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MTPX Premium Email


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Transcript of "MTPX Premium Email"

  1. 1. PerformanceExchange MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchangeTM A Real-Time Online CPC Bid Exchange for Performance MarketingAdvertisers Expand your reach... beyond search to high quality email & content Target your audience... where, when and how you want Connect clicks to performance... winning bids deliver quality consumers Analyze & optimize... campaigns and bids for optimal conversion ROIOverviewMediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange (MTPX) is the performance-based real-time CPC bid exchange that connects direct responseadvertisers with consumers, beyond search engine marketing.Using MTPX, quality clicks are connected to conversions. MediaTrust’s proprietary algorithm optimizes based on performance byserving ads with the highest probability to convert. This innovative targeting technology enables us to provide the highest ROI forour advertisers.All clicks are reviewed and routed through our internal performance filtering system, further enhanced by a 3rd party solution, whichmeans advertisers pay only for quality consumers delivered to their landing pages.Alongside our easy-to-use platform, our proactive Partner Management Team is committed to helping our partners succeed. Wemake it easy for advertisers to run their campaigns the way they want to, while giving them the support and tools to help themmaximize their ROI.Performance Proven ResultsAdvertisers who participated in our beta experienced exceptional results. Campaigns within our Insurance and Education verticalsyielded conversion rates that resulted in industry leading eCPAs.Email Channel… is just the beginningMTPX email ads are generated in real-time, within compelling category specific ad creatives, at the time the email is opened byqualified consumers who have opted in to receive offers like yours. All email campaigns are monitored by MediaTrust for strictCANSPAM compliance. This means your MTPX ads are served to a highly targeted audience likely to be most responsive to yourspecific offer. %%$city%% editionOur targeted ads allow you to connect with prospective consumers.How it works {$first_name} {$last_name}, don’t just watchUser Experience show’s like CSI or Law & Order, live out your passion for protecting the community and get paid for it! We found education providers serving {$city}, ready to help train you for a career in Criminal Justice. Subject Ready for an Exciting Funny story You’re invited... Potential offer You’re invited... Creative Assignment special offer A category specific email is Category specific offers displayed Consumer is taken to advertiser’s delivered to a qualified consumer in targeted email creative landing page. Ad Sales Manager: 855 North Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245