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Leigh Durst challenges small-to-mid sized businesses to embrace the shift from traditional to tradigital business. Review 10 Super characteristics that will create business superheroes in 2010. Learn the single most important question you need to ask your customers in order to focus yourself to win affinity. You'll walk away with 10 action steps you can take in the next month to gain traction and build Super Muscle.

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  • Well I’d like to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year I think all of us will attest that 2009 was a tough year. Many companies have been hit hard by recession, many reduced budgets, froze headcount and some laid off.If you made it through unscathed, I hope you find yourself stronger, leaner and better than you were before – even if you feel a bit battle scarred, and maybe apprehensive about the future.Many small business owners, executives and marketers find themselves feeling that way – a bit like the person in this diagram – trying to get on top of things.It doesn’t help any that 2009 was a year of unsurpassed social media explosion, and while the tools are positioned by many as “free” they come with a distinct set of costs with regard to time and investment that may not have been anticipated by your organization.As a result, many of us are facing a lot more pressure to do more with less, and getting on top of the demands and expectations we – and our superiors may place on us can be stressful.But when we really look back on 2009, it was kind of an amazing year.The opportunities available to us as individuals, and as business people are unprecedented.My hope with this presentation is to help you get a little LEVERAGE on your year… It’ll be a year of doing more with less…working smarter, and a little harder… and I also believe that for each one of us…
  • 2010 is also the year for decision. As you face the onslaught you must decide
  • Whether you
  • Hasn’t been for some time
  • It’s about earning the affinity of people… and that takes time, and touch and hard work… It’s not about traditional marketing any more because everything has shifted.And if we were to summarize this, it may just look like this:
  • It used to be about targeting customers, preaching our message and getting them to trust usIn the era of Enron, Madoff and others – there’s less trust for companies- and more trust for people.Today, it’s about joining people in conversation, serving people and motiviating PEOPLE to share their enthusiasm for our brands AND driving them to DESIRED outcomes.Our messages used to be distributed through limited channels over which we had more control…Now there are hundreds of customer access points an the dialog is participative, and organic… These channels must be integrated so our experiences are seamlessbecause today, experience creates the brand and if your experience sucks, so do you.And that means you’ve got to be working in synchronization with the rest of the company to deliver good experience.That means true integration…..And the professionally generated content that used to be classified and presented in structures we defined…Is now RICH – with audio, video and animation… it’s threaded – immersive…And it’s PARTICIPATIVE… our fans are contributing content like never beforeSome of it’s good- some not so goodAnd they tag, rate, classify our content in ways we might not have imagined.Consider COKE - they classify it as liquid refreshment… but you can also find it referenced as a great toilet bowl cleaner, and Coca Cola doesn’t have much of a say in that.Finally, at a practical level, today’s marketing is more TECHNICAL…. AND much more SERVICE focused.
  • I’ll offer four short words here
  • This is going on…It’s a bunny explosion
  • And then there’s
  • I searched the web for a suitable definition of social media, and couldn’t find one I liked, so I wrote one.……Social Media Technologies also allow people to easily distributetext, voice, images, links and video, in real-time or near-time, across a number of networked devices
  • It took over 75 YEARS to get to 90% saturation with the telephone in the USAccording to this chart, it took about 25 years to get to the same place with the cellular phoneIn parallel – Look at the curve for 90% on the automobile…Adoption curves are getting much shorter – and I wish this graphic went longer but it doesn’t just one of the better visuals I’ve seen.
  • CONVERGENCESo, we have all these interconnected devices that do more than one thing now. Your TV can surf the web, grab videos on demand and check you out of your hotel …Your iPod Touch can do multiplayer gaming connect with other iPods and iPhonesAnd speaking of phones The mobile phone is a perfect example.I would guess that 99% of you have one of these and that right at this moment, you know exactly where it is.It’s not just your phone, but email, a gameboy, your key, a virtual wallet, your rolodex, a music player and even a video player.It connects with all kinds of the aforementioned apps and tools – in addition to your email, your bank and other key sites
  • 2/3 in the global community, according to Nielsen
  • Time spent on social networks is growing at three times the overall internet average, accounting for about 10% of all internet time useNielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009
  • 5 BILLION minutes spent on Facebook every day1 BILLION piecesd of unique content shared on Facebook every minuteInside Facebook stats –Facebook has been growing very rapidly amongst women and people over 30 in the US, and it has been absolutely exploding internationally (January highlights).45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older. (Fall 2009 data – inside Facebook)
  • You Tube - #2 search engine in the world1,000,000 videos viewed on you tube per day (Facebook – Fall 2009 stats)15 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every 15 minutesIt would take more than 412 YEARS to review every video on You Tube
  • In contrast, there are only slightly under6 Billion 800 Million people on the planet today. Roughly .6 photos per person on the planet…Number of photos will soon surpass the global population.
