Education Funding in Michigan


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Education Funding in Michigan

  1. 1. Education Funding in Michigan Debbie Squires Associate Director, MEMSPA March 3, 2012
  2. 2. Proposal A Ballot Language• WORDING OF BALLOT PROPOSAL• A proposal to increase the state sales and use tax rates from 4% to 6%, limit annual increases in property tax assessments, exempt school operating millages from uniform taxation requirement and require 3/4 vote of Legislature to exceed statutorily established school operating millage rates. The proposed constitutional amendment would:• 1. Limit annual assessment increase for each property parcel to 5% or inflation rate, whichever is less. When property is sold or transferred, adjust assessment to current value.• 2. Increase the sales/use tax. Dedicate additional revenue to schools.• 3. Exempt school operating millages from uniform taxation requirement.• 4. Require 3/4 vote of Legislature to exceed school operating millage rates.• 5. Activate laws raising additional school revenues through taxation including partial restoration of property tax.• 6. Nullify alternative laws raising school revenues through taxation, including an increase income tax, personal exemption increase, and partial restoration of property taxes.• Should this proposal be adopted? Yes___ No___•• PROPOSAL A – MICHIGAN Property and Sales Taxes -- Adopted March 15, 1994• IMPACT ON THE MICHIGAN CONSTITUTION• Proposal A amended Title IX (Finance and Taxation) of the Michigan Constitution, Sections 3, 5, and 8
  3. 3. STATE CONSTITUTION (EXCERPT)CONSTITUTION OF MICHIGAN OF 1963§ 11 State school aid fund; source; distribution; guarantee to local school district.Sec. 11. There shall be established a state school aid fund which shall be used exclusively for aid to school districts, higher education, and school employees retirement systems, as provided by law. Sixty percent of all taxes imposed at a rate of 4% on retailers on taxable sales at retail of tangible personal property, 100% of the proceeds of the sales and use taxes imposed at the additional rate of 2% provided for in section 8 of this article, and other tax revenues provided by law, shall be dedicated to this fund. Payments from this fund shall be made in full on a scheduled basis, as provided by law. Beginning in the 1995-96 state fiscal year and each state fiscal year after 1995-96, the state shall guarantee that the total state and local per pupil revenue for school operating purposes for each local school district shall not be less than the 1994-95 total state and local per pupil revenue for school operating purposes for that local school district, as adjusted for consolidations, annexations, or other boundary changes. However, this guarantee does not apply in a year in which the local school district levies a millage rate for school district operating purposes less than it levied in 1994.History: Const. 1963, Art. IX, § 11, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964;¾Am. S.J.R. S, approved Mar. 15, 1994, Eff. Apr. 30, 1994.
  4. 4. Governor’s Recommendations FY2012-13 & FY2013-14
  5. 5. Governor’s Recommendations• $13,135,900,000 for FY2011-12 Appropriations o $12,740,000,000 for K-12 o $195,900,000 for Community Colleges o $200,000,000 for Higher Education (universities)• $13,085,100,000 for FY2012-13 Appropriations o $12,687,000,000 for K-12 o $197,600,000 for Community Colleges o $200,500,000 for Higher Education (universities)• $13,001,700,000 for FY2013-14 Appropriations o $12,603,600,000 for K-12 o $197,600,000 for Community Colleges o $200,500,000 for Higher Education (universities)
  6. 6. Governor’s Recommendations• Flat Foundation Grant Minimum $6846• All Day Every Day Kindergarten• Performance Based Incentive Grants• Best Practices Incentive Grants – LEAs• Best Practices Incentive Grants - ISDs• Consolidation Innovation Grants – ISDs• MPSERS Contribution Rates Increase• Per Pupil Blend Changes to 90/10
  7. 7. FY2012-13 Budget Process• Governor’s Recommendation• House Appropriations Committee Proposal• Senate Appropriations Committee Proposal• House Approval• Senate Approval• Conference Committee• Signed by the Governor
  8. 8. Resources• _New/School%20Aid%2011-12.pdf• _New/Education%2011-12.pdf• 0_ExecBudget%2012-13%20and%2013-14.pdf• 04propa.htm