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Results Oriented Social Media - YouTube Basics for Business

Are you wondering how to add video to your social media efforts? Are you wondering if you even should add video to your social media efforts? In this class we’ll show you how to use video with your SEO and social media efforts like a rock star.

This class will not only teach you the basics of video production but will show you how to breathe new life into your social media and SEO marketing program like you never though you could.

Come learn from one of the top Interactive Marketing and Web Development companies about the strategies, tools and tactics that successful online video campaigns have used to drive real results via social media and SEO. You will learn how to create and develop a social media campaign which integrates video to drive real fan engagement and better Google results.

This class consists of 1 hour lecture & demonstrations, and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Learning Goals - In this class you’ll learn:

Basics of good video production;
Tools and techniques used to drive views and engagements on videos;
Search engine optimization for videos;
How videos drive good search rankings for your website; and
Basics of measuring results in your video-based SEO and social media campaigns.

Your Instructor

Giovanni Gallucci has a renaissance soul. On one hand he is a recovering Microsoft .NET programmer turned online brand strategist and internet journeyman. He develops strategy for online marketing and audience development for forward-thinking clients in music, media, missions, film, tv, tech & causes interested in breaking new ground online.

On the other hand he is an aspiring photographer and filmmaker who focuses on the same, using media to enhance his marketing, seo, and social media work. Giovanni also teaches how social media and SEO aligns with offline marketing and pr strategies at bootcamps and private workshops across the great state of Texas and around the world. His speaking style is vibrant, frank, humorous, energetic, and personal.

Intended Audience

Small business and organization managers who need to learn the basics of social media marketing and how to integrate it into their company’s other marketing and advertising efforts. It is ideal for those who either want to manage their own social media campaigns or need a solid understanding of online marketing strategies and tools to better engage with their marketing, advertising, pr, or communications team.

Marketing Managers, IT Directors and other website stakeholders at midsized and larger organizations wanting to learn how to build a more engaging web presence, generate more traffic, build a bigger digital footprint, generate more sales and streamline processes.
Anyone already using social media who wants to learn how to create highly trafficked, interactive social hubs that make a true business impact.

