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Mayfield University - First Choice of Working Adults Across the Globe
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Mayfield University - First Choice of Working Adults Across the Globe


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Mayfield University, world’s largest university is a leading provider of quality education internationally. The University offers diploma, degree and certificate programs in 71 majors. it also has a …

Mayfield University, world’s largest university is a leading provider of quality education internationally. The University offers diploma, degree and certificate programs in 71 majors. it also has a variety of student, alumni and career services that play a vital role in student development and career placement.

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  • 1. First Choice of WorkingAdults Across the Globe m a y f i e l d u n i v e r s i t y. c o m
  • 3. Educational Philosophy MAYFIELD University provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their career goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities. Our major objective is to provide students, especially working adults, accredited and globally recognized degrees. Our excellent services—flexible scheduling, low tuition fees, scholarships, PhD faculty and up-to-date curriculum—are what set us apart from other online and offline universities, making us the first choice of students across the globe.MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 4. Table of ContentsAbout MAYFIELD 03 Overview 05 Global Faculty 07 Global Locations 08 MAYFIELD University Accreditation & Memberships 09 MAYFIELD Careers 10 Better Tomorrow Program 13 MAYFIELD Around the World 14Why Study at MAYFIELD University? 15 Advance E-Learning System 17 16 Specialized Schools Offering 71 Majors 17 Cutting Edge Technology 17 High Quality Course Content 18 Best Global Faculty 18 More than 1100 Degree Programs to Choose from 18 24x7x365 Career Helpline and Student Support Services 18 MAYFIELD Career Center 19 Tuition & Financial Assistance 19 Free Study Material 19 International Accreditation 20 Referral Program 20 Student & Alumni Services 20Academic Offerings 21 MAYFIELD 16 Specialized Schools 23 1100 Degree Programs 24
  • 5. Table of Contents Tuition & Financial Assistance 25 Tuition Fee 27 Fee Reduction Options 29 Fee Payment Options 30 Scholarship Program 31 Credit Transfer & Prior Learning 32 Student & Alumni Services 33 Easy-to-use Personalized Student Area 35 Lifetime Credentials Verification Service 35 MAYFIELD Career Center 35 Credit Transfers of Already Studies Courses 36 Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs 36 Alumni Services 37 24/7 Free Consultancy 37 Lifetime Credentials Verification Service 37 Easy-to-use Personalized Alumni Area 37 Referral Program 38 What MAYFIELDians! Say 39 Student Testimonials 41 Application Procedure 43UNIVERSITY Contact Us 44
  • 6. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y About MAYFIELD www.mayfielduniversity.com03
  • 7. 952 Employers haveMAYFIELD University is the world’s largest university offering degree, diploma, partnered with MAYFIELDand certificate programs in 16 different fields of study with 71 different majors.Through its global presence across 6 continents, and its affiliated institutes anduniversities, MAYFIELD University reaches students all over the world, ensuring Offering 1100+high quality of education at the lowest fees. For rewarding career prospects for Degree Programsits students, MAYFIELD works hand in hand with the world’s top employers for Presence in 6career placements and employment opportunities. MAYFIELD’s self-paced and Continentsself-study distance learning programs are superior to the traditional and onlineprograms of other institutions in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability,quick-paced high quality education. MAYFIELD University is the first choice ofworking adults across the globe. Students from over Over 2000 Faculty 214 Countries Members 04
  • 8. MAYFIELD University is located in: • America • Europe • Asia • Middle East University • Africa • Australia and New Zealand MAYFIELD MAYFIELD’s students are pursuing their careers at a remarkable pace in different sectors, at various positions in the best national and multinational organizations around the globe. MAYFIELD University is proud to have a MAYFIELD University has global number of experienced and highly qualified presence across the world. In order to professors on its payroll. Furthermore, more make quality education easily accessible than 25% of our faculty holds a PhD in their to working adults all over the world, area of study and are regularly quoted in MAYFIELD University employs trade and academic publications world- experienced consultants and wide. representatives in several countries and states.05 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY www. .com 03