  • Not sure how many of you saw this over the AP Wire on the News… You can find it on You Tube…It was pretty cute.More than 20 million people visit at least one online dating service a month. (Online Dating Magazine - 2007)40 million americans uses online dating services48% of breakups occur over emailCULTURAL SHIFT
  • All of this points to the era of “ME 2.0” where these sites, tools, gadgets and devices are extensions of PEOPLE…reaching out… to connect with youWhether you are B2B, or B2C
  • We still use signsWe still have the radio – only now, we have podcasting, pandora and webcasting.We do still have print – many more books now than ever in our history – but we also have kindle and ebooks and online newspapers.The web is rich with video – and our TIVO can be controlled through the web while connected to a satellite or cable network.The technologies mature, multiply and interconnect – BUT the dynamics of communication, relationship building and the fundamentals of creating a good customer experience don’t change! So if our focus is on these communication dynamics and our customers and their needs, we can be great even in the midst of change.It’s actually pretty cool.
  • Getting your head around it can be overwhelming. If we’re smart, we will do our best keep up – not just because these advancements can make us better at our jobs, improve our businesses and create better, more satisfying experiences for customers.We can’t just go around doing the same thing we always have and expect the same results – because it won’t workOur culture, the way we think and consume information is changing in front of our eyes.Keeping up is better than the alternative
  • Keeping up is better than the alternative. Facing extinction is not a good place to be in today’s economy.We must do our best to keep up at a level that is slightly AHEAD of our customers…If nothing else, fear should be an important motivator here.
  • So let’s dig into 10 supertraits that will help you succeed in 2010
  • Superman battled with his call at a young age…Remember at one point, he gave up his superpowers for Lois…You will battle the mediocreYou may have to become Super aloneYou will be working harderYou must decide whether to embrace this callYou must decide whether it will be worth it.
  • This is, very simply put, about being available, responding to people, serving their needs, and having the right culture – inside (learning, growing) and outside (customer focus)
  • Simple formula.The Brand IS as the brand does.You are the some outcome of your actions and so is your company
  • 2010 will be as much about corporate policies and actions as it will about traditional brand management. The costume is the packaging and the promise – but the hero must live up to that.You can put a 90 lb. weakling in a super suit – but you’re not going to convince anyone he is Superman unless he stops a train with his bare, bony hands.In the same manner we must remember that negative customer experience SOILS and TEARS at our brands.There’s LOTS of hype in branding about two things today.. TRANSPARENCY and AUTHENTICITYI want to address them because I feel they are inherently misleading.
  • Transparency is an illusion. It’s like having people over for dinner and putting your junk in a back room or closet. We all do it. We all have stuff we don’t want people to see.While the new digital media channels create an increased level of transparency – about your discussions, policies, etc., you do NOT have to be totally open kimono. In fact, I would discourage it. In following the super hero example, Every superhero has an assumed identityThey don’t show everything as either personaThey are always personable … but always professional They know how to protect areas of vulnerability This is how your business should approach new media. Now, you’ve probably heard “Authenticity” as an admonishment and buzzword to. Next, I may scream if I hear someone else preaching for us to “BE AUTHENTIC.” This term always makes me wince, because I DO see a lot of authenticity in new marketing,
  • You’veprobably seen it, too … and we can all attest that it’s it’s NOT all good! There are PLENTY of authentically bad companies and personae out there…We don’t need more authentically BAD.BE AUTHENTIC – for many companies isn’t good enough.Focus on being honest, open and PERSONABLE while maintaining that PROFESSIONAL undercurrent that speaks to your brand and business.
  • Because in the end the winners are all authentically good.
