good grasp of who is reading what. Maybe just an unholy crewfsantoni Parish hired me to strategize& implement online tools for community sharing photo directory, small groups, social mediarev_david T2 Would not call myself a consultant or expert, but happy to share what I knowadambowersmedia T2 Its becoming more and more apparent to me that churches want to do this themselves, dont trust outsiders, view it as ministryskypilotofhope RT @rev_david Im doing a series of workshops for other leaders in the synod, teaching other leaders about SM // Can u come my way?MeredithGould Ive worked at parishes where communications professionals donated time as ministry & service.iamepiscopalian @MeredithGould T2 We have contracted with a few vendors for development and media monitoring.fsantoni T2 I think there is value to the consultant that can "speak church"TrinityLimeRock @adambowersmedia Yup, insider, doing it as ministry. Feel some affirmation at that.sinden Jamie Coats of @SSJE spoke of young people as “an ‘Altar Guild’ of nerds” at @endowedparishes conferenceDenise205 @adambowersmedia And it should be a ministry! But some ministers are professionals and others volunteers.iamepiscopalian RT @fsantoni TI think there is value to the consultant that can "speak church" // Thats tough to find one.MeredithGould @rev_david Just dont call yourself a guru, ninja or Jedi.DanielsWall T2 when you want/need extremely effective social media. Church plants specifically. 7
  8. 8. Denise205 @sinden We cant limit the ministry to young people though. I know some older people doing social media well too!TrinityLimeRock @sinden @SSJE @endowedparishes I like the altar guild of nerds. Been using kids for this as long as Ive been involved.Denise205 That said, it might be a way to invite younger people into new ministry roles.expatminister @rev_david no. Only if you put "guru." or "futurist."TrinityLimeRock @Denise205 @sinden THX Denise, turned 70 last week.iamepiscopalian Uh, how do we feel about sales bots in here? #NotDiggingItrev_david T2 On synodical/diocesan level, a consultant makes sense. Hard to justify for most congregations.iamepiscopalian RT @rev_david "Altar Guild of Nerds" may be my new favorite phrase.Denise205 @theologybird @MeredithGould Exactly! This is not an age-specific ministry!rev_david @iamepiscopalian I havent seen them. Sales bots are an abomination unto the Lordadambowersmedia @fsantoni Thats awesome. Theres definitely a huge need for that!rmkinma A great way to get the new generation involved in church ministry is to ask them for help in steering twitter and FB presence.fsantoni @MeredithGould bingo.MeredithGould @fsantoni Talk Catholic to me!TrinityLimeRock @chsocm I would like to learn more - have not used thembmerer @ Ill go there.mwecker @chscom would be interested to hear whos using them (and wonder if any "pretty" ones like these http//ow.ly/5Oet w church themes)chsocm Will post info on the blogsite about QR codes, meanwhilerev_david re QR Codes - it intrigues me, but I havent tried anything with them yet.iamepiscopalian Here is one from us from last week http//iam.ec/ricum Scroll down to bottom.chsocm T3 QR codes (quick response) that cell phones can scan to read info are being adopted. How might churches use them? 8
  9. 9. TrinityLimeRock @ our prob lousy cell reception in area, many including me do not have much besides basic cell svc.Denise205 @iamepiscopalian and what did that open for QR users?theologybird What if you had a pretty QR code on your business card instead of just the website?TrinityLimeRock @ OK we are across street from Lime Rock Park (car race track) and lots check in there but few at our house. any help?iamepiscopalian @Denise205 Detailed info from the article in the insert. Weve done video, art, etc.rev_david T 3 My prob with QR codes is that so many of my ppl use very basic cell phones (Did you know you can make phone calls on them?!?)CatholicMeme T2 Consultant needs to work w/church leadership *and* current SM users in church. Decide plan, strategy & tactics all together.fsantoni @iamepiscopalian Compliments u your folks re your recent whitepaper on SM & deal with Ekklesia 3600...would love hear morepinkpaddler if your church is into social media, do people show up at your church expecting PowerPoint and light shows?theologybird @rev_david Wait! My hand computer makes phone calls too! What a gadget.klamach T3 flyers for events at your churchAnj T3 I put a QR on my office door and waited for co-workers to ask me what it was. Most didnt know but gr convo starter!iamepiscopalian @TrinityLimeRock Yeah, and were trying to experiment with all this cool stuff.Denise205 @TrinityLimeRock @iamepiscopalian Definite learning curve on that, but for those who are tech-saavy, QR worth trying.mwecker @anjha! did any try 5o scan after the conversation?pinkpaddler @MeredithGould my point is we still have a fairly trad worship experienceAnj We created a poster for parishes/schools of all our media sites. I intended to include the QR Code but maybe next time.MeredithGould @pinkpaddler Ah...got it.mwecker @anjha! did any try to scan after the conversation? 9
  10. 10. Denise205 @AnjFun idea!Anj @mwecker Yes! I was a great way to teach the curious with smart phones!DanielsWall @pinkpaddler I dont think so... I think social media can be a reflection of your church culturemwecker @anjand what did you have the code point them to? do you have colleagues who also use them or just you?Denise205 @iamepiscopalian Im with you on that. And QR can take people to deep links, not just home page, which is big benefit!TrinityLimeRock @rmkinma @iamepiscopalian Good. Tell me where I can take it if I do it.iamepiscopalian @Denise205 Bingo.Chsocm Coming up on the hour in minutes. Closing thoughts?Anj @mwecker It pointed to our website. I have a couple of others who are trying to push the ceiling and I have a supportive boss!TrinityLimeRock @chsocm WOW! Glad I stopped by! THX to all!Denise205 Thanks to @chsocm and all participants for a fast-moving hour!RevWeb Bottom line tonite seems website is the driving force that SM supports.StJon @iamepiscopalian I smite them regularlyiamepiscopalian Anyone wanting to chat about QR stuff, ping me tomorrow in the daylight. ITS EASY!chsocm Great chat, everyone. CoverIt Live feed will be at http//tinyurl.com/2leed later tonight. 10