  • 9. MAYFIELD has developed strategic partnerships and affiliations with well known universities and educational MAYFIELD is the only accredited institutes worldwide to meet the high online distance education university expectations of today’s top students. offering degree programs in many diverse fields. Our 10 renowned MAYFIELD University’s high approval schools offer degree programs in all rating among partner educational the ‘in-demand’ fields whereas our 6 institutes worldwide is another sign of the exclusive schools offer degree confidence and trust the global education programs in fields which no other industry has on the largest online online university caters. university in the world. • Business and Management • Criminal Justice • Computer Science • Nursing MAYFIELD University has developed • Political Science and strategic partnerships with top rated • Public Administration employers around the world in order to • Law and Legal Studies facilitate the university’s internship and And more… placement programs. • Engineering • Occupational Safety and • Fire Sciences • Performing Arts • Natural Sciences And more…MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 06
  • 10. Global Faculty MAYFIELD University is proud to have thousands of experienced and highly qualified professors on its payroll. All our faculty members have been educated at the world’s best institutions, including Ivy League universities. Additionally, more than 25% of our faculty holds a PhD in their area of study and are regularly quoted in trade and academic publications worldwide. Students at MAYFIELD benefit not only from the knowledge of the faculty, but also the years of industry experience and expertise these extraordinary individuals possess. As a result, textbook instruction is effectively combined with real life situations and past experiences to deliver a unique, in-depth learning experience to the students.07 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 11. GlobalLocationsMAYFIELD University is located across 6 continents. In order tomake quality education easily accessible to working adults fromaround the world.MAYFIELD University has consultants and representatives inseveral countries and states. These consultants andrepresentatives have years of experience in consultancy andcounseling services and they enable MAYFIELD to be in closeproximity with students and working adults from all regions ofthe world.MAYFIELD University can be found in:• America• Europe• Asia• Middle East• Africa• Australia and New ZealandMAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 08
  • 12. MAYFIELD University Accreditation & Memberships All degree, diploma and certificate programs offered by MAYFIELD University are 9.8 RED 8.7 BLUE 9.8 RED 6.5 RED 8.9 BLUE 8.8 BLUE accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). International Accredi- tation Organization (IAO) is an international educational quality assurance agency working to enhance the standards of education around the world. IAO has joined hands 10.0 RED 9.0 RED 10.0 BLUE 7.6 GREEN 9.9 RED 7.2 GREEN with world leading and nationally recognized quality assurance agencies for the better- ment of educational standards. Its regional chapters and presence in several regional 6.7 BLUE 10.0 RED 8.7 RED 8.3 GREEN 6.9 GREEN 5.6 RED locations, facilitate educational accreditation process. MAYFIELD University has been evaluated on the IAO standards of the global best 7.2 GREEN 8.2 RED 10.0 RED 8.6 RED 5.3 GREEN 9.9 RED practices in organizational management, academic management and institutional performance and has secured the IAO’s Points Profile© - Registration Number Q20879. MAYFIELD University has been declared fully capable of upholding the responsibility of 9.8 RED 6.3 RED 7.8 GREEN 8.2 BLUE 9.5 BLUE 7.3 GREEN imparting quality education through its educational system. ACCREDITED09 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 13. MAYFIELD Careers MAYFIELD University offers its students excellent career development services and improves their employability through a number of ways. We aim to provide not only an outstanding learning experience but also ensure that professional ambitions are met. We offer our students the following exclusive services, and are certain that they will help them succeed both academically and professionally. Resume & Cover Letter Writing Services A well written, professional resume and cover letter are your ticket to your dream job. They are your written representation in the corporate world, and play a significant role in making a good impression on prospective employers. And with us, your perfect resume, cover letter and dream job are just a click away. Job Placement Services Through a number of channels, MAYFIELD University assists students in getting a job that meets their requirements and can facilitate professional growth in both the short and long runs. Career Counseling Services Choosing or evaluating career choices can be a daunting task. MAYFIELD offers career counseling services that will equip you to fully utilize your potential and realize your ambitions. Career Resource Center Customized information is provided relating to your geographical region. Information on job fairs and exhibitions, recruitment websites and specific organization hiring in your area is updated regularly and shared via emails.10 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 14. MAYFIELD Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Services We offer a range of services to help you through the process of job applications, CVs, cover letters, interviews, assessment centers and psychometric tests. One- to- one advice including Quick Query - 15 minute appointment bookable on the day for application advice and quick tips Guidance appointments – pre-bookable Online and interactive services including appointments to discuss career planning Blogs, Facebook and Twitter - where you can find insider tips Practice interviews - to help you improve and ask questions your technique15 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 11