  • Batman was the king of backup. He had faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth, his sidekick, Robin and Bat Girl… Alfred managed ops at the Bat Cave and made a lot of the team’s gadgets.What do you look for?!Bright, Motivated EmployeesReputable AgenciesTrustworthy Consultants, Designers, Web DevelopersLegal CounselStrong AccountantGood Technical SupportALSO Consider UsingVirtual Communities e.g. Mprofs…there’s so much good content on the web that can provide you with the backup education and knowledge you need.
  • This is especially true with regard to social media. There are a ton of people offering follow schemes, bogus certifications and making all kinds of promises and charging a good deal for it. I wrote an article on my blog called ‘Don’t be social media Shark Bait” and I described some of the predators to look out forI’d rather focus on the positive here
  • Here’s what you want to look for when you look for external support.It’s not about TALK and NUMBERS Look at their overall presence – who they talk to – what they talk about and what others say about themLook for word of mouth and client referencesLook for humility – share failure, learning, experiencesGo use the stuff they’ve createdTry to find partners that will roll up their sleeves and get dirty when needed.
  • BATCAVE was important for these reasonsThink of mIssion – plan – control as your process. Don’t mistake a pretty power point with a plan – In too many companies often just a list of stuff you want to doA good plan will unite the organization, ignite collaboration and support cross organizational communication and collaborationNow we can talk about planning all day if we want, but we don’t have time for that.
  • Sufficed to say, it’s essential to create an actionable, measurable plan that clearly specifies your goal and objectives, strategies, tactics and metrics that will support those objectives. Check out Beth Harte’s recent posts on planning on the MP Daily Fix Blog or her presentation on Social Media ROI on Slideshare.IN SHORT … Chances are, if you are seeing these symptoms in your organization there are some problems with the strategy, executive championship and organizational alignment (among other things)Getting yourself positioned to succeed in 2010 requires the following:
  • SMB Superheroes: Winning in 2010

    1. SMB Super Powers <br /> How to Succeed in 2010 <br />U.S. #: 1-877-739 -903<br />Phone Code: 440138719<br />Audio options<br />Listen using your computer speakers or dial in by phone:<br />
    2. (Super Introduction)<br />Ann Handley<br />Leigh Durst<br />
    3. !!!!!<br />You<br />Demands & Expectations<br />2010<br />
    4. It’s time to<br />DECIDE.<br />
    5. Will You Be This?<br />
    6. Or this?<br />
    7. PUSH<br />It’s not about this anymore.<br />
    8. It’s about this.<br />
    9. Today<br /><ul><li>Prove it
    10. You find us
    11. We listen and respond
    12. Brand is what others experience
    13. People trust people
    14. Multiple access points
    15. Shared Ownership
    16. Organic Dialog
    17. Participative Messaging
    18. Crowd-Sourced Content
    19. Integrated
    20. Tags (Folksonomy)
    21. Rich user experience
    22. Highly Technical
    23. Service Driven</li></ul> Before<br /><ul><li>Preach it
    24. We find you
    25. We tell you
    26. Brand is what we say
    27. People trust companies
    28. Limited access points
    29. High Ownership
    30. Controlled messaging
    31. Read-only messaging
    32. Professionally created content
    33. Isolated
    34. Directories (Taxonomy)
    35. Shallow immersion
    36. Moderately technical
    37. Message Driven</li></ul>Marketing Has Shifted.<br />
    38. ?<br />Intuitively, you already know.<br />?<br />WHY?<br />?<br />
    39. Proliferation Technology Adoption Convergence Cultural Change<br />
    40. cloud computing<br />“apps”<br />cheap & accessible technology<br />open source<br />
    41. social media<br />
    42. Social media facilitates interconnection, dialog, and relationship building between people and organizations. <br />It encourages the distribution of rich messages across people groups, networks and devices.<br />Leigh Durst, Live Path, 2010<br />
    43. Source: New York Times, 2005<br />Not just apps but devices...<br />
