Competence management and human engineering services


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Competence management and human engineering services

  1. 1. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryThe need for robust human engineeringservices and competence managementDuco de HaanSenior Vice PresidentLloyd’s Register Energy Americas2 May 2011
  2. 2. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryHelping to avert future incidents• One year on from the Macondo well (Deepwater Horizon) incident, investigations have indicated that human error or misjudgment were contributory factors• Would the incident have been averted if there was greater attention to human factors? High skill level Exacting Long training experience Personnel
  3. 3. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryThe new HSE regulations focus on ‘human factors’• Greater attention to human engineering and competence management is vital to help safeguard against future incidents• In the creation of new Health, Safety and Environmental regulations (HSE) for the Gulf of Mexico, the ‘human factor’ looms large in the regulators’ work. The new regime will demand: Greater control of risks stemming Evidence- from human based error assurance of crew Control of competencies risks due to organizational failures
  4. 4. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryThe regulations embody the ‘3 Ps of safety’ People Property Process
  5. 5. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryUnderstanding the challenges our customers face• Businesses need assistance in: • managing complex, asset-intensive processes that rely heavily on the skillful performance of the workforce • improving control over human factor issues • securing the reliability of safety-critical communications • ensuring personnel adhere to and respect HSE policies
  6. 6. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register’s Experience and expertise Secure reliability of safety-critical Controlling communications human factors Design and implement usable processes Optimize interaction between people and equipment
  7. 7. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyd’s Register: Mastering competence management Assess maturity of your management systems Organizational integrity framework Identify gaps in your processes
  8. 8. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryEvaluating your staff’s competence level:• Basic skills, knowledge and workmanship• Technical knowledge and skills• Analytical capability and aptitudes for fault diagnosis and problem solving• Soft skills such as: • Working to procedures • Managing teams • Communications and interacting with others • Managing performance (recognizing poor performance) • Maintaining good work culture and attitudes • Documenting maintenance tasks • Instilling a culture of checking and verification
  9. 9. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryProviding information and insight to help companies:• Identify the safety critical tasks performed by your workforce• Demonstrate positive safety leadership throughout your organization• Ensure your processes, procedures and equipment are fit-for-purpose• Plan and schedule work and ensure the availability of skilled personnel• Demonstrate the competence of your team, especially those in safety-critical roles• Promote good safety communications• Establish trust and a learning organization• Manage changes to achieve smooth transitions to improved operations
  10. 10. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryBenefits• Achieve higher levels of functional integrity• Produce better safety performance• Ensure solid regulatory compliance• Make operations more efficient• Increase return on investment in high quality assets• Rebuild public trust in our industry
  11. 11. Lloyd’s Register services to the energy industryLloyds Register human factors services provide thenext step in improved safety performance.• Lloyds Register is one of the worlds leading human factors and ergonomics consultancy providers. Since 1995, we have provided specialist consultancy services to a wide range of energy clients throughout the world...whether they are upstream, downstream, processing, manufacturing or generating power• With over 240 offices in 80 countries, we truly provide a global perspective on local human factors and safety issues
  12. 12. To contact Duco directly, please visit hisLinkedIn more information about how Lloyd’sRegister can help you, contact us:Lloyd’s Register1505 Highway 6 South, Suite 100,Houston, Texas 77077, USAT +1 (1) 281 675 3100E energyamericas@lr.orgW http://www.lrenergy.orgServices are provided by members of the Lloyds Register Group.For further information visit