  • 15. MAYFIELD Careers Information resources Books, journals and free guides in our Career Services area Access to resources such as downloadable handouts and tutorial videos Psychometric tests guide Demonstration videos on interview tips Links to relevant advice and guidance services Our survey of MAYFIELD partner employers show that they are often What can the Career Services help you with? frustrated by careless mistakes made by otherwise good candidates on Exploring your career options and ideas application forms or CVs. These mistakes may occur if applications are left Jobs applications and interviews until near the closing date or you are working on too many applications at the Resume & cover letter writing same time and fatigue sets in. Looking for full/part-time or vacation work Finding out about specific jobs and sectors Interview and assessment center performance may be affected by a lack of Developing and improving skills employers look for preparation, and not engaging effectively on the day. Our information, and Finding graduate jobs and internships advice will help you avoid these common errors. The Career Resource Center provides customized information relating to your geographical region15 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 12
  • 16. Better Tomorrow Program Better Tomorrow is a MAYFIELD Universitys initiative taken in collaboration with various education ministries around the world. The purpose of this project is to promote quality education and to make it affordable and accessible to students globally. The initiative will go a long way towards enabling people from different walks of life—working adults, homeschooled students, job seekers, veterans and military personnel - to pursue a high-quality and an internationally recognized education. This program ensures that: Quality education is accessible to all Better employment opportunities Higher professional literacy prevails GDP and living standards improve across nations Program Highlights Access to Quality Education Worldwide Local Faculty Career Placement Services Ministries that collaborate with MAYFIELD MAYFIELD will recruit local teachers as they The Career Placement Office of the will be able to offer globally-recognized understand the education system of the region University will provide listings of education, with more than 1,100 programs in well and will be able to mentor students in their corporations seeking applicants and 16 schools to their nationals. own languages. resumes and personnel listings to the students. Unparallel Affordability for Students & Ministry Native Education Counselors Improvement in Living Standards MAYFIELD will contribute 80% of the total MAYFIELD University will hire dedicated With increased professional literacy, GDP funds required to educate the decided native education counselors who will attend of a country will get a significant boost. number of individuals, and the Ministry will to the queries of students relating to career Also, it will have a spill-over effect on provide 20% of the funds, so that students information and guidance, personal human, political, cultural, social and can study free of cost. development and educational counseling. economic development.13 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 17. MAYFIELD Around the WorldMAYFIELD also participates in educational exhibitions around the world. Our participation in GETEX Dubai and our outreach program in San Francisco attractedattention of a large number of students and educational authorities. At GETEX in Dubai, UAE MAYFIELD’s consultants offering MAYFIELD representatives at GETEX assistance to visitors At the Westfield Mall San Francisco Students thronged the MAYFIELDs representatives MAYFIELD University exhibit facilitating visitors MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 14
  • 18. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y Why Study at MAYFIELD University? www.mayfielduniversity.com15
  • 19. At MAYFIELD students cannot only finish their chosen program in record timebut can also choose from 1100 degree programs that no other university offers. Over 25% PhDs in our FacultyIts 16 specialized schools offer a wide range of courses in 71 different majors.MAYFIELD University’ advanced e-learning system is aligned with hightechnology web- and phone-based classrooms. All this is ascribed to ourdedicated PhD faculty working round the clock to improve our curricula so as Free Study Materialto provide students with the best learning environment. State-of-the-art E-Learning SystemAnother remarkable trait that makes MAYFIELD University the first choice ofworking adults is its round the clock and efficient assistance. Our onlineconsultancy helps you learn about enrollment, student & alumni matters andfinancial assistance. We offer you the best reasons to study at MAYFIELD 24/7 AcademicUniversity and get the internationally accredited degree without spending International Accreditation Supportmoney on books and reading material. 16
