The Dance Institute of Washington Social Media Presentation


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Social Media Objectives for The Dance Institute of Washington

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  • Honestly Lauren, this looks great and was very well done. You look like you have quite a berth of experience with creating powerpoint presentations!
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The Dance Institute of Washington Social Media Presentation

  1. 1. The Dance Institute of Washington A Social Media Plan by Lauren Wiggins
  2. 2. Social Media Audit • Background Information • The Dance Institute ofWashington is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1987 by Fabian Barnes, founder and artistic director. Barnes’ mission was, and is, to provide the youth of Washington, DC – especially those at-risk and underserved- with the opportunity to develop talent, confidence and discipline that he obtained at the DanceTheater of Harlem. • Social Media • Facebook: • • 2,734 “likes”; 36 people talking about this; Last post on 02/17/2014 • Twitter: • • Followers: 203; Posts: 259; Last Post: 12/03/2013 • YouTube: None • Google+: None
  3. 3. Social Media Analysis • With their primary target audience being young males and females in theWashington, D.C. area, I think the content shared on Facebook is great but can be maximized with the help of other social media platforms.The DIW also haveYouTube andTwitter accounts that have not been updated as frequently and recently as their Facebook page.The main website also has a link to subscribe to an E-newsletter. • As they have been promoting auditions for a summer intensive dance program for dancers age 11-21, this information should be shared amongst teens and young adults on social media such as Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, and (opt.) Instagram.The last update on theTwitter page was December 3 and June 11 being the last before that, and more posts would generate more traffic. Reports from Forbes advise Facebook andTwitter are the most popular social networking sites and Pew Research Center also reports an incline in Instagram andVine, picture and video posting apps. • Instagram allows an option for sharing content to Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and Flikr. If the Dance Institute implements a strong social media connection to generate more buzz about its services to its target audiences, primary being teens, young adults and secondary parents, teachers, dancers in the D.C. area, there may be more awareness of the opportunities .Throughout February, the Dance Institute has used Facebook to promote to its fans or “followers” the upcoming events and ideas to reach out to the community. I think Google+ will be helpful with sharing their content in the same way as Facebook does and as Google+ grows, the Dance Institute may utilize its tools, as an option, to connect with their target in a different avenue.
  4. 4. Suggestions for Social Growth • More awareness of e-newsletter and how to subscribe on Facebook,Twitter and prospective social media platforms. • Active listening strategies should be exercised. Applications such as HootSuite can simplify engagement and Shoutlet can monitor reach between the business and its audience via social media. • Twitter page should be frequently updated (weekly or bi-weekly) for more engagement and social media advertising should be considered based on the organizational budget.
  5. 5. Reaching forThe Market • PrimaryTarget Market: At-risk and underserved youth in theWashington, D.C. area interested in dance. (At-risk and underserved meaning youth in the area that are not attended and may be in need of positive outlets.) • SecondaryTarget Market: Parents and educators in the Washington, D.C. area that detect youth in need of guidance through dance. • Internal Influencer for Client: Founder, Fabian Barnes As a dancer, and his given journey with dance, Fabian Barnes has a vision for theWashington, D.C. community by working to improve the outlook of youth in the area. Starting at age 11, Fabian Barnes has found his calling through dance and that is what has motivated him to bring this organization thus far. Incorporating his experience and highlighting his successes, as well as failures, can connect the target market to this organization on a different level. Using social media to convey these messages may reach the youth of the area, as well as youth who are willing to get involved for a greater outcome.
  6. 6. Beneficial Social Media Platforms • The follow social media platforms may be beneficial to reach these audiences: • Facebook (Posts, photos & video) • Twitter (Posts & links to corresponding social media) • Instagram (Post photos and videos) • Tumblr (Post photos and videos – link to Instagram) • On these social networking platforms, the organization’s social media managers can post inspiring stories, quotes, photos and videos to grasp the attention of its target audience.
