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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Oconee Medical CenterFoothills Health Information Network(FHIN)Fall 2011 – Elizabeth Hughes
  • 2. 298 Memorial Drive Oconee Medical Center wasSeneca, SC 29672-9443(864) 882-3351 name the safest hospital for overall patient care in 2011. (View Article)MissionWe help people to feel better and Valueslive more fully. HonestyVision Commitment SafetyWe will rank among the best Compassionhealthcare providers as measured Qualityby patient and physician Caringsatisfaction, quality, community Excellencebenefit, growth, and the scope of Respectservices we provide. Partnership Collaboration
  • 3. Oconee Medical Center licensed for 160 beds JCAHO accredited 1400 employees has been providing health care services to the local community for over 65 years.Oconee Physicians Practices (OPP)Oconee Physicians Practices are practices owned by the hospital and doctors who are a part of the hospital system.-Between the Lakes - Seneca Medical Associates Primary Care-Mountain Lakes -Seneca Lakes RuralInternal Medicine Residency Program-Upstate Family Medicine-Clemson-Seneca Pediatrics -Oconee Kidney Center Clemson Office ,Seneca Office
  • 4. -Rheumatology Consultants-Oconee Heart Center-Oconee Hospitalists-Blue Ridge Women’s Center-Upstate Surgical Associates-Mountain Lakes ENT and Allergy Center-KeoweeFamily Urology
  • 5. Foothills Health Information Network
  • 6. FHINFHIN has a three fold purpose: to improve coordination of care, qualityof care and enhance provider capacity and efficiency.Staff Board of Directors Stanley Rampey, MD, ChairmanWendy Van Ooteghem Greg Scarbrough, Secretary/TreasurerFinancial Analyst Jaymi Meyers, MDSally Gray Reba Cartee, Executive DirectorClinical Analyst Jay Hansen Michael Hughes, MDMichelle Davis Steve Davis, PhDClinical Analyst FHIN
  • 7. What is FHIN? The Foothills Health Information Network is the community model information network shared by Oconee Medical Center and Oconee Physicians Practices and is now available for independent practices in the area to participate in for a “subscription” cost.
  • 8.  FHIN is the network of information shared between the hospital and all practices participating. All patient information is stored in one central location and access to this information (both clinical and financial) is easy for all practices participating in the FHIN project.
  • 9.  All information is readily available between the hospital and OPP. Independent practices share financial information (insurance) and basic patient information (demographics, allergies, medications ) back and forth on the network, but other information such as doctor notes and treatment plans must have permission granted to shared between the network.
  • 10. What does FHIN do? FHIN provides support and maintenance for the EMR software (McKesson Horizon Ambulatory Care) and the complementary billing software (McKesson Practice Plus) that communicate with each other and create the EMR system being used by Oconee Medical Center. They also build practices and physicians into the system (in both financial and clinical sides) when new ones join.
  • 11.  FHIN can customize the EMR system and its functions to doctors’ and their needs based on specialties and preferences. FHIN does workflow observation to tailor the system’s use and functions to fit the needs of particular offices and their employees. FHIN also conducts training for doctors, nurses, and other office employee in all functions of the software.
  • 12. My Internship Experience  During my internship, I work exclusively with FHIN.  I worked with: -Preceptor: Michelle Davis (Implementation Manager) -Wendy Van Ootegham (Financial Analyst) -Sally Gray (Clinical Analyst)
  • 13.  I performed many different system maintenance tasks on a routine basis. I was also able to “create” physicians, physician procedure codes, diagnosis codes, and physician billing account tables and other things (specific to the physicians) in both the clinical and financial sides of the software. I became very familiar with EMR and Billing Software.
  • 14.  During my internship, I gained extensive knowledge of patient insurance while working in the financial side of the software. I preloaded and activated hundreds of patients insurance into the system for a Cardiology office who was preparing to join FHIN. I also performed system maintenance related to insurance by digging into patient information (clinical and financial) to correct manual insurance claims lost in the system, requiring correction before they could be purged.
  • 15.  Every day I was presented with a new task or challenge, whether given to me by my preceptor or FHIN staff, or happened upon by discovering a problem in the system.
  • 16.  Specific projects and work I completed, along with pictures and screenshots, can be seen in the Internship Experience section of my portfolio.