  • 20. Why Study at MAYFIELD University? Advance E-Learning System MAYFIELD University’s online educational system is technologically the most advanced e-learning platform that provides a true self-paced and self-study experience for students. Please view the online demo of our educational process. 16 specialized schools offering 71 majors MAYFIELD University allows students to choose from 71 majors in 16 schools of study, which include 6 exclusive schools of study, not offered by any other online university. Cutting edge technology for web-based and mobile-phone based classrooms for students on the go MAYFIELD University has the most advance online learning platform that enables students to study from anywhere through computers or mobile devices. The online learning platform is truly self-paced and self-study, enabling students to start and pause studies according to their schedules.17 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 21. Why Study at MAYFIELD University? High Quality Course Content Our proprietary educational courses and programs have changed the way students learn online or on-campus. More than 1100 courses are created by more than hundreds of educationists, experts, and teachers from around the world. The course material include, in addition to standard book text, online interactive game based learning, flash games for exercise, videos and other forms of rich media content. Best Global Faculty comprising of educationists and subject experts from the industry MAYFIELD employes renowned educationistsas permanent faculty mem- More than 1100 Degree Programs to Choose from bers who are responsible for creating and MAYFIELD University is the largest university online as it offers more than updating course curriculum and reviewing 1100 Degree Programs for students to choose from. With its renowned and student exclusive school, wide range of majors and degree programs, MAYFIELD 24x7x365 career helpline and caters to its global student base in the most comprehensive manner possible. student support services MAYFIELD University offers consultation and support 24 hours a day and 7 days aweek including public holidays.MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 18
  • 22. Why Study at MAYFIELD University? MAYFIELD Career Center MAYFIELD University offers otherwise costly career services absolutely free to MAYFIELDians. We circulate job updates among students offering them various placement opportunities. A team of professionals help you prepare for the interview, create resume and cover letter and provide career-based counseling services, along with downloadable job interview guide. Tuition & Financial Assistance MAYFIELD University is far more affordable than many top-ranked universities of the world. There are Free Study Material number of ways through which a MAYFIELD University provides free online study material to students. All student can get a substantial reduction study material will be available in your online classroom so you don’t in their fees, such as scholarship, need to buy books. You can also download the course content in the credit transfer, fee payment options, form of PDF from our online classroom. and employer tuition reimbursement program.19 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 23. Why Study at MAYFIELD University? International Accreditation MAYFIELD University is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO), a global quality assurance agency that establishes, preserves and promotes the finest educational standards worldwide. Students earning accredited degree from MAYFIELD University enjoy successful professional journey. Referral Program MAYFIELD University believes in sharing the goodness; our referral program allows you to share your experience at MAYFIELD with friends, family and colleagues, and Student & Alumni Services rewards you for sharing as well! MAYFIELD University provides easy-to-use personalized student area from where you can easily study and manage your complete program, free lifetime credentials verification service, free consultancy to all the students. Free credit transfer service and employer tuition reimbursement program help in significant reduction in fee. MAYFIELD alumni enjoy a host of features such as 24/7 free consultancy, lifetime credentials verification service and easy-to-use personalized alumni area.15 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 20
  • 24. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y Academic Offerings www.mayfielduniversity.com21
