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  • Today, Neoris is a 3,000 + employee company, with 18 offices and an impressive global presence (turn to next page…)
  • Neoris was born, not in the theoretical world of academia, but out of real-world challenges in the competitive construction materials market.Our genesis as the in-house technology consultants at CEMEX gave us an invaluable grounding in real business processes while developing innovative solutions that transformed a massive industrial conglomerate into a highly agile and much admired digital leader.
  • Today, Neoris is a global business and IT consulting firm. Our unique global delivery model, combined with cutting-edge IT services, allows us to innovate, build, deploy and operate business solutions that are both practical and visionary.
  • Our Values are the set of principles that guide all of our actions, and as such, have a profound impact on how each and every one of us thinks and acts, while doing business.They are a consistent "identity" that transcends product and market life cycles, management fads, technological change, and individual leaders. These are the values that will hold Neoris through time
  • At Neoris, our client relationships are partner to partner, not vendor to buyer. While other consulting firms try to solve unique client problems with off the shelf, pre-packaged solutions, we believe in a more face-to face, around-the-clock, whatever-it-takes philosophy. Our clients benefit from a responsive, one-tiered structure which allows direct contact with senior management. This structure also provides senior levels with a constant and clear view on client engagements. We share responsibility for the long-term success of every project; we are committed to continued, strong ROI long after our engagement has ended; we thrive on change and pride ourselves on the flexibility to turn rapid adjustments into opportunities, not setbacks.
  • MARCOS DE PEDRO Neoris authenware security as a service

    1. 1. Authenware - Security as a Service October 2010Confidential // Neoris 1 Confidential // Do Not Reproduce without prior written permission from Neoris
    2. 2. Authenware - Security as a Service Index  About Neoris  Authenware – Security as a Service  Introduction  Authentication behavior  Process Model  Architecture  Implementation Process  Integrations & Certifications  ReferencesConfidential // Neoris 2
    3. 3. Who we are Neoris is a global business and IT consulting firm. We establish long-term relationships with our clients, helping them improve performance throughout the different stages of their business. Our unique global delivery model, combined with cutting-edge IT services, allows us to innovate, build, deploy and operate business solutions that are both practical and visionary. Employees: Over 5,000 Founded: 2000 Offices: 20 Headquarters: Miami, Florida USA Fast Facts Presence: U.S., Latin America, Europe, Middle East, AfricaConfidential // Neoris 3
    4. 4. Where we come from 2010  2nd IT Consulting in LATAM – IDC Ranking  Premier Nearshore services for US  4th Largest SAP Partner in LATAM  Started Operations in the Middle East  Rapidly growing presence in Europe  Acquired 15+ organizations  Expanded throughout Latin America  Spinoff technology arm of $21Bn CEMEX 2000Confidential // Neoris 4
    5. 5. Global Coverage SAP Centers Software Development Centers Global Presence Bogota.Colombia Budapest.Hungary Argentina (*) France Oman Turkey Budapest.Hungary Buenos Aires.Argentina Australia Germany Peru United Kingdom Buenos Aires.Argentina Culiacan.Mexico Brazil (*) Guatemala Poland United Arab Emirates (*) Madrid.Spain Madrid.Spain Canada Hungary (*) Portugal USA (*) Monterrey.Mexico Monterrey.Mexico Chile (*) Mexico (*) Qatar Venezuela Sao Paulo.Brazil Rosario.Argentina Colombia (*) Morocco Spain (*) El Salvador Netherlands Trinidad & Tobago (*) Office locationsConfidential // Neoris 5
    6. 6. Our Vital Statistics Consultants Clients 2009 2009 5000+ 250+ 2000 2000 2009 2009 US$300M+ 600+ 2000 2000 Revenues ProjectsConfidential // Neoris 6
    7. 7. What we stand for Unquestionable Ethics • Commitment to our clients’ success • Flexibility and agility with a purpose • Teamwork spirit • Respect for the individual and for diversity • Accountability •Confidential // Neoris 7