  7. 7. S.M.A.R.T. Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely Attainable and Timely goals relate toThe Dance Institute of Washington’s business objectives and target audience. In order to maintain a business presence on Facebook and (optional) Instagram, it is suggested to use sites such as HootSuite or Shoutlet to keep up with social media engagement between the organization and its active followers/audience on Facebook and Instagram.These management tools can be used to measure the amount of “likes” and comments that are posted to the original business posts generated byThe Dance Institute of Washington.
  8. 8. S.M.A.R.T. (cont’d) Facebook advertising would beneficial for community dance classes and that are offered atThe Dance Institute ofWashington.Since Facebook in the organization’s primary social media outlet, Facebook advertising may generate more page “likes” and followers.The options offered for Facebook advertising, due to Facebook include daily and lifetime budgeting. Lifetime budgeting offers businesses the benefit to pay for the ad to be automatically paced and get the most for its budget. For example, if the Institute plans to spend $100 for 10 days of advertising an upcoming activity, each day will need to spend $10 per day. If the ad set were to only spend $8 on the first day, the system will make up the missed amount within a later date of the ad set.
  9. 9. Facebook Advertising
  10. 10. Active Listening Strategies Active listening strategies that the Dance Institute ofWashington can engage in may include, but are not limited to: Generating posts that result in consumer/audience feedback or comments Join social media management sites to keep track of audience engagement (ex. SocialMention, GoogleAlert) Respond to audience comments and consider feedback for organizational improvements and/or ideas These active listening strategies will be used to: Improve community involvement Engage with the audience on social media Present a strong social networking appearance Respond to consumer concerns and assure consumers the organization is aware and actively listening
  11. 11. Twitter Advertising Advertising opportunities for the Dance Institute will be promoted to potential followers and users that may be interested inTwitter content and community services. The consistency ofTwitter use can increase the likelihood of promoted tweets and increased follower rate. The organization will only pay for actual engagement of advertising via itsTwitter account, as a budget should also be set Bidding on the amount the Dance Institute is willing to pay per click or follow can affect the ad campaign and how the organization’s campaign is utilized. ImprovingTwitter content and strategies for engagement are more important than focusing on a LinkedIn account forThe Dance Institute of Washington. Advertising and campaign focus is mainly onTwitter and Facebook.
  12. 12. Potential for On Pointe! The Dance Institute ofWashington may benefit from a dance-related blog; however, it may be most effective if the organization strengthens its social media presence. If the organization would like to move forward with a blog site, a publishing/distribution editorial should be created with: Weekly topics (based on timeliness and strength of outreach) Target SEO keywords (based on timeliness and strength of outreach) Content publishing date (a consistent date should be chosen) This publishing/distribution editorial should map out a timeline for a two to three month span of weekly blog posts that can be timely and effective on the behalf of the Dance Institute of Washington. A social media manager or strong content writer can prepare this editorial and draft blog posts for authorization of the Dance Institute’s founder, Fabian Barnes.The social media manager should be responsible for linking the blog to the DIW’s Facebook andTwitter accounts at least three to five times out of the week to gain more readership and engagement with the blog.
  13. 13. Social Media Editorial Calendar Date Time Medium Message April 21, 2014 12PM Facebook &Twitter Like us on Facebook?You’ll love us onTwitter! @DInstituteW April 30, 2014 12PM Twitter “Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.”-Martha Graham May 5, 2014 12PM Facebook &Twitter Love dance? Follow ourTwitter page for updates on classes and more! May 14, 2014 12PM Twitter “You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.”-Martha Graham May 19, 2014 12PM Facebook &Twitter Stay connected! Follow our Twitter page! @DInstituteW May 28, 2014 12PM Twitter “Dance is an art, paint your dream and follow it.” -StevenThompson June 7, 2014 12PM Facebook &Twitter Tweet us your favorite dance styles and moves!We’d love to hear from you! @DInstituteW
  14. 14. The Dance Institute of Washington Connecting and Cultivating This organization has a great connection and room for cultivating more connections as social media grows.This social media audit is to enhance the connection betweenThe Dance Institute of Washington and the target market. Attainable and Timely achievement are the priorities for social media improvement.