  • 25. MAYFIELD University offers wide variety of programs ranging from engineering 6 Exclusive Schoolsto computer science, nursing to health sciences and business management tocriminal justice. MAYFIELD offers more than 1100 programs to choose from,making it the world’s largest university. It is the only accredited onlineuniversity offering programs in so many diversified fields. Diploma ProgramsAll our programs are the first choice of working adults across the globe for their Degree Programsease & flexibility, affordability, quickness and quality of education. Ourspecialized schools offer 1100 combinations for students around the globeenabling them to study the subject of their choice. Students can pursuedegree, diploma, and certificate programs in 16 different fields of study and 71different majors. 10 Renowned Schools Certificate Programs 22
  • 26. 16 Specialized Schools Explore the world of knowledge with MAYFIELD University’s diverse schools and programs. Our 16 specialized schools offer students an opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges of the modern world. MAYFIELD is the only accredited online university offering degree programs in many different fields Our 10 renowned schools offer degree programs in all the in-demand fields whereas our 6 exclusive schools offer degree programs in fields which no other online university offers. Graduates from our Specialized Schools enjoy excellent career prospects. Our Renowned Schools Our Exclusive Schools Business & Management Engineering Computer Science & Information Technology Performing Arts Social Service Applied Arts Law & Legal Studies Social Sciences Education Occupational Safety & Fire Sciences Nursing Psychology Political Science & Public Administration Criminal Justice Psychology Health Sciences23 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 27. 1100 Degree ProgramsMAYFIELD is the only accredited online distance education university offering degree programs in so many diversified fields. Our 10 renowned schools offerdegree programs in all the in-demand fields whereas our 6 exclusive schools offer degree programs in fields which no other online university offers.MAYFIELD offers diversified range of programs in certificate, diploma and degree courses. Our programs are the first choice of working adults across theglobe for their ease & flexibility, affordability, quickness and high quality of education. Degree Programs Diploma Programs Certificate Programs MAYFIELD University offers below MAYFIELD University offers below listed MAYFIELD University offers below listed listed accredited online degree accredited online diploma programs. accredited online certificate programs. programs. Undergraduate Diploma Undergraduate Course Certificate Associate Degree Graduate Diploma Undergraduate Certificate Bachelor’s Degree Graduate Course Certificate Master’s Degree Graduate Certificate Doctorate Degree MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 24
  • 28. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y Tuition & Financial Assistance www.mayfielduniversity.com25
  • 29. Employer Tuition ReimbursementMAYFIELDs sole mission is to impart low cost yet high quality education to Programstudents around the world. We help students from all over the world to receivequality education regardless of their financial and geographical constraints. ScholarshipMAYFIELD University is far more affordable than other top-ranked universities Programof the world. Affordable Tuition FeesTo further our mission, we have developed our own scholarship program whichhelps students pursue their education without any financial worries. In addition,MAYFIELD University has designed a special fee structure that is best suitedfor students. Flexible Fee Credit Transfer & Prior Learning Facility Payment Options 26
  • 30. Tuition Fee MAYFIELD University seeks to enroll students who are capable of succeeding and thriving in an intellectually challenging environment. We offer lowest tuition fee for our degree programs, making MAYFIELD University highly affordable and unique. Our degree programs are highly popular among working adults and jobseekers alike because of the diversity and affordability they offer. Below table shows the total program fee of our degree programs. Programs Offered Total Program Fee Degree Programs Associate of Arts Degree $6000* Associate Degree from Any Professional School $7,800* Associate Degree with Specialization from Any Professional School $9,600* Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree Program $8,400* High School Diploma-to-Bachelors Degree Program $14,400* Master’s Degree $12,000* Doctorate Degree $18,900* *Fee can be further reduced by fee reduction options27 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 31. Tuition FeeIn todays competitive world, higher education is needed to be considered for employment or for promotion at existing job. MAYFIELD University provideswide range of diploma and certificate programs so that you can accelerate in your existing job or seek a better one. Our programs are designed to be taken ina short period of time to receive diploma or certificate quickly. Programs Offered Total Program Fee Diploma Programs High School Diploma $1,900* Undergraduate Diploma $3,600* Graduate Diploma $6,000* Certificate Programs Undergraduate Course Certificate $600* Graduate Course Certificate $1,200* Undergraduate Certificate $1,800* Graduate Certificate $2,400**Fee can be further reduced by fee reduction options MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 28