    44. Source: Fuor Digital Mobile 101 Lunch & Learn The most seen screen<br />The Most Seen Screen<br />
    45. 3 out of 4<br />Americans use social media<br />Forrester, The Growth Of Social Technology Adoption, 2008<br />
    46. visiting social sites<br />(the 4th most popular activity online, ahead of email)<br />Nielsen: Global Faces & Networked Places 2009<br />
    47. 350,000,000<br />(and that’s just active users!)<br />Source: Inside Facebook, December 2009<br />
    48. (the second most popular search engine)<br />Stephan Spencer, 2009<br />
    49. 4 Billion<br />(number of photos on flickrTM)<br />Flickr Blog – October 2009<br />
    50. You May Now Update Your Relationship Status<br />
    51. me<br />2.0<br />
    52. !<br />One thing to remember<br />!<br />!<br />BUT!<br />
    53. One medium of communication has never totally replaced another<br />
    54. Media matures, multiplies & interconnects.<br />
    55. No Food.<br />Lousy Pay.<br />
    56. So, we must<br />ADAPT.<br />
    57. How to Become an SMB Super Hero in 2010<br />Embrace Your Calling<br />Abide by a Moral Code <br />Dress to Impress<br />Secure Backup<br />Establish Mission Control<br />Develop Your Super Senses<br />Master Some Super Tools<br />Respond Rapidly & Efficiently<br />Beware of Pitfalls<br />Neutralize your Nemeses<br />
    58. 1. Embrace Your Calling<br />It’s not easy<br />Sometimes lonely<br />Demands sacrifice<br />Hard work & lots of it<br />Requires investment<br />Worth It<br />
    59. 2. Abide by a “Moral Code”<br />Accessibility<br />Channels<br />Availability<br />Response Time<br />Policies<br />Ethics<br />Service<br />Social Media<br />Privacy<br />Handling Negative Feedback<br />Culture<br />Skills Growth<br />Technology Education<br />Customer Centricity<br />
    60. (Remember, Super Is as Super Does)<br />=<br />BRAND <br />CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE<br />TIME<br />
    61. 3. Dress to Impress<br />Costume = Packaging & Promise<br />Brand Identity <br />Call to Action<br />Moniker/Icon<br />Style<br />Voice<br />Hero = Company Actions & Service<br />Policies<br />Actions<br />Service<br />Behavior<br />
    62. On “True Identity” and Transparency<br />Transparency is an illusion<br />Personable, but always professional<br />Protect your “sensitive underbelly”<br />
    63. Authentic isn’t always good.<br />
    64. !<br />Beauthentically<br />!<br />!<br />GOOD!<br />
    65. 4. Secure Backup<br />Tactical Support<br />Innovation & Invention<br />Learning & Education<br />Trusted Counsel<br />Technical Knowhow<br />Tactical Execution<br />Dirty Work<br />
    66. Watch Out for Snake Oil! <br />Just buy my eBook, “Secrets Unleashed” or take my certification course<br />Just get online and talk about yourself!<br />It’s all about the follower count.<br />This stuff is easy to manage!<br />Anyone can do this - with little work or time investment.<br />Our rate is $400 an hour.<br />“EXPERT”<br />
    67. Look for Demonstrated Strength<br />Presence<br />Dialog<br />History<br />Failures<br />Successes<br />Network Strength & Influence<br />“Trench Experience”<br />“Street Credibility”<br />Specialty Knowledge<br />Willingness to share experiences<br />Client References<br />
    68. 5. Establish “Mission Control”<br />Monitor Your Territory<br />Receive Communications & Alerts<br />Measure Risks & Threats<br />Develop & Launch Action Plans<br />Incubate Innovation<br />Learn & Collaborate<br />Recharge, Recuperate from Injury<br />Refine / Hone Super Skills<br />MISSION = PLAN<br />CONTROL = PROCESS<br />
    69. Not Super<br />Unclear Direction<br />Scattered Planning<br />Poorly Defined Metrics<br />Ineffective Communication<br />Plan = Pretty PowerPoint<br />Death by meeting<br />Glued to Desktop<br />Duplicative Work<br />Reinventing the wheel<br />Ignorance<br />
    70. Super!<br />Aligned Executive Champions<br />Clear Vision & Phased Direction<br />Strong, Clear Communication<br />Cross-Organizational Synchronization<br />Actionable, Measurable Plans<br />Accessibility & Interconnectivity<br />Virtual Collaboration<br />Reusable Content & Templates<br />Replicable Processes<br />Learning Culture<br />