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YouTube Basics for Business

  1. 1. Results Oriented Web Results Oriented Online Video YouTube Basics For Business August 15, 2012 Web @giovanni1
  2. 2. Results Oriented Web Thank You! @giovanni2
  3. 3. Results Oriented Web What are we dealing with here? 13 2 @giovanni
  4. 4. Results Oriented Web Do you have a plan? @giovanni4
  5. 5. Results Oriented Web Photos/Video My Weapons Of Choice @giovanni5
  6. 6. Results Oriented Web Equipment Canon 5D @giovanni6
  7. 7. Results Oriented Web @giovanni7
  8. 8. Results Oriented Web EQUIPMENT Canon 5D Canon 7D @giovanni8
  9. 9. Results Oriented Web @giovanni9
  10. 10. Results Oriented Web EQUIPMENT Canon 5D Canon 7D Canon T2i (T3i) Canon G12 GoPro HD iPhone @giovanni10
  11. 11. Results Oriented Web Tools Of The Trade Facebook Flickr Foursquare Google+ Tumblr Twitter Wordpress YouTube @giovanni11
  12. 12. Results Oriented Web Tools Of The Trade Google Analytics Raven Tools TubeToolbox TweetAdder YouTube Insight @giovanni12
  13. 13. Results Oriented Web BEFORE @giovanni13
  14. 14. Results Oriented Web BEFORE @giovanni14
  15. 15. Results Oriented Web BEFORE @giovanni15
  16. 16. Results Oriented Web Plan, plan, and plan some more. BEFORE Site review, scheduling, shot list, backup equipment, batteries, know where your exits are, know alternate entrances... @giovanni16
  17. 17. Results Oriented Web Plan, plan, and plan some more. BEFORE Who, What, Where, When, Why? @giovanni17
  18. 18. Results Oriented Web BEFORE Use those contacts! @giovanni18
  19. 19. Results Oriented Web BEFORE Media badge - the key to the city...almost @giovanni19
  20. 20. Results Oriented Web BEFORE Walk TALL but leave a small footprint @giovanni20
  21. 21. Results Oriented Web BEFORE Don’t describe yourself as anything other than a professional videographer/filmmaker if you want to be taken seriously. @giovanni21
  22. 22. Results Oriented Web BEFORE Know your rights. Know the law/know the TOS on sites you’re working on. @giovanni22
  23. 23. Results Oriented Web23 DURING @giovanni
  24. 24. Results Oriented Web DURING First order of business: get the shots you need. @giovanni24
  25. 25. Results Oriented Web DURING Know your rights. Don’t be unnecessarily confrontational, but don’t be a doormat either. Private security are NOT the police. Have them call the police if you can’t come to agreement and they attempt to detain you. NEVER give anyone your camera. NEVER give anyone your video. But give the police “the disk from your camera” if they ask - Use The Cloud or your pocket. @giovanni25
  26. 26. DURING Results Oriented Web Be patient. Be nice. Be respectful. Be invisible. @giovanni26
  27. 27. Results Oriented Web Be creative. Duh, really? Really. DURING Find the angles that no-one else would. If you want your photography to stand out, you must get shots no-one else is getting. @giovanni27
  28. 28. Results Oriented Web DURING Be present. Be alert. @giovanni28
  29. 29. Results Oriented Web DURING Be present. Be alert. @giovanni29
  30. 30. Results Oriented Web DURING Shoot everything. Shoot until you get kicked out, run out of disk space, or they close the place down. @giovanni30
  31. 31. Results Oriented Web DURINGRemember I said the get the shots you NEED first?Once you have gotten those AND backed up thosephotos?Sneak around. @giovanniShoot to get kicked out.31
  32. 32. Results Oriented Web TOP TIPS BASICS: Rule of thirds. Balancing elements in the shot. Leading lines. Symmetry. Background. Framing. @giovanni32
  33. 33. Results Oriented Web TOP TIPS People love the fisheye. CREATIVE LIGHT: Using extreme ends of Over exposure. zoom lenses. Under exposure. Aperture for dummies. Flash rings. Customize the buttons on your camera. Natural lens flare. Zoom with your feet. Light hacking. @giovanni33
  34. 34. Results Oriented Web TOP TIPS OTHER STUFF: Dress the part. Change - cards ROCK. of clothes available. Compose the video in the Keep business cards ON camera. (?) you. Keep a step ladder in your car. Monopods & tripods are Knee pads. Band-Aids. Igloo. Paper your friends. towels. @giovanni34
  35. 35. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Let’s look at some videos. @giovanni35
  36. 36. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips @giovanni36
  37. 37. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips @giovanni37
  38. 38. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips @giovanni38
  39. 39. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips @giovanni39
  40. 40. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips @giovanni40
  41. 41. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tips Video SEO Ranking Factors -Title -Description -Tags -Views -Ratings -Playlist Additions -Inbound Links -Relevance of content -Flagging/Favorites -Shares/Embeds -Onsite Links -Comments -Age of VIdeo -Channel Views -Subscribers @giovanni41
  42. 42. Results Oriented Web Video SEO Tools @giovanni42
  43. 43. Results Oriented Web Video SEO TOS tube toolbox - don’t use tools to cheat! use technology to work more efficiently YouTube TOS Section 4.G: "You agree not to use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," that accesses the Website in a manner that sends more request messages to the YouTube™ servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser." @giovanni43
  44. 44. Questions? Results Oriented Web Thank You Questions? @giovanni44
  45. 45. Upcoming Talks Results Oriented Web 08.25 Social Media As The Photographer’s Game Changer (PhotoAct 2012) Santa Barbara, CA 09.07/08 Results Oriented Social Media Summit (Drupal Days Dallas) Garland, TX 09.11 YouTube and Online Video Basics for Tech Startups (Gravity Center) Plano, TX 09.19 Facebook Advertising Basics (ROSMB) Dallas, Texas more dates at @giovanni45
  46. 46. Thank You Results Oriented Web Download this presentation! Sign Up For The Search & Social Media Giovanni Gallucci Strategies Newsletter 469.682.6978 google+: facebook: tumblr: twitter: youtube: @giovanni46