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The Value of Content Marketing | Aztek & ERC
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The Value of Content Marketing | Aztek & ERC


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Aztek presented the value of content marketing to some of ERC's Preferred Partners.

Aztek presented the value of content marketing to some of ERC's Preferred Partners.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. What is content marketing? Why does it matter? Presented by Tori Woods & Matt Mesenger 2.22.13 Image from:
  • 2. Content MarketingContent Marketing :• Has come to serve as an all-encompassing term for everything related to web content.• Is an idea and practice that has lot of traction and respect in the marketing and business communities.• Is an important element of any marketing initiative. Image from:
  • 3. What is web content?• On-page copy• Articles• Product descriptions• Blog posts• Social media posts• Photographs• Videos• Illustrations• Infographics• Maps• Interactive features• Podcasts• Sound and music clips• Charts and graphs 1. 2.
  • 4. Content is information • “People come to websites for the content that they think (or hope) is there. They want information that: o Answers a question or helps them complete a task. o Is easy to find and easy to understand. o Is accurate, up to date, and credible.”“If the content [on a website] does not provide the information needed byusers, the website will provide little value no matter how easy it is to use thesite.” Image from: Quote 1. Redish, Janice (Ginny). Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works. Quote 2.
  • 5. What does great content do?Great content:• Delivers relevant, current, correct information• Attracts a targeted audience• Retains visitors to the site• Creates and maintains customers• Establishes credibility of the site• Make connections• Fosters communication• Creates a community• Furthers business goals Image from:
  • 6. What makes web content great?Great content is:• Effective and efficient• Engaging and well-written• Clear, concise, and proactive• Optimized for online reading• Enriched with organic keywords• Supportive of business goals Image from:
  • 7. Does content help with SEO?Content and SEO are symbiotic.• SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is the practice of changing site elements to increase search engine visibility (better rankings in Google, Bing, or Yahoo!).• Each strengthens and supports the other.• They work best when they’re working together.• In tandem, they are the most effective and efficient way to glean the most value out of the investment of a web project. SEO brings visitors to a site. Content keeps them there. Image from:
  • 8. SEO Ranking Factors
  • 9. How content helps SEOFollow these rules to make sure content is doing the most for your SEO.• Content Quality• Research• Words• Engagement• Freshness Image from:
  • 10. Content-Related Algorithm Updates These recent algorithm changes had major implications for SEO: • Google Panda – cracked down on sites with thin content • Google Penguin – cracked down on sites that were overly optimized • Google Freshness – gave priority to sites that had regularly updated content1: | 2: | 3:
  • 11. Does content help with social media?Content and social media are symbiotic.• Social media engagement is a rising factor for search engine rankings.• Social media won’t work unless you have regularly updated quality content that encourages interaction.• A social engagement (share, comment, retweet, follow, like, etc.) is a vote of confidence in your brand.• It’s better to have no social profile than it is to have a stale one! Image from:
  • 12. SEO Ranking Factors
  • 13. How content helps social mediaFollow these rules to make sure content is doing the most for your social media.• Social Reputation• Social Shares Image from:
  • 14. Social-Related Algorithm UpdatesBelow are well-known social media algorithm updates:• Search + Your World – pushed users toward Google +, personalized your search results based on how many “+1’s” your friends gave to a page• Social Signals – Google and Bing have confirmed the use of social signals in determining rankings• Real Time Search – now defunct, was a precursor to the previous two listings. Google used to pull Twitter snippets into search results. 1: 2:
  • 15. Why does content matter?• Content helps:o Maximize the impact of a websiteo Expand the reach and influence of a websiteo Create and retain customerso Drive conversionso Generate revenueContent marketing helps you achieveyour business goals Image from:
  • 16. A content marketing case studyProblem: Target audience didn’t fully understand the service or, in some cases, didn’t knowthe service provided existed.Solution: Content Marketing and SEOResults: Double the amount of closed leads. Lead close rate through the web is higher thanthe company average lead close rate. Traffic from search engines also increased. One closed lead, on average, yields $17,000 in revenue.
  • 17. Thank You• Questions?