    8. 8. What we do The essence of our expertise defines what we do Innovate Build & Deploy Operate  Value Engineering  Configure  Host  Information Architecture  Develop / Build  Support  Process, People, Technology  Implement  Enhance  Business Process Design  Stabilize to Operate  Measure  Continuous Improvement We innovate by constantly We build and deploy solutions by A successful project delivery is just the converting new ideas into realities. striving to make employees a part of first step of a long-term partnership Our cutting-edge services and our client’s team. This unique with our clients. We have the expertise solutions are the best in class. We approach give us direct and to operate the solutions that we are performance driven and invest in unfiltered access to the business, not deliver, ensuring incremental value to our vision to enhance shareholder just technology. This is how we bring them. We understand our client’s needs value. a different perspective to our and we provide continuous innovation employees and their learning curves. with experienced resources at the They not only execute; they highest service levels, beyond project experience the solutions from completion. development to implementation.Confidential // Neoris 8
    9. 9. Industries we serve Consumer Manufacturing Natural Resources Distribution & Logistics Retail Packaged Goods  Appliances  Food  Cement and Concrete  Cargo (LSPs)  Department Stores  Glass  Beverage  Oil and Gas  Freight & Distribution  Specialty Retail  Motor Vehicles  Tobacco  Utilities  Ports and Airports  Wholesale  Plastics  Cosmetics  Metal and Mining  Rail Transportation  Office Equipment  Rubber  Pulp and Paper  Pharmacies Technology & Financial Services Healthcare Public Sector Other Telecommunications  Computer Hardware  Consumer Banking  Pharmaceuticals  Local & Municipal  Aerospace & Defense  Office Equipment  Internet Banking  Health Providers  Regulatory  Agriculture  Telecom  Insurance  Hospitals  Public Education  Education  Semiconductors  Credit & Lending  Medical Devices  Public Services  Publishing  Media & Entertainment  Corporate Banking  Biotechnology  Safety and Police  AirlinesConfidential // Neoris 9
    10. 10. Recognitions by the analysts  “Neoris is one of the best SAP service providers”  “Neoris ranks among the 25 top SAP service providers around the globe based on headcount”  “”Neoris is emerging as a Latin American contender.”  “Neoris has strong technical implementation skills…and is clearly a good candidate for SAP implementation work”  Best ranked Nearshore Outsourcing player from Latin America  “One of the fastest growing IT vendors globally, Neoris, based in Miami serves the Latin American region and is converting prospective business in the US and Europe with clients praising IT capabilities and transformation approaches.”  “Using Neoris for Nearshore delivery has some potential advantages for North American clients.”  “The significant presence Neoris has in Spanish-speaking countries makes it unique in its Ibero-American presence.”  Best IT Service Provider in Latin America, Global Services 100  “Neoris stands out as one of the few strong alternatives to U.S. and India based vendors”  “IDC ranked Neoris as the second-largest IT consulting firm in Latin America, and the largest in Mexico.”  “Neoris is Latin Americas largest native-borne IT consultancy.”  “Neoris is one of the largest Nearshore companies in the IT Services space.”  “We believe Nearshore capabilities are an important piece of the puzzle for Indian offshore vendors. Nearshore pure plays like Neoris should continue to thrive in this environment.”Confidential // Neoris 10
    11. 11. Awards SAP Awards  Strategic Reference Award  ASUG Impact Award  Innovative SAP Project Implementation  New Solution Introduction  Number of certified consultants in Latin America  Strategic Implementation - SAP MII  SAP Award of Excellence IDC Latin America Semi-annual IT Services Tracker  2nd Largest IT Consulting firm in Latin America  2nd Largest Systems Integration firm in Latin America  1st IT Consulting firm in Mexico  1st Systems Integration firm in Mexico  1st Custom Application Development firm in Argentina Global Services 100  Leader – South of the Border  Top 10 Best Performing Infrastructure Providers Brown-Wilson Black Book of Outsourcing  Best Nearshore Outsourcing company from Latin America  “50 Best Managed Global Outsourcing Vendor” The IAOP Global Outsourcing 100  Global 100 - Leaders Category  Top 10 companies by Industry Focus: Oil & Gas  Companies with most employees in Latin AmericaConfidential // Neoris 11
    12. 12. Selected Client List Serving Local and Global World Class CustomersConfidential // Neoris 12
