CUSTOMER CASE STUDY “Instead of simply telling us to     MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange (MTPX): shut off our traffic, Me...
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Case Study Health Publishers


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Case Study Health Publishers

  1. 1. CUSTOMER CASE STUDY “Instead of simply telling us to MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange (MTPX): shut off our traffic, MediaTrustworked with us to identify what Improving Traffic Quality and Increasing Revenue. was working and what wasn’t. BackgroundThey helped us understand and The publisher is an industry-leading database management team (emailer) that improve our traffic quality to provides monetization solutions for their clients’ data through various methods generate higher revenue.” including online marketing and database management. Objective About MediaTrust The publisher came to MediaTrust with email lists and target eCPMs. Their MediaTrust makes primary goal in partnering with MediaTrust is to generate the highest eCPMs for pay-for-results online their client’s email lists. This is achieved by using email creatives with high click advertising easier and more through rates (CTR) and robust payouts. MTPX Email Channel campaigns had tocost-effective. MediaTrust offers yield at or above the publisher’s target eCPMs for traffic to scale. an innovative online technology platform, Strategy and Execution First, MediaTrust created a test campaign for the publisher to send a sample of supported by best-in-class traffic. Once approved to run on the MTPX, the publisher and MediaTrust’s service, and access to the best Partner Management Team collaborated on which categories would yield the lead gen and direct response most revenue for the publisher’s clients. During this consultation, MediaTrust’sadvertisers and quality affiliate Partner Management Team presented several campaign categories within publishers in the performance relevant verticals that would effectively yield revenue within the publisher’smarketing industry. MediaTrust metrics. After reviewing the choices, the publisher and MediaTrust decided enables its partners to easily Health Insurance category would yield the most profitable results. MediaTrust create and deploy then approved and loaded this campaigns. pay-for-performance marketing campaigns that Analysis and Optimization deliver clicks, leads and sales. After several days of sending traffic to the Health Insurance category, the publisher’s campaign traffic was analyzed and optimized by MediaTrust’s Partner Management Team. First, MediaTrust analyzed the publisher’s traffic quality by taking a deep dive into their statistics. MediaTrust’s Partner Management Team was then able to identify low performing sub IDs that were hindering the publisher’s overall traffic quality. After sharing this information with the publisher, the publisher shut off the low performing sub IDs. MediaTrust then collaborated with its Creative Department to further enhance campaign creatives for compliance and performance to increase CTRs. Following this initial traffic review, the publisher then took part in weekly traffic quality optimization meetings with MediaTrust’s Partner Management Team to ensure their inventory was yielding maximum RPC. Results Within the first month, the publisher experienced a 16% increase in their CTR. This increase in traffic performance boosted their RPC by 9% and kept their eCPMs within their target range. Within an efficient timeframe of working with their Partner Management Team on further optimizing their traffic quality, the publisher saw a greater increase in traffic performance, their RPC increase by 11%, and their eCPMs remain well within their target range. Ad Sales Manager: 855 North Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA 90245