    71. Essential!<br />Allocate physical space and schedule dedicated time that frees you to focus strategically: Reading, learning, testing, researching, measuring and thinking to position yourself proactively – not reactively.<br />Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually!<br />
    72. 6. Develop Your “Super Senses”<br />What unique capabilities/core competencies do you have?<br />Product<br />Features<br />Service<br />Market<br />Angle<br />Application/Use<br />Other<br />
    73. *Original Reference: Wikipedia<br />
    74. Embrace what you do<br />BEST.<br />
    75. 7. Get Some Super Tools<br />Think of them as strategic extensions of your business, not “Marketing Tools”<br />
    76. Why?<br />Broaden Your Reach<br />Improve Performance<br />Enhance Offerings/Service<br />Provide New Capabilities<br />Drive Competitive Edge<br />Tell a More Powerful Story<br />Diffuse Direct Attacks<br />Build Relationships & Leads<br />Highly Cost Effective<br />
    77. Strategic Extensions of the Business<br />Food Trucks <br />Meet Twitter<br />Best Buy’s Twelpforce<br />19,600 inquiries<br />2,300 agents<br />4/1 positive sentiment<br />Bacon Salt<br />Facebook Ads<br />Fan Page<br />Oprah<br />Ramon DeLeon<br />Dominoes Pizza<br />Mobile<br />Web<br />Twitter<br />Facebook<br />Integrated into<br />Traditional media<br />Changed the<br />Company!<br />Rug & Relic<br />Facebook Page & Ads<br />First time FB sale 10x higher<br />Sentiment, engagement<br />Global reach<br />Loyal Audience<br />FB helps them catch a thief!<br />CDW<br />B2B<br />Employee Discounts<br />Partner Program<br />
    78. Important Digital Channels for SMBs in 2010<br />CHANNEL A FEW EXAMPLES<br />Web Site (Integrated with social platforms)<br />Virtual Communities Facebook, Linked In, Speciality & Other <br />Blog Word Press, Posterous<br />Micro Blogging Twitter<br />Experience Review Sites Angie’s List,, Get Satisfaction<br />Geo-locational “ Finders” Foursquare, Loopt,<br />Mobile (Make sure your web site is mobile friendly)<br />
    79. A Few Helpful Tools for 2010<br />TOOLS EXAMPLES<br />Smart Phone iPhone, Droid<br />Digital Video Camera Flip HD Ultra, Kodak ZI8<br />Web Conferencing/ Meetings GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar<br />“Widgets” Survey Monkey, Etc.<br />“Cloud-Based” Services Flickr, YouTube, Google Docs, Etc.<br />Social Media Management Google Reader, Tweedeck, <br />Co-Tweet, Friend or Follow, Social Mention, Klout and a host of others too long to review.<br />
    80. VALUE.<br />It’s about providing<br />
    81. 8. Beware of Pitfalls<br />Analysis Paralysis<br />Lack of Strategic Focus<br />Biting Off More Than You Can Chew<br />Wheel Spinning<br />Status Quo Mentality<br />Ignoring Customer Experience<br />
    82. Customer Experience Pitfalls<br />Way Finding.Clear the way, light the path, use signage and visual cues to make it easy and intuitive for people to complete needed tasks (find, buy, get help, pay, etc.)<br />Dead ends. Steer clear of conversations that leave customers with no outlet for resolution or a sense of “unfinished business”<br />Roadblocks. Clear obstacles from the customer’s path that prevent them from taking the “next step.” Remove barriers to entry, discovery interaction and transaction<br />Detours. Proactively anticipate, direct and respond to help customers stay the course, and avoid driving them to the competition <br />Loops. Check the logic of your interaction and dialog sequences - within and across programs. Identify dynamics that have the potential to run customers in circles. Fix problems!<br />Rough Terrain. Asking too much of customers can establish barriers to entry that negatively impact results. Smooth the path to ensure customers feel like coming back.<br />Hazardous Drop-offs. Never leave the customer cold or damage relationships with a lack of follow-through. This is especially predominant in the post-service realm.<br />Merges. It’s important to ensure the relationship between transactions, programs and offerings clearly presented and seamlessly offered across channels. <br />Access & Exits. Make it intuitive for a customer to find you, access transactional information, products and services. Make it easy for any customer to engage, disengage and reengage with appropriate ease.<br />
    83. 9. Neutralize Your Nemeses.<br />