    13. 13. What makes us different “We have a unique global approach to consulting: We create a practical engagement model while establishing a unique intimacy with our clients. We work hand in hand with them, understand their business and excel at anticipating solutions that improve their results. That is why our tagline is Practical Visionaries. That is what makes us different.” Claudio Muruzábal - CEOConfidential // Neoris 13
    14. 14. Services Business Consulting Technology Outsourcing  Application Mgmt Services  SAP  BPO Services  Oracle  Enterprise Value Services  Infrastructure Mgmt Services  Enterprise Architecture  Process Consulting Services  Software as a Service (SAAS)  Software Engineering Services  Post Merger Integration  Software Development  Information Mgmt Services  Testing Services  Learning Solution Services  Contact Center ServicesConfidential // Neoris 14
    15. 15. Authenware - Security as a Service Index  About Neoris  Authenware – Security as a Service  Introduction  Authentication behavior  Process Model  Architecture  Implementation Process  Integrations & Certifications  ReferencesConfidential // Neoris 15
    16. 16. Authenware - Security as a Service Introduction  Authentication of individuals in a network, for access to internal corporate and external Internet, usually done using methods related to the ... • TO KNOW: 92% Password, PIN, sequence of characters, ... • TO KEEP: 7% Cards, Tokens, USB keys ... • TO BE: 1% Biometrics • The first two methods have in common that are not based on systems inherent to the individual, i.e., do not identify individuals, and therefore can reach be misused by others.  The third method works with the individual, with what we are, that is, traits and personal characteristics that identify us so unambiguous, and therefore can reliably authenticated as compared with Information SystemsConfidential // Neoris 16
    17. 17. Authenware - Security as a Service Authentication behavior: computer security as a service is evolving ... Security today… A new concept of security…  Authentication is the most critical element to  Authenware. The solution introduces a new ensure the digital identity of authorized users to concept in the paradigm of identification (to access certain services. know, to keep, to be): how to do.  Digital identity theft of a person is one of the  Build and update a personal pattern each most serious problems today, and is a disincentive time you enter by keyboard specific data, for business and Internet services are developed such as username and password. more intensively.  The internal pattern is equal to:  Authentication of individuals in the network, for  String access to internal corporate and external Internet,  Typing cadence is often undertaken using one of the following items related to ...  Environment variables  TO KNOW: Password, PIN, sequence of  Personal behavior variables. characters, etc.  The pattern is compared with that which  TO KEEP: Cards, Tokens, USB keys ... exists as a centralized reference.  TO BE: Biometrics  No additional hardware needed in the post authorization (card readers, biometric sensors, etc.). Advantages  No need to install additional software on the station authorization (JavaScript).  The pattern is generated dynamically adapting to the natural evolutionary changes of the user.  The generation of behavioral patterns is transparent to the user.  Designed as a network service.Confidential // Neoris 17
    18. 18. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware Keystroke Dynamics as Solution Multi-Dimensional Algorithm  WHAT IS IT?  What do you know? E.g., User-id +  Keystroke Dynamics is the manner Password, Passphrase and rhythm by which an individual  How do you type? Keystroke Dynamics types characters on a keyboard.  What do you do? E.g., hidden  WHY IS IT USEFUL? behavior, use tab or click mouse  The keystroke rhythms of a user  Where are you? E.g., IP, time zone are measured to develop a unique  What do you have? E.g., OS version, biometric pattern of the user browser version typing pattern for future  When do you use it? E.g., frequency, authentication. day, hour  As a complement to already deployed authentication systems (both username / password Applications as on card access PIN, tokens, etc.)..  As a solution for access to protected resources (access by context).  To complement electronic signature systems (based on Common Criteria PIN, i.e. DNIe).  As an authentication service for managed security services.Confidential // Neoris 18
    19. 19. Authenware - Security as a Service AuthenwareConfidential // Neoris 19
    20. 20. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - ArchitectureConfidential // Neoris 20
    21. 21. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Architecture Client Machine Application Server AuthenTest ServerConfidential // Neoris 21