  • 32. Fee Reduction Options At MAYFIELD, we understand that seeking higher education may get difficult. Therefore, in spite of the low tuition fee MAYFIELD University also offers fee reduction options to meet the demands of working adults all over the world. Some of the fee reduction options are: Scholarship Students may apply for scholarship at the time of enrollment. Almost 90% of students qualify. Credit Transfer & Prior Learning Credits of already studied courses are accepted at MAYFIELD University saving students’ time and money. Students also get prior learning credits. Fee Payment Options MAYFIELD University provides several options for paying program fees, these options offers discounts reducing the program fee further. Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program Many employers around the world offer the benefit of reimbursing educational Tuition fees. Some also reimburse the cost of books.29 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 33. Fee Payment OptionsThere are different fee payment options available to you. With these options, you can pay your fees according to your budget. You can pay your completeprogram fee at once or in easy monthly installments. Details of all the fee payment options are given below. Complete Fee Payment Option In order to minimize the financial burden on students, MAYFIELD University has started this Complete Fee Payment Option. Under this option, if you pay remaining fees for your program at once, Save 14.5% you will get a fee-cut of up to 14.5%. Fee Payment in 2 installments You can choose to pay your full fee in 2 easy installments. Using this option will entitle you a 7% discount on your full program fee. Save 7%MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 30
  • 34. Scholarship Program MAYFIELD’s Scholarship program assists almost 90% of the applicants in completing their education without excessive financial burden. Independently managed by MAYFIELD, our scholarship program offers assistance on the basis of students’ need, academic accomplishments and professional experience. Furthermore, scholarship for specific countries and regions are also offered to deserving students. You can qualify for scholarship if you are a: Working adult Job seeker Military official Home-schooled students Veteran Heres how you can apply for the scholarship: Express your interest in the scholarship at the time of applying Specify the category for which you quality. For example if you are a working adult, select that option when asked. Complete your admission formalities. If you quality, you will be notified in your student’s area and through email. Your scholarship amount will also be communicated to you in the Program Overview.31 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 35. Credit TransferReduce your total program fee and time through credit transfer & prior learning credits.Students who have already studied some courses of the program and have their transcript,MAYFIELD University will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent fromyour program. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education asyou won’t be required to study those courses again.Prior Learning CreditsStudents can get credits for prior learning (work/life experience, trainings etc.). If students alreadyhave strong command in some courses through work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.they can get their credits. This too will lessen tuition fee and time required to complete youreducation.MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 32
  • 36. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y Student & Alumni Services www.mayfielduniversity.com33
  • 37. MAYFIELD University provides easy-to-use personalized student area fromwhere you can easily study and manage your complete program, FREE lifetimecredentials verification service, free consultancy to all the students. Free credit Resourceful Careers Centretransfer service and employer tuition reimbursement program help insignificantreduction in fee.In addition to other excellent services, MAYFIELD alumni enjoy a host of Free Consultancyfeatures such as 24/7 free consultancy, lifetime credentials verification service Exclusive Alumniand easy-to-use personalized alumni area. ServicesMAYFIELD University takes pride in offering the most comprehensive studentservices. All the student services of MAYFIELD University are designed keepingin mind the requirements of working adults and allows them to study withcomplete ease. Availability and easy accessibility to all the student services is Comprehensive Student Services Referral Programone of the main reasons why MAYFIELD is the first choice of working adultsacross the globe. 34