    84. Know Your Enemies<br />The Enemies Within<br />Apathy<br />Change Resistance<br />Task-Focus<br />Perpetual Reactive Mode<br />Silo-driven execution<br />“Not My Job” mentality<br />“Inside Out” Focus<br />Lack of empowerment<br />Lack of ownership<br />Lack of Integration<br />Lack of executive support<br />Lack of resourcing<br />Rampant self interest<br />Poor Behavior<br />The External Enemies<br />Brand Detractors<br />Ruthless Competitors<br />The Economy<br />Misinformation<br />Media Bias<br />Lack of Awareness<br />Bad Counsel<br />Hackers<br />
    85. 10. Respond Rapidly & Efficiently<br />Proactive, not reactive<br />Negative feedback = opportunity for gracious response<br />Based on planning, policies and standards<br />Based on cross-organizational communication<br />Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis<br />You don’t have to be perfect, just honest and fair<br />
    86. Take Care of People & Brand Takes Care of Itself<br />
    87. The One Question to Ask Yourself<br />Kathy Sierra<br />
    88. What Super Powers Do You Give Your Customers?<br />
    89. Power<br />Prestige<br />Exclusive Access<br />Freedom<br />Flexibility<br />Simplicity<br />Creativity<br />Power<br />Interoperability<br />Speed<br />Flow<br />Energy<br />Focus<br />Drive<br />Escape<br />Work Space<br />
    90. It’s about making people feel<br />SUPER!<br />
    91. Which leads to this!<br />
    92. Winning in 2010<br />
    93. Summary: 2010 is the Year to Focus On<br />Building New Marketing Muscle<br />Showcasing Your Super Strengths<br />Improving & Extending with Super Tools<br />Empowering Prospects & Customers<br />Delivering a Super Experience<br />
    94. !<br />Ready, Set,<br />!<br />GO!<br />!<br />
    95. 10 Things To Do in the Next Month<br />Buy a Smart Phone and sign up for text and web access<br />iPhone or Droid, preferable<br />Kill your television and read some Super books<br />A few recommendations: Groundswell, Reality Check, The New Influencers, The New Rules for Marketing and PR, Trust Agents , Tribes and The Digital Handshake<br />Watch Common Craft’s FREE videos explaining social media<br />Social Media, Social Networking, Bookmarking, RSS, Twitter, Twitter Search, Podcasting and others!<br />Sign up for Google Reader and put RSS to work for you (see above)<br />MPDaily Fix & Fix Author Blogs (like me!), Jeremiah Owyang, David Armano, Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Mack Collier, Beth Harte, Valeria Maltoni, Church of the Customer, Brian Solis, Jason Falls, Seth Godin, Mashable, Hubspot, WOMMA, Social Media Today, Tech Crunch, Inside Facebook and many others you will quickly find.<br />Spend time with your customers and ask some probing questions<br />How is the experience we offer? What can be better? Where do you want to see and interact with us? Do you use Twitter, Facebook, You Tube? What Can I Improve?<br />
    96. 10 Things To Do in the Next Month<br />Target three experience pitfalls and develop a plan to remedy them<br />E.g. Poor Front-Office Service, Poor Integration between Marketing and Customer Service Team, Service Issues, Accessibility <br />Pick three digital channels or tools you will focus on for 2010 <br />Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Web Conferencing<br />Start learning about them actively<br />Think through the implications of participation<br />Sign up for one new channel and start engaging<br />Find some smart people (see RSS list to start!) and look for your target customers!<br />Print out this document and review it again<br />(If nothing else, the action figures are entertaining)<br />Contact me if you get stuck! <br />Google Me! <br /><br />@livepath on Twitter<br />
    97. WOOT!<br />SM<br />Demands & Expectations<br />2010<br />You<br />
    98. Thank You!<br />Action figures by Marvel , Mattel and DC Comics<br />Leigh Durst <br />leigh(at)livepath(dot)net<br /><br />@livepath<br />Ann Handley<br /><br />@marketingprofs<br /><br />Gotomeeting(at)citrixonline(dot)com<br />@gotowebinar<br />
    99. Learn More About the Super Powers of Webinars <br />Give us a call<br />1-800-372-6207<br />Send us an email <br /><br />Visit our Website<br /><br />Connect with us on Twitter<br />@gotowebinar<br />