    22. 22. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Implementation process  Six Steps to Implement  Install Authenware Server  Modify your pages or screen where the login data are captured  Add your rules in your software for each Authenware response type  Quality test (on testing environment)  Quality test (on production environment)  Monitor performance and tune itConfidential // Neoris 22
    23. 23. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Integration  Citrix Terminal.  Using Authenware as identity verification platform accessed via a virtual terminal CITRIX.  Available in Q1 2010.  Oracle Identity Management.  Integrated with Adaptive Access Manager allows you to incorporate safety second and third factor in Oracle management credentials system.  Available in Q2 2010.Confidential // Neoris 23
    24. 24. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Certifications  Assessment and certification of IBG (International Biometric Group).  Evaluation INTECO (Spanish National Institute of Communication Technology - Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).  Common Criteria Certification (CCC EAL 2 in progress).  Evaluation by Gartner Group (underway).Confidential // Neoris 24
    25. 25. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Advantages In the workplace  No additional hardware needed for authorization of access (card readers, biometric sensors, etc..), And therefore does not require maintenance.  It is not necessary to install additional software on the station authorization (JavaScript). Authenware Server  The pattern is generated dynamically adapting to the natural evolutionary changes from the user.  The generation of behavioral patterns is transparent to the user. Do not store any information (except on own pattern). Host / Security System  Designed as a network service.Confidential // Neoris 25
    26. 26. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Service Scenarios: Security Improved security:  As a new security model for authentication, protects aspects than other models do not address or in part do it.  Allows securing broader access to a particular system or, in concrete, specific high-risk transactions and maximum criticality without changing any of the general security of the application.  It incorporates a central register of actions irrespective of the degree of integration of the applications on which it operates.Confidential // Neoris 26
    27. 27. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Service Scenarios: Usability Improved customer service: Reducing the complexity (custody, storing and usage) of passwords, cards, tokens sequences, etc ... and update and distribution chain. Easily and naturally in use: With Authenware more "natural" is the performance of each person generates greater confidence.  Eliminating the misuse of them.  By increasing the time for changing passwords, reducing incidences.  Incorporating greater confidence in electronic transactions.Confidential // Neoris 27
    28. 28. Authenware - Security as a Service Authenware - Service Scenarios: Logistics Cost Savings  In scenarios with key authentication / password, can increase the length of time of use on password with a consequent reduction of changes and their associated cost.  In settings with authentication tokens, cards coordinates, etc., Can reduce the criticality in logistics management of those elements and even be replaced, representing a considerable saving.  In scenarios with biometric authentication, you can replace capture devices needed for verification of identity and reduce the associated logistics management.  It should be noted that the cost of the solution practically does not increase when the number of users, in contrast to what occurs with other systems.Confidential // Neoris 28
    29. 29. Authenware - Security as a Service Index  About Neoris  Authenware – Security as a Service  Introduction  Authentication behavior  Process Model  Architecture  Implementation Process  Integrations & Certifications  ReferencesConfidential // Neoris 29
    30. 30. Authenware References  Major financial group.  Authentication portals for "Home Banking" (400,000 users).  Public Administration of Mexico.  Authentication customs systems (100,000 internal users).  Major financial group.  Authentication credit card system (2,000,000 users).  Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS).  Critical systems security event correlation (District C).  Ministry of Health and Social Policy.  Telework support systems.Confidential // Neoris 30
    31. 31. ThanksConfidential // Neoris 31