  • 38. Student Services Lifetime credentials verification service MAYFIELD University provide FREE lifetime credentials verification service to all the students. All the student documents can be verified through online document verification system and on phone. MAYFIELD Career Center MAYFIELD University offers its students excellent career development services and improves their employability through a number of ways. We not only provide an outstanding learning experience but Easy-to-use personalized student area also ensure professional acceleration. As soon as you enroll in MAYFIELD University you will get easy-to-use MAYFIELD University offers expensive personalized student area. In this area, you can easily study and manage services free of cost to its students, your complete program. All the administrative tasks such as requesting and are certain that they will help them transcripts can be done easily from this area. With this area you can easily succeed both academically and professionally. These services include: View complete summary of your current and previous programs View your program schedule Resume and Cover Letter Writing Pay fees and enroll in courses Services Request documents Job Placement Services Manage your complete communication with the University Career Counseling Services Update your profile Change majors and apply for a new program35 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 39. Credit Transfers of already studies courses: MAYFIELD University provides FREE credit transfer service to all students. If you already possess credits relevant to your education at MAYFIELD, we will accept these credit hours and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won’t have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition fee and time required to complete your education. Employer Tuition Reimbursement Programs Many employers around the world offer Free Consultancy: Available 24 hours a day and the benefit of reimbursing tuition fees. 7 days a week Some also reimburse the cost of study MAYFIELD’s educational consultants are at your service 24 hours a day, materials. You can ask the HR depart- 365 days a year. They guide you throughout your association with ment of your organization about this. If MAYFIELD University, right from the moment you register to the time you you need any help in preparing your receive your degree and choose to take advantage of our alumni services. case for this benefit, you can contact You are free to discuss everything regarding your program with these our consultants anytime on our toll free consultants, anytime you want. No matter which part of the world you are number 1-877-210-5130 in or what time you choose for your education, our consultants will always be there to guide you and solve your problems. Our consultants are just like your buddies and are always ready to support and guide you.MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 36
  • 40. Alumni Services MAYFIELD is firmly committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship with its alumni and providing easy and accessible services and constant communications. Among accredited online universities, MAYFIELD provides the best services to its alumni, which is one of the main reasons why the University is the first choice of working adults across the globe. Our alumni services include: 24/7 Free Consultancy MAYFIELD’s educational consultants are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They provide extensive support to all our alumni. No matter which part of the world you are in or what time you require assistance, our consultants will always be there to effectively guide you and solve your Easy-to-use personalized alumni area Lifetime credentials As a MAYFIELD alumnus, you will be provided full access to your verification service personalized, easy-to-use alumni area, as soon as you graduate or secure MAYFIELD University provides free your desired certification. The area allows you to easily access all alumni lifetime credentials verification service services and manage your ongoing relationship with the University. to all students. With this area you can: All the documents of MAYFIELD Request required documents students can be verified by employers Get a recommendation on which programs or majors are most relevant directly from MAYFIELD University according to your experience education consultants. Keep updated on the latest happenings at MAYFIELD Request other alumni services such as apostille and notarization services Update your profile and details.37 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 41. Referral Program Invite your friends or acquaintance to enroll at MAYFIELD University and get discounts on fee. Each referral will earn you points. The more points you earn the more discounts you will qualify for. Suggest MAYFIELD University to your friends and family. Earn their gratitude and our discounts. Referral Code All MAYFIELD students will be given a referral card containing a referral code. MAYFIELD Student referring a friend should fill the referral code for reference. This code will enable them to apply for the discounts offered by the referral program. Jennifer & Caroline, How it works? MAYFIELD Students Students, alumni and instructors are eligible to participate in our referral program. My friend suggested MAYFIELD University and I The student who is referred must enroll in any of the programs offered by MAYFIELD University. am thankful she did. Now we share quality experiences, our friendship has grown deeper. The complete information of the referral must be provided. The referral information must be provided prior to the enrollment of that student. Every referral should be reported separately.15 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 38
  • 42. W o r l d ’s L a r g e s t U n i v e r s i t y What MAYFIELDians Say! www.mayfielduniversity.com39
  • 43. Students from Diverse BackgroundsWe believe that our students’ satisfaction is the yardstick of our school’s higheducational standards. We are happy and successful only when they are happyand successful. Here youll find some of our students testimonials. Attractive to all Age Groups MAYFIELD Graduates areEvery year, we get hundreds of emails and letters from satisfied students. We Employed at Leadingwould like to share with you some encouraging feedback we are so happy to Multi-Nationalsreceive from them. We at MAYFIELD always take our students’ views, positiveor negative, seriously, which helps us improve our services and deliver the besteducation. Over 99% Positive Feedback Global Alumni 40
  • 44. What MAYFIELDians Say! First Choice of International Students I heard about MAYFIELD University from my friends who studied from there and I am very happy that I made a decision to choose MAYFIELD too. Course content is of a high quality and is very easy for me to understand. Catharina Jones Sweden Constructive Feedback & Evaluation It has been a truly rich learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of your constructive input and guidance throughout each lesson of the course. You have helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and told me what areas I need to improve. Thank you for making Natalie Johnson this course so enjoyable. Undergraduate Course Certificate Convenience & Flexibility The class timings were convenient because I chose them myself. Earning my MBA with MAYFIELD University was so satisfying and enjoyable that Im now considering working toward a Ph.D. Dave Braxton MBA Graduate41 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 45. What MAYFIELDians Say! Best Suited for Military Personnel I am an active army officer currently deployed in Iraq for a year. Although I’m quite busy with my professional commitments, I do get enough time for my studies. MAYFIELD University’s online course set-up has been such a blessing for me. As a military official, also got special discounts, which is great. Now, I am able to upgrade Maya Scarpitti my education—thanks to MAYFIELD. Bachelor’s Program Comprehensive & Technologically Updated Courses I have a full-time job and also take care of my children. I have attended other online schools prior to MAYFIELD University but none of them comes close to MAYFIELD University in terms of ease and. I feel MAYFIELD offers the most comprehensive and technologically updated courses. Tammy Sapwood School of Engineering Get Accredited Degree in No Time! MAYFIELD University made it possible for me to complete my degree while working full time. The University offers an excellent curriculum and free study material, which is downloadable as well. The degree has helped me advance professionally, allowing me to teach at a college or even university. My advice to other nurses: Jennifer Powers dont delay, just enroll with MAYFIELD University, log in to your student area, and before you know it, youll School of Nursing have your degree.15 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY 42
  • 46. Admission Procedure Keeping flexibility and ease in view, MAYFIELD University has designed its admission process to be simple and quick, as explained below. Step 1 – Program and Personal Information First step of the application process requires you to submit information regarding the program you want to pursue, along with details like your name, address, contact information, etc. Step 2 - Choose Credit Transfer, Scholarships & Communication Preference Step two asks you to select courses (if required) for which you wish to transfer credits, specify your interest in scholarship program and select preferred communication mode. Step 3 - View Program Overview Based on the information you have provided, we draft a program overview for you; it includes details of your courses, program instructions, financial summary and fee payment options available to you. Step 4 – Enroll at MAYFIELD Once you have reviewed your program overview, you are requested to proceed to enrollment. This will require you to pay the enrollment fee through a secure server. Step 5 – Enrollment Confirmation As soon as your enrollment fee payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation notification at your email address and account area at MAYFIELD. Additionally, you will get complete access to student area and classroom immediately.43 MAYFIELD UNIVERSITY
  • 47. Contact Options In case of any queries, you can contact our education consultants 24/7 via: Phone: Call toll free: 1-877-210-5130 Request Callback Send us request and we will call you back Chat: Chat with our representative at any time you wantThe logo, name and graphics of MAYFIELD University and its products and services are the trademarks of MAYFIELD University. All other company names, brand names, trademarks and logosmentioned on this brochure are the property of their respective owners and do not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation there of by Mayfield university and do notconstitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of MAYFIELD University by the